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(A very close of mine asked me to write a story with him. The following is the product of the two of us. The part of Anthony written by him, and the part of Taylor by me. It gives the view point from each other as the scene unfolds. )


Eleven years. His eyes looked at the storage unit packed with boxes as he would slide the door down and lock it. Eleven years of living with a woman--Married to a woman. And the only excuse was...you're boring in bed. It's always the same. A little oral to get me wet and then fuck until you cum. No spice...no kink. He would just let his hand run down his face. He could still see her. In their bed. THEIR bed with two guys. She didn't know he was going to be coming home early. He really didn't think she would have cared even if she had known. She hadn't come running when he had left the house. More than likely stayed there and let them finish. Eleven years of his life and it was gone. Wasted. A sigh as he would walk away and go to turn the U-Haul into the drop off.

Slipping into the seat of the 2010 Dodge Charger, he would close his eyes sitting in the gas station. His head was killing him; he hadn't planned on being down here until this morning. But good old Tommy, one of the last friends from high school had told him about his Halloween party. Told him he could crash there that night. A grin on his lips, the party hadn't been a total waste. But...well, the alcohol definitely destroyed a lot of the memories. Though he definitely remembered the fun parts at least...most of them.

Pulling up to her apartment complex, he would slip out and pop the trunk. He loved his sister; they were only a year apart so they had pretty much grown up together. Most assuredly one of his best friends, and had offered her spare room the second she had heard about the divorce. Pulling out his two bags of clothes, he shut the trunk and looked up at the place. It would at least give her somebody to talk to, he knew she really didn't leave the house much since...the incident. A sigh as he would move to start up the stairs.

He was hot...sweaty, even in this cool weather they were having, wearing just a wife beater and a pair of jeans. But then again he had moved.

"I can't believe you talked me into coming," Taylor said over the sound of loud music. She had been standing by herself most of the night, not really being a people person. She wasn't always that way. Taylor once had a life that made her smile. Now she was a shut in.

"It's been three years Taylor." Sara Beth said. "It's been long enough. I promise you Dean doesn't mind. Now go mingle and have a beer or ten, or I will sit on you and force Mike and Dan to hold your mouth open and dump beer down your throat all night long." She smirked.

"Fine, a couple of beers and I am out of here." She said, slipping the purple tinted masquerade mask on. A few beers later Taylor moved through the crowd coming up to a man in a Jason mask dancing. He began grinding to her. It didn't take long before the two of them were moving as one. Taylor could feel her body reacting to his. She pulled away but he caught her hand bringing her back, lifting his mask enough for his lips to meet hers...Taylor woke first, his body still lying under hers. She shifted in the pre-dawn light reaching for his mask. They had never bothered to remove them, finding they couldn't stop themselves once that first kiss happened. They ended up in some cheap hotel off of Dawson RD. She pulled it up slowly...a look of shock moved across her body. Taylor backed away, nearly jumping from the bed.

The man who had been a perfect lover, who had brought her out of herself, who made her climax so many times. The man she was about to wake with more sexual favors...she stared at him ghostly white. The man was Anthony, her brother. Taylor felt the panic and grabbed her clothes. She slipped on her pants and shoes. She removed he mask, letting it drop to the floor. Taylor was horrified by what they had done. She shut the door behind her, seeing he was still sleeping.

She drove across town to shower and try to forget that some of the most incredible sex she had ever known was her brother. She fell into bed to sleep it off. Taylor was jolted from a dream with a knock at the door. "Shit..." She scrambled to open the door.

Taylor paused looking at Anthony. She had decided not to tell him. "Come in," she sounded distracted, though she gave him a smile and hugged him. "I didn't think you were coming to later." She added still flustered about what happened.

He had picked up the mask, his plan was to ask around who was dressed in it. Obviously somebody had to know who it was. Even as she would be able to see it tied to one of his bags as he would smile over at her. "You look like I feel..." Hugging her tight, he would kiss her cheek as he would come in and drop them off to the side. "Yeah...sorry about that. I would have called last night, but I wound up a bit...well, busy." Slipping into her kitchen, he would open the fridge and look around. "Man...We need to stock you up...no beer for the brother?"

