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Home From College


John was surprised to hear that his sister Kate was coming home after finishing law school. He would have thought for sure that she'd take off for one of the big cities to find work after finishing her degree. But Kate had a date to take the Florida bar exam and he had been informed that she was going to be living at home while she figured out exactly what to do with her life.

Kate would be 23 now and John had only seen her maybe a dozen times in the last six years. He was 18 now and didn't really know her and wasn't sure how he would like to be sharing space with a sister after all these years of having it to himself with the exception of his parents who came home in the evenings and then left all day. It was like having his own house without paying for it. But now he would be sharing it with his sister, now a lawyer, and he was worried about what life would be like.

Shrugging as he realized that he had no say and nobody was interested in how he might feel, John got into his pickup truck and drove to the beach, getting his surfboard out of the back and carrying it down to the water's edge where he carefully waxed the board before attaching the fin leash to his ankle and then paddling out into the incoming waves. John had been surfing for four years now, almost every day, and his arms and upper body were very developed from all of the paddling. His sun-bleached hair hung down past his shoulders as he straddled his board, his body bronzed from all of the time in the sun. By the time he had gotten to his feet on his first wave, all thoughts of his sister's imminent arrival fled his mind as he melded into that space of oneness with the ocean and sky.

"John, now that Kate's coming home tonight you're going to have to start sharing the bathroom with her that connects between your rooms," his mother Alice said to him that morning at breakfast. "So if you don't mind, please straighten it up and make sure that it's nice and clean, at least at first," she said with a laugh.

"Sure, mom," John said, pushing to his feet to leave for the beach. "See you later."

"The bathroom first, if you please," Alice said, laughing when she saw the look on his face. "It's not going to be that bad, John," she said to him.

"What isn't?" John asked.

"Neither cleaning the bathroom nor having your sister home again. I know you don't really know each other any more, but you'll find that you have a lot in common and it'll be fun for you to finally have a sister now that you've grown up so much. Now get to it so you can finish and catch some waves before the tide turns," she said. "I'm going to play tennis," she said, leaving the kitchen.

John just stared after her, not believing how his whole world was already changing. Reluctantly he did as his mother had requested, indeed surprised to find that it only took about 20 minutes and wasn't really that bad. Ten minutes later he was on the beach surveying the water.

John declined the opportunity to go to the airport with his parents that evening, instead ensconcing himself in his room and surfing the Internet on his computer. He was checking out some surf links that had some pictures of some really hot girls when he heard everyone return. Sighing, he braced himself for what was to come.

"Hi, John," he heard from the doorway.

Swiveling his seat around John saw Kate standing in the doorway, a smile on her face. He got to his feet, feeling awkward for some reason, and said, "Hi."

"Are you on the Internet?" Kate asked, stepping into the room and looking at his monitor.

"Uh, yeah," John said, turning to look and blushing as he realized that he had one of the pictures of the girls on full screen mode.

"Nice," Kate commented. "I use the Net a lot, too. It's pretty neat, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I'd go crazy without it," John admitted.

"You don't mind me coming back home to live, do you?" Kate asked suddenly, looking her younger brother in the eyes. "Tell me the truth."

"Well, I don't mind," John said, "but I just don't know what to expect or anything. You've only ever been here for a few days since I was a little kid."

"I know," Kate said, nodding her head. "But I think you'll find out it's not so bad," she said, smiling at him. "I'm glad that I'll finally get a chance to know my brother, now that he's so grown up."

"Yeah, well..."

"Mom says you go surfing all the time," Kate continued. "I really miss the beach. Let me know when you go in the morning so I can come with you. If you don't mind, of course."

"No, that's okay," John agreed. "I'm going real early tomorrow, around sunrise because the waves will be up. But then I go again after breakfast, around ten or so."

"That sounds like my kind of time," Kate laughed. "Don't you dare wake me at sunrise my first morning home."

"I won't."

"Well, I'm beat. I'm going to get some sleep. See you in the morning," she said, turning towards the door then hesitating and turning back around. "I really am glad to be home," she said, stepping forward and hugging her brother.

