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Home for the Holidays


Morgan, my daughter, was coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday. She was in her second year of college. I was excited about her coming home but that night I had to work late - the bane of being a single mom who worked too hard in a high profile executive position.

I didn't get home until eleven o'clock and to my surprise, I met Morgan just coming in. I was dressed in my business suit and Morgan was her typical self, jeans and a T-shirt. We hugged and kissed and showed a lot of true affection.

She explained that she'd been home earlier and not finding me went out with Jeff, her high-school ex who called. I didn't ask much but instead made us a snack and poured some wine.

Morgan was excited about her classes and we spent an hour talking about her professors. As we became quiet, I could see she was troubled. Jeff called just has she had arrived and asked to see her. They'd broken up before she left last August and she thought it was all over. He assured her he just wanted to go for a drink.

As usual, Morgan confided, they would park the car and Jeff wanted to kiss. Morgan wouldn't let him, except her neck and cheek. She knew what he wanted and stroked his crotch as he kissed her. He came fast like Morgan hoped. That is all he wanted. Morgan knew it from the beginning and did not argue. He dropped her off just as I arrived.

Morgan knew it was wrong what she'd done since she had no real connection to Jeff. In fact she had used him in high school to hide her lesbianism, although she never expressed her orientation to anyone. We talked about her feelings and why she'd gone with Jeff that night.

I told her not to be too hard on her self. Seeing how late it was, I took Morgan by the hand to the bedroom. We hugged each other.

"You remember how to do it honey," I asked seductively.

"I could never forget, Mom," Morgan replied.

Morgan knelt down, letting her mind fantasize what lay under my skirt. She reached around and unzipped the skirt, then pulling it gently to the floor. I was wearing a white satin half-slip. She kissed where it covered my tummy and rubbed her cheeks in the soft fabric. It was obvious she hadn't any intimate sex since I had seen her last, except with herself.

Her hands reached under the slip and I felt her warm hands grabbed the firm flesh of my ass. She pressed her face closer into my body. The way her hands kneaded my ass over the panties was igniting a deep reserve of passion I wanted to release. Finally, Morgan pulled the slip down and kissed my white panties that hugged my hips and crotch tightly. Her nose nudged my gusset, taking in my womanly scent. She knelt back and stared at my pubic hairs clearly visible under the light fabric. Being away and alone, I'm sure she had thought about this moment so often as she masturbated alone.

Her fingers ran over the little depressions in my crotch as I twitched at the stimulation. She then blew her hot breath over the spot and kissed it deeply and warmly. A warm tingly feeling invaded my body as I felt her tongue press into my womanhood. I didn't want my daughter to stop.

"I've missed your fragrance and your softness, Mom," she said.

"I missed you too, hon," was all I could reply as my nipples hardened in my bra and my feelings of lust increased.

"Your underwear is beautiful as always. These panties fit like they were made for you," she said softly looking at the depression over the lips of my vagina.

I didn't reply but let her hands kneads my firm buttocks and her stiff tongue tease the depression and feel her warm tongue. Morgan's hands then began to slide up and down my stockings. Her fingers played with the stocking bands and the suspenders of the garter belt. I'm sure she was letting her fantasies flow freely in her mind after such a long time away. She breathed deeply as she unfastened each suspender and rolled down each stocking, licking the inside of each leg. The wetness of her tongue on each thigh felt so delicious. Then, reaching her arms around me, she kissed my tummy as she undid the garter belt and threw it aside.

"Your body is still the most beautiful, Mom," she said. "I thought about doing this many times."

"I've always enjoyed your compliments, luv. I've been waiting for you too," I said in reply.

Morgan's lips gave a final peck to my panties before she got to her feet and kissed me on the lips. She was a young woman in need. I could feel it. We embraced each other for a moment before she continued her job of undressing me. Her fingers slowly unfastened the buttons on my blouse and pulled the garment off. I was wearing one of Morgan's favorite bras, a white demi-bra with lacy cups and shoulder bands. She took each orb into her hand and kissed the bra cup.

"They missed you too," I said with a smile.

Morgan giggled but continued to kiss each breast until she began to nibble on the fabric.

