tagIncest/TabooHome Ch. 01

Home Ch. 01


Jeff walked into the kitchen of his parent's home and froze when he saw his mother standing in front of the counter with a coffee cup up to her lips. Her nightgown was open and her big boobs that hung about her stomach were fully exposed.

A big grin crossed his lips. "I should come over more often," he said continuing towards her.

"I guess I should be flattered," Glenda replied glancing down at her hard-on smiling as she lowered the cup from her lips.

"I should be the one flattered," he said kissing her cheek and raising his hand to squeeze one of her erect nipples and laughing.

"Boy, you better stop that," she laughed and playfully popped his hand. "I'm still your mother, you know."

"That makes me the happiest guy alive," he said wrapping his arms around her from behind and taking both of her boobs in his hands to squeeze them laughing.

"Jeff, you're going to make me spill my coffee," she said laughing and pushing her ass back to him to push him off her.

Jeff laughed and took hold of her hips and grinded his hard-on against her butt-cheeks.

Glenda reached back and popped his hand with more authority, but without the intension to hurt him. "I swear you have the sex drive of a goat," she laughed putting down her coffee and closed her nightgown.

"With a sexy mom like you, who wouldn't," Jeff laughed getting a cup for coffee.

"Hey, don't try to pin that on me. That was your father's doing," she replied.

"Great dad," Jeff laughed.

Glenda rolled her eyes. "Ya, turned my children into sex addicts," she said.

"Hey, you played your part too," Jeff said sitting at the table. "There were plenty of times you could have put a stop to it."

"Ha!" she exclaimed as she joined him at the table. "I remember perfectly, that every time your father wasn't around it was you chasing me around the house."

Jeff laughed.

"My guad, how could I ever set a good example for you and your sister when I was constantly trying to keep my clothes from being ripped off," Glenda laughed.

"Remember that time you thought I was dad?" Jeff laughed.

She reached over the table and popped his arm. "I should be furious with you," she said unable to keep herself from blushing. "Groping is one thing, but you went way too far that time."

"Com'on, admit it mom. I was better than dad, wasn't I?" Jeff laughed.

Glenda turned bright pink and couldn't hide her smile. "I'm not going to admit that," Glenda said trying to sound convincing.

"I remember," Jeff laughed. "O' John! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good like that!" he mocked her.

Glenda got up and hit his shoulder repeatedly with her open plum until he stopped. "Gaud, between you and your father, I lost every shred of dignity," she laughed. "You know, your father doesn't know about that, and you had better not breathe a word about it." She knew that he would say anything to his father, but she thought it best that she made it clear that she didn't want her husband to know about Jeff fucking her in their bed. "He doesn't know you and your sister either," she added.

"What does dad know?" Jeff chuckled.

"Absolutely nothing," She said getting up to make another cup of coffee. "Jeff, I wasn't just letting you do stuff. I was trying not to draw your father's attention to what was going on. It didn't help at all that he would do the same thing right in front of you."

"I think it was dad's way of teaching me about sex," Jeff laughed.

Glenda rolled her eyes sitting back down. "Now Linda walks around here naked," Glenda chuckled. "How can I say anything to her when your father is constantly pulling my clothes off?"

"Linda is pretty hot, what does day say about that?" Jeff chuckled figuring that his father wouldn't say very much.

"O' that's a whole other thing," Glenda kept up her sense of humor. "He pats her ass and tells her how sexy he thinks her body look. I told him that he was only encouraging her, but he only laughs."

"Well, she's on virgin," Jeff joked.

Glenda laughed. "Your father has no concept as to what we've done to the both of you," she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You felt me up like I was your girlfriend or something, and had sex with your sister like the two of you were married," she said shaking her head.

"Well, at least it wasn't boring," Jeff laughed.

"Wasn't? Ha!" Glenda laughed. "Last night you sister sat her naked ass in your father's lap."

"I bet dad loved that," Jeff laughed.

"I know he did," Glenda chuckled. "They called themselves playing, but I saw her put his hand between her legs and he didn't try to stop her either."

"He's probably screwing her," Jeff laughed.

"I'm almost sure of it," Glenda laughed.

"I wanted to screw you again since that one time," Jeff laughed as he got up to freshen his coffee.

"Not like you haven't been trying," Glenda laughed going to put her cup in the sink. "You would have to if I hadn't been able to figure out what you were up to."

"We ought to do it," Jeff said.

"Do what?" Glenda said turning around and seeing her son thrusting his pelvis at her. "Don't be silly," she laughed and turned back around to do the dishes.

Jeff stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Why not?" he asked grinding his hard-on against her butt-cheeks.

"Because I'm your mother, that's why," she chuckled continuing with the dishes. "...besides, you don't want an old woman like me when you have a younger one at home."

"She's not you mom, and you're still a hot babe," Jeff chuckled moving his hand down to the crotch of her panties.

"Stop that," she laughed.

"I feel something hot and wet," he laughed slipping his fingers under the crotch of her panties to his mother's moist pussy.

"Jeff, stop that now. You know we shouldn't do this," Glenda chuckled.

"You said that you believe that dad is screwing Linda, why can't we?" he said slipping a finger into her cunt.

"Jeff?" Glenda said and then moaned.

"See, you want to," Jeff said laughing as he released her.

"You're just not going to stop, are you?" Glenda said turning around to face her son.

"Nope," he chuckled.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this," Glenda said.

Jeff grabbed his mother and pulled her to him, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Glenda raised her arms around his neck exploring his mouth with her own tongue. Jeff spun her around as he opened her nightgown. He lifted her onto the table and dropped his mouth to her large tits. Glenda held his head to her breast as she moaned and lay back on the table. Jeff pulled off her panties holding her legs up, and then licked his way down to her hairy pussy.

Glenda laid her legs wide open and held his head to her aching cunt. "Mmmm," she moaned humping her pussy up to her son's greedy mouth as she felt her orgasm building deep inside of her.

Jeff guessed by the way that she was moving that she was about to cum, and it encouraged him to continue licking and sucking on her cunt and pussy lips.

Glenda's body trembled as her orgasm exploded deep inside of her.

Jeff dropped his pants and shorts down to his ankles and guided his cock into his mother's wet cunt. He made a few long slowly strokes and then began driving his cock into her with authority.

"O'baby! Mmmm! Yes!" she cried out.

Jeff wanted back into his mother's pussy for years, and now that he was there, he was determined to enjoy every second of it. He had pretended he had been fucking his mother plenty of times while fucking his wife, but now that he was inside of her, it was so much better.

"Fuck me baby! Fuck me good!" Glenda cried out as she felt another orgasm on the rise.

Jeff grunted with each stroke feeling the stirring in his loins. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back very much longer.

"Oooo! Baby...I'm cuming again...cum with me. Come inside me," Glenda cried out.

Jeff jammed his cock as far as he could inside of his mother as his cock jerked and spit cum into her.

"Ahhhhh!" Glenda cried out as the rush of her son's cum triggered her orgasm.

Jeff leaned over his mother sucking on her nipples as she stroked her fingers through his hair. He looked up at her and they both burst out into laughter.

"Damn! That was great mom," Jeff said rising and looking at his cock that was still half way inside of her.

Glenda sat up on the table looking at her son's cock in her pussy. "It certainly felt great," she chuckled.

"Seriously mom, we should do this more often," Jeff said moving his half hard cock in and out of her again.

"Let's not get too carried away here, but I'm guessing that you're not going to give me very much choice," Glenda chuckled.

Jeff looked up and laughed as his cock started to harden again as he thought of being able to screw his mother on a regular basis.

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