Home Alone


She had never been so hot. This was the first time doing anything in a public place and it was really tuning her on. His fingers were in her cunt and she had his fat cock in her tiny hand. In a moment her cum hit her.

It took a little while to remember where she was. She looked around to see if anyone was looking at them. Everybody seemed to be involved with there on party. She slowly moved her hand from his cock and pulled his finger from her cunt. She realized her panties were missing but couldn't remember taking them off. How had he got her in such a state? "We need to go," and slid out of the seat and headed for the door.

Stan couldn't react as fast. He had to get his cock back in his pants, which wasn't an easy job. She was going out the door by the time he stood up.

When he got to the car she was waiting for him to unlock the door. Her face was still flushed and she wouldn't look him in the eye. He touched her arm and she started to cry. If one thing got to Stan it was a crying woman.

She wasn't as mad at him as she was herself. How could she have let things get so out of hand? She should have been under control. Like all men, Stan was going as far as she let him. She was mad at Tom for not calling. The dinner, drinks and finally the dancing had been the final straw. Her body was craving the attention.

Stan unlocked the door but before opening he turn her to face him. He gently pulled her into his large arms, He held her for several minutes until she stopped shaking. He lifted up her head and gently kissed her. He moved his tongue across her lips until she opened her lips to his. Her lips were the sweetest he had ever tasted. His tongue explored the reaches of her mouth. Soon she was returning his kiss with her own. His cock was still hard and she could feel him pressing against her. For several minutes they kissed standing next to the car.

She could feel him from her toes to her mouth. Her breasts were hard and swollen. Her pussy was getting wet again. His kisses were doing a job on her. It was like she didn't have any control at all over what was happing. He didn't ask permission, just took it for granted that since he wanted to fuck her that she also wanted him. He had said he was going to fuck her and now she believed that he just might do it.

Finally she broke the kiss but didn't try to pull away. "We need to get out of her before someone sees us. Let's go home."

He opened the door and she slid across the seat, making no effort to keep him from looking at her cunt when the dress rode up her thighs.

The drive home took about 30 minutes on the quite country road. She didn't say anything, just had her head thrown back and her bare legs stretched in front of her. He reached over and took her by the arm. Letting her know that he wanted her next to him. She slid over without a word and rested her head on his shoulder. He put his arm across her shoulder and let his hand drop down to cover a tit. He gently massaged her breast with his fingers. She reached up and caught his hand in hers. She didn't push him away, just stopped him from moving. It was like she couldn't make up her mind what to do.

To Jean his hand felt good on her tit. She liked her breasts played with and he certainly knew how. He had his hand in her cunt earlier so why not his hand on her tit.

She leaned forward and put his hand on the back of the seat. Then she pushed the straps of the dress down and let the top fall into her lap. Her naked breasts were out where he could see all he wanted. She took his hand and brought it back down to her tit. He immediately went to work on it.

He couldn't believe it when she let the top down. Her breasts were perfect, just the right size for her body. Her tits stood high and proud on her chest as only twenty-year-olds could. He knew that he now had permission to do what he would with them.

The areolas were as big as silver dollars and dark with lust. Her nipples were hard and standing out. He played with first one and then the other. Each time he hit the right spot she let out a sigh. Her hand was resting on his cock and each time it felt good she gave him a squeeze.

Even with Ton she had never rode down the rode naked to the waist. Now she was with his father and he was caressing her tits as she handled his cock. She didn't take it out but she could tell he was about to burst.

The trip was over too soon. She still hadn't made up her mind to fuck him, but he thought it was a foregone conclusion.

When he opened the car door she slid across and got out his side. The movement made her dress slide up her legs leaving her blond pussy covered. Stan had never seen hair so fine that it didn't hide the pink opening to her cunt. He tried to get his hand on her cunt but she pushed him back and stood up. Her dress was still around her waist and she slowly pulled it up to cover her breasts. They headed to the house with his hand around her waist.

