tagSci-Fi & FantasyHome from the Sea Ch. 04

Home from the Sea Ch. 04


Neisae stood on the sand, looking up at the moon as it shone down on the ocean, forming flashes of silver amidst liquid obsidian. It was a warm night, so she slipped off her tunic, folding the garment loosely over a rock.

Ralthid lay on the blanket that had been spread across the rocky sand, clad in nothing that he had not been born with. His tentacles draped loosely across his stomach and the blanket, his purple-gray skin taking on a lavender shade under the moon.

The warmth of the night was not the only reason Neisae had taken off her clothing, though. Now naked, she stretched out at Ralthid's side, shivering as she felt his fingers reach out to lightly cup her breast. The hand continued along her body, caressing her arm, side, and hip as he stared down at her lovingly. She lay back, one arm under her head as Ralthid continued his ministrations, his tentacles now coming in play. One trailed around her navel. Another gently flicked along her nipple.

Using her free arm, she slid her hand along his arm and chest, drawing him even closer. A pleased groan rumbled from him when she wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft. He wiggled his hips, and she ran her fingers along the length of it before massaging his sac.

She and Ralthid had been courting for several months now. She and the Teuthid would arrange these trysts, and on trading days, it was business as usual. They'd gotten to know one another better, not simple through physical intimacy, but through conversations. She'd even learned several Teuthid words.

R'lyeh was an ocean amidst the stars, and where the Teuthids lived when not traveling, and also where they kept their mates, in safety and comfort. Their god and progenitor Cthulhu slept somewhere within the endless depths of that ocean.

A tentacle slid along her jaw as she continued to explore him, caressing the thick and aching flesh. More and more lately, she'd wanted to feel him inside of her this way. He could do a marvelous job with fingers, tentacles, or tongue, but they had yet to mate properly, and there was no denying the ache she felt to be filled.

"I want you," she breathed as she looked up at him.

"You have me, my dear. Now and always," he replied with a pleased hum.

"I mean... all of you." She wrapped her fingers around him, squeezing for emphasis.

"Are you indicating that you are ready for copulation?" he asked, surprise and delight in his tone. She nodded.

"We've been doing this for several moons now. Much as I enjoy your ministrations... I ache for more." She moved her hand to his wrist, guiding his own hand to her heated core. Its slickness said more than her words, and Ralthid let out a purr of delight.

"Well then, Neisae. It would be my pleasure and honor to take you as mine."

"I was yours from the first night together," she shot back. He chuckled softly at that.

"You certainly gave of yourself to me many times already," came the reply as he cupped the side of her face with his hand, rubbing his thumb along her cheek. "But not quite all of it, hmm? Not that I am complaining..."

She smirked and reached down to cup his sac, massaging it. A pleased thrum came from his throat as he relaxed into her ministrations. Her fingers trailed along his engorged organ, tracing ridges now long familiar as she coaxed him closer. Tentacles slid along her breasts and neck, and the feel of them exploring her flesh sent a fresh thrill through her loins.

"The first time can be overwhelming to a mate," Ralthid gently warned. His fingers slipped deep within, rubbing her slick walls and ensuring her readiness. "But also exhilarating." He scissored his fingers, causing Neisae to wiggle against his hand.

He shifted himself between her legs, lining up his cock at her waiting entrance. Part of him simply wanted to plunge in, but the Teuthid stilled himself, determined to savor this momentous occasion. His cock twitched as the tip of it brushed against her slick folds, and he slid two tentacles within her, spreading her open for him. She stared up at him with half-lidded eyes, open lust smoldering in her gaze as he positioned his hands below her underarms.

Lowering his hips, he sheathed the head of his organ within her, feeling her wiggle at him in an unspoken demand for more. He nodded and pushed in inch by inch, the tentacles withdrawing from her when he was halfway in. She arched, her lips parting in a silent gasp as her body was made aware of the welcome intruder.

"Ralthid," she breathed as he sheathed roughly three quarters of his cock. When Neisae shifted around, the friction had him trembling for a moment. He'd always heard that mating was an immensely pleasurable experience when one found the right woman. It was impossible to imagine anything better than this. He arched slightly as she wiggled firmly, shifting and clenching around him as she became more accustomed to his girth. He wiggled at her in response, now sheathing nearly all of himself before he bottomed out.

""Oh." Neisae let out a slow exhale. "By the gods, you are endowed!"

"We are as Cthulhu made us," Ralthid responded modestly, though there was no disguising the pleasure in his tone. He pressed forward before sliding almost all the way out, and Neisae's thighs tightened against his hips. He pushed back in, and she arched towards him. He wiggled his hips a bit before pulling back out, repeating the languorous pace. He felt her clench around him, and gave out a pleased purr as he flicked and rubbed her nipples with the tips of two of his tentacles.