He laughed standing and stretching, his eyes moving over to his sister as he would just smile. He loved her more than anything else, the closest thing in the world to him. She knew probably more than she ever really wanted to know about things that had happened in his lips. "I came down and went to Tommy's Halloween party...I was going to just crash on his couch, but...well met this woman at the party...and I know what you're going to say...I'm in the process of a divorce from a dirty whore...this was just...I don't even know who she was."

He would move over, picking up the mask and showing it to her. "It was...just so..." So unlike me...So risky...So daring...So not boring..."Hot. We didn't even take our masks off. I have no idea who she is...but it was amazing. I mean...I never had sex like that. My dick is so raw right now from how hard this girl rode me!" He would set the mask on the table as he would just smile from ear to ear. "I mean...I didn't know it could be like that. What about you...what did you do for the holiday?"

He would pull his wife beater off, wiping his underarms and make his way back towards her laundry room. He'd always taken really good care of himself...a security guard, so he had to look the part. And really he smelled like sweat and beer...such a manly scent even as he would slip into the smaller room and kick his shoes off. "You know...I really appreciate you letting me stay with you, sis..."

She thought her heart was going to pound out of her chest when the mask dangled inches from her. She forgot she dropped it when she was leaving. It was a mistake she was going to have to fix. She reached over taking it from his bag, looking at it. "Like I said...I thought you were coming later." Taylor, set the mask on the table. She would make it go away soon enough.

Taylor was glad he wasn't looking at her face when he started talking. You know when you're a teenager or even in college and you do something stupid like kiss your best friends boyfriend and you have that moment when you see your best friend, you panic. You know they know what you did. Taylor had that overwhelming feeling. She couldn't look at Anthony, and was grateful he didn't know. She could handle this. She could handle knowing this secret would never come to life.

"So you met some hot woman, had incredible sex with her, and she up and left. Sounds like a good night, and maybe you won't be so pathetic hanging around here worrying about Becky." Taylor said with some bile in her throat. Taylor had liked her way back when but when she found out about the affairs it kind of changed her outlook. She watched him stripping, reminded of last night, and she had to turn away. Her heart was beating fast again. There was real chemistry between them. IT was sick. It was taboo. It was the best damn sex she had ever had. He was right it was hot. Taylor didn't even know she could do the things they did together.

It took a moment to get her thoughts in order. "You know me; since Dean died I don't go out much. I met Sarah Beth at some party. I didn't stay though." Liar! "I came back here and watched a movie. I was up late." She finally turned to him as he walked in the small room. She looked at the bed and him. "I couldn't let you go through this alone. I love you..." She said walking close and put her hand on his shoulder. "I will always be here for you." She gave a nod. "So besides a beer run, how can I help you?"

"What? Did I catch you playing with yourself?" A chuckle as he would watch her, "you're acting a bit weird. I mean. I can come back later if you want.". He'd watch her with a grin as he would just shake his head. "you just don't know. I mean it was just animalistic. We weren't trying to be loving. Hell a whole pack of condoms, sis. I couldn't tell you anything about her but the mask. I don't even think we took anything off but her pants.". He would just smile, it was how he looked when Becky and him had first got together. "no foreplay just condom on and bam right in. Gotta find out who was there. I'm sure tommy can find her for me right?". A sigh as he would finally look at her. He had never talked to her like a sister. She was his friend, and he was there when Dean passed away. "Sis. You know I love you, but...you need to get out. Have some fun.". He would hug her as she came close, squeezing her tight. When she did let go his pants were pulled down. His boxer briefs a bit tight to give a great view of what was hidden. "I'm starving. How about some food after I clean up?"

"I'm just a little tired. It was a rough night. I didn't get a lot of sleep, when I did I slept wrong. My back and hips hurt." Yes her hips hurt from several rounds of roll across the bed. He even had her against the wall. It had been years since her body had been used. Taylor was going to have to get the images out of her head. How do you live with a secret of this magnitude? But she couldn't tell him his dream lover was his sister. "But come on Anthony...Don't you think if she wanted to see you again she would have woke you before slipping away? Maybe you should just forget about her. Think about it. Did she give you her name?" No...We didn't talk much. We were too busy sucking and fucking.

