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Jean Goodman had tossed and turned all night, and now that it was time to wake up she didn't want to open her eyes. She had to get up and cook breakfast for her father-in-law, Stan. She and her husband lived with his father and Tom worked for him. Stan ran a very successful construction business that would one day be Tom's.

Jean didn't mind cooking for Stan but Tom was away on business for his father and she was alone in the house with him. For the next two weeks she would take care of the house and try to stay out of his way.

Jean was a pretty 20-year-old wife of one year. She was a petite blond girl. She only stood 5' 2" tall and weighed 105 pounds. The 105 pounds were well placed on her. She large c cup breast that stood high and proud on her chest. They had been the center of many men's attention ever since she was in her teens.

She and Tom had been high school sweethearts and had been married for a year. Tom was a nice looking guy with wavy dark hair and dark eyes. He weighted about 160 pounds and stood about 5'10" tall. They had been a beautiful couple in school and everybody knew that they were made for each other. They had been sleeping together since the junior prom. Their sex life was good, better than good. Ton was endowed with a nice 8" cock that Jean put to good use. Tom's only problem was his father. What ever his father wanted him to do, Tom did. He refused to stand up to him even when he disagreed with him. Jean looked forward to the day when they could afford a house of their own.

Stan was good 3" taller than his son and out weighed him by 30 pounds. He had worked in construction all his life. His business was built from the bottom up. Other than size Tom and Stan looked a lot alike. Tom was very quite and shy while Stan was out going and very demanding. He had watched Jean from the time Tom first started going with her. She had always turned him on. After they were married and moved in he took every opportunity to watch her. One day he was going to climb between her legs and fuck that blond pussy until she cried for mercy.

The house was a large beautiful house out in the country. It was over two miles to the nearest neighbor. It was basically two houses in one with a large family room and kitchen in the middle and a wing off to each side. Stan had one wing and Jean and Tom the other. Jean tried to stay out of Stan wing except to clean. Stan on the other hand was constantly coming on their side. He tried to time his walks to coincide with Jean dressing. He walked in on her sever times before she learned to lock the door.

Stan knew that she didn't care a lot for him and didn't like for him to walk in on her. This didn't bother him a bit. He just laughed and made a game of it. He didn't miss an opportunity to rub against her ass or tits when he walked by. This embarrassed Jean and made her blush, which only made him do it more. She had told Tom about it but he just said, "That is just the way he is. He's not going to bother you. I've watched mom and dad touching each other all my life.

Stan was only 40 years old and even Jean had to admit he was a handsome man. He had always had his share of women, even before his wife died when Tom was 16. She knew about them but she knew that if she left him alone he would always come home. He loved her; the rest were just something to play with.

Stan had women over all the time and it was usually a different one. Mostly they were the wives of his employees. The woman would have fucked him anyway but he put a little something in their husband's paycheck to keep them off his back. If a husband didn't let him fuck his wife then he no longer had a job. This didn't happen very often. He was very god at sex and the women left with a smile on their face.

The one woman that he had not been able to fuck was Jean. That was short fall that he intended to remedy in short order. He had sent Tom away on business for two weeks and he planned to seduce her before he returned. Besides being a hot looking woman, she was his daughter-in-law, which just made the chase that much better. He couldn't just tell Tom he wanted to fuck his wife like he did the other workers. This one he was going to have to handle himself.

Jean had been having a dream that Tom was fucking her. She woke to find her fingers under her panties and playing with her pussy. She was hot and horny. They usually had sex every night and morning. Last night she had taken him to the airport and they didn't have sex. Now she wasn't going to have any this morning. It would be two whole weeks before Tom would be back. She was about to take matters in her own hands when there was a knock on the door. Stan called, "are you going to sleep all day?"

Looking at the clock she realized she had over slept. "Be right there." Quickly she brushed her teeth and ran a comb through her hair. She didn't take time to dress, just threw a robe over the short gown she had on. Normally she would never let her father-in law see her like this.