"Harder honey," I coaxed her knowing she enjoyed teasing me this way. I put my hand behind her head to encourage her. Soon I felt her mouth bite into the bra cup, teasing my nipples to swell. With her other hand, she caressed the breast she wasn't sucking, weighing it in her hand until she would pinch the bra cup feeling the rising nipple. The room was silent except for our breathing.

When she had both nipples hard and my daughter felt I was beginning to squirm, we kissed on the mouth again with a long wet French kiss. Our lips locked and we kissed tenderly, finally enjoying each other after such a long time. I let her tongue come into my mouth, only shortly distracted that she may have kissed Jeff earlier that evening. Morgan liked to kiss and I let her tongue explore my mouth, even sucking my tongue into her own mouth. She hugged me tight, telling me that our desire for one another hadn't diminished. Morgan pushed herself up on her toes in order to have her breasts meet mine. Although we both had our bras on, the touch of her smaller breasts against mine was electrifying. I hadn't felt such lust since we'd last been together.

When our embraced finished, I stepped out of my clothes lying on the floor.

"Let me look at you Mom," Morgan asked innocently.

I stood still with my arms at my side. Her gaze was hard and intimidating, just the way I liked it. Morgan walked slowly around me, scanning my body. She traced her finger around my shoulder as she stared at my wet bra cups.

Behind me, her hand caressed each buttock and kneading the flesh; I enjoyed her warm hands.

"I love your bum, Mom," she said. We both laughed at the sound of her words. My bum was not fat but firm and full, filling out skirts and dresses with a noticeable curve that got attention from men in the office.

"May I," Morgan asked, almost whispering.

"If it pleases, you luv," I replied softly.

I bent over, raising my rump, feeling my panties ride down my ass somewhat. Morgan stared at my bum for several seconds, perhaps fantasizing, before I felt the first hard "whack" of her hand and against my ass cheek. There was no wasting time as she delivered several more in quick succession. I hadn't been spanked in a long time, so I felt the slaps sharply.

"Pull your panties down, Mom," she ordered in an expressionless tone.

I did what she asked; pulled the back of my panties down just enough to expose my ass cheeks. Immediately the spanking continued. In order to steady herself, Morgan secured her hand around my bra strap that went around my back. She continued to spank me, gazing at my ass cheeks wobble under each blow. She waited for my cheek to stop vibrating before I felt the next hard "whack." The globes soon turned a pinky red. The spanking aroused deep caverns of lust I'd been denying for months and that masturbation cannot release. Somehow Morgan knew this and slapped me continuously for several minutes. When she finished, she caressed my reddened ass with her hand and kissed each cheek wetly, almost licking them. She then pulled my panties back up.

When I turned to embrace her, she was staring at the floor.

"I told you not to be ashamed, young lady," I said immediately.

"I know, but I feel a little self-conscious," she said shyly.

"Well, we've just out of practice, don't you think?" I asked nicely.

She looked up and smiled. We embraced again. "You've got me good and hot, you little vixen, you," I whispered in her ear. Morgan hugged me tighter.

When we finished, I took my white lace teddy top and bottoms to the bathroom. Morgan unbuckled her jeans and took off her T-shirt. She was wearing a black push-up bra and a black bikini panty. She looked at her self in the mirror. Morgan didn't smile easily, but was very self-conscious about herself. I knew she was comparing her smaller breasts with the ones she'd just had in her hands moments ago. It wasn't that she didn't like her body, but she wished it were as full and as gorgeous as mine, her mother. She was smaller than me, 5'5 with dirty-blonde scraggly hair. Her body was basically shapeless except for her hips and bum. Her breasts were an A-cup in size. We'd talked in the past about breast implants, but that was still an open discussion. What bothered me most was that she rarely smiled.

I was just brushing my teeth, when Morgan opened the door and stood there looking at me. I didn't say anything as I rinsed my mouth out and washed my face. When I dried my face, I stood directly in front of her. I smiled warmly thinking that she'd never done this before, so I didn't know what to expect.

"I'm sorry hon, but I want to pee and put some creme on my bum before we're together," I said, without any anger.

"I know Mom, I just wanted, I mean I was thinking..." she stopped without finishing her sentence.

We both stared at each other for several seconds before I began to blush. I had never peed in front of anyone before but this is obviously what she expected of me.

"I don't think I can; I mean I've never done it before, luv," I said to her softly.

"I'll close my eyes, Mom" she said seriously.