"And I will get out when I am ready. Name one good out there I don't have in here?" She said ignoring the fact he was stripping. He always stripped in front of her, and she did the same. Taylor couldn't think how many times when they were younger they shared the bed after a night of drinking, or clothes, or a dozen over crazy things they shared. "Get a shower...we can go to Ryan's for lunch. And I can swing by the store on the way back. AJ's is a good place for cheap beer and Chad works there. He is the guy I told you about the one that asked me a few times."

She walked to the doorway looking over him shoulder. I'll be in my room. Come get me when you are ready to go." Taylor forced a breath. She was already feeling her center getting warmer, and this wasn't going to happen. She was not going to be sexually attracted to her brother. She couldn't be one of those women. She kept telling herself it was sick, but her body disagreed with her mind.

A smile as he nodded, looking up at her. "Men. Alcohol. Hell, hook up with a girl. Just get out of this place.". A smile as he stood there. No, he would never get completely naked in front of her. But hell, it was boxers. Besides it's not like she'd be looking at his shit. She was his sister. "Ryan's sounds good. Maybe pick up a few movies and just veg today?" He would drown then. The girl hadn't given him her name. She'd barely given him anything but her body. A few times just enough head to get him hard before he had...damn it was hot. And she'd easily be able to tell what he was thinking about, his cock stretching out...threatening to push out the hole of his boxer briefs. "Why..." Clearing his throat again as he just smiled "Why don't you go out with him? Anything has to be better than your B.O.B. right? But yeah. Quick shower and I'll grab ya."

"What's wrong with my 'BOB'," She laughed seeing what he was thinking. Taylor paused near the door. "Because I am just not ready. And if I was I would do what you did. I'd get half drunk and take some stranger back to some seedy hotel and fuck his brains out." She smirked, walking away. She took the mask from the table with her into her room. She put it in the top drawer of her dresser.

Taylor flopped across her bed. She let her hand move over her thighs. She could still feel the heat between them. She was sore. She hadn't been with anyone since Dean died. Normally she would lie in bed remembering his touch. Remembering how he proposed, remembering when she met his at Anthony and Beck's wedding. But right now as her hand moved over her tummy she was thinking about how he felt in her. "Get a grip," she whispered pulling her pillow to her side. She could still feel where he had nipped her side. She was sure it would be a full bruise by tomorrow.

She looked to the doorway, looked to his room. This was going to be hard. Taylor stood closing her door, and changed. By the time he would be ready she would be as well.

"If you need to ask that question it's been too long since you've had a real dick, sis". He would just sigh and then laugh. "You wouldn't know how to fuck a stranger if you tried. Though maybe I should get you drunk." Laughing, he would go to shower. He would wince as he jerked himself off. His length a bit raw, but he just closed his eyes and remembered how she felt. Pulling on a t shirt and jeans, he would just push into her room "Ready?" A smile up at her, as he would look her over. "you know. A shame you've decided to be celibate. I'm sure some guy would pay you well to see that body. "

She nearly jumped when he came in—she was lying on her back with her eyes closed almost back to sleep. "Yes," she half moaned rolling on her side. She stretched slowly before standing. Her hands still overhead. "And it's not that I don't want...a lover. It's just well," she looked away to a picture of Dean and her at Christmas when he proposed. "I just haven't met anyone..." She was lying again. She had met someone.

"Come on you can buy me lunch." She walked past him, still very sore. It was hard to walk without him noticing. He fucked her raw as well. The touch of clothes against her raw neither lips hurt. "And I'm not a whore Guys don't have to pay me for it. I'll leave that to your ex-wife to be." She couldn't resist the jab at Becky.

"Maybe you will find a good girl, and settle down. I don't think you need anymore one night stands at the Quality Inn." She joked. "And do you still like Killians?"

"You haven't met anyone because you aren't looking". He would watch her walk and just shook his head. "And I think you're turning you boy up too high. You look like you got a pounding already. If I didn't know better I'd say you were lying to me." A grin as he walked past and out the door. A snort as he would look at her. "Not a whore, but I did learn one thing with Becky. One way or another we all pay for the pussy." Opening the car door for her, he'd slip down and look over at her. "Who needs a good girl..." He would laugh, but stare at her for a long minute. He didn't tell her what hotel he'd been at. That was a good guess. Just shaking his head as he would start up the car and take off. "Besides. Last thing I need is to settle down. I've got eleven years of wasted life to catch up on. And yeah, Killians as always"

"I told you I had a rough night. So my 'bob' and I worked things out. And I do get out. See I'm out," she laughed. "Ok I'll find you a whore. There are plenty of them around. Unless you are stuck on finding Miss I don't know your name but I love the way you fuck."

