Home for Dinner


"I'll wait for you out in the hot tub Daddy."

Steph whips her t-shirt off over her head and drops in on the kitchen floor. Pausing for a moment so her Daddy can get a good look at her completely naked body, her trimmed pussy, her slim waist, and her long nipples hard as diamonds. He can even see the juices wetting her thighs as she stands there posing for her Daddy. Looking down at his lengthening cock she says,

"Don't keep me waiting, I need my Daddy, my little cunny needs you too. It needs you so badly."

Turning slowly Jack admires her tight little ass, the little gap between her slender thighs at the juncture of her sex glistening with her juices.

"I love you, Daddy!" she calls as she wiggles her ass at him. Then she is out the door. Comments, good or bad, are welcomed. I hope you enjoy this little venture into my mind. It was written awhile back and a friend encouraged me to submit it. I hope you like it. Let me know if I should continue with Jack and Stephanie.

Thanks for reading,



Friday had finally arrived and Stephanie looked at the clock again, 3:05PM. Only 10 more minutes and her classes would be over for the weekend.

"God, won't that bell ever ring!"

It's not that Stephanie, Steph as she preferred to be called, didn't like college. She was good in school and kept her grades up easy enough. Actually there were some parts she loved, like all those guys, and some teachers, staring at her fresh young 34B tits every chance they got. Or her tight little 18 year old ass in those low riding, hip hugger jeans.

"I doubt a single guy in my class knows that I have dark red hair or that I have green eyes." she often told her dad. "Their eyes never seem to make it that far up my body."

"Honey" he would say as he looked deep into her eyes. "You do have a very nice body but if those boys can't see how beautiful you truly are. On the inside as well as the outside. It's their loss and don't deserve you."

What made matters worse, or better, was that today she had "accidentally" forgot to wear her one and only bra. Anyone could tell by the way her nipples seem to stay hard all day.

Steph hated wearing that bra since it is too small and tight anyway. She could also use some new panties but the snug feeling of them covering her tight little ass and her almost hairless little cunny felt so nice.

"These tight little pink panties feel like someone is keeping my little cunny and ass covered in their large hands."

She never told this to her dad, nor the fact that she often imaged those hands belonged to him.

Steph always kept her little cunny shaved smooth ever since she started growing hair down there. She had seen her mom doing it before she left them 2 years ago and Steph just thought it looked so sexy that way. She did keep a little patch on her mounds but that was all. Steph figured her dad must really like the way mom would shave her pussy as he was always try to feel her up when Steph was out of the room.

As Steph sat in the back of her classroom waiting for the bell to ring her mind wandered to sex as it usually does lately. She imagines her daddy copping a feel of her little ass in her tight jeans. Just thinking about his strong hands on her tight ass cheeks has her squirming in her chair. She can feel the moisture in her young pussy wetting her tight panties. Her lips swelling and pressing against the silky fabric.

"God, I have been so hot all day. What is wrong with me! Why does thinking about my daddy touching me make me so hot?"

She practically moans out loud as she imagines his fingers sliding down between her thighs as he grinds his hardness against her jean covered ass. Without even realizing it her own fingers slide down over her moist pussy, she can feel the tight jeans splitting her lips open. She can even feel the heat from her young pussy through her jeans. Biting her lower lips she rubs herself harder as she imagines her daddy's hands all over her body.

"Oh, that is sooooo naughty!" she thinks to herself as she is quickly approaching climax. She is soooo close,

"Oh yes. Just another minute."

So deep in thought that she practically screams out loud when the bell finally rings.

"Ohhhh, so close and yet......."

With a quick "Call me later!" to her best friend Dennis, Steph is out the door, in her car and heading for home.

Stephanie knows that her dad won't be home from work for hours. He has been working so much trying to keep up ever since her mom ran off, that they don't get allot of time together.

She just wants to get home for some much needed playtime. To finish what she started............ and to make sure the house is clean and dinner ready when her daddy gets there of course.

"Maybe I'll even start up the hot tub so Daddy can take a good relaxing soak when he gets home."