John was acutely aware of his sister's body as she hugged him. She had fairly full breasts which she mashed against him and he felt her pelvis pressing against his hips. By the time she let him go and turned to leave, he had the beginnings of an erection.

John was just finishing his breakfast the next morning after a couple of hours surfing when Kate wandered into the kitchen. Her bright red hair was scattered all around her head and she was barefoot, wearing a t-shirt that came down to her upper thighs. As she plopped into a seat, John noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her breasts moved beneath the t-shirt.

"Have you really been surfing already?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Yeah," John replied. "It was good this morning."

"Is there any coffee?" Kate asked.

"Over on the counter," John told her.

"Cups?" Kate asked as she shuffled over to the coffee.

"Cabinet in front of you to the left, middle shelf," John told her.

"Thanks," she said, opening the cabinet and reaching up to the shelf for a cup. As she did so, John noticed that her t-shirt hiked up over her ass, showing him most of her naked cheeks. "Ahh, that's better," she said as she sipped the coffee and sat back down. "So when are you going to go back to the beach?" Kate asked him.

"In a couple of hours probably," John replied.

"I think I'll lay in the sun then," Kate said. "Will you come rub some oil on my back in a few minutes?"

"Sure," John agreed, getting to his feet. "I'm going to go take a shower, then I'll come out."

"Perfect," Kate said, drinking her coffee.

When John finished his shower he went out in the back to find Kate laying on her stomach on a towel by the edge of the pool. When he went over to her he at first thought that she was naked, but then he realized that while not wearing a top, she did have a butt-floss bottom on. Automatically appraising what he was looking at, John decided that Kate had a pretty nice body. Her ass was nice and tight, not too big at all, and her legs were nice and slim. As he looked down at her pale freckled back he could see her breasts bulging a bit from the sides.

"Oh, there you are," Kate said, pushing up on her elbows to look at him. "Do you mind oiling me?"

"No," John said, picking up the oil and squirting some in his hand. Kneeling down he began to spread it across his sister's pale back, feeling her warm smooth skin under his hand. "You'll really burn easily with this skin," he commented as he ran his hand up to her shoulder.

"Then don't miss anything," Kate told him.

John held his breath as he let his hand move around to Kate's side as he spread the oil, expecting her to say something when his fingers glided over the bulge of her breast as he spread the oil. But Kate didn't say anything, just sighed once or twice as she felt the sun warming her.

"Well, that should do it," John said, starting to get to his feet.

"Oh, John, I didn't do my legs," Kate said. "Do you mind?"

"Sure," John said, moving down to her legs.

As he squirt some more oil into his hand, Kate adjusted her position, spreading her legs a bit so that he could oil them. John could now clearly see his sister's bikini-covered pussy. He didn't detect any hairs sticking out, but the material clung to her, molding itself to her pussy. John could clearly make out her pussy lips and they even stuck out the sides a little bit.

Kneeling down, he started at her foot and worked his way up, applying the oil to her leg. When he got to her upper thigh, he hesitated, not sure how far to actually go. But Kate resolved that problem.

"Do my butt too," she said, "if you don't mind."

"You want me to do your butt!" John asked her in a surprised tone of voice.

"Well, you won't hurt it, but the sun surely will," Kate told him, pushing up on her elbows and looking back at him. "So if it doesn't gross you out, please do my butt too."

"Okay," John said, taking a deep breath before reaching out once more and running his hands up Kate's leg and onto her butt.

Nervously spreading the oil on his sister's ass, John quickly finished and moved to the other foot. As he did so Kate shifted, opening her legs even further and causing the material of her suit to pull between her pussy lips, completely exposing them to John's view. John's hands were almost trembling as he began to spread the oil upwards, first coating her calf, then her thigh and up onto her ass cheek. As John pushed upward on her ass, it caused her suit to expose even more of her pussy. As John nervously spread the oil on his sister's ass, his little finger slid down the crack of her ass and over her asshole before sliding back up onto the meat of her cheek. Seeing that she was covered, John stopped, lifting his hands from her body.

"That should do it," he said, surprised to hear his voice steady and not cracking.