The ride to Ryan's wasn't long. Technically we lived in Lee County on the Daughterly County line. Ledo Road was the jumping of point. Taylor worked for Phoebe North West near the CVS Pharmacy off of Meredith, which was around the corner from Ryan's. "I'll make you a deal. I'll help you unpack and have a few beers with you, if you promise not to bug me about getting out. I will when I am ready and until then I will live vicariously through you."

"Not the same and you know it. And damn girl. Be gentle with it. It's not like you have to beat on it. What did your pussy ever do to you?" Laughing, he would slip out and look to her. Sighing as he would just frown, walking. The restaurant he would pay for their plates and head to a table. "It's not even that. It's. You'll think this is silly. But have you ever fucked somebody and it just feels right? Like a glove, just feels perfect? Well, I guess you'll say Dean right?" He would just frown and start to load up a plate. "It just odd. I mean sex with Becky was good, but no passion. With this girl it was like we were just...a perfect pair" A shake of his head as he sat down. "Yeah. I know. Stupid right?" A chuckle as he would take a sip of his soda. "And deal. That's fine. You help Me unpack and then movies and beers. Sounds like a good night."

"Damn," she said joining him at the table. She noticed Heidi was their waitress. Heidi had been at Tommy's party as well. Taylor forced a smile and prayed Heidi was to drunk remember see her there. "She made an impression on you. And yes I know how you feel. My last lover...he left me feeling the same way." Taylor took a sip of the Diet Coke.

She watched her brother eating. "It's not stupid. But I just don't see you finding her. I don't want you to get all worked up only to be let down. Come on Anthony...really can you sit here and tell me outside of killer sex the two of you had anything in common? Or is it you need the killer sex and no strings?"

He'd smile to Heidi as he would look at Taylor and just laugh. "Dean was a long time ago, sis. Need to get you laid". He would put his hands up. "Last time I'll say it. Promise." He would chuckle and shrug as he leaned back and would just watch Taylor for a moment. "It's not even just the sex I mean that was amazing. Her kisses were just so passionate. She just seemed to need something." Blinking up at Heidi as she came and asked how we enjoyed the party. "I loved it. Hey. Do you know the girl that was wearing this masquerade mask?" He would grin...eyebrows arching at Taylor...perhaps he just got lucky.

Her heart was racing faster and faster and she knew it was going to jump out of her chest. She opened and closed her hands under the table watching Heidi's eyes met hers. Please don't tell him...please don't tell him She had taken the Masquerade mask from the table as she was talking to her.

"I vaguely recall the mask. But I think that guy in the Jason mask knew who it was. He was all over her. Hell they made me want to get a room. Talk about hot!" She said glancing to me and then to Anthony. "Maybe ask Sarah Beth. I saw her talking to her I think. I was pretty drunk."

"Thanks Heidi," she said, looking at her brother. They had been so hot. Taylor wanted to tell him her last lover wasn't Dean. But she didn't think he could handle the best fuck he ever had was his little sister. She waited until Heidi walked to the next table. "Face it...she is going to remain a mystery."

He would listen to Heidi, though his eyes moving over to Taylor now and then. She looked so nervous...weird. "Yeah...yeah...I'll ask Sarah Beth...thanks, Heidi..." He would just sigh...as he would look over at his sister and shake his head. "You give up too easy. Or do you not want me to find out about her? Want me to be all celibate with you? Get myself a fleshlight and jerk off all the time?"

A grunt as he would look back and reach up to rub at his face. "Either way, maybe she will stay a mystery. I mean...who the hell knows, right?" He would look at her a bit sadly before sighing. He would lean forward. His voice soft as he looked up at Taylor...looked into her eyes as he spoke in a soft tone. "She...Becky...told Me I was horrible. That she'd been cheating on me since after the honeymoon. That the only good thing about Me in bed was that I had some...size to me."

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