tagIncest/TabooHome for Winter Break

Home for Winter Break


It's good to have Ben home for Christmas break. I'd always liked the kid since his dad and I married two years ago; so polite and attentive, always worked hard at school, and the fact that he shared his dad's icy blue eyes, disarming smile, and long, lanky body meant he could always get on my good side. I call him a kid – at 22, he's actually closer to my 35 years than I am to his dad's 60 – but he has always treated me respect. He's been away at his first year of med school in Seattle, and we just don't get to see him as much as we like.

Besides, this is the first time he's met his little brother! I was very pregnant last Christmas, and had Max this spring... he's 8 months old now and just started to get a mouthful of teeth. He's adorable, and I love seeing his big brother pick him up and make him laugh. They both have those gorgeous blue eyes, too. I know they won't grow up as siblings, but I'm glad my son has such a great big brother.

Dan's working nights at the ER this week, so I asked Ben to join me for dinner after I put Max down, just to get to know each other better. He's brought some craft beers from Washington, and since I know he doesn't get much home cooking, I've made lamb and roast root veggies. For some reason, I was a little nervous and excited about this little dinner... maybe because I don't get out much with the baby. I put on a pretty green satin blouse and black pencil skirt, put my hair up and threw on some of my favorite perfume. I'm trying to wean Max now that he's getting all those teeth, but my breasts are still full and strain the front of my blouse more than they did before. Still, it's a nice outfit that feels right for a holiday dinner.


I can't believe my dad's wife is making me dinner, walking around the kitchen in that tight skirt and heels, her apron only covering the middle of her shirt, showing the outlines of those gorgeous tits shining in green satin! I give her a smile and raise the 6 pack in my right hand in greeting as I sit down at the counter barstool. "You drinking?" I ask her... last year, she stuck to Perrier.

"I'd love one!" she tell me. "I just quit nursing your little brother, so I don't even need to feel guilty!" I swallow and almost blush... any direct reference to her breasts leaves me very conflicted. I pour her a nice IPA into a glass she pulls from the freezer, and she gives me a big smile and lifts it to her red lips. I watch her relax as the first dram pours into her mouth and she closes her eyes... I think she needs this. And my mind can't help but wondering what else she needs.


I've been working at home most of the time as a compromised maternity-leave, and I think I've been starved for company. Having Ben is delightful! I laugh as he tells me all about med school, remembering when I was in college a decade ago. The beer is nice – it had been awhile. The meal turned out well; I forgot how much young men eat and was glad to see him put away 4 lamb chops, and then chew the bones.

I was so relaxed with the warm company and that I didn't notice right away... my breasts had been hard all day, but now the right nipple started tingling, little pin pricks that let me know I was about to have a problem. Ben was telling a story, so I just put my napkin to my chest and tried to listen... but there was no way I was going to hide this soon. I forgot that beer increases lactation! Damn! I turn quickly away and say, "Ben, I'm going to have to leave you for a bit, I'm really sorry!" and then quickly walk upstairs. The front of my blouse is milk-stained, and I am mortified. If this sweet young man sees it, he's probably going to be disgusted! I'm hoping I can get upstairs and change before he notices.


She just left! I don't know if the story I told offended her... college life can be raunchy compared to her suburban world... but I tried to keep it fairly clean. I pick up the rest of my beer and neck it, and decide to see what's wrong.

As I walked up the stairs, I could see her bedroom door was cracked open, and she was softly crying. She pulled her blouse over her head, her magnificent tits straining as they pulled against the tight fabric then fell free, and she was all wet. Her bra was soaked, and she immediately chucked it off, grabbed a towel, and continued to cry. The sight of her there, in her dark skirt and heels, heavy breasts spilling into the hand towel, made me instantly hard. I shouldn't be seeing this. I should walk away. But, damn... I couldn't.

I knocked softly on the door. "Kate, are you okay? I'm sorry if I upset you," I say through the crack in the door. I can tell she is trying to pull herself together... she wipes away a tear and puts on a smile, even though she doesn't know I can see her.

"No, Ben, not your fault! You didn't upset me. I'm just not feeling well."

