Home Alone


"Don't you go and blame me. I told you when we move in here that he was looking at me like he wanted to fuck and you just laughed. Well, he did fuck me and did a very good job of it. I was trying to put him off when I called you. Susan answered the phone and you told her to come back to bed. I hung up the phone and went straight to his bed. I've been there ever since. Now you are like all the rest of his employee's whoses wives he is fucking. Your boss is fucking your wife and she just happens to be his daughter-in-law."

Tom's cock was completely soft as it slipped from her cunt. She climbed from the bed. "I going to bed with him now see you in the morning."

She walked out without looking back.

Tom was in complete shock. He finally got up and mixed himself a stiff drink. He downed it in one swallow. He then mixed another to take back to bed with him. He couldn't sleep thinking about his wife and father in bed together. Why had he gotten mixed up with Susan and her bunch anyway? Neither one was as good as Jean. Now his wife who up to 2 weeks ago had never even seen another naked man was in his fathers room fucking.

He went and mixed another drink and started to go knock on his father's door, but he was afraid of what he may find. Back in his room he couldn't stop picturing his wife naked and his father's cock invading her pretty blond cunt. The cunt that use to be his and his alone. The more he thought about it the wilder it seemed. In spite of himself his cock began growing hard at the thought of them in there together. He had known when he was a teenager that his father was fucking around on his mother. At the time he thought it was pretty cool to have all those other women. Now it was his wife his father had in his bed.

He couldn't sleep and he lay there until nearly dawn, rubbing his hard cock and picturing what they were doing. That was the way Jean found him when she returned to the room just before dawn.

"Are you waiting up for me?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Looks like you may not be to troubled at the idea of your father and me. Would you like to fuck me now?"


"She lay down on the bed and opened her legs to him. He could see that her cunt had been well fucked and dried cum was matting on the fine blond hair. He hesitated before climbing on her. She noticed it and said, "I know I'm still a mess but if you want to fuck me you may as well get use to it, Stan dumps a big load."

He moved over her and quickly moved in her. Her cunt was wet and slick and he didn't have any trouble entering her. In a short time he added his cum to his father's.

Jean came again as his cum hit her She wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her. She said, "I still love you and always will, but you are going to have to make room for your father. I don't know if you cheating on me was what finally led me to your father or not. It may have happened anyway. He just wouldn't give up and now that I have been with him I can't stop. There is going to be some changes around here but I think all three of us will enjoy them. I don't expect either of you to be faithful to me, but just realize that what is good for you will be good for me."

Tom had one more thought before going to sleep. If his father was fucking his wife then there was going to be a lot of women that needed to be taken care off. He went to sleep with a smile on his face.

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