Steph is not new to masturbating; she has been doing it since she was 11. The first time was when she woke up in the middle of the night and found her mom and dad making love on the couch. After watching them she had snuck back to bed and rubbed herself for what seemed like hours thinking what she had seen.

About a year later she had her first orgasm and ever since she just hasn't been able to keep her hands off her little pussy. It was the most wonderful thing in the world and she did it as often as she could. . . . Jack has been working allot of hours since his wife left him and it is finally starting to pay off. Susan, his boss, called him into her office that same morning. She can be a real tyrant (short for bitch) when she wants to be and all Jack can think of is "Well, there goes my weekend off again! She must have something she needs for Monday morning. Somehow I have to make up for all the time not at home to Steph. She has been so good and is really growing up fast."

Of course following Susan to her office isn't all that bad, she is a lovely, slender, shapely woman and the view from behind was rather pleasant in itself. Jack actually feels a stirring in his slacks as her watches Susan's ass sway back and forth in front of him. Her black slacks molding themselves around her sweet ass. That white silk blouse giving glimpses of her lacy bra underneath. Looking closely, he can't see any panty lines making him wonder if she has any on at all or if she is wearing a g-string. Her deep auburn hair swaying in time with her ass.

He imagines what it would be like to hold her by her narrow hips as he plows into her from behind. His hard 8 inch cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy. Shaking his head he comes back to the moment.

"Damn, I have got to stop thinking like this about my boss!"

They got along well and Jack had even fantasized about her at night as he jacked off his hard cock. But he didn't feel ready for more then just a working relationship....... not yet anyway.

"Besides," he said himself" "I have Stephanie, sweet little Steph. She is such a good girl and does so much around the house. She never gives me any trouble or complains. Always taking care of me and the house. Cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry every week. If only I could find a woman like her that was also great in bed."

As they enter Susan's office she closes the door.

"Please sit down Jack."

Susan leans back against her desk standing in front of Jack. Her nipples pressing through her bra, creating nice little points in the front of her silk blouse.

As Jack sits down he tries to cover up the effect her body has had on him. Even now as he sits there, her crotch not more then a couple of feet in front of his face. He can see the way her slacks are wedged up into her between her pussy lips spreading them open. He can smell her delicate perfume. He can see her breast rising and failing with each breath. He can feel his cock growing longer down his pant leg.

"Jack, are you okay?" Susan asks a knowing smile on her lush lips.

"What.... uhhh yeah.... fine...."

Jack tears his eyes from her body and shifts them to her face, with her short auburn hair framing her face and her dark eyes looking back at him. She actually reminds him a little of his own daughter Stephanie. Only older, of course.

"Jack, you have been working so hard ever since .... you know ... your wife left. I want you to know that I appreciate it. I want you to take the day off. Not only the day, take all of next week also. That is 10 days to go do anything or anyone you want to." Susan says with a smile

"But I can't afford to take that much time off, I need the money!!"

Susan's smile grows larger "Yes you can, I have just gotten it cleared to promote you and starting next week you'll be in the office next door and reporting directly to me." Of course that means you will be on salary from now on but with the raise you're getting. Well, let's just say that it will exceed all the overtime you have been putting in! So congratulations, Jack! I'm looking forward to having you working directly under me." She grins. "Now go home, rest or celebrate or go out and get yourself laid. But do it away from here."

To shocked to answer Jack just sits there waiting for the punch line. Susan walks back around behind Jack and begins to rub his shoulders.

"And if you can't find anyone that will lay you. You can always give me a call. I might know someone that wouldn't mind helping you out." Susan breathes into his ear.

Jack, not knowing what to say, gets up and walks towards the door. Just as he leaves he takes one look back and sees the smoldering look in Susan's eyes.

"You have my number, Jack. Call me anytime day ..... or night."

Jack can only nod his head in answer. It seems like a dream as he floats all the way home without even remembering how he got there. Moving through the big empty country style house he realizes that he doesn't know what to do to relax. Jack moves through the house until he finds himself in the den. He has spent so much time in here working that this is where he feels at home.

Smiling to himself Jack thinks "Well, it hasn't all been work."

As he fires up his computer and starts surfing for porn.

"I may not want to go out and get laid but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun."