"Thanks, John," Kate said, reaching behind herself and pulling the string to her bikini up to rearrange her suit, completely exposing her pussy to her brother's view before settling the material back down, covering herself. "Let me know when you're going to go surfing, okay?"

"Yeah, sure," John agreed, pushing to his feet and going back into the house. Man, that was nuts. My own sister! And her pussy! God, that was so sexy.

Shutting his bedroom door behind himself, John pulled his baggies down around his knees, his hard cock springing to attention in front of him. Grasping it in his hand, John began to masturbate, the picture of his sister's pussy fresh in his mind. He stared at his cock as he masturbated, noting that even if he was only 18 years old, his cock was ten inches long and almost four inches around. He knew it was big because only one guy in school, a black guy, had a cock as big as his in gym class. After only a couple of minutes of beginning, John groaned and began to cum, shooting across the room and splashing on the floor. He continued pumping his cock, not stopping until he could squeeze no more cum from it before releasing himself and standing there, gasping for breath from the intensity of his orgasm. Then he grabbed some kleenex and cleaned up the mess he had made on the floor, throwing them in the wastepaper basket next to his desk as he sat down to surf the Net.

That was so nice. With a little encouragement he could probably give a nice massage. I wonder if he's a virgin? No, no way, not looking like he does. He's such a hunk! I'll bet he's up there beating off right now. I wonder how big his cock is? My pussy is so hot. Oh, well.

Time to go, John thought as he looked up from his computer to gaze in the direction of the ocean out the window. Powering off his computer he started for the door, almost stopping as he thought of his sister again. Just don't think about it, he told himself as he went down the stairs and out the back door to the pool. As he walked over to his sister he realized that she was now laying on her back, her naked breasts visible for all to see.

"Uhh, Kate, I'm going surfing now," he said as he approached.

"Oh, is it that time already?" she asked, sitting up, her breasts swinging in front of her, her nipples glistening with oil. "I must have fallen asleep," she said, reaching for a towel as she got to her feet. "Thanks for getting me," she said, wrapping the towel around herself. "Let me get a top and I'll be right back," she said, walking past him to the house, letting the towel drop as soon as she had gone past him.

Man, he said to himself as he went into the house and out to his truck to wait for his sister. I mean, she's 23. And a lawyer now. And my sister. Oh, well. Kate came out of the house with a long t-shirt on over her suit and got into the truck.

"I haven't been to the beach in so long," she said as she leaned back. "I really miss it."

"I'd die if I didn't have the ocean," John said. "It's everything for me."

"Everything? That's an awful lot" Kate said.

"Well, the most important thing," John amended.

"More important than girls?" Kate asked with a smile, seeing him squirm a bit in his seat.

"Less complicated in some ways," John replied.

"How's that?"

"Well, with the ocean you always know it's going to win in the end. With girls, you actually think you have a chance."

"My, my, that's a pretty cynical attitude so young."

"I'm 18," John said.

"And you've had that much experience with girls that you know this?"

"Do you think I'm wrong?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Kate laughed. "But I'm glad to see that you really think about things like that. You finish school next year. Have you decided what you're going to do?"

"Go to University of Miami, Marine Biology," he replied.

"That's a pretty good school," Kate said. "How are your grades?"

"3.9," John said with a little pride.

"3.9! That's really good, John. I didn't know," Kate said, looking at her brother anew. "That's pretty impressive. I never had a 3.9."

"I know. 3.7 was your best."

"You know that?"


Kate just sat back stunned as John parked the truck. Why would he know something like that, she wondered. And to think that this muscular, tanned young surfer was probably one of the smartest kids in his class. And Marine Biology at Miami. A very good private school and very expensive.

"Well, I'm going to catch some waves," John said as he grabbed his board. "See you."

Kate watched as he ran down to the water, throwing the board into the surf and jumping on top of it, paddling hard to get out beyond the breaking waves. Kate grabbed her towel and went down onto the beach and sat down just outside of the incoming waves' surge to watch her brother and some other surfers try to catch the rare Florida waves. She was pleased to see that John was very adept at catching the waves and doing all sort of maneuvers before kicking out and heading back out to catch another one.