Once in the house they were kissing once more. She loved the way he took control of her. After several minutes that broke apart. "Come to my room," he said.

"I'm not quite ready for that yet," She said.

"You know I want you and that you want me too."

"I also know that you are my father-in-law, and we have already gone much farther that we should have. I'm not blaming you because I enjoy what we are doing just as much as you are, but I'm married to your son. What if some one found out what we are doing? This is not the same as the other women you are sleeping with. Their husbands know what is going on but Tom doesn't. If he did I don't think he would give his consent."

Stan wasn't going to push her. He was closer to getting what he wanted than he thought he would be by now. He still had a week to work on her before Tom returned. If he was going to get any relief tonight he was going to have to take matters in his own hand.

She raised up on her toes and kissed him on the mouth. "When I am ready I will come to you." She said as she turned to go to her room.

Jean still didn't have a massage from Tom on the answering machine. It was late but she decided to call him anyway. It rang several times before a woman answered. Jean was so shocked at hearing a woman's voice that she didn't say anything. The woman said, "Hello" again. Then she heard Tom's voice in the background; "Come on back to bed it's just some prankster."

Jean hung up the phone with tears rolling down her cheeks. She set on the bed with her head in her hands. No wonder he hadn't called he was to busy with that bimbo to think about her. The longer she thought about it the madder she got. There he was fucking another woman while she was home alone and needing him.

She suddenly sat up. Two can play that game and Stan was just down the hall, and would be glad to take care of her problem.

She stood and let her dress drop to the floor. Looking in the mirror she saw a naked woman that needed to be fucked tonight. If her husband weren't going to be here for her then his father would take care of the job. She blamed Tom for what she was about to do, but really it just gave her a reason to do what she had wanted to do all night.

She walked naked down the hall to his room. She paused a second before knocking. She knew that once she walked through the door there would be no turning back, tonight are ever.

Stan was naked lying on his bed his hard cock in his hand. He was about to masturbate when the knock came. Without covering up are stopping what he was doing he called, "Come in."

She opened the door and saw he was naked with his hard cock waiting for her. She walked to the bed and he sat up on the side of it. She walked into his waiting arms. He pulled her close with his head buried between her breasts. She said, "I'm ready for you now."

He pulled her back on the bed with him. For several minutes they kissed with him squeezing and sucking her breasts and her stroking his cock. "I have wanted you here like this since the first time I met you. You are so beautiful that it would be a shame if only Tom could love you." He kissed her neck and breasts until she couldn't stop moving.

"Come on, move over me and fuck me. I don't want to wait any longer. I need to feel this wonderful cock buried in me. This will be the first time someone other than Tom has ever been in me, and I want to feel what it's like."

Stan knew how to please a woman. It wasn't just for the money that the other women came to his room at night. Now that he had his beautiful daughter-in-law naked and in bed he planned on taking his time. He wanted to make sure that this wasn't a one-time thing. He wanted her to enjoy it so much that she would come back again and again.

He kissed her down her body. Stopping to lick her navel before moving down to her cunt. When he reached her blond cunt he blew his breath on the fine hair. He watched as it moved over the opening of her cunt. He spread the lips of her cunt apart. She was totally wet already. He licked her cunt from the bottom to the top. He liked the taste of her cunt on his tongue. She spread her legs as wide apart as she could to give him all the room he needed. "Please eat me."

He eat her for several minutes, and each time she was about to cum he would switch to something else. When he had her where she was about to climb the walls he moved back on his heels where he could see her. Jean knew that he was looking at her and she wanted him to see everything there was to see. She wanted him to fuck her like she had never wanted Tom. He moved over her and she raised her knees and opened her cunt for him.

He could wait no longer. The head of his cock was at the opening of her cunt. He could feel the heat coming from her. He knew that she was ready as she would ever be and that it was him she was wanting, not his son.

"Please don't wait. Put it in now! I need you in me; I need to be fucked!" He flexed his hips and the head moved through the opening. He slowly moved forward without stopping until his huge cock was buried up to his balls.