We paused again.

"Well, I guess so," I replied.

With that, Morgan closed her eyes and stood up straight. I slid my panties down my legs and seated myself on the toilet. The coolness of the seat felt good on my hot buttocks. To my surprise, just as I was about to pee, Morgan, with her eyes closed, knelt beside me and lay her head on my knee. As I peed, her hand caressed both my calves and ankle gently. This was a new situation for me, but oddly arousing. I put my arm around my daughter as I peed, realizing just how closely I felt to her and loved her. We both listened to my piddle and only once did her hand come up and rub my inner thigh, making me twitch.

When I finished, Morgan kept her eyes closed and assumed her spot by the door.

"That really embarrassed me," I said seriously.

"I'm sorry," she replied feebly.

For a moment, I pitied her and felt how lonely she must feel, being so far from me. After I wiped my self and pulled my panties up, I asked Morgan to stay and watch me, thinking that is what she wanted, but all she asked was that I leave the door open. I did so, but Morgan went back into the bedroom. As she lit candles and turned on soft music, she returned to the door and watched me wash my private parts with the bidet.

"You're embarrassing me, honey. Please don't stare," I pleaded.

"You haven't shaven lately, have you?" was all she said.

Having her watch me do my toilet was new to me, and I wasn't really comfortable with it. Yet, Morgan acted as if we'd always been this way.

"I like you this way Mom. Don't shave any more," she spoke again before walking away.

I dried my bushy womanhood and then applied creme to my body. I tried to smile whenever Morgan appeared, feeling odd about letting her watch since this never happened in the past. For herself, she remained expressionless, never smiling. This made me self-conscious but oddly also sexually aroused. She came by again just as I was changing into my nightclothes, she entered the bathroom and picked up my panties and bra and took them back with her. I never understood why, but she liked touching my undergarments and fondling them.

When I returned, I stood behind Morgan noticing your tattoo on her lower back. I put my arms around her, kissing her ear. I felt her soft hair against my face, smelt her faint perfume, and body scent.

"Not in bed yet," I whispered.

"I feel like I'm in a dream, Mom," she replied.

"That's good for a change, isn't it" I said, slipping my hands over each of her small breasts. I rubbed the cups of the bra. It was only that I realized she was wearing a patted bra. This made feeling her nipples difficult. I was also surprised she wore such things, trying to make her breasts look bigger than they were.

"That feels sooo good, Mom," she smiled.

"Why the patted bra honey?" I asked, "still not feeling good about your boobies?"

"No, it's just that, well, it feels better for me," she replied, not convincing me. Then she added, "Please not now Mom."

"I know, honey. You're in need of a lot of lov'in, aren't you?" I said, stroking her breasts gently and pinching my fingers into the cups to massage her nipples. I lowered one hand and massaged the white skin of her abdomen over her pierced navel. It was obvious Morgan had gained a little weight, her tummy stuck out in a way it didn't before, making her bikini panties stretch to their limit. I was going to say something but I didn't.

"Do you want to wash before we start?" I asked innocently.

"No, Mom, I don't. I want you to smell me as I am," she replied sharply. After a pause she continued: "You're wearing my favorite night clothes."

"I'm wearing them especially for you," I replied. She had always liked my white lace teddy. She moved back into me, wanting to feel my breast and nipples against her bareback.

Morgan smiled and turned to kiss me. We pressed our bodies close and I felt my breasts and nipples against my daughter's stiff tits.

"You know what comes next, don't you luv?" I whispered into her ear. "Do you feel up to satisfying me?"

"I've thought of nothing else for weeks," she replied, looking into my eyes.

She smiled and let go of me. She went to he bed, pulled the covers back, and slipped in. She had thrown my panties on the bed and took them in hand as she covered up. Sitting up, she sat quietly as I sat in front of the mirror. I had always taught Morgan that if she hadn't pleasured herself that day, it was better to release her pent-up sexual energy quickly to enjoy the next orgasm together. As we had done in the past, Morgan began to masturbate as I put on some makeup, lipstick, and mascara.

Looking in the mirror, I could see the covers move between her legs as she watched me put on her favorite necklace and bracelet. Morgan had learned to masturbate in front of me early on, and neither of us felt it shameful. I've always wanted her to understand the pleasure her body held for her.

