Home for the Holidays


I slid my hand between her legs to find her shaved pussy to be completely soaked. Two of my fingers were quickly inside her sawing hard. She used her hands to push the bottoms down to her knees then bent forward to take them off. When she tried to fall on the bed I grabbed her hips and held her up.

"Put your hands on the bed." I commanded.

Doggy style is one of Nancy's favorite positions so she quickly fell forward on her hands. I used my hand to guide my dick up and down her slit several times before plunging it inside. I don't remember her ever being so wet and her pussy was hot too.

I stroked inside her quickly, causing her to grunt each time I hit bottom until I slowed to a sustainable pace. Her pussy was making slurping noises which further intensified my desire.

"Did he fuck you?" I blurted out.

"No, no." she quickly answered.

"He fingered you?" I forced out of my mouth between strokes.

"Yes." She answered quickly.

"What else?" I asked.

"Nothing." She replied but taking too long. Nancy is a horrible liar and I can usually tell when she is.

"What else?' I demanded gritting my teeth to hold back my climax.

"He licked me." Her voice coming out like a whimper.

I couldn't hold back any longer and my dick erupted pulling the energy from my body as I filled her pussy.

"OH FUCK, OH HELL." I grunted as I lost control of my movements and fell against her back causing her to fall forward on the bed.

We lay there in silence as we caught our breaths my dick still inside. The position was too awkward to stay long so when I had regained some strength I pulled away then helped her get up on the bed still in her uniform.

"Can I take it off?" She asked with an air of guilt.

"No, not yet." I said but removed her shoes and socks.

I assumed she thought I would be mad because she had a past that until now had been kept secret. But, on the contrary, strangely I found it non-threatening and arousing.

When she was on her back, I pulled the skirt up, spread her legs and re-entered her very wet pussy with my half-hard dick.

"Ummm..." She moaned as I pushed in.

First, I was still then I began a very slow rocking motion as my dick recovered and got hard. I leaned down to kiss her lips, then her neck and then pulled the top down as far as I could kissing the tops of her breasts.

"You're so damn beautiful." I said.

"You say that because you're in love with me." She replied.

"Yes, I am." I followed.

That sequence of phrases is something we have said to each other since we became intimate and it never gets old. Saying it, I could feel her body relax. We continued to rock together enjoying the intimacy.

"Did he make you cum?" I asked after a long period of silence.

"Yes." She answered with a whisper.

"Once or more?" I asked naively and after the question was met with silence I followed. "How many times then?"

"More than once." She answered finally.

"More than ten times?" I asked as my cock got harder.

"Maybe ten." She replied.

"With his fingers or tongue?" I asked now feeling her hips pushing against me.

"Both." She replied quickly this time.

"He never came?" I asked logic telling me otherwise.

"Yes he did. Oh baby harder." She answered I think getting turned on by the conversation like I was.

"How did he cum?" I grunted pushing hard into her.

"I jacked him off." She said almost yelling.

"Where, where did his cum go?" I gasped.

"On my body." She said her hand pulling on my ass.

"Where?" I demanded.

"Everywhere." She shot back. "Yes, baby. Oh don't stop. It feels so good. He got the outside you get the inside." She grunted now very excited.

"He's the only boy to do that?" I followed my curiosity wanting to know the complete story.

"Yes, the only boy." Her answer took a little too long and the way she said the word "boy" made me suspicious. Fortunately, my previous climax allowed me to keep some control but I wasn't sure how long she would last.

"Who else?" I said sternly into her ear while pushing down hard.

"No one." She answered softly without conviction.

"Did he fuck you?" I asked bluntly trying a different tact. When she didn't answer quickly I asked again. "Did the other boy fuck you?"

"No." She replied in a voice barely audible.

Since she had admitted to Greg, I sensed this must be something more personal. Something she was more reluctant or embarrassed to share.

"Did you suck him?" I asked nibbling on her ear. "I'm not mad just tell me."

"Yes." She whined out her body slapping against mine. "I'm going to cum sweetie."

"Not yet. Did he finger and lick you." I had to know.

"Yes, yes." She replied very close now.

"Did you let him cum in your mouth?" I asked needing every detail.

"Please shut up and fuck me." She exclaimed.

"Tell me." I practically yelled at her.

"No he came on my pussy." She forced out.

"Why?" I asked.

"He made me." She immediately answered.

"Why?" I asked again.

"He wanted to..." she started to answer but stopped.

"Wanted to what?" I asked and realized I had her arms spread out sideways in a strong grip.

"Rub it." She cried.

"Rub it over you?" I asked.

"Over and in." She replied her eyes locking on mine with her admission.

"He pushed his cum inside you?" I asked now shocked.

"Yes, now that's everything. Fuck your wife." She demanded.

While I was very surprised I was also very horny now. Her admission of her hometown experiences were exciting me for some odd reason. Being together for as long as we have I knew when she passes the point of high arousal to the countdown to orgasm. She was right on the edge now and her legs began to lift into the air. My balls were starting to boil too but I wanted to make sure she got through hers first.

Her legs lifted higher and her body and breath got still. She was only seconds away now.

"WHO WAS IT?" I said loudly suddenly wanting to know before she came.

"Baby...baby..." She cried out her nails digging into my back her orgasm not backing away.

"WHO?" I demanded again.

"COACH JOHNSON." She forced out in a yell and seconds later the orgasm hit her.

"OH YES, Take it! Take it! Oh don't stop, do it harder, ughhh...ohh. It feels so good." She announced and I could feel her pussy spasm on my cock as her body involuntarily slammed against mine.

Despite my shock, I kept going afraid that any judgment on my part would permanently stop any communications between us. I remembered Coach Johnson as the student coach in his early 20s who had come to our school in the spring of our senior year.

"I'm still cumming. Keep fucking me." Nancy announced now whimpering into my neck as I felt her juices flow over my tight balls.

I lasted as long as I could before finally, with a loud grunt, I emptied myself into Nancy visualizing Coach Johnson using his fingers to push his cum into the pretty cheerleader lying naked beneath him.

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