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Inspired by 'a friend'. Thanks to her. Also thanks to JQ Hack for the edits and suggestions.

I wasn't sure which category to put this story in. Be warned, there is an anal sex scene in the following, so if that isn't to your taste, please don't read it.

If you read and enjoy it then please vote. In fact, even if you don't enjoy it, vote just the same. I'm happy to receive negative comments via email, as long as they're constructive. 'Your story is crap' doesn't help with future writing one iota, so please back up your points.

Enjoy (I hope)


Marisa woke early and smiled to herself as she felt the light fingers of excitement in her tummy. Today was the day. The weather was perfect, another hot summer's morning, and the promise of longed for physical satisfaction lingered on the horizon. Marisa lay on top of the cover, the heat of the morning only accentuating her longed for physical satisfaction. She stretched her limbs and then allowed herself the sensuous luxury of running the tips of her fingers and palms of her hands over the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Marisa let her thoughts drift as she spread her legs and split the thick folds of her labia with her middle finger. She was a very horny lady, and wasn't being fulfilled by her distracted husband. It was this lack of physical love that had led Marisa to hatch her little plot. If her husband wouldn't, or couldn't, give her what she craved in bed, then she'd find someone who could. In this case that someone wasn't one guy. Oh no, Marisa had bigger plans. She was going to be a very bad girl; she was gong to have two.

Thoughts and visions of the two men who had been contracted to lay the decking in her garden sprung into Marisa's mind. Her detailed imaginings of how they would react to her plan, hopefully that very afternoon, caused her nipples to pucker and stiffen with arousal. Her clit hardened and lightly pulsed, and Marisa felt the juices of her heightening lust begin to oil the inside of her cunt. She had a plan to seduce the two men, a very simple, unsubtle plan. A plan that relied purely upon the men reacting to their base instincts, and a plan that Marisa was confident she could pull off.

As she let her mind explore the possibilities of the afternoon, Marisa gently smoothed the moistened tip of her finger around and around her clit. She closed her eyes and groaned with the sheer decadent pleasure as her charged clitoris sent bursts of excitement to her pleasure centres. Marisa's sexual arousal was soon heightened by her use of her other hand to gently squeeze first one firm, round breast, and then the other. She teased her nipples and increased the tempo of her frigging between her thighs.

Marisa's inevitable climax glowed brightly, centred on her burning sex before the heat spread through her body and out to her limbs. She groaned loudly and squeezed her legs together tightly as she rolled onto her side to curl into a foetal position, her hand trapped between her smooth, velvet thighs, and with two probing fingers teasing the spongy walls of her passage. Her hips bucked frantically back and forth as she came until finally, Marisa relaxed and straightened her legs to release her fingers from the warm embrace of her gooey opening.

She sighed with satisfaction, but knew that it was merely a temporary respite from the constant itch between her legs. Masturbation was one thing, but Marisa had always needed the release that she could only find through penetrative sex. She had enjoyed female attention since college, and as much as she loved to climax on another woman's fingers and tongue, she still desired the incomparable sensation of a man's penis deep in her belly. She adored the scent and taste of an aroused member, and found that no matter how often she substituted a real cock with a dildo or vibrator, the relief she felt after orgasm was short lived in comparison. She wasn't nymphomaniac by any stretch of the imagination, but simply adored the physical aspect of fucking.

Marisa loved to surrender herself to a man. She adored opening her legs for a new lover and to feel the strangeness of a first lick on her clit, just as she loved to see the power she could wield over a man as she looked into his eyes and took him deep into her body.

Marisa was dozing peacefully, somewhere in that dreamy twilight world on the cusp of sleep when she heard the muffled sound of vehicle tyres crunching over the gravelled driveway at the side of the house. Car doors slammed and shortly afterwards she heard male voices in the backyard. At last, the two workmen had arrived to finish the decking.

Marisa threw back the cover and began her preparations for seduction by taking an invigorating hot shower. She had taken care to shave her pubic bush the day before, and her legs and underarms, as well as her plump vulva, were smooth to the touch. Marisa used cream on her legs, arms and body before she pulled the short, denim skirt she'd selected up over her broad hips. She scooped her firm, round breasts into a bra, and pulled a tight, pink tee shirt over her head. Finally, because she loved the way her legs and calves looked when her leg muscles were under tension, Marisa strapped a pair of platform sandals round her ankles.

