tagIncest/TabooHome For Mom's Birthday Ch. 02

Home For Mom's Birthday Ch. 02



Mom, dad and I have done many threesomes in the five years since my eighteenth birthday when I became a consenting adult and was thus old enough to participate in making love with them. We used to do it together every day and I've lost count now of the number of times I've been priveleged to consensually fuck my parents and they, in turn, fuck me while the amount of male sperm and female pussy juice that has been discharged during each and every one of our sex sessions must surely be enough to fill a reservoir.

When I was twenty-one I moved to the city to take up my career as an accountant which means, unfortunately, that I don't get home as often as I would like so that, consequently, the frequency of our threesomes has diminished considerably. I always go home for birthdays and Christmas, of course, and any other spare time that I have, to enjoy with mom and dad some really hot sex and when I do we make every second count, pulling out all the stops to ensure maximum enjoyment. Our enthusiasm is second to none and once we get together, we can keep going for hours.

I am home now for mom's birthday and we have already had a good hour or more of sucking and licking each other. Mom is the world's number one cock sucker and dad ain't so bad neither, and I never tire of being sucked and licked by them alternately, or simultaneously with my cock in mom's mouth and my balls in dad's, or vice versa, a sure-fire way of guaranteeing I stay horny until I reluctantly have to take my leave of them.

My prick has and always will be my pride and joy and I never cease to marvel at the amount of pleasure I am able to get from it, and completely free of charge, too. I wank a lot when I'm on my own, usually with the mental images of our threesomes in my mind's eye, and my balls are able to produce a copious amount of spunk to rival the greatest porn stars, like Peter North who is the best in the business. Indeed, earlier on mom's birthday, I had resisted the temptation to have a wank when I woke up that morning before setting out to my parents' home, to ensure mom and dad received a lavish helping of the white stuff, shooting my load in front of them and sending spurt after spurt raining down on their faces, chests and tits. It had been one of my best cumshots ever, an orgasm of true porn star quality, and if mom and dad had not been proud of me before now, they certainly were after they basked in the glow of my latest outpourings as my warm spunk temporarily disfigured them, their excitement magnified by the fact that it was not anybody's spunk but that of their own loving doting son.

Now, as I lay in my parents' arms, sandwiched between them, I share a passionate kiss first with mom and then another with dad. exchanging my spunk into the bargain while dad has started masturbating again. It never takes neither of us long to recharge our batteries and I can feel my own appendage resume its journey from the semi-flaccid state into which it had descended after my orgasm into another raging hard-on.

Mom once again opens her mouth and turns her face towards dad's quivering organ. There simply is no stopping her; she has to be the world's biggest cum queen. I look lovingly at the divine creature who is my mother and who has now swallowed all the combined cream from dad and I, apart from a few dribs and drabs and which are lazily seeping out the sides of her mouth before running down her chin.

A wide smile of satisfaction breaks out over mom's face, or what we can see of it through all the deposits, her body from her cunt up plastered in several layers of rapidly congealing spunk. I lean down and begin to lick mom's tits as I clean her up, and then transfer my tongue to dad's chest to clean him up, too.

"Thank you, boys," mom says, "that was wonderful. Good for the complexion, too," she adds, almost as an afterthought as the three of us all fall about laughing.

We relax for a bit with dad pouring out some drinks, beers for him and I and a sherry for mom who is still swathed in spunk. It is still fairly early so plenty of time for some more excitement later even though dad and I are once again sporting our impressive erections. We raise our glasses as we toast mom's birthday and then dad and I treat her to a chorus of "Happy Birthday To You."

Dad and I are not the best singers in the world, in fact we sound bloody awful, but mom appreciates it. How many ladies get to have "Happy Birthday" sung to them by their husband and son when they are all completely naked and both men fully on the horn, too?

Dad and I trot downstairs in the nude to fetch mom's birthday cake from the larder. We take it back upstairs and light a couple of candles to place on it; we all know how old mom is but we are not going to stress the fact by putting on the correct number.

"Deep breath," dad says as mom leans in to blow her candles out. They go out in one go which is not difficult as, like I say, there are only two. Mom takes another sip of her sherry and smiles up at her two naked "boys".

