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Home From Vegas


'What am I doing?' I thought to myself as I sat at my computer scanning the stories on my favorite erotic story site.

We had just gotten back from a four-day trip to Vegas the day before. I was here in the house doing laundry, cleaning and scanning the stories in between the chores. He was out in the garage, cleaning and organizing.

'This is just crazy,' I said out loud as I logged off of the computer. We had a great time in Vegas. We had really needed that time away, just the two of us. Things have been so strained these last couple of months. My stomach fluttered a bit as I recalled the many times we had sex during the last few days.

As I walked through the kitchen towards the patio door, a small smile appeared as I recalled walking down the Strip in Vegas. I had been complaining to him that the new bra I had recently bought was really cutting in and bothering me. He replied, 'Then just take it off.'

I laughed and said, 'Right. I wish.'

He squeezed my hand as we walked and slyly said, 'I dare you.'

I looked at him in disbelief, then defiantly said, 'Fine. You know that I never back down from a dare.'

I let go of his hand and reached into the top of my v-neck shirt to unclip the straps from the top of my bra. Then I reached behind me and unclasped the bra and pulled it from under my shirt. I handed it to him and said, 'Ok, here it is.'

He laughed, quickly grabbing it and stuffing it into the bag he was carrying. 'You're crazy,' he said.

I smiled at him as I felt my nipples hardening as we continued our walk.

He reached over and pinched my erect nipple through my thin t-shirt as he said, 'Much better.'

I let out a small moan as I realized that four young guys were walking towards us, elbowing each other and covering their smiling mouths. Knowing that they seen the exchange between us caused an instant wetness between my legs.

I felt the moistness between my legs again as I stood looking out the patio doors at our garage, recalling the great sex we had when we returned to our room from that walk. We barely had our clothes off before he had me bent over the coffee table in our suite and entered me from behind.

Now I slid open the patio doors and stepped outside. I felt my heart beating rapidly as I walked through the open overhead garage door. He was at the back of the garage, near the door to the shed he had built off the back of the garage.

The stereo was on and he didn't hear me approach. As I got closer to him, he looked up and smiled. I asked, 'What are you up to?'

He sighed, 'Ahhh, just trying to get this place organized. What have you been up to?'

I moved close to him and said, 'Well, I was thinking.' I grabbed both of his hands with mine and said softly, 'We're still technically on vacation.' I pulled him through the door into the shed and whispered, 'We're suppose to be having fun – not working.'

I looked at his smiling, surprised face as I pushed him up against the workbench. I let go of his hands and placed mine on his hips as my mouth covered his. His hands wrapped around my waist as he returned my kiss.

My hands slid up his chest, then back down to his hips as I pressed myself against him. I pressed my hips against him, feeling his growing hardness against my stomach.

I slid my hand between us and caressed his crotch. Finally breaking our kiss, I smiled mischievously at him as I slid down his body and knelt before him. I reached up and unbuttoned, then unzipped his jeans. I felt his hands on my head and heard him moan as I exposed his cock.

I gently squeezed and stroked his hardening cock as I watched his face. Smiling up at him, I felt his cock grow in my hand. I brought my mouth close to the head of his cock and stretched my tongue out to flick at it.

With my fingers gently wrapped around his cock, I continued to gently stroke it as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. My tongue circled around the ridge before I wrapped my lips over the head sucking it into my mouth.

I heard him softly moan as his cock twitched in my hand. I moved my hand lower to the base of his cock as I sucked him a bit deeper into my mouth. I slowly moved my mouth back to the tip of his cock, then slowly took him deeper. I turned my wrist and curled my fingers around his balls to gently squeeze them.

I flattened my tongue on the underside of his cock sliding him in and out, a bit deeper with each stroke. He began moving his hips, his fingers tangled in my hair trying to quicken my pace.

I reached up, pulling his hands from my head and held his hands to his sides letting him know that it was me that was going to control my pace.