"Do you want me in earrings tonight, honey?" I asked.

"Oh, yes please Mom," she answered quickly.

She had begun by rubbing the surface of her panties that had been mildly damp since her meeting with Jeff. With pressure, she liked the feeling of the fabric against her swelling pussy lips. Watching me prepare myself for her always aroused her as she rubbed her panties deeper into her vaginal slit. She let two fingers slide over her lightly hairy bush and enter her sex. Her fingers felt good inside her when gazing at me combing my hair and dabbing perfume on my breasts.

Finished at my vanity, I walked to the bed and combed my hair, watching her play with herself under the sheets.

"You look so beautiful Mom," she said looking at me with her sad eyes. Her hand furiously worked her sex under the covers. Being young, she lubricated fast and I could hear the slurping sound of her fingers entering her sex.

"I've been waiting for this night for a long time too, luv," I said, accepting her compliments.

Eventually, I sat on the bed's edge facing my daughter. Morgan had her eyes closed as her one hand deftly rubbed her clitoris and her other massaged her left bra cup and the hardening nipples underneath. To help her along, I put my hand over hers and pressed down on the covers between her legs. She moaned loudly.

"Why don't you take off the bra, honey?" I asked.

Without answering, she stopped what she was doing, unclasped the black bra, and threw it aside.

I took one of her small nipples in my fingers and began to flick it softly. "Do you still like this, honey," I asked.

"Oh yes, please do it harder," she replied quickly as her fingers found themselves between her legs again.

My fingers flicked each nipple until they hardened into little points on her breasts. Unlike me, she had small, almost invisible areolae. Then I pinched each nipple between my thumb and forefinger, stretching the tit outward. Morgan began to groan with pleasure. I pulled harder, extending each nipple as much as I could with harming her.

"I'm cumming Mom," she cried out, breathing hard.

"I know honey. You look so beautiful." I bent over to kiss her ear.

She took one of her hands and put it over mine, pressing it into her breast. She moaned again and then gave out her familiar short breaths as the orgasm erupted making her arch her back and buck her hips.

Watching her masturbate so easily and freely had always turned me on. This time it was no different. I felt the moisture between my legs and my hard nipples were visible through the teddy.

Still breathing hard and enjoying the fading spasms of pleasure, I rolled in beside my daughter. She immediately hugged me and pulled me close. We kissed again, as I smelled my daughter's sex fill my nostrils.

As the kiss continued, Morgan cuddled up to me.

"May I?" I asked eventually.

"Yes, of course Mom. You know I want you to," she said, still enjoying her orgasmic bliss.

My hand slid over her stomach feeling her navel piercing again. My fingers felt the band of her panties and I played with it before letting my finger glide over her sex and feel the sopping wetness that collected in the crotch of her panties. She'd always been a real wetter and tonight was no different. My fingers smeared her wetness over her hairy pubis and stomach. She liked the strength of my fingers and the touching they did on her still tender nest.

To my surprise, I felt my white lacey panties lodged in the crotch of her black panties. I pulled them to find my white panties bunched and wet.

"Do you still like doing this?" I asked, realizing she hadn't done it for about a year.

"I ... I was just horny Mom. I've started to do it since being away." There was a lot of embarrassment in her voice.

I could see she was still aroused but I wasn't sure what to do. However, I didn't say anything. I pushed the damp panties down into her crotch again and rubbed them over her wet vulva. She twitched and jumped, letting me know how excited she still was. I pressed the soppy panties against her sex bud and Morgan sighed deeply. Finally, I slowly pulled them up and placed the panties beside Morgan. We both giggled at how wet they'd become. She watched as I brought the panties to my nose and I sniffed her female scent.

"Do it Mom, just like you used to," Morgan begged, watching me nuzzle the panties against my nose.

I extended my tongue and licked the wet surface. Morgan sighed with anticipation as I inhaled the musty aroma of her sexual juices. I stretched the panties out and kissed the gusset and then licked it.

"Suck them, Mom. Please!" she pleaded.

I pushed the panties in and tasted their musky feminine flavor. Morgan watched intensely, rubbing herself furiously. I sucked more of the panties in as Morgan turned and kissed my cheek and nibbled on my ear. "I love you, Mom," she whispered. Pulling the panties out of my mouth, we kissed and touched our tongues tenderly.

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