Stan was sitting at the table reading the paper; He had already put on the coffee. "Sorry I over slept. I'll have breakfast in just a minute."

Stan was looking at the robe she had on. It only came down halfway on her thighs and wasn't thick enough to cover much.

"Take your time, I'm not in a big hurry this morning. I don't mind looking at the scenery this morning."

Jean could feel her face turning red. She wanted to run from the room but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. She turned her back to him and started frying the bacon. Maybe if she didn't pay him any attention he would leave her alone.

Stan knew he made her blush and decided to push her a little more. He got up to refill his coffee. Walking right up behind her until his body touched her ass; he said while looking over her shoulder, "That sure smells good." Then turned and sit back down at the table.

Jean could feel his cock touch her ass and nearly dropped the fork. Even after he move the spot was still tingling. Her pussy started to moisten and her nipples hardened. Her body was use to sex and she wasn't getting any. She was surprised at her reaction to his touch. "Bacon smells good frying."

"I wasn't talking about the bacon." This made her blush again.

"You look good when you blush."

"If you would behave your self then I wouldn't blush." He just laughed.

She fixed him a plate and turned to leave the room. Her nipples were hard and he could see them through the thin robe. "Where are you going?"

"Going to get dressed while you eat breakfast."

"Fix a plate and eat with me. I don't like to eat alone."

She really wanted to get away from. He was looking like he may lay her on the table and fuck her right there. Like Tom, she just obeyed him, and sat down to eat. Her nipples just would not soften. The more she tried to will them to soften the harder they became. She knew that he was looking at them and her face turned redder and redder.

Stan was enjoying her discomfort. He could hardly wait to get his hands on them. "Tom is sure going to have a tough two weeks staying away from those."

"Please stop looking at me and saying things like that. Tom wouldn't like it if he knew his father was talking to me like this."

"I'm not going to tell him, or you? Besides Tom will probably find something to help past the time of day. Lots of friendly women at that office." He didn't tell her but he had already made sure he would be taken care off. Very few men could turn down Susan when she came on to them.

Jean didn't say anything because she knew that she wasn't going to say anything to Tom. He wouldn't believe her anyway. "Tom would never do something like that, he loves me."

"Love doesn't have anything to do with it. It's sex plain and simple. It's the body's reaction to the opposite sex. When you are use to sex twice a day it's hard to just stop."

"Tom will be able to control his desires for two weeks."

"Will you?"


"Just looking I would say you are pretty excited right now."

Jean jumped up and covered her breasts with her hands. She ran from the room.

"Jean stop! Turn around."

Just like always she did as he told her and turned to face him with her breasts still covered. He had stood up from the table. She could see the bulge his cock was making in his pants and he wasn't trying to hide it from her. "If you get lonesome I'm just right down the hall. I can make that little blond pussy feel really good." He laughed as she turned and ran from the room.

She lay on her bed crying. Why did Tom leave her alone with his father? He knew that she didn't like to be alone with him.

She had the door lock when she heard Stan's truck leave. At least he would be gone the rest of the day. She started to dress and was shocked to find how wet her panties were. Her tits were still hard as marbles. She couldn't resist touching her cunt with her fingers. First one and then another until she was cumin. When she came it wasn't Tom's face she saw but Stan's.

Stan didn't come back all day. He called and told her he would be late, to not fix dinner for him. She had been alone all day and looked forward to having someone to talk to, even if it were Stan. She had known, even from the time she started dating Tom, that his father had the hots for her. Now she no longer had to wonder, he had made that pretty clear this morning. How was she going to face him now that it was out in the open? Jean spent the night watching TV and getting pissed when Tom didn't call. She was about to call it a night when Stan came in.

"Hi," he said. "I've got company coming see you in the morning." He turned and headed to his room without mentioning anything about this morning. She didn't know whether to be mad or pissed off.

A short time later she heard voices. She wondered just which one of his women would be occupying his bed tonight. She thought, I sure would like to know just who it is. She slid out of bed and made her way out side to his window, which he always kept open.

