tagIncest/TabooHome Again

Home Again

byamethyst wind©

This is my first attempt at an incest story but won't be my last. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to vote and send feedback.


Walking into the airport and noticing the stares from the men and some women she pays no attention to it, she's here to pick up her son and her mind is consumed with him and him alone.

"I wonder how much he's grown over the summer, and if he's missed me." Nibbling on her lower lip Sandra hesitates for a minute wondering if things will be the same as they were before he had left. They had gotten so close before he had to leave for the summer and she worried he might not feel the same now.

Taking a deep breath Sandra glanced up at the nearest flight information booth checking if the plane was still on time, and was startled to hear a low voice next to her speaking.

"Hi ma'am, gosh you look purdy today, waiting on someone special to return?" Looking up Sandra spies the man behind the voice and watches as his eyes roam over her body. She only stands 5'3 but her slim body and tight fitting dress made her look taller then that. She knew she was a looker and had many men hit on her before. Tossing a lock of hair back she gives him a small smile and starts to back off.

"Yes I am thank you" Turning around she walked off before the stranger could get any closer, and press her on the subject.

Biting her lower lip Sandra watches the numbers for the terminal pass as she finally stops in front of the one she was looking for.

Moving over the window she watched as the plane landed and taxied across the runway to where she was waiting. Shuffling from foot to foot Sandra felt herself dampen at the thought that her boy was back. Her pussy started to soak the silky panties she had on. The ones she knew he loved most.

Standing up on her tip toes, even with the heels she has on she has to try to see over the heads of the other people waiting for their loved ones. Growling softly under her breath Sandra moves to the side to get a better view, not even paying attention to the stares of the males around her.

"Mom" Rushing out Johnny spied his mother, his cock stiffening in his pants at the sight of her and remembering the times before he had to go to his fathers. He hated it there, mainly because his beloved mother wasn't around and his cock hurt so much, jacking off wasn't half as fun as slamming it into her. At 18 he was a big kid with a cock to match.

Running over he reaches down to hug his mother and realizes how much he has grown, she was much shorter then he was now but still just as tempting to his young body.

"Ohhh son I missed you so much, how's my little boy?" Wrapping her arms around his neck she hugged him delighting in the feel of his body against hers once more, startled at how much he had grown while at his fathers and wondering if other parts grew as well. "I guess you aren't quite my little boy anymore huh?"

Pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and smiling Sandra grinds her body once more against her son, to the point of not caring what others thought, she wanted him that bad.

Moaning Johnny feels his cock stir as his mom presses against him, the urge to kiss her and slam his cock in her was hard to control and he moaned softly hoping no one else noticed. Looking around over his mom's shoulders he noticed the other men looking at her, no not looking, more like undressing her with there gaze. Frowning at the sheer audacity of them he also couldn't help but feel proud that she was his mom, as well as much more.

Reluctantly he felt his mom pull away and he quickly shifted his coat down to hide the bulge in his jeans.

"Well son we should get to the car is your dad shipping the rest of your stuff home or do we have to get some luggage?" Frowning a bit at the thought of her ex husband and having to get luggage that would keep her from getting her hands all over his son Sandra could only hope for one answer.

"He's shipping it mom, no worries" Leaning in close and whispering "besides I knew I would want to get you home and fuck you senseless I have missed you mommy, and missed our playing"

Melting Sandra swayed her body against her sons unable to control the thoughts that ran though her mind. Her pussy dampening more knowing she had to have him soon, and hearing that "mommy" that he used when his cock was plunging deep into her.

Hurrying through the airport Sandra held Johnnies hand, squeezing it and giving him looks he knew meant she was horny and wanting some. As they moved out into the daylight he saw them heading for the parking garage and he smiled wondering if it was dark enough for what she wanted.

Dragging her son through the maze of cars Sandra finally found her own, moving in front of her son she scoots around to the front of the car, the vans on either side hiding them from view of others, but it was so dark she doubted anyone else would see them if they looked strait at them.

Trying to get the key in the lock Sandra drops it to the ground, bending over she feels her son press himself against her from behind, his hard cock straining against his jeans and pressing hard into her pussy and ass. Moaning she presses back against him harder grinding herself while grabbing the keys in one hand and moaning.

"Ohhh son you're so much bigger, mommy can't wait to have you deep in her, fucking her like we used to, would you like to do that again?" Standing up She feels his hands slide up under her skirt against the stockings she was wearing, then moving higher skimming against the wet panties she had on.

"I want to fuck you mommy, I can't wait." He watches as she turns to face him, his hands rubbing against her as she does touching her skin and body feeling as she shivers from his words then her arms wrapping around his neck kissing him deeply pulling his young body against her own as she leans back against the car. They knew what they were doing was wrong to many but they were unable to fight the desire they felt in each others presence.

Reaching down Sandra cups her son's cock rubbing it and dragging down the zipper wanting to feel him in her hand again. She feels him buck against her fingers and she can tell how close he is, neither of them can wait.

Turning Sandra spreads her body against the hood of the car leaning over it then spreading her feet apart opening herself. "Come here son, slide that hot hard cock in mommy, and fuck me I can't take it anymore."

