I come home from another long day in the office, grateful the weekend is here at last. I strip off all my work clothes & put on the clothes He has laid out for me.

A white corset (no underwear today), a white linen blouse & long, loose skirt.

I put on the kettle & turn on the TV. He comes in just as the kettle boils, kicks off His boots & sits on the couch.

I bring through His coffee and He takes it from me. I'm rewarded with a smile.

"Good girl" He says & pats the couch beside Him so I sit down.

I sit very close to Him, leaning against Him but He doesn't seem to mind. As He watches His programme He strokes my hair.

It finishes & He tells me "Go & get my jacket, I bought something for you".

I bring it & He tells me to close my eyes. When I open them He's holding a brand new collar. I pull my hair up & out of the way as He fixes it round my neck.

It's a velvet-like material which feels soft against my skin. He clips on a matching leash although this is made of leather.

"Thank you" I smile and He allows me to kiss His cheek.

He explains that the collar is soft so I can wear it all day without leaving a mark.

The leash is leather so will be hard-wearing & strong enough to tie my wrists or discipline me with.

Eyeing it warily I have no doubt how much it will sting.

He wraps the leash round His strong hand & yanks it hard pulling my head back, the collar tight against my throat.

He crushes my lips under His & pushes His tongue in my mouth. I accept it gratefully & sigh.

"I'll make dinner tonight" He tells me & stands.

I follow suit & He leads me through to the kitchen.

I watch impatiently as He gathers all the ingredients together. I realise He is deliberately taking His time because He knows what I am waiting to hear.

Finally He looks at me & smiling indulgently He says "Go & get it then".

I rush to the hall closet & come back with my perching stool.

It is a very low stool. I position it in front of the worktop where He will be preparing dinner and I sit on it.

He unzips His trousers & pulls His hardening cock out. I take it in my mouth hungrily.

"Easy Bitch" He warns.

I slowly begin to suck His hard shaft. As He works I'm lost in bliss, permitted to lick & suck 'til my heart's content.

"That's enough now Bitch" He says pulling Himself out my mouth.

He tucks His still-rigid cock back in His trousers with some difficulty & washes His hands then tips the ingredients for the stew into the pot.

"We'll leave it to cook now" He says & taking hold of the leash He walks me back through to the living room.

He tells me to stand in front of Him & lift my skirt above my waist. I stand with my legs apart. He parts my pussy lips & shoves a finger in my wet opening. I gasp and clench my muscles round the digit.

"Oh you're aching for this aren't you Bitch" He growls.

He rams His finger in & out me, my juices making the wet sopping noises He loves.

"Tell me what you want!" He commands.

"I want you to fuck me" I gasp.

"Louder Bitch"

"I want you to fuck me!" I cry "Please fuck me!"

He stands up with His finger still inside me so that I am on tiptoe.

Yanking His finger out of my body He spins me round & bends me over the arm of the couch, wrapping my leash round His hand as He does so.

He pulls my skirt up exposing my bare backside. He kicks my feet wide apart while undoing His trousers.

I feel the head of His cock against my pussy lips for a moment then He slams His full length into me.

I am choking because He is pulling my leash so tightly.

I don't care though because He has His cock inside me & this is what I ache for.

He is riding me so hard. The ecstasy of Him impaling me makes me cry out.

The walls of my pussy forced apart with every thrust, fucking me and using me purely for his pleasure.

At first His knees are bent but He straightens them and my feet lose contact with the floor.

My cunt is sore from His pounding but when He asks what I want I gasp "More please".

I can barely breathe because my collar is pulled so tightly & He is holding me up by my waist.

My hair is over my eyes & is pulled into my mouth every time I try to take a breath.

Even now I feel the changes in His girth as He gets ready to cum.

His grunts confirm it as i feel His hot fluid shoot deep inside me.

His thrusts continue though lessen in intensity then He collapses on top of me.

After a moment He leans on the side of my face & pushes Himself up, His cock abruptly pulled from my battered hole.

His hand unwinds from my leash & I gulp air into my lungs, pulling my hair away from my face.

He wipes the combination of our wet sticky juices on my bared bottom & I feel it cooling there.

"Get yourself cleaned up" He instructs me as He puts His cock back in his trousers and strolls through to check on dinner.

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