She nearly fainted when she saw who it was. It was Gloria the wife of Stan's foreman. She was a beautiful woman that was several years younger than her husband was. She was active in the community and church. She was the last woman you would expect to see naked with Stan's cock down her throat.

Jean could not take her eyes from his cock. He wasn't much longer than Tom but twice as large. Gloria was having a hard time getting it in her mouth.

Jean ran her hand up under her gown to finger her cunt. She watched Gloria as she sucked him and then as he fucked her open cunt. Gloria sure didn't have church on her mind as he rammed in and out of her cunt. All three came at the same time. Jean was weak as she made her way back to her room. She didn't see when Stan fuck Gloria to another cum.

Jean had a good night sleep and woke early the next morning. She started to get dressed then had a thought. Did he think she looked as good as Gloria? She decided to wear what she wore the morning before and dress later. Would he notice her this morning after he had sex the night before?

She was putting the biscuits in the oven when Stan came in. He watched her bent over with her ass nearly showing under the short gown. She straightens up and turned the bacon frying on the stove. He moved up against her with his crouch touching her ass again.

Jean jumped; she didn't hear him come in. the feel of his cock made her think of the way his cock had looked the night before. He was against her back and the stove in front; there was no place for her to go.

"Good morning," he said, without moving away. "Still smells good."

This time she knew what he was talking about. Her pussy moistened and her tits became hard with her face turning red at the same time.

"Go sit down breakfast will be ready in a moment."

"Don't you need some help with the bacon?"

"I can do this by myself."

"Maybe I could help you with something you can't do by yourself?"

His cock was about to burn a hole through the robe and gown she had on. She could feel him getting harder all the time. He moved his hands up the side of her ribs with the tips of his fingers just touching the edge of her tits. She could not stand still; it was feeling so good.

As his fingers touched the edges of her breasts he moved them around to cover them completely with his hands. Even through the robe and gown he could tell how young and firm they were. Her nipples were poking a hold in the palm of each hand.

She was in shock; Tom was the only one to ever touch her breasts. Now she was standing here with her father-in-law holding both of them. The move had taken her by surprise. She knew that she had to get away from him or she never would. He was squeezing them and rubbing the nipples with his hands. They were feeling better by the minute. She knew that he was too strong to fight. She said, "Please Stan, let me go. You shouldn't be doing this to me." To her surprise he turned her loose and sat back down at the table.

"Sorry but I kind of thought you might not object. Since you are wearing that robe and gown again. You have never dressed like that in front of me before."

Jean fixed his plate and set down across from him. She sipped on her coffee as she spoke. "I should have dressed this morning. I had plenty of time, but I guess I just wanted to tease you a little. Tom hasn't called since he has been gone and I was kind of pissed off."

"I don't mind the teasing but I want you to know that I will be ready when you decide to quit teasing. I have wanted to fuck you even before you and Tom married.

"You get right to the point don't you. It's not going to happen, I'm not one of your late night girl friends."

"If I had you I wouldn't need them."

"Tom said you had them even before your wife died."

He got up from the table to go to work. As he was leaving he said, "I am going to fuck you."

He left and she hurried to the bedroom. He wasn't out of the drive before she had her fingers in her cunt.

Stan called and said he wouldn't be home for dinner. He had a meeting with a client. Since he wasn't coming she grabbed a towel and headed to the pool. She liked to swim naked when no one was there. She swam several laps before getting out and stretching out on the lounge to get some sun.

Suddenly she heard the door open, but before she could react Stan was standing over her. He was taking in her naked body. She quickly pulled the towel up to hide her body from him. "I thought you said you weren't coming home?"

"Actually I had a better idea. Now I'm glad I did. I need to come home more often."

"Let me get some cloths on," and she headed toward the house. The towel over her breasts but her curvy ass in full view.

He called to her; "The reason I came home was to see if you would like go out for dinner."

She stopped and turned around. "What did you have in mind?"