"Kate, what's wrong? Is there anything I can do to help you? You have been so good to me."

"Ben, really, there is nothing you can do. Just turn out the lights in the kitchen, okay. I think I'm going to go to bed."

No. I can't just walk away. I gently push open the door. She looks up at me and freezes, scared. I look straight back into those green eyes and tell her it's okay. Then I close the door behind me, and sit on her bed.


"I'm so sorry!" I tell him. "You aren't supposed to see this! I really enjoyed dinner tonight, and I'm sure you're appalled by me. It's just that I quit nursing Max this week, and my breasts are so full... they get hot, and hard, and they leak at the most inconvenient times. I'm sure it's gross to you."

"No," he breathes. "It's not." He puts a hand on my shoulder, his tan hand on my very white skin, and then slides his fingers back behind my neck. He moves his hand up to my hair, and removes the hairpins keeping me in place... my dark blonde curls fall around my shoulders, and even that soft touch makes me shudder.

"Ben! What are you doing?" I ask.

"Just trying to make you feel better, Kate. Do you feel better?" he asks, looking straight into my eyes.

I'm still leaking. He notices. "Do you mind if I try to relieve the pressure?" he asks.

I know I should tell him to leave. I know this is wrong. But my breasts are aching for release, and I am rapidly becoming very aroused. I nod and throw the hand towel down. I sit down next to Ben, then give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Then I raise myself up on my knees so that my right breast is in front of his beautiful mouth, put my hands into his dark hair, and pull him forward.

He immediately puts his tongue on my nipple, then starts to kiss it. It aches so much! I tell him to open his mouth further, and I push more of my breast in, making sure his lips surround the areola. I immediately start to let down, and tell him he needs to drink. Latch on tight and pull with his tongue. My milk starts to flow into his beautiful mouth, and my breast starts to soften at every pull. I can feel myself emptying into him, and an electric charge runs from my nipple to my aching pussy. After a few minutes on the right, I stop and ask him if he's okay. He just smiles and says he has never been better.

"Can we lie down and do the left side, too? I'm sorry, but I need to do this." His reaction is simple – he pulls my skirt and panties off, and lays me on my left side. Then Ben slides his jeans off and lies down next to me, sucking my left breast and sliding his left pointer and middle finger along my slit and across my clit. I cry out and he sucks harder, then pushes those two fingers into me, his thumb sliding along my clit as the fingers inside curve into a "come here" motion. What do they teach boys in college these days! I instantly start to climax, and he swallows hard to keep up with my production.


Dinner and dessert from this beautiful woman? I can't believe what I'm doing. I know it's wrong, but I've fantasized about it for so long. She's feeding me from her breasts, and her swollen pussy is spasming around my two fingers. What do I do now? I need to be inside her, I need to empty myself deep within her.

She had her fist in her mouth to keep from crying out when she came... the baby is sleeping next door. As she removes her fist and looks up at me with wide eyes, I take her hand and bring it to my raging cock. She gasps, then looks at me differently... she won't stop now, and I know she needs it as bad as I do.

She pulls my shoulders and rolls me over her, so I'm kneeling just between those spread thighs. She arches her back and reaches down, cupping my balls with her right hand and then sliding the hand up my shaft, angling it into her. She glides the head across her clit once, twice, shudders... then puts it right at her entrance.

I pause, needing to plunge in, but think. "Wait! I could knock you up again! Are you sure about this?"

She looks up, needing me, and tells me, "I've been nursing 8 months, that usually keeps you from getting pregnant. And besides, even if it happens, your DNA isn't much different than your dad's..." The thought of filling her and giving her my seed is too much... I push into her, and she grabs my ass and pulls me deep. I feel my balls knocking against her ass, she forces her hips up tight against me and rocks. I push up on my arms, looking her in the eye as I start to build speed, ramming into her again and again.

"Should I pull out?" I pant as I know it's going to be too late.

"Don't you dare!" she screams, and pulls me deeper inside. I feel the contractions and know she does too. My cock is twitching against her pussy, buried to the hilt, and I know that my next brother may be my son... But then, she'll be nursing him next year.

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