Marisa was very pleased with the sexy woman she saw reflected back at her when she the turned to examine the view in the mirror. Not bad for forty-one, she thought to herself as she examined her smooth, golden brown legs and arms critically. She posed provocatively and blew a kiss to her reflection. She couldn't resist running the palms of her hands over the mounds of her breasts, and then giggled when she cupped the globes in her hands, and the visible upper slopes of her breasts wobbled sexily.

After applying some light makeup and quickly teasing her shortish, light brown hair through with a brush she was ready. Marisa left the bedroom, her stomach still fluttered with anticipation, and she walked with apparent calm onto the decking where the men were just finishing off.

The sound of Marisa's sandals on the wooden decking made the men look up from their work. 'Hi boys,' she said brightly when she had there attention. 'Nearly done?'

'Morning Mrs Conrad,' the older of the two men replied as his eyes swept quickly up and down Marisa's body. 'Yep, nearly finished, should be about half an hour or so.'

'That's great Rick,' Marisa said in response, and she smiled slyly when she noticed Rick's quick appraisal of her figure. 'Hello Mark,' she continued, emphasising her greeting to the younger of the two men.

'Uh... yeah, sorry... hi, Mrs Conrad,' said the young man. Mark was unsure how to behave around Marisa. As is often the case with young men, the close proximity of an older, more experienced woman, disturbed him. He found that he became tongue tied and apprehensive as a result of her aura of sexuality, and could never find anything appropriate to say. His awkwardness caused him to go slightly pink with embarrassment, which was noticed by both his colleague and Marisa.

'What's the matter Mark? You're not scared of me are you?' Marisa moistened her upper lip with the pink tip of her tongue, and her eyes shone as she teased him.

Mark's colour turned a darker red as he blushed to the roots of his blonde, short-cropped hair, and Rick laughed at the younger man's discomfort.

'I don't think he's scared of you Mrs Conrad,' Rick chuckled. 'You'd be surprised if you knew about Mark.'

'Shut up will you,' Mark said sharply.

Marisa looked levelly at Mark and cocked her head to one side. 'Know what?' she smiled.

'Let's just say he's blessed,' Rick said, and looked Marisa straight in the eye.

Things were going better than Marisa could possibly have hoped. It appeared that Rick was on her wave length entirely, he seemed quite experienced at flirting and was now probably gauging Marisa's reaction to his hint at Mark's endowment.

'Well, well,' Marisa murmured and winked at Mark. 'Very interesting.' Then, to save Mark any further discomfort she added, 'Would you boys like a drink?'

'That'd be great,' Rick replied, 'What do you say Mark?'

'Yeah, sure, it's been warm enough, I could go for a drink no problem.' Mark had recovered from his earlier embarrassment and appeared to have found his voice. 'What did you tell her that for?' Mark hissed at Rick when Marisa had disappeared back into the house.

Rick smiled at his colleague. 'She's dying to get fucked,' he said crudely. 'I can tell, I've seen enough lonely housewives in my time,' he added knowingly. 'How old is she? 40? Husband away a lot - she's not getting any...' He paused and then continued. 'That hot little number is desperate for cock, I'm telling you. I used to see her sort all the time back in England, bored, lonely and dying to fuck.'

'Fuck off, you're full of shit.' Mark laughed and began to collect the tools ready to put back in the truck.

Shortly afterwards Marisa came back out onto the decking with three bottles of beer. 'Could you get the patio set out please boys?' she asked, 'Then we can have a nice little drink together. A sort of "thank you" for all the work you've put in,' she added.

The two men lifted the table and chairs and placed them on the decking under Marisa's instruction, and very soon afterwards the three were sat enjoying the ice cold beer and the warm sun.

Marisa stretched her already tanned legs out in front of her and let her denim skirt ride up along her thighs a little. She looked through the dark lenses of her sunglasses and saw both men take a lingering look at her legs.

'So, your husband away then?' Rick asked Marisa directly after he'd taken a long swig of his beer.

'Yes,' replied Marisa. 'He's away a lot, works hard... you know how it is.'

'Oh yes indeed,' Rick responded cheekily, 'I know how it is alright.' He grinned at Marisa confidently and took another sip from the bottle.

Marisa's clit throbbed with her arousal at the ever-increasing sexual tension in the air. Her stomach slewed with excitement, and she knew that the moment had arrived for her to move up a gear. Rick was making it obvious to her that he was more than happy to play along, but she wasn't too certain about the delicious Mark.

