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Peyton's face lit up. "You want me to meet your mother, already?"

"Yeah. You're important to me. She's important to me. Might as well."

"Oh, Nate, you make it sound so special."

Nate chuckled and kissed her again.

"Wait, I have nothing to wear."

Nate gave her a quick once over. "Wear what you have on now."

"I'm serious!" Peyton said, rolling her eyes. "I don't want to meet your mom in my 'Walk of Shame' attire."

"Well, you packed a bag, didn't you? Wear something you packed."

Peyton thought for a second about all the clothes she and Jane had picked out. Once she got an idea of what to wear, she perked up. "We should get going!" she said happily.

Peyton hopped up and practically skipped up the stairs. Nate joined her in a shower, both almost unwilling to leave. It was Peyton who disengaged from him. Nate dressed in a casual suit; one which Peyton particularly liked. Peyton wore a warm peach summer dress and gold sandals. Nate admired how Peyton could look classy and sexy at the same time.

When they got to the restaurant, Nate noticed how fidgety Peyton had gotten. He held her hand in his and leaned down close.

"Don't worry, baby," he whispered. "She'll love you as much as I do."

Did he just say he loved me? Peyton didn't have time to dwell on this thought, for they were met by a woman waving and calling out Nate's name. Peyton looked at her and automatically thought of Sookie from Gilmore Girls, except a bit older. She'd first seen the woman, weeks ago when she came to St. Michael's. 'Boston Cream Pie' Lady. Peyton had often seen her at church on Sundays or with Jane. The woman eyed her suspiciously before capturing Nate in her embrace.

"Oh, there's my boy!" she squealed as she hugged him.

"Hey, Ma. How are you?"

"Well, you would know if you called more often."

Nate blushed; it was something Peyton found endearing.

"I'm sorry, Ma."

Peyton shifted her feet awkwardly. Nate placed his hand on her back and slightly pushed her forward.

"Ma, this is Peyton; my girlfriend. Peyton, this is Adele Tennison."

Peyton's heart leapt when he called her his girlfriend. She gave a sincere smile and stuck out her hand.

"A pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

"Likewise." Adele said curtly. It wasn't lost on Nate. He gave her a look before the trio took their seats.

Adele's coldness towards Peyton died away quickly. As they ate and talked, Peyton understood why Adele and Jane were friends; they were so much alike. Adele was as giddy and kind as Jane. She enjoyed making jokes at Nate's expense. Peyton learned more about what a wild child Nate was and what kind of man his father was. She could tell his death rocked them both. After about an hour of breakfast and good conversation, Adele and Peyton noticed Nate trying not to squirm in his seat.

"Nate, for Pete's sake, go piss. You look like you're being bit on the ass." Adele finally suggested.

Peyton laughed and Nate glared. Without argument, he stood up. He kissed Peyton on the cheek and gave her shoulders a gently squeeze. Adele watched her son give Peyton a longing look before he left. It made her heart swell with pride.

"Don't hurt him," she said suddenly.

Peyton stared at her. "Excuse me?"

"He's in love with you. I can see it. So, please don't hurt him. That Addison girl broke his heart in half. Please don't do the same."

Peyton resisted the urge to bury her face in her hands. "Well I don't know about that. We are still pretty new at this. But I would never do anything to purposely hurt him."

"It's not about time, honey. His father looked at me the same way Nate looks at you."

Peyton looked down at her fingers, entwined in her lap. "God, I hope so, Mrs. Tennison. Because, honestly, I-I think I'm falling f-."

"I hope you're not scaring her off, Ma." Nate's voice cut off Peyton's.

"What are you talking about? She's fine, aren't you dear?"

Peyton just nodded.

After slowly finishing the rest of their breakfast and chatting, it was time to go. Adele hugged Peyton first, holding her for a long minute. She pulled away with a bright smile.

"You two don't be strangers, you hear?"

"Yes, ma'am," Peyton and Nate said in unison.

Adele hugged Nate, and then slapped him on the side of the head.

"And, you! Come to church! I've seen her around, but not you."

"Ok, Ma! Jeez." Nate grumbled.

"You've seen me?" Peyton asked.

"Yes, I have. Jane told me about your... situation."

Peyton tried to hide the embarrassment she felt. But Nate saw it. They bid their final farewell before getting into his car. Nate glanced over at Peyton, who'd said nothing since they left. He decided to break the silence.

"She didn't mean it like that, Peyton."

Peyton just stared at the window.

"She was trying to be understanding," he urged.

"She thinks I'm a charity case."

"No, Peyton. Now, it's not li-"

"Don't worry about it." she said, subsequently ending the conversation. Nate sighed and they both sat in silence the entire drive back to Nate's house. Once inside, Nate wrapped his arms around Peyton. She kept her back to him. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her neck.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"For what?"

"For coming with me today. Ever since things went down with Addison, my mom and I haven't really seen a lot of each other."


"Well, she too was excited about having a grandchild. When Addison had the abortion, she not only broke my heart but my mom's as well. I couldn't deal with the sadness so I stayed away from anything that reminded me of it. Except the ultrasound photo."

"No problem, baby." Peyton turned around and kissed him.

What started off as a comforting exchange rapidly turned sensual. Peyton's knees suddenly lost their strength as Nate cupped her face and coaxed her lips apart with his tongue. He brushed it against the roof of her mouth, causing her to moan. His hand travelled down to cup one of her breasts. Peyton leaned forward into his grasp. Nate needed her breast like dough, tweaking her nipple between his fingers. Peyton moaned, her pussy beginning to get damp. Then, to both of their dismay, the doorbell rang.

They both cursed.

Nate growled. "I swear to God, if it's Addison, I-"

"I doubt it. We would have heard her shrieking like a banshee by now."

Nate laughed and willed himself away from her. He walked to the door and peered through the peephole to find a black woman in an expensive suit. Curious, he opened the door. The woman was about 5'8 in stilettos. Her sunglasses covered most of her face and her blouse looked like it was at risk of ripping open.

"Um, Hello?" he answered.

Her hand shot out quickly. "Hello," she said in a stern voice. "My name is Victoria Cavanaugh, and I believe you are fucking my sister."

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