Moaning he looks down at his mommy, all open and waiting for him, bringing up memories of the times before he left, when she first seduced him on his 18th birthday and how hot she was that first time and every time after. Lifting up her skirt and tugging the panties to the side he presses his throbbing hard cock against her opening then thrusting in he hears her moan in pleasure, the sound echoing across the hushed area.

"Oh son your so much bigger then last time, your tearing mommy apart with that huge cock of yours, oh but it feels so good" Moaning Sandra grasped the hood of the car trying to hold on to something as her little boy starts to fuck her.

"Mommy your so tight and hot, I have missed this; missed fucking you" Moaning loudly he starts to pound in and out, feeling how close he was to cumming but wanting her to cum with him, knowing she loved that the most. Grabbing her hips he starts to thrust harder and deeply needing to cum and have his mommy cum as well.

Moaning Sandra felt her orgasm approach, her body tightening in response to the feeling of her son slamming in and out of her his hard young cock filling her over and over causing her to cum, spasming around him as he thrusts in.

Feeling her contract around him Johnny could handle it no more. "Ohhh mommy I am cumming oh god it feels so good" Thrusting hard one last time he slams it deep in his mommy's pussy grunting in pleasure unable to care if they get caught.

Gasping and feeling his cock thrust inside her pushes Sandra higher, her screams of pleasure echoing over and over through the parking garage. Slumping down on the car hood she feels her son lean against her his breath ragged and harsh.

"Mmmm mommy now that's a way to greet your son" Kissing the back of her neck Johnny pulls out and stands up as he hears people approach.

"Mom come on there are people coming." Laughing he drags her up and pushes her around the front of the car, watching as she teeters around and climbs while he slides into the other side. With a soft chuckle he notices the security guard peering around cars with a puzzled look on his face.

Grinning at her son Sandra turns the car over and takes off out of the parking garage unsure whether or not they had been heard but not wanting to take the chance, her dress was still up around her waist and panties were soaked through from the mixture of hers and her little boys cum. My god she had finally fucked him again, she couldn't think of anything else but that cock and how much it had grown during the summer and filled her so much more now.

"I missed you while you were at your dads Johnny, I am so glad your back, and your cocks so huge now." Biting back a moan at the thought she turned her head quickly smiling at him.

Grabbing her hand Johnny places it on his wet cock that was still out of his pants "Mommy I want you again, I want to fuck you when we got home and feel you gripping me from the inside. I wanna fuck you mommy so bad."

Stepping down on the gas she grinz as the get closer to home, her body squirming behind the wheel as her own little boy says all those dirty naughty things to her making her drip with pleasure. Pulling up to the house finally she opens the garage door driving in and pulling to a stop fast. Throwing the car into park she leans over grabbing her son and dragging his mouth to hers kissing him hard and deeply her moans getting silenced as his arms wrap around her tugging at her body.

Releasing him she shudders and smiles "Bet I can get to the bedroom before you do son" Grinning she hops out of the car running across the garage and into the door as she hears his laughter as the car door slams and he follows.

Slipping her coat off and tossing it on the couch as she runs by laughing, she races up the stairs to her room falling onto the bed with Johnny right on her heels . He pounces on her his body covering hers while he catches his breath and laughs. "Not fair mom, you cheated"

Giggling like a school girl Sandra runs her hands through her sons hair grabbing it tight in her fingers as she brings his lips down on his own kissing him hard and deep, her small legs wrapping around his waist letting him know far more then words could convey that his mommy wanted him, and she wanted him badly.

Tugging away Johnny sits up and quickly sheds his clothing watching as his mom slips out of her own not taking them off carefully like she always did but almost tearing them off her body. Groaning she lies back on the bed and wiggles her finger at him.

"Come here son, mommy wants you" Moaning softly he watches as his mommy starts to play with herself leaving him still with desire unable to move from the site. Her fingers dipped down caressing the soft folds of her pussy playing with the wetness of their mixed cum. She pushes one finger in slowly as his eyes widen, pulling it out and lifting it to her lips licking it clean while she watched him.

Moving suddenly Johnny buried his face into his mommies pussy licking furiously at her showing her how much he missed her with his tongue and teeth, Her fingers dig into his hair forcing him harder against her pussy as she starts to lift her body pressing it against him.

"Oh god yes make mommy cum you naughty boy, make your mommy cum all over your face and scream, oh god Johnny you're such a good lil boy mommy loves you." Screaming out Sandra feels her orgasm hit shaking her body making her hands go limp from her sons head. Jumping up Johnny slams his cock deep into her pussy moaning and panting as he feels her orgasm around him. Her muscles milking his cock as he starts to pound it into her fucking her hard while his fingers play with her clit keeping his mommy cumming as he feels his own orgasm rise.

"Oh god mommy your so good I have missed this, I am going to cum I am going to fill you with my jizm oh god oh MOMMYYYY" Groaning and crying out he mashes down on her clit with his fingers causing her to spasm again around him as he starts to shoot rope after rope of thick hot young cum deep in her coating his own mother with his seed for the second time since he came back home.

Groaning Johnny slumps down on his mom laying there his head pillowed on her breasts as they try to breathe. He feels his moms fingers comb through his hair as she whispers softly

"Welcome home, son."

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