'I can't wait to sunbathe on he new decking,' Marisa said. She looked directly at Rick when she spoke since she was sure he would respond exactly how she wanted him to.

'Don't let us stop you,' he replied right on cue.

Marisa paused for effect, outwardly cool, but with her heart hammering in her chest. 'I usually go nude,' she responded.

Rick just grinned, and Mark sat in silence. Marisa stood up and collected the now empty beer bottles.

'Another drink guys?' she asked.

'Well,' Rick replied, 'we have another job to take a look at, but I guess another drink would be ok.' He looked at his younger friend, 'What do you think, Mark?'

Mark shrugged his shoulders. 'I guess,' he said, 'you're the boss.'

Marisa walked into the kitchen and pulled three more bottles from the fridge. She lifted the tops off the bottles and placed them down on a table. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and then wriggled free of the denim skirt. Naked except for the sandals, Marisa picked up the bottles and strode out onto the decking.

'Here's the beer boys,' she said brightly as she placed the bottles down on the patio table.

Marisa's limbs trembled with trepidation and excitement, as she stood naked in front of the two men. She had never before revealed herself so blatantly, and such audacity was out of character completely. . Marisa's desire for sexual fulfilment drove her to such overt exhibitionism.

'Fuckin' hell,' whispered Rick when he saw Marisa in all her naked glory. He ignored the beer completely as his eyes roved all over Marisa's golden body and he drank in every curve thirstily.

'Is that good?' Marisa asked. 'Is that a good "fucking hell" or a bad one?' she clarified.

Rick gulped, his eyes almost hanging by their stalks at the sight in front of him. 'Oh, it's good,' he whispered, 'very, very good, I can assure you.'

'What about you, Mark?' Marisa questioned the younger man.

Mark remained silent, but Marisa could see that her nudity was having a positive effect upon him. The earlier reference to his endowment appeared to be not just an idle boast, as the tenting at the front of his shorts was showing. Marisa moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue before performing a slow pirouette and showing her tight buttocks to her silent audience.

'Why don't you boys get a little sun as well?' Marisa asked, 'I feel a little awkward here; just me naked.'

Predictably, it was Rick who responded to Marisa's suggestion. He stood and pulled his tee shirt over his head, and then, in one movement, pulled his shorts and boxer shorts down simultaneously. He stepped out of his clothing, leaving it in a forgotten pile. Marisa surveyed Rick's sudden nakedness. He was slim and appeared fit for his forty-one years. Although Marisa knew that Mark was well endowed, Rick's cock looked thick in girth, and even in its present semi aroused state, she could tell that it would be long enough and thick enough to give her pleasure.

After kicking off his work boots, Rick went to Marisa and pressed the length of his body against her. His cock stiffened further, until his fully erect length was pressed against the crease of Marisa's ass.

'Mmm,' the woman moaned, 'push that fat cock against me baby. God, it feels as stiff as a board.' She turned to face Rick and took his shaft in hand. Marisa squeezed Rick's thickness and slowly moved her fist up and down the length of his iron hard penis.

'Yeah, baby,' Rick groaned. 'That feels so good, stroke me... yeah; stroke my cock.'

Marisa grinned wickedly as she manipulated Rick, her eyes were slitted, and she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. 'I want to suck you,' she whispered into Rick's ear, before Marisa squatted down on her haunches to fulfil her wish.

'Oh, God,' Rick sighed as Marisa's lips came into contact with the big dome of his cock head. He felt Marisa's tongue wiggling against the underside of his shaft as she sucked at him. Her hand cupped his hanging balls and lightly massaged the crinkly skin.

Marisa popped Rick's cock from her mouth and looked up at him as she moved to a kneeling position. 'I love sucking cock,' she said. 'I fucking love it.' She used the now slippery helmet of Rick's penis to smear his pre cum over her cheeks, which left a wet stain on her pretty features. 'Gawd, I just adore being a slut,' she whispered. 'Come on, use me as your slut.' Marisa looked across to Mark, who was still sitting, observing the action quietly and not quiet believing his eyes. 'Come on baby, let me see your fat cock too,' Marisa said before she took Rick's cock into her mouth again.

'Hurry up Mark,' Rick hissed through gritted teeth. 'Let the lady see what a man you are.'

Mark stood up and shrugged his shoulders. 'Fuck it,' he said. 'Why not?' He pulled his tee shirt off, which was followed quickly by his shorts. He was soon naked and could see Marisa eyeing his large dick whilst she sucked vigorously at Rick.