"I have to meet the client for dinner and after go some where for a drink and music. It's been a long time since I've been with someone I could be seen in public with."

She thought for a second, "Been a long time since I've been out to. Ok, what shall I wear?"

"Wear something nice and sexy. I need to make a good impression on the client."

She turned back toward the house her ass still bare. She even gave it an extra wiggle for his benefit.

She decided to wear a tight black dress that Tom loved. It fit her to a T. The dress was cut low in the front that showed a lot of flesh. It only came down to mid thigh and had a slit up both sides. One wrong move and someone would get an eye full. Two small straps across each shoulder and the back cut to her waist. There was no way a bra could be worn with it. In fact the only other thing she had on was a pair of thin bikini panties. High heel sandals and a diamond necklace completed the package.

Jean knew she was a showstopper in this out fit. She had worn it a couple of time when she and Tom went out. Each time he had fucked her before they got home. Why did she wear this out with her father-in-law? He could be crude sometimes and his desire for her frightened her, but he was a handsome man and she did want to make a good impression on his client.

Stan couldn't believe his eyes when she walked into the room. Where was that girl that usually wore jeans? "You are gorgeous! Why haven't I ever seen you like this before?" His cock came to an instant hard.

She saw the effect she had on him. Like father like son she thought. I better get him out of here before I have to fight him off. Now she knew why she wore this dress, she hadn't heard from Tom and she wanted Stan to know what Tom was missing out on.

They had a wonderful dinner. The client was an older man but he couldn't take his eyes from her chest. She must have made a good impression because he signed a mega bucks contract with Stan. She wondered if he even signed on the right line.

After dinner he left to catch a flight home. Stan was on cloud nine. He had just signed a mega bucks deal and he was out on the town with the sexiest lady he had ever been with, even if she was his son's wife.

On the way to the car he put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close to his body; she didn't resist. "You were absolutely wonderful. He couldn't take his eyes off you long enough to read the contract. Let's go somewhere and celebrate."

He opened the car door for her and watched as she slid into the car. He could clearly see all her breasts even the nipples. The short dress rode up her thighs and the slit let him see the black panties. They had both consumed several drinks and she wasn't as careful to keep her legs together.

They went to a nightclub that had a dance floor. She loved to dance but Tom wasn't very good so they didn't go out much. Stan was an excellent dancer and they were both in a good mood from the contract and the wine.

She liked the way he danced. By the third dance she let him pull her close to his body. She could feel his cock pressing against her. She had just enough to drink to let him hold her close. She rested her head on his chest with her breasts resting against him. When the dance ended they returned to the table for another drink.

The next time they danced she moved into his arms from the start. Both her arms were around his neck and her tits hard against him. He started with both hands around her waist but in a short time he slid down to cover her ass cheeks and pull her cunt tight to him. His leg was between her legs and at each turn rubbed it on her cunt. She was glad the dance floor was dark, She wouldn't want some of Tom's friends to see how she was dancing with his father.

They took another break. This time he moved to her side of the table. While they were sipping on their drinks she noticed he had his hand on her thigh, just above the knee. He wasn't trying to move any higher so she let it stay. A few minutes of small talk and she realized his hand had move several inches up her leg. She didn't know when he moved it but he had stopped again.

Stan ordered another round. The waiter brought the drinks but his hand never left her leg. His hand moved again, this time it covered her cunt. Her panties were soaking wet and he could feel the heat from her cunt.

His hand on her cunt felt so good that it took her a moment to react. She tried to pull his hand away but he was to strong for her. Since she couldn't remove his hand she just tried to keep him from going farther.

He was persistent and soon had a finger under the leg of her panties and in her wet cunt. It was feeling so good that she released his hand and spread her legs to give him more access to her cunt. She was so far gone that when he whispered in her ear for her to rise up she did it without thinking.

He quickly pulled her panties down and stuffed them in his pocket. He went back to her cunt but not before unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out. He put her hand on his cock.

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