As he looks at the desk clock he knows he has plenty of time before Stephanie is due home from school.

As he goes through his regular sites, one in particular catches his eye. Clicking on the link he finds a new girl. A lovely little red haired young lady. As he starts clicking through her pictures he feels his erection beginning to grow again.

"Hell, she can't be over 18 year old."

He quickly strips off his shoes, socks and pants before continuing on. Slowly he strokes his hardness as he clicks through the pictures. Each one showing more and more of her tight little body. Removing her t-shirt, showing her large erect nipples on top of small little breasts. Jack pulls his hardening cock through the opening in his boxer shorts. His fingers grip the shaft tightly as he slowly slides his hand up and down it length.

Unzipping her white mini shirt, she slowly begins sliding it down her tan legs. Turning her back to the camera as she bends over, looking over her shoulder as she slides it down her legs. Her tiny g-string pointing right at the camera.

Jack can feel the precum leaking form the tip of his hard cock. Smearing the precum around the hot swollen head as the next picture shows her sliding the g-string down her legs. Her pussy shaved completely, the lips red and swollen. A close up showing that she is indeed very wet.

"Damn, I would fuck that little darling in a heart beat!"

Jack notices the link to a movie file and quickly clicks on it. As it loads and starts up he instantly gets harder. It shows her on her hands and knees with her ass raised towards the camera, one hand between her thighs spreading herself open.

"Oh yes daddy, fuck my wet little cunt. Stick your big hard cock deep inside me, daddy!" comes the girl's voice over his computer speakers.

Someone moves in behind her and slides his large hard cock into her. You can't see who is it but the words come blaring out of the speakers

"Oh yes daddy, fuck my tight little cunt with your big hard cock. Oh yes daddy, you do me gooooood."

It is only a short video but its enough for Jack to get off. As the girl on the video pulls off the hard cock she spins around and takes the hard cock in her mouth. As Jack watches her take the guys cum on her tongue and lips Jacks own cock explodes. Listen as she moans in pleasure Jack cums and cums hard as he groans out his own release.

Jack can't believe how much he just came, there is cum all over his shirt and boxers. Standing on wobbly legs he makes his way to the bathroom to clean up. Returning to the den he lays down on the couch still catching his breath.

"Damn that was hot. I'll have to remember that website." He thinks to himself.

He knows it wasn't really her daddy fucking her but the idea of something so taboo is what made him cum so hard.

"Shit, that kind of thing never happens in real life." He tells himself as he drifts off to sleep.

He's dreaming. Dreaming about the little red headed slut on the video being fucked doggy style. Only it's Jack that is fucking her, pounding his hard cock inside her and she begs for more. All seven inches sliding in and out until he is ready to fill her with my hot cum. Her own juices running down her inner thighs.

Oh yes, so close, as she looks back over her shoulder only she has changed. It's not the girl in the video. It's..... it's Stephanieeeeeee and she's telling him to fuck her with his hot cock!!!!

And he's cumming and cumming, filling his sweet little girl full of his hot cum as she begs him for his entire hot load!!!!! Feeling like he will never stop cumming.

Slowly the dream fades away and he is lost in oblivion.

Jack is awaken by the slamming of the front door. Looking at the clock on the wall he realizes that it's Steph coming home from her classes. Sitting up, the dream comes crashing back on him.

"Oh dear lord, how could I have gotten excited like that, how could I have imagined fucking my own daughter! Not only that but wanting to fill her full of cum! My cum!!!!"

As the image flashes through his mind his cock begins to grow hard again!

"I can't face her like this, not right now! What is wrong with me! I'll wait for her to go upstairs to her room then I can go to my bedroom."

Stephanie barely has the front door of the comfortable ranch style home closed when she starts to strip off her clothes. Kicking off her shoes at the door, T-shirt next as it falls to the floor in the hallway. Wiggling out of her tight jeans, they slide down her slender legs as she enters the living room and checks the answering machine.

"No message? Daddy must really be busy to not call and let me know when he will be home."

Down to just her tight little panties she uses both hands to message her tender breasts and hard sensitive nipples. "Fuck, that feels so good."