Mark's cock hung heavily in front of his body, thick, long and gnarled. Marisa once again let Rick's member plop from her mouth. 'Fucking hell,' she said quietly. 'That's sure one big cock, I can't wait to get my lips around it.' Marisa pumped at Rick with her fist and the man groaned loudly.

'Fuck, baby. Pump me, go on pump my cock,' his voice broke as his climax approached.

Marisa pumped at Rick's cock with one hand, and stretched her other arm out towards Mark's big cock. She wriggled her fingers at Mark and said, 'Come here baby, bring that huge penis close to me, I want to taste it.' No sooner had she uttered those words in her throaty voice than the first splash of Rick's semen splashed hotly onto her exposed cheek. 'Oh God!' she cried in surprise as the thick goo spattered against her skin. She turned her face back towards Rick's spitting dick, and was instantly rewarded by another gout of his spunk spraying against her face. 'Yes, baby,' she sighed as the gobs of viscous gloop clung to her face, 'cum on me, fuck yeah! Onto my face you dirty fucking bastard.'

Several more jets of semen arced from Rick's shaft. Marisa caught some of the stuff on her tongue and swallowed quickly. 'Oh, shit, oh fuck,' groaned Rick. 'Sorry babe,' he apologised, 'sorry to come so soon... but... fuck...'

His voice tapered off and he slouched forward slightly. His cock leaked its final oozing drops and Marisa used her index finger to scoop some of his seed from her spattered cheeks into her mouth. 'Yummy,' she sighed as she licked her finger clean. 'I love it when men cum for me. I love to taste the hot stuff.'

Rick slumped down in his seat and watched as Mark waved his big cock at Marisa. She grinned at Mark and stood. She stretched her legs having been knelt on the decking for so long, and she bent to kiss Rick on the mouth. Marisa pushed her tongue into Rick's mouth and he could taste his own cum on the lady's wriggling, insistent tongue. 'You dirty bastard,' she grinned at Rick. 'Not many men will kiss after they've cum in a woman's mouth.'

'Yeah, well...' Rick smiled up at Marisa. 'You're right, I am a dirty bastard.'

Marisa laughed and turned to face Mark. 'Wow,' she smiled in appreciation and took hold of the thick cock shaft that was jutting hugely from Mark's muscular body. 'Look at this beauty.' She manipulated the young guy's hard member, her fingers barely touching as she held his thickness in her fist.

'This is a big cock,' Marisa said quietly when Mark's penis reached its full, intimidating size.

'Why don't you suck it baby,' Rick suggested as he stood up. 'And while your doing that, I'll lick your pussy.'

Marisa, precariously, lay across the garden table and opened her smooth skinned legs as wide as she could. At the same time Mark moved to her head and offered his cock to her, and Rick knelt between her legs so that his face was close to Marisa's plump lipped vulva.

Marisa opened her mouth wide and Mark fed the head of his cock between her lips. Her lips stretched tightly around the circumference of Mark's large dome as she wriggled her lively tongue against the underside of the big cock. A stifled moan rose from Marisa's throat, unable to escape due to the large length of cock meat that she was attempting to suck. Rick had dabbed the tip of his tongue against Marisa's excited clit, and was now probing gently at the gooey opening of her cunt.

As Mark's excitement grew he began to fuck at Marisa's mouth. His buttocks clenched convulsively, and he pushed more of his fat wad at the woman. Marisa's lips stretched almost impossibly with the effort of taking that monster cock into her mouth. She had to hold onto the stalk so that Mark couldn't force too much of his manhood into her face if he grew too aroused.

The muffled moans and groans from Marisa grew more urgent sounding as Rick licked at her clit. He was using his index finger to massage the inside of Marisa's body, and was rimming the outside edge of Marisa's now oozing opening alternately.

Marisa's own broad, feminine hips began to lift from the wooden table and jerk convulsively. 'Come on Mrs Conrad,' Rick urged. 'I want you to come for me.' He lapped at Marisa again and then continued, 'you pretend to be so high and mighty. Here... in your big house.' He slurped at Marisa again. 'But really... you're just a slut.' He fingered Marisa's cunt with two fingers now and went on. 'Look at you. Naked. Outdoors. My friend's cock in your mouth, my spunk drying on your face, and you're just about to cum on my fingers and face.' Rick slid his juicy fingers into Marisa's cunt as she dribbled her juices liberally onto his hand. Her slick wetness was oozing down the crack of her ass as Marisa's excitement trickled from her.

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