Jean was in heaven. Nothing had ever filled her like he was doing. He wasn't longer than Tom but he was a lot larger. He touched every wall of her cunt and clit on each stroke. She had started to climax the moment he entered her. She could feel it continue to build at each stroke he made.

Stan could hold back no longer, He had been on the edge all night and he had to finish now! He buried his cock as far in her as he could get. Using both hands to lift her cunt closer as he let the cum fly. His cum hitting deep in her cunt sent her over the edge.

His hot cum was all it took. She could feel his big cock pulsing each time he shot a load. Never had sex been so good for her. Her whole body climaxed not just her cunt. His father was really good and she knew that she was going to want more in just a short time.

Stan couldn't hold up any longer. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over, bring her up on top of him. His cock was still hard and he wanted to stay nestled in her hot cunt. Normally he could go several times a night, but fucking his daughter-in-law was just too much off a turn on.

He lay on his back with her on top. His cock still hard and buried in her cunt. His big cock kept the load of cum from running out of her. Her naked breasts were on his chest with the nipples still hard.

She hung on as he rolled her over. She didn't want him to come out and lose the good feeling she had. She raised her head and saw that he was looking at her and grinning. "What are you grinning about?"

"Man, that was good. It put a smile on my face that nothing can take off. I don't see you frowning."

She smiled back, "It was good, the best ever. Are you ready to go again?"

"Start working that pussy up and down and we'll see."

Jean started moving from side to side, letting the muscles in her cunt squeeze his cock; She raised up on her knees and fucked up and down on his cock. Each stroke moved 5 or 6 inches of his cock in her cunt. He just lay on his back and let her do the work. He played with her tits while she rode him. Each time he pinched her nipples she would squeeze his cock with her cunt.

She began to move faster and faster as she neared another climax. His hands moved to her hips to help her lift up and down on his cock, Her tits were in his mouth with his tongue licking all over them. When she finally came she nearly blacked out. He didn't cum with her that time.

When she recovered she realized that he was still in her and that he was hard. Tom could cum several times a night but his father could outlast him. She loved the way he was making her feel. She hadn't thought about Tom since she entered the room.

Stan kept his arms around her to keep her from rolling off. He was still smiling as he asked her, "How was that?"

"You don't have to ask you already know." She lay stretched out on his chest; his hard cock still buried in her. She ran her fingers through his hair as she kissed him.

"When you are ready to go again let me know." He caressed her body; running his hands down to her ass and pulling her cunt tight against his still hard cock. He gripped her body and said, "Roll over, I want back on top." The move was accomplished without him being dislodged. He pushed into her once more until his balls were resting on her ass. Looking into her eyes he said, "You have got to be the hottest woman I've ever been with."

He sucked on her tits and started moving in and out again. Jean pulled her legs up as high as she could and opened her cunt for all his cock. With her feet she pushed her cunt up to him on each stroke. She put everything she had into making him feel good, just as she always had for her husband.

Stan got faster and faster as he rammed her cunt harder and harder. She started cumin again. He fucked her on through her climax and slowed long enough for her to get back in the race.

When she was back moving with him he speeded up again. Jean matched him stroke for stroke. Finally he could last no longer. His cock had been in her for over 2 hours and he just had to have some relieve.

He could feel the climax building up. Her hot cunt was caressing his cock on each stroke. He reached the point of no return. Cum spilled out the end of his cock into her waiting womb. It pushed her over the edge and for the fifth time that night she came again. She threw her legs around him and pulled him deep into her womb and held him there. He collapsed on top of her. She finally had to roll him off to get her breath.

When he rolled off, his cock popped out liked a stopper in a wine bottle. Cum poured out of her. It ran down her ass and onto the bed. Both were to exhausted to worry about the mess they had made. They went to sleep in each other's arms.

Sometimes later they woke and took a shower together. He could still not get enough of her body. He told her how beautiful she was and how much he loved getting her in bed. "I wish I could fuck you all night."