In time, her amorous wiggling had him thrusting harder, her breasts jiggling under his tentacles as his hips swayed to a firm beat. She made all sorts of lively noises - gasps, demands for more, hisses, or simply silence with her face contorted in focused pleasure, lips parted in a silent scream as she clenched around him.

Then Ralthid paused himself, sheathed deep within her as he stared down at her, studying the blush of joy on her cheeks. Under the moonlight, the drops of sweat on her brow glistened. She blinked several times as she focused on him. By now, there were several tentacles wrapped around her, holding her down firmly. She wiggled against them, but she was secure in his grip, and on his cock.

"Why... why did you stop?" She shuddered in confusion and anticipation. He gently pressed into her, feeling her writhe around as the head of his manhood pressed against the end of her warmly aching flesh.

"Say it with me..." he whispered. Ia, ia, Cthulhu fhtagn..."

Her brows furrowed in confusion, but she gently repeated the words. He rewarded this with a light wiggle of his hips.

"Louder," Ralthid commanded, repeating it himself in a firmer tone. She echoed him as he started to resume the pace of their lovemaking. He rumbled out several sentences, prayers to Cthulhu, as was proscribed for any Teuthid's consummation with their mate.

"Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!" Ralthid roared out as their lovemaking reached a frenzied crescendo.

Whatever it meant, Neisae cried it out several times, her body feeling almost unbearably full with each fierce thrust Ralthid put into her. Tentacles held her, and teased her, one rubbing against her clit as Ralthid pounded into her, clearly lost in the frenzy of their shared pleasure.

"Ia! Ia! CTHULHU FHTAGN!" Desperately, her arms writhed around before finally grabbing hold of her lover's upper arms. He let out an inhuman moan before burying his face against her shoulder and giving one final thrust.

She felt it. There was an explosion of heat, not only of his own but hers. She screamed and arched against him as he pushed into her with short, sharp thrusts, raising his head to look down at her.

His thrusts slowed, but he lingered within her, shuddering in the aftershocks of his orgasm. He whispered her name, his tentacles writhing languorously.

Her hands slid up to his shoulders before her arms hooked around his neck, holding him close. He nuzzled the side of her face, murmuring affectionately. After several more minutes, he slowly withdrew. A string of cum flashed silver under the moonlight before dripping onto the blanket. He unhooked his tentacles and pulled back to sit back, gazing at her and the ocean beyond.

It was done. Nothing could break their bond now, for the Great Old One had approved of the union. Magic older than Gaea herself now protected her. His gaze moved along her body. She was staring off in silent repose, one arm draped across her belly, the other behind her head. He allowed her this for some time as he felt the ocean breeze on his skin.

She rolled to her side, looking at him. The sight of her in this position had his flesh aching again, and he shifted so that she could see his reawakening arousal. She smiled faintly. The light reflected off the ocean brought a pale green glint to her eyes. "So... it has been completed? What I said..."

"Prayers offered to Great Old One upon such an occasion. Our union has been blessed and you are under His protection. As well as mine." He reached out to caress her cheek, and she leaned her head against his palm. "And never forget, you also have my love."

She smiled and rose to her knees, scuttling closer to him. "I am yours, body and soul," she said softly, her breasts pressed against his chest.

His arm wrapped around her middle as he pulled her into his lap. "You say this... is mine?" he asked, teasingly cupping a breast.

"Yes," she answered with a soft chuckle. "Just as I am certain that this is mine..." Her hand reached down, wrapping its fingers around him. He shifted around, pulsing in her grip. "I ache for you." She punctuated her words with firm strokes.

"I am your mate now," he reminded her. "This is indeed all yours, and any time you ache for me, you have only but to ask. Or touch."

She lifted herself after placing her hands on his shoulders, and hovered less than a centimeter above the tip of his cock. "That is good to know because I intend to make as much use of this as I can." Her eyes gleamed with merriment as she uttered these words, and she lowered herself on him. It took a bit of time as she swayed her hips downward, but finally, he was sheathed within her.

Settling down on him, she gave out a soft groan of pleasure as she bottomed out, feeling his flesh against her pelvis. "It's all in," she murmured with a note of curiosity.

"Sometimes the mate might not be able to handle it all the first time. But we are bonded now, and your body..." He caressed her breast, rolling the nipple under his thumb, "as well as mine, are more receptive and accommodating to one another." Which was good, because it'd help her to better handle the mating frenzies that Teuthids went into periodically. He wiggled his hips, and she arched against his embrace.

"I can tell I'm going to enjoy being your mate very much," Neisae quipped. He chuckled at that as he pulled her closer, starting to thrust upward fiercely. Her squeals filled the air as she felt his hard flesh ram into her over and over, the exquisite friction against her inner walls sending her plummeting towards an incredible orgasm.

Several matings later, she splayed out n the blanket, well-fucked, and loosely curled up with a smile of contentment on her face. Ralthid had taken his robe and spread it over them, offering their cooling flesh some warmth as they relaxed in the glow of their consummation.


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