He moaned again as I continued sucking him and slowing bobbing my head in long slow strokes. My lips tightly wrapped around his cock, I swirled my tongue back and forth along the underside of his hard cock.

He tried thrusting his hips, but as he did I pulled away leaving just the head of his cock in my mouth. I pressed my hands against his thighs trying to keep him from thrusting while I gradually bobbed my head faster, taking him deeper with each stroke until my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock and I felt his head in my throat.

I held still for a moment with his cock in my throat and swallowed, squeezing the head of his cock with my throat muscles. He let out a load moan, simultaneously thrusting his hips and pulling my head off of him.

He grabbed me by the armpits, pulling me up then holding my hips spun us around so that I was pressed against the workbench. His mouth covered mine in a crushing kiss as his hands squeezed between us to unbutton my jeans.

His mouth continued his assault, his tongue probing deeper and swirling around with mine. I placed my hands on his hips and gyrated my hips as he unzipped my jeans and began tugging them down.

As he bent at the waist, his hands pulled my jeans down to my knees. His mouth left mine to travel down my neck to the swell of my breast that was peeking out of my v-neck shirt. He used his lips, tongue and mouth to push my shirt down, exposing my breast before capturing my nipple with his lips. I moaned out loud as he sucked my nipple into his mouth.

With my breast in his mouth, he swirled his tongue around my nipple as he sucked. He used his knee to nudge my legs apart as one hand spread my thighs while he used his fingers of his other hand to glide across my wetness. He plunged his middle finger inside of me and he began finger fucking me while his thumb began applying pressure and circling my clit.

I began thrusting my hips as I fucked his finger, his mouth still devouring my breast. I was really moaning now, my hands on his shoulders as I bent my knees spreading wider for him.

He continued for a few minutes before he pulled away from me, placing his hands on my hips and turning me around. He bent me over the workbench while he used his knee to part my legs. My jeans were around my ankles now, so I bent my knees to spread my legs. I felt his thighs against the back of mine as he pulled my hips towards him impaling my wet slit with his cock.

I let out a small scream at the sudden fullness. He held my hips as he began quickly thrusting his cock in and out of me, my wetness allowing him to glide easily. I pressed my hands against the top of the workbench to push my chest off of it. I began pressing my hips against him, meeting each of his quick strokes.

He slowed his pace and began long, slow strokes. After a few moments, he began fast, quick thrusts, then went back to long, slow ones. His hands pressed my hips against the workbench, preventing me from meeting his thrusts. I moaned in frustration as I tried pressing against him. He knew he was driving me crazy with his alternating paces.

After minutes of his teasing, he pulled my hips towards him as he began fucking me hard and fast. I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. My arms gave out on me and I pressed my chest against the top of the workbench. I felt like a rag doll the way he was pulling and lifting my hips to meet his thrusts. We were both moaning now as our orgasms began. He let out a loud growl and I felt the first squirt of his cum erupt inside of me. I moaned loudly as my pussy contracted around his pulsating cock. He continued his fast hard strokes then gradually slowed as my pussy continued to grip his cock.

He leaned over me and rested his chest on my back. His breathing was ragged in my ear as his weight crushed my lungs. We stayed like that until our breathing returned to normal.

Finally he stood up, pulling his cock from me and I felt our mixture of juices run down the insides of my thighs. I pushed up from the workbench and turned to face him. He placed his hands on each side of my head and pulled me to his mouth in a soft, loving kiss.

He pulled his mouth from mine and whispered, 'Feel like cleaning me?'

I looked down between us at his softening cock dripping with our juices. I smiled at him as I bent my knees to squat in front of him. His hands were still on each side of my head as I took his whole cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around his cock, cleaning and sucking our juices from him.

He moaned and whispered softly, 'Mmmmm, I love you.'

His hands guided my head slowly as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I looked up at him in surprise as I felt his cock begin to harden again in my mouth.

He smiled down at me and said, 'Let's go in the house.' He reached down and pulled me up by my arms and whispered, 'After all, we still have a few days left of our vacation.'

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