"This is the most wonderful birthday," she says, "thank you so much."

"All for you, mom," I say, moving in to give her a long French kiss on the mouth.

"Yeah, happy birthday, darling," dad says, kissing mom also before we head off for the shower where, once under the jets, hands begin to fondle asses, tits, pricks and the one solitary cunt as we freshen ourselves up ...


A long time later, mom is the last to come back from the shower after our break and the sight of her swaying tits and bald pussy as she walks back into the room are a joy to behold. It doesn't matter how soon after I have cum, nor how much I have shot, I am always ready to go again and mom smiles as she notices that dad and I are now once again fully at the ready in the downstairs department.

"Looks like my boys are both horny again," she says, "so let's get on with it. Which one of you is going to be first to make it a really happy birthday and give me a good fucking?"

"I think our son should," dad says. "After all, he's not here all the time whereas I have access to your cunt every day."

"You sure, dad?" I ask.

"Definitely, son," dad replies. "I really need to see my wife getting fucked by that nice big prick of yours. It is your mother's birthday, son, in case you'd forgotten, and I think its time you really showed her just how much you love her."

"That is easily arranged, dad," I say, my undiminished erection throbbing in front of my parents, "its been two months since I last fucked mom's cunt and I can't wait any longer."

"Our son has a great cock," dad says, staring at it admiringly. "I've gotta have that up my ass later. But since it's your birthday, honey," he adds, smiling at mom, "I think you deserve first bite of the cherry."

"Thanks, sweetheart," mom replies, "he certainly does have a great cock, a real chip off the old block," says mom, "and he has a fabulous ass, too. They're as great as any you see in porn films."


"Gee, mom," I reply, feeling myself blush with pride at the O.T.T. praise my parents are heaping on me, "all these compliments will go to my head."

"Looks like it already has, sweetheart," mom replies, as she runs her hands over the head of my cock, giving it a squeeze and allowing some more pre-cum to seep out over her hand. "Now stick it in me, sweetheart, I really need a good fucking. Now!"

As I had just said to my parents, I have been looking forward to fucking my mother again ever since I last penetrated her two months ago and now as I lie back on the bed, I am so excited that the time has actually arrived, my cock is so hard it points straight up into the stratosphere. Mom doesn't waste any more time as she climbs over me, smelling delectably fresh from the shower and parting her cunt lips as she impales herself on my juddering fuck pole, facing towards dad to give him the best possible view. She sits on my prick quietly for a few contemplative moments to get the feel of it inside her before starting to post up and down, slowly at first and then gathering momentum as I up the tempo by several notches to get us into our natural and mutual rhythm.

"Oh yeah, screw me sweetheart," mom screams as her pussy gobbles up more and more of the fattened rod, "screw me good and hard. It's been such a long time. I feel so horny and perverted getting fucked by my own son."

"Take it all, honey," my father says, as he begins photographing his son fucking his wife. "Push all the way down on your son's cock."

"Feels great dad," I say, my mouth drooling with lust. "I love fucking mom and pleasuring her with my great big cock."

"Sure you do, son," dad replies. "I can see how much you're both enjoying yourselves. Give it to her hard and fast. She's begging for it."

"Yeah, dad," I say enjoying the way the conversation is developing to suit the hardcore situation, "I'll give it to her hard and fast. Watch me screw this mother-slut up her tight fucking cunt-hole."

"Ooh!" screeches mom, enjoying herself immensely. "I love it when you call me a slut, sweetheart. Don't stop pounding, ram that hard cock of yours up your mommy's cunt."

She resumes moaning and whimpering as I continue slamming my prick into her tight willing love box, posting up and down as she takes inch after inch of her son's stimulating pole.

"Slam it into me, sweetheart."

"Oh mom!" I cry, as I sink my cock in as deep as is possible, "I love fucking you too, your cunt feels so nice and tight wrapped around my prick.

"You sleazy fucker," says dad to me, going along with the word game as mom's grunts of pleasure become louder as my slimy pole disappears completely into her greasy canal, "what kind of son would speak to his motherlike that?"