Kate must have fallen asleep, because she suddenly awakened to the sensation of cold water dripping on her. Abruptly sitting up, she shaded her eyes and looked up to see John standing there with his board under his arm.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Sure," Kate agreed, getting to her feet. "Have fun?"

"Yeah, it was pretty good," John said.

"You look pretty good out there," Kate told him as they drove home.

"I surf every day," John said. "No matter what."

"What about hurricanes?"

"The best," he replied, "but we don't ever really get them or any surf because of them. We just wish for it."

"Well, you look good out there," Kate said. "In fact, you just look good. I like what I see."

"Oh," John mumbled, keeping his eyes on the road until they got home.

"Thanks for taking me along," Kate said as she got out. "I know it's a drag to have your sister tagging along."

"Oh, that's okay," John said. "I don't mind."

"I'm going to take a shower before mom and dad get home," Kate said. "Will you moisturize me when I'm done? I don't want to peel."

"Yeah, sure," John said, his heart suddenly pounding until he thought it would burst through his chest. "I'm gonna check my email."

"I'll find you when I'm ready," Kate said as she went into the house.

Man, not again! John booted up his computer, impatiently waiting for it to load, then clicked to check his email. He was reading the couple messages when Kate came into the room, a towel wrapped around herself.

"Here okay?" she asked, startling him.

"Uh, yeah, sure," John agreed, getting to his feet.

"Use this," Kate said, handing him a container. "It's some really good massage cream that has some wonderful moisturizers in it and aloe too. It's really good for my skin," she said, laying down on her stomach on the bed and arranging the towel so that her back was bare.

Taking a deep breath, John put some of the cream on his hand and began to rub it into his sister's back, making sure to cover all of it.

"You have really strong hands," Kate said. "You should learn to do massage, you'd be good at it."

"Really?" John asked, momentarily pausing.

"Umm, I think so," Kate said. "Why don't you just try to do what you think a massage would be and see. Your hands will tell you what to do."

"You think so?" John asked, unsure.

"Sure, it'll feel good," Kate said, raising her arms above her head and putting her head on her hands.

"Well, okay," John said, again spreading the cream across his sister's back, but this time with more pressure. When he felt lumps or bumps he would rub them more until they seemed to soften or go away. He continued for 10-15 minutes before Kate spoke up.

"That is so nice!" she said. "I can't tell you how good that feels. You have natural talent."

"You think so?"

"I know so," Kate said. "I've had massages before. You're very good."

"I never did it before," John said.

"Why don't you do my feet and legs now," Kate suggested. "If you want to, of course. They need the cream anyway. But if you want to try to massage, I'd love it."

"I don't mind," John said, liking the idea. It had felt good to knead the muscles on her back and he knew her legs would feel just as good.

"Start with my feet," Kate suggested, "and then work your way up my leg and butt. Then do the other side. If you want."

"Okay," John agreed, moving down to the end of the bed and his sister's feet.

Picking up the foot closest to the edge of the bed, John spread some cream on her foot and then began to rub his sister's foot, paying special attention to her toes, between them and pulling on them and squeezing them. Kate sighed with pleasure a couple of times before John put her foot down and then began to work on her calf. He loved the feeling of holding the two halves of her calf in each hand, feeling the muscle as he gently squeezed.

Now he was ready to massage above his sister's knee but the towel was across her ass and thighs. John wasn't sure what to do. He decided to do nothing and try to just massage beneath the towel, so he took some cream in his hands and began to apply it to his sister's thigh. The towel pushed upwards but stopped moving when he got to the crease of her thigh and butt and moved back down to her knee. He had done this twice when Kate spoke up.

"John, try making that movement and getting my butt at the same time. That way you'll get the whole muscle instead of stopping half way."

"Uh, okay," John agreed, taking a deep breath. He could hear his heart pounding as he slid his hands back up his sister's leg beneath the towel, pushing it upwards at the same time. But instead of stopping at the crease between her thigh and butt, this time he continued pushing upwards, spreading the cream onto her cheek until he got to her lower back, then back down. But this had had the effect of pushing the towel up as well, over her ass so that it was covering only half of her other ass cheek and part of her leg, exposing her naked pussy and asshole to his view.

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