tagLoving WivesHome Help: Handywoman Ch. 02

Home Help: Handywoman Ch. 02


Almost a week had passed since the day I visited Mr Thompson and somehow found myself feeling obliged to give him hand relief. I felt extremely uneasy about what had occurred and was lucky my husband hadn't noticed anything odd in the way I was behaving. I couldn't risk anything like that happening again and had decided to try a change of job. Consequently, I was on my way back from a job interview when my phone rang.

"Hi Jan!" It was my friend from Social Services. "I know you're not working today but could you do me a favour?"

"Yeah, probably," I replied. "What is it?"

"I need someone to call in on Mr Thompson. It's pretty urgent and I know you've got a key, so is that possible?"

I felt a pang of nerves mixed with guilt. Mr Thompson was stuck in bed still and I wasn't due there again for a few days. What to do?

"Okay, I'll pop in," I said, knowing that I'd feel bad if I didn't. Within a few minutes, I parking outside his house. I opened the front door and went in.

"Hello?" Mr Thompson called from upstairs. "Who's that?"

"It's me, Jan, Mr Thompson," I called back, trying to sound normal. "What's the problem?" I asked, as I climbed the stairs and entered his room.

"Hello, Jan. The bulb's gone in the main light." He pointed to the central light hanging down from the ceiling fixture, which was wired so it could be switched on and off from his bedside lamp.

"All right, I'll change it. Where are the spares?"

"In the top drawer there," he indicated the chest on the sidewall. I found them easily enough and took out a 60 watt. The steps I'd used to work on his wall the previous week were still in the corner of the room. I shuddered slightly as I moved them to just below the light fitting, remembering how my escapades on them had partly caused Mr Thompson's arousal and my ensuing administering of a hand job and blowjob to him.

It wasn't until I started to take off my coat that I became conscious of what I was wearing. As I'd just had a job interview, I was dressed very smartly. More to the point, I was wearing a skirt which finished well above the knee and 3 inch heels. I paused for a moment. Mr Thompson was acting like he always had before that day and was probably as embarrassed as I was about what had happened.

As matter of factly as I could, I slipped my coat off and laid it over the back of the chair. I then took off my shoes and proceeded to climb up the steps in my bare feet. The bulb was proving a bit stubborn to unscrew and I shifted my position on the steps. As I did so, I glanced in the window and saw my reflection. My pose of one foot on one step and the other on the one below had revealed a fair amount of thigh and added to that my leg muscles were flexed enticingly. I hoped it wasn't giving Mr Thompson any ideas.

At last, the bulb came free and I carefully climbed down the steps, then went back up with the new one. While I was up there putting it in, the phone rang. I looked down to see Mr Thompson answer it.

"Yes, well if that's what's happened, we'll have to do that. Yes, okay then. Goodbye." He didn't look too overjoyed at whatever his news was. Seeing my quizzical expression, he said, "That was the District Nurse's office. They've had to reschedule my bed bath. She'll be here soon."

Relieved that I'd be able to get on my way soon without anything else happening, I offered to make Mr Thompson a cup of tea, which he accepted. We sat there and chatted until we heard the front door open. Shortly, a rather fierce looking woman entered the room. She looked me up and down as I sat in the chair by the bed and gave me a disapproving look before addressing Mr Thompson.

"Hello, Mr Thompson. I'm here to give you your bed bath. We may as well get down to it. You've had this done before by my colleague, so where did she leave the equipment?"

Mr Thompson looked blank for a moment and then said, "I think she must have taken it with her. She doesn't normally leave it here to my knowledge."

The nurse looked angry. "Well, that means I'll have to go and get it. I'll be running even further behind now that I was. I shall return within the hour."

She looked at me. "A word," she ordered and indicated that I should follow her out of the room.

Once in the next room, the nurse spoke to me in harsh tones. "I recognise you. You work for Social Services, is that right?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"You must be aware of Mr Thompson's condition. He shouldn't be made to endure any unnecessary stress."

I nodded again. "I know. I agree." I wasn't sure what her point was.

Gauging that I wasn't understanding her point, she gestured towards the mirror in which I could see my reflection. "Then do you really consider your attire to be conducive in these circumstances?"

As I looked in the mirror, I couldn't really argue. Climbing up the steps had left me a little dishevelled. My blouse was open more than it should have been and my skirt had ridden high, revealing my naked legs from mid-thigh down. To top it all, I was wearing my 3 inch heels which may have looked smart in the interview but now seemed to make me look like I was out to seduce.

"I shall be checking Mr Thompson carefully for any evidence of stress and if I find any, I shall hold you responsible. I take these matters very seriously."

With that, she left the room and shortly after I heard the front door close. While I didn't often encounter people from the District Nurses' office, I knew that a bad report could result in a bad reference and me not getting the new job. A little downhearted, I returned to Mr Thompson's room and told him what she'd said.

"At least we got rid of your problem last week," I smiled weakly.

"Oh Jan, I'm sorry..." said Mr Thompson. It took me minute to realise he wasn't just offering sympathy for what had been said by the nurse. Slowly, he pulled the covers back. My heart leapt with fear at the sight which greeted me. Mr Thompson's cock was rock hard.

"Oh no, she's bound to think I'm to blame for that," I cried. "She'll be back in under half an hour! What can we do?"

"There's only one thing we can do, Jan. Get rid of the evidence. We don't have long."

I nodded, in something of a panic now. I started to take my shoes off.

"No, leave them on, it will help me," he commanded.