"One that is fucking her, dad," I reply, pushing my cock harder than ever as sweat starts to erupt all over us. It feels so fucking good fucking the very hole out of which I entered the world that I don't want to stop and once again an enormous feeling of pride overwhelms me that I am being allowed to do so and not only with my mother's full consent but my father's too ...


"Thank you, sweetheart," mom says, in-between grunts, "You are so good at this. It's one of the best fucks you've ever given me."

"You're gonna get more than one, mom, before your birthday's over," I reply as I start to fuck her with all the force I can muster. "I'm gonna screw your fucking brains out.

Dad is still snapping away nineteen to the dozen, it's a wonder the card in his camera hasn't been filled up long before now. Mom's grunts and groans of sheer pleasure are turning into louder-than-ever wails, combined with mine, as I press my prick deeper and deeper into the folds of her cunt.

Still holding the camera, dad stands in front of mom to have his cock sucked, pushing mom to the very limits of her sexual capabilities, taking dad into her mouth while at the same time meeting every thrust of my cock as it slices up between her cuntal walls, pounding into her until all eight inches of the meatstick are swallowed up by her tight greasy quim.

Mom's groans echo round the room with every inch of her son's cock that she takes. Her enthusiasm for fucking matches mine every step of the way, measure for measure, all of us enthralled that we are together again where we belong, naked and enjoying some of the hottest incestuous sex it is ever possible to get.

"Oh yeah, honey," dad says, "take my big cock in your mouth and your son's big cock in your cunt. Tell me you're loving it."

"I'm loving it, darling," mom replies, letting dad's cock fall out her mouth, "I don't want it to stop. You boys turn me on so fucking much."

I am almost at bursting point hearing mom swear like that. Without lifting herself off my engulfed cock, she expertly moves herself round in a clockwise direction to face me, lifting her right leg over my head. Dad walks round to watch as mom leans forward, placing her hands on my bare hairless chest for extra support, tweaking my nipples and bringing her voluptuous tits closer to my face as I resume pumping her up and down.

Mom is bouncing on my cock so hard and fast, our actions like a film in quick motion, that dad is finding it difficult to capture the fucking on his camera. I lift my head and suck each tit in turn, milking them as we continue rocking and bouncing together in one long hard incestuous fuck, hardly believing that these are the very same tits mom used to feed me as a baby, my cock embedded deep in her cunt, joining us as one and revelling in the sheer perversion of it all.

"Don't stop, sweetheart," mom says, "keep fucking my cunt and sucking my tits. You're making me cum."

I feel as if I can go on forever as my breathing grows more frantic and my heart starts pounding as we both approach our respective orgasms. Dad is masturbating as if nothing else in the world matters which, of course, at that precise moment in time, it doesn't. The rest of the world, for the time being, has simply ceased to exist for all three of us as we celebrate mom's birthday as only a family like ours can.

"That's it son," dad manages to say as his wanking becomes even more frenetic, "she likes all that. Keep it up!"

And keep it up I do until mom cums like the trooper she is, her ecstatic cries reverberating around the room, her body convulsing as she paints my cock with her juicy secretions. I can always keep going for as long as mom wants me to and this time I poke her for ten to fifteen minutes, long enough to give her a whole string of orgasms, before thrusting upwards to deposit yet more threads of my burning spunky jism deep into her receptive pussy.

I can see dad's searing balls swaying and bubbling up with cum as, almost simultaneously, he cums his load, shooting torrents of his sperm over my smooth bare chest and my nipples which are slightly sore from the tweaks mom gave them. My cock slips out of mom's cunt with a resounding pop. As usual, I once again experience that slight feeling of nausea that I always do immediately after I have fucked my mother but it doesn't last long. Fortunately.

Mom smiles as she falls across me and lowers her mouth to mine, dipping her purple-coloured aureoles in dad's spunk as the huge globes of her exceptional breasts make contact with my cum-smeared chest. We kiss on the lips, a kiss that is both ardent and tender as only a kiss between two people who love and have just fucked each other can be.

"Love you, mom," I say, as I start to get my breath back.

"Love you too, sweetheart," mom replies, kissing me again

Dad falls back on the bed alongside me and places an arm around my shoulders, grinning happily. Round 2 has now passed into history and round 3 will soon be beckoning us into the immediate future ...


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