She knows she shouldn't use that word and her daddy would freak if he ever heard her say it. But right now it just feels right.

"I just wish my hands were bigger so I could really message my titties."

Giving each of nipples a little tug as she admires how long they are.

"Longer them any of my friends. I wonder if any of their nipples are as sensitive as mine?"

Tugging at her hard long nipples causes her little pussy to spasm and get even wetter then it has been all day.

"My little cunny loves how I twist and tug at my nipples. It gets so tingly and wet."

Some of her friends like calling theirs a "cunt", Stephanie felt her was a cute little smooth cunny or pussy, not a cunt.

"A cute little cunny that has been trapped in these tight panties ALL day."

Reaching down with one hand she begins to rub herself through panties, she loves hwo it felt o rub her wet pussy through her tight little panties. So smooth and wet.

"Oh, I am so wet!"

She can feel the heat generating from her little cunny. Rubbing herself harder now, feeling the burning itch building deep inside. "My little pussy wants a cock doesn't it!" she says out loud.

"My cunny wants a big cock like daddies, not a little boy cock, a man's cock."

Standing in the middle of the living room she slips her hand down inside her tight panties. Her finger tip brushes across her hard clit as she dips her hand lower. Moaning out loud as a shudder runs through her. Sliding her finger lower she feels the juices leaking from deep inside her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm that feels soooo nice." She whispers.

Dipping a finger inside her hot little pussy she gasps out loud. Steph is still technically a virgin but she lost her cherry to a hair brush handle some time ago. Pulling her hand free she raises her fingers to her nose and smells how excited her little pussy is.

"Mmmmmm this is so naughty." She thinks as she smells herself and then licks the juices from her finger. Sucking on it like a little cock. "I wish I had a cock to suck on. Just like I did I did last year at the park."

She didn't really care for the taste of his cum but the look on the guys face was priceless. Especially when she pulled him cock out of her mouth and shot part of his hot load all over her little titties.

"Just like in those porno's of Dennis' dad. I thought he was going to pass out right there!" She giggles to herself as she reminisces.

"Okay" she tells herself "just a quick one them I got to get busy on the house."

As she moves to the couch she strips off her tight little panties. Her hands begin to explore her over heated little body again. Messaging her breasts, tugging at her hard nipples. Lying back on the couch, her ass cheeks hanging off the edge, she spreads her slender thighs wide apart. Her sweet hairless pussy lips opening up as her excitement grows. Feeling like a flower blossoming to life Stephanie reaches down and brushes a finger over her large clit.

"Oh yes, that feels so nice. This is what I have needed all day."

Fingers sliding lower, spreading her lips wider as she continues to tug at her nipples with her other hand. Groaning in pleasure as two fingers slip inside her cunny. Slowly she slides her digits in and out her slippery hole. The palm of her hand pressing against her hard little clit as she presses in deeper.

"I am sooo horny today, this won't take long."

Moaning out with pleasure as she works her fingers faster, harder inside her tight pussy. Using her thumb to brush over her hard erect clit with each thrust of her hands. Her hips rising up to meet her hand. Twisting her fingers as she climbs closer to the climax she has wanted, needed all day.

She rides the tides of her pleasure as she climbs higher and higher. Biting her lower lip as she begins to thrust her fingers into her wet pussy even harder. Curling them inside, looking for the special little spot that will really get her off.

"Oh yes, fuck my little cunny. Fuck me harder." She says like they talk in those porno's.

Tugging at her nipples harder. "Oh bite my nipples harder." She begs her imaginary lover. "You fuck me sooo good. My cunny loves your hot cock."

Juices running out of her hot pussy, running down her ass as she fingers herself. "Oh yes, your cock is so big, give it all to me." Sweat breaking out all over her naked teen body. She feels her pussy tightening around her fingers.

"Oh yes, this is going to be a good one."

She tries to imagine what her lover looks like. As he begins to form in her mind she realizes that he looks just like her sweet strong Daddy.

"Mmmmm oh yes, your cock likes my tight little cunny doesn't it..........Daddy. You want to cum in my hot cunny? Squirt you warm juices deep inside me ........... Daddy?" she pants out loud.

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