I was feeling quite flustered. What was I supposed to do? Suddenly it felt like I was facing the same dilemma I'd had the previous week. However, I didn't want to jeopardise my job prospects. Perhaps I could deal with this quickly and with the least involvement.

Mr Thompson's cock twitched as I reached out to it. I began to jerk him quickly, while his hand found my leg again. He caressed the smooth skin and moaned. After a couple of minutes, he spoke.

"It's no good, Jan. It's going numb and if there's no feeling there I won't be able to orgasm."

My hand slowed down its pumping of his cock. I needed to get him to cum so that he wasn't in a state of arousal when the nurse returned. Out of desperation, I moved myself so that my head was by his cock. The next thing I knew, I was opening my mouth and enveloping his tip. Its meatiness throbbed as my tongue made contact and slowly I began to slide my head up and down his length. Mr Thompson groaned appreciatively as I licked and sucked him, trying anything I could think of to make him cum quickly.

As my head bobbed up and down, I felt his hand slide along my thigh and into my panties, then work it's way to my crotch. A finger began to try and penetrate me. I raised my head from his shaft.

"No, Mr Thompson..." I started to protest.

"It may help me finish sooner," he said, his finger worming its way further in. I squirmed as I felt the fingertip part my pussy lips. My eye caught the bedside clock and I realised there was little point in arguing. I resumed the sucking. Some salty discharge coated my tongue and I remembered how I'd tasted sperm for the first time the previous week.

As I concentrated on giving Mr Thompson a blowjob, he was fingering my pussy. He had succeeded in lubricating my lips and had found my clit, which he was now rubbing. Two of his fingers were inside me and I was juicing up considerably.

Mr Thompson's cock was still emitting a fair amount of precum but he didn't seem to be near to actually cumming. I had another problem. Since I wasn't used to doing this kind of thing, my jaw and neck were both aching. After a couple more minutes, I had to stop.

"I can't do that anymore, I ache too much," I said, despondently.

"There is one thing we could try," said Mr Thompson, his fingers now sliding freely in and out of my pussy.

"What?" I asked.

"You could let me enter you. You know, penetrate," he said, looking me in the eye and playing with my clit.

"I can't! I can't be unfaithful to my husband. I've already crossed the line."

Mr Thompson sighed. "It's up to you, Jan. But I wouldn't want you to lose this job and not get any other. What would you tell your husband?"

I hadn't thought of that. I'd already crossed the line but maybe I had a chance to make it count for something.

"Okay. I haven't really any option," I said. I laid down and pulled my skirt up, exposing the entire length of my short but shapely legs, still with my 3 inch heels on my feet. Mr Thompson looked approvingly at them and I raised my knees, parted and ready for him. He gripped my thighs and once again his cock twitched as he caressed them. Suddenly I thought of something. "Do you have a condom?"

Mr Thompson shook his head. "I don't really have any need for them normally."

His hand began to play with my pussy again, which was still wet from before. His delicate movements began to have an effect.

"Okay," I said. "You'll have to pull out. I'm not on the pill. You will pull out, won't you?"

"Yes," he agreed. With that, he positioned himself and I felt his bulbous tip press against my entrance. With one thrust, he slid his length into me. I gasped as he filled me.

"Squeeze those legs against me, Jan," said Mr Thompson persuasively. I did so, almost automatically. I felt one of his hands trailing down by my thighs, gently rubbing it. His other hand was toying with my cleavage. He began to pump slowly in and out of me.

Lying on my front had plumped my breasts up and they were not far from being exposed. Mr Thompson began to touch the top of one of them, dusting it with his fingertips. The sensation of being fucked was distracting me and I didn't really protest when he freed my breasts and nuzzled them.

Mr Thompson found a rhythm and I began to thrust up to meet him, my hips taking on a life of their own. "You...will...pull out..." I hissed, finding myself a little breathless.

"Yes, I'll pull out, Jan, I just want to feel this pleasure for a bit longer." He continued to fuck me deeply, his cock filling my hole. "Wrap those legs around me for a minute and I'll pull out in time."

I wrapped my legs round Mr Thompson's body as he'd told me and squeezed them hard against him.

"Just another minute, Jan," he groaned, pumping himself in and out ever faster. "Then I'll pull out."

"Don't cum inside me," I gasped, as his cock hit the back of my pussy. "You've got to pull out."

"I will..."

I began to thrust up a bit, trying to get over the edge.

"Oh Jan, I'm getting near..." He leaned in to kiss me hard on the mouth. Our tongues wrestled as I sacrificed my virtue to get this over with. I felt his cock start to pulsate.

"Pull out! Don't do it in me!" I screamed.

Just as he I felt his cock start to pull out, we heard the front door open. The nurse was back! The shock of this made me squeeze my legs together and to my horror I felt his cock pushing back inside me. I tried to push him off but my legs had thrust him in deep.

"Don't cum in me..." I cried as I felt the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my pussy. Mr Thompson took up his thrusting again, unable to resist the feeling and his mouth met mine as he forced his tongue into my mouth. His potent seed continued to splatter inside me. Footsteps came up the stairs as I felt the sperm pelting my pussy walls. "Uh, oh Jan...you feel so good," Mr Thompson cried, rubbing his shaft in and out of me, trying to get as much pleasure from this before he was finally spent.

Eventually, his balls were drained and I had their entire contents in my pussy. He ran his hands down my legs and rolled off me, his cock at last shrinking.

I lay there, dazed, 41 and probably pregnant. Time seemed to slow down as I waited for the inevitable entrance of the nurse. How could I explain this?

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