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Home Alone


The warm spring breeze blew through the windows of the house. Bringing with it a fresh clean scent. Kelly finished the pre dinner preparations and put the meat in the oven. She had 3 and a half hours until dinner. She was feeling restless and out of sorts. It had been so long since she had a spanking or flogging, and her body was starting to crave the feel of the leather on her ass. Any time Kelly would think about getting spanked, flogged, or caned she became wet.

Sometimes it was very hard to be a submissive without a Master or Dom. She had her friends who were Dom's, but they chose not to satisfy her craving for a spanking or flogging. She understood their reasons why, it just made it difficult at times to be around them.

Kelly thought about contacting one of the Dom's she talked to once in a while, whom she knew would help her satisfy that craving, but hesitated. She always felt as though she were cheating on her boyfriend. Even though they lived hundreds of miles apart, and he wasn't a Dominant, any time she "played" she felt disloyal to him and the guilt would eat away at her.

Kelly was finding it harder and harder to bury her submissive needs. The need for someone to control her, direct her, guide her. She knew her boyfriend wasn't a Dominant, but she also knew that he had the ability to control her. He didn't understand her need for the physical aspect of the Dominant/ submissive lifestyle that she lived.

Kelly was hoping one of her friends could sit down and talk to him. Explain the whole power exchange to him. Help him understand what it was that she needed. She knew he could handle the control that was already a part of him. He just didn't understand the sexual aspect of her submission. That she would do whatever he asked of her. That he would be the one making all the decisions in that regard. Kelly tried explaining her feelings to him once, but wasn't able to make him completely understand what she was saying.

Even now it has been several months since she had seen him. The need for him was very strong, stronger than her need to be spanked and flogged, which was how she ended up in this state of frustration.

Since Kelly had the apartment to her self for a while, she decided she needed to get rid of some of this frustration. She put on some music, just as background noise, went into her bedroom, and found her favorite vibrator. Taking some calming breaths, she undressed in front of her long mirror. Imagining that she was undressing for a Dom. Carefully folding the clothing and putting it aside, she knelt in front of the mirror. She cupped both of her breast in her hands, lifting them up as if she was offering a taste of them to someone. She started to gently knead them, making the nipples stand at attention. Working her hands towards her nipples she kept tugging and pulling. Each time she pulled she made it a little harder. By the time she reached her nipples they were little hard pebbles, begging to be touched. Taking each nipple in her thumb and forefinger, she slowly rubbed them. The moisture between her legs started building. Kelly continued to rub her nipples until she was crazy with need. As her need continued to grow, she picked up her vibrator and turned it on low. She slowly opened her lips with her free hand and gently touched the vibrator to her clit, making her shiver. Gently she moved the vibrator up and down her clit and vaginal opening. Going with the need to feel fulfilled, Kelly pushed the vibrator completely inside her, and increased the speed. She kept one hand on the vibrator, and with her other hand she gently stroked her clit, making it throb even more. Kelly became totally unaware of the time as she continued to play. She was so wrapped up in her own pleasure, that she didn't hear her roommate come home.

He found her in her room in front of her mirror, eyes closed and stroking herself. A small smile spread across his face, he knew he shouldn't give into the temptation, but he also knew Kelly had been feisty and out of sorts for the past couple of weeks. Quietly, he entered her room. Walking up behind her, he gently took her hair in his hand, pulling but not too hard. Kelly's eyes flew open at his touch. Her head went back with the pulling of her hair. He smiled down at her, knowing he caught her off guard.

"Hello little one."

"Hello Sir, what are you doing home already?" Kelly tried to hide her nervousness, but wasn't completely able to. It had been so long since he had touched her this way, she wasn't sure what she should be feeling.

" Well considering it's time for me to be home, where else would I be?"

" Oh, I didn't realize it had gotten so late."

" I see this. Leave your toy inside of you and turn around on your knees"

Kelly quickly did as he asked, kneeling in front of him, with her legs wide and her toy still deep inside of her.

Looking up at him, she felt a tingle run up her spine. This is what she had been craving for so long. She desperately wanted to please him, knowing if she didn't living here in the same house could become very uncomfortable.

As Kelly was turning around he undid his belt, slipping it out of the loops easily. He undid his jeans, and freed his already throbbing cock.

"Is this what you want little one? My hot cock in your mouth?"

"Yes Sir"

"Take it" he pushed his hips forward as she opened her mouth to take him deep. Her tongue flicked over the sides and top. He gripped her hair tight, as she started to stroke him faster. His belt that had been hanging loosely from his hand suddenly smacked her back, lightly. It was what she called one of his teasing strokes. Not hard enough to hurt, but just enough to let her know it was there. She reached up and gently stroked his balls with her hand while her mouth still sucked him hard. She felt him stiffen as his orgasm built. She sucked harder, trying to pull the orgasm out of him, the first drops of his hot cum filled her mouth, she greedily sucked and pulled his cock, while his cum filled her mouth. She swallowed, while still cleaning his cock off. Knowing he liked it to be clean after he had cum. He released her hair, and she sat back. Her hands going to the back of her neck, her head tilted back, watching and waiting for his next words.

" Very good little one" he stroked her cheek. He looped his belt together and pushed her down on her hands and knees. He already knew that she was wet. He could smell the scent of her arousal. She still had her toy inside of her, and he reached down and turned the speed up to high. Knowing she would be begging soon to cum. He positioned himself behind her, and gave her a good crack on her ass with the belt. She flinched a little but remained still and quiet. Again, the belt hit her ass, a little harder this time. She raised her hips up to receive the smacks. This is what she had been craving. The feel of the leather as it connected with her bare flesh. Her ass, was soon a nice shade of red, and her body was starting to hum with a need for release.

"Please Sir, may I cum for you?" she begged as he smacked her harder and faster.

"Not yet little one"

The belt was making her ass feel like it was on fire, each sting making her need stronger and stronger.

Again she begged "Please may I cum for you Sir"

"Now" was the only word he spoke.

Her body convulsed as she released her orgasm. The belt continued to make it's mark, while she moaned. When her orgasm eased. He stopped the spanking.

"Thank you Sir"

"Your welcome little one, now get in the kitchen and finish dinner" He ordered with a grin.

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