"Stan, you are the only one except Tom for me. For the last year you have been making me nervous. Father's-in-law are not suppose to do this to there son's wife. I'm sure glad this finally happened. Now I have got to figure out what to do about Tom.

They lay naked on the fresh made bed. They caressed each other as they talked. "What made you change your mind and come to me?"

She told him about the phone call and that it made her mad. "I came to get back at him, but the moment I walked through that door I knew that I was here because I wanted you. I guess I do have him to thank for the best sex of my life."

"It was probably Susan with him. She has never seen a man that she didn't want."

"Have you ever been with her?"

He started to lie but decided to tell the truth. "Every time I go to that office. Her husband is very understanding. You know that I have woman here all the time with their husband's consent. My wife also knew about them but she knew that she was the only one I loved and that I wasn't going anywhere. Tom is a lot like me. This is the first time he has been away from you long enough to look at someone else. He may promise to behave but it will happen again. What are you going to do when he gets back?"

"I don't know but we will have to have a talk. I'm not going to live like his mother did, with him off fucking some woman while I wait at home like a good little wife."

Jean and Stan fucked every where and anywhere for the rest of the 2 weeks until time for Tom to come home. By that time they were so hooked on each other that they knew they would continue to fuck even after Tom was home. She didn't go back to her bed until it was time for Tom to return.

Tom arrived late that afternoon. She greeted him with a big kiss and telling him how much she had missed him. No one could tell from her actions that she had been fucking his father for two weeks.

She fixed supper and they set around talking about his trip and what went on. Jean was dressed in shorts and had a shirt tied around her breasts. It was plain to see that she didn't have on anything under it. Tom couldn't believe that she was dressed liked this in front of his father.

They finished dinner and cleaned up. They made it to bed early, as Tom was anxious to get between her legs. Even with all the sex he had while he was gone, Jean was still the best he had ever had.

Jean was very aggressive, which wasn't like her. Tom took it as missing him. She took of his shirt and unbuttoned his pants in no time at all he was naked. She pushed him back on the bed while she striped.

When she was naked she climbed on the bed between his legs. She took his growing cock in her hand. She quickly took him in her mouth and sucked him until he was hard. She then moved up over him and inserted his hard cock in her cunt. She fucked up and down on him while he played with her tits. "Are you glad to be home?"

"Oh yes, I missed having you in bed."

"Did you behave yourself?"

"Sure, What are you talking about?"

"Other women, did you get lonesome and find someone else?"

Tom was a little taken back. Did she know or was she just playing a game? "I behaved."

She raised up and sank all the way down on his cock and just set there. "Tom don't lie to me. I know what you did and I know whom you did it with. I can understand taking a woman but I will not be lied to. If I was going to kill you would I be setting on your cock now?"

Tom had no choice but to confess. Did he want to tell her everything are just some of it. "Well there was one time."

"One time? What was her name?"


Jean wondered what happened to Susan and if there was any more. " I told you not to lie to me. What about Susan?"

Tom couldn't believe she was fucking him and asking all these questions. How did she know so much? "Ok, there was Susan, and Patsy as well as Barbara. There was also one time with Susan and her husband. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"You are just like your father. Both of you want every woman you see. Do you know the women that come here to see him?"

"Most of them."

"Do you know what they all have in common?"

"I think they all work for the company."

"Doesn't it make you wonder how he gets to fuck so many of his employees wives with out the husbands complaining?"

"Dad pays his employees really good."

"You know that he fucked around even before your mothers death."

"He has always had his share and then some of women."

"He may have paid the husbands to send their wives to him the first time but later they came on their own. Now he has a new one."

"Who is it?"

Jean worked on his cock, which was now rock hard from the sex talk. She could tell he was about to cum. "Me! Ever since the night I called and found you in bed with Susan."

Tom almost fainted; his wife was fucking his father. His cock started going soft. He could feel it swivel up in side her cunt. "How could you do something like that with my father?"

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