tagIncest/TabooHome is Where the Hard-on is Ch. 01

Home is Where the Hard-on is Ch. 01


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The following is a "true story of my imagination" and inspired by a loving mother and her soldier son. I recently saw a news clip where they interviewed the parents of a soldier who had recently returned home from the war in Iraq. The father, mother and son were all seated together being interviewed, and while the father seemed happy to have his son home, the mother seemed ecstatic. She was seated closer to her son than to her husband and kept gazing into her son's eyes as she spoke to the media. She frequently patted his thigh and rubbed his shoulder as she spoke. On one hand, it was endearing. On the other, you expected her to lock her lips with her son's at any moment and drive her tongue down his throat! The mother, herself, was attractive with brown hair and a voluptuous figure. You could tell she was beautiful in her younger days and made efforts to stay attractive. The son gave your typical jarhead appearance in his gray-green uniform and short cut hair. He was well spoken and very polite. He was proud to serve his country but was happy to be home with his family. When he said this, his mother squeezed his thigh momentarily before they all returned their attention to the media.

Of course, in my depraved mind, there is more behind the motherly love. This is a story of incest between mother and son. If this subject matter bothers you, I suggest you "change the channel". Naturally, all names, places and events in this story are figments of my imagination. This is fantasy, pure fantasy. But I hope it's one that you enjoy!

- Writerotica


Judy wept tears of joy as she read the final letter from her son, Rick, a soldier fighting in Iraq. The letter was informing the family of his return home the following week after serving nearly five years in the U.S. Army, the last 18 months seeing action in Iraq. Ever since they saw their one and only son off to fight in a foreign land, Judy and her husband, Eduardo, had counted the days until his return. Judy, in particular, had counted the days with bated breath, her heart pounding anxiously with every news story of more casualties. But every time, Rick escaped harm, escaped death, lived another day. And now, he was finally coming home to the only family he had ever known, his mother and father. He had left home at eighteen to join the army and was sent immediately to an a military base 700 miles from home, where he became proficient in telecommunications as a Network Switching Systems Operator. It was a skill, he hoped, that would serve him well in the real world. But three years later, just after 9/11, everything changed, and no sooner had Rick been promoted to Staff Sergeant when he was sent to Iraq. And now at nearly twenty-three years of age, the once shy boy who had left home was returning as a confident, well-spoken young man, having had to grow up fast, to think fast and react fast, and sadly, to learn how to deal with death -- death of civilians and comrades. Rick had probably seen more than most people would in a lifetime.

And so, exactly one week and two days after Judy had received the letter, Rick found himself on a plane home. He sighed deeply, closed his eyes and rested his head. On the military base, near the landing strip where the airplane would touch down, Judy and Eduardo waited anxiously for their son to arrive, along with other families waiting for loved ones. Judy had insisted they leave the house early, and after waiting nearly two hours, the plane finally came to a stop, and its crew exited. Judy's heart beat wildly as she gazed at each soldier as they embraced loved ones. Finally, Rick appeared, and Judy's heart melted. Her son looked great in his camouflage uniform, brown boots and black beret. His smile sparkled as he spotted his parents. Judy waved hesitantly, as if her son hadn't noticed her. Rick picked up his pace and finally embraced his father.

"Welcome home, son," Eduardo grunted, his voice cracking as father and son hugged tightly and patted each other's backs. Rick gazed into his mother's eyes behind them and smiled. Judy smiled back, as Rick released his hold and moved toward his mother.

"Oh, Ricky!" She gasped. "Ricky, I can't believe you're home! You're really home!!" She added, embracing her son and kissing him briefly on the lips, before hugging him tightly.

'I'm really home, mom," Rick replied. "This time, I'm staying." He added. After a long pause and still hugging his mother, he said, "It's good to be home."

Releasing their embrace, Judy took in her son's appearance. "My, my!" She said. "Look at you! Just look how handsome you look in your uniform!! I don't remember you looking so handsome!!" Rick smiled politely before his father spoke.

"You filled out!" Eduardo said. "You look good!! Tough!! What dya weigh now, two hundred pounds?"

Still smiling, Rick glanced at his father and replied, "One ninety-six. I had to beef up. You never know when you might find yourself needing to carry your crew member over your shoulder, you know?" The six foot soldier said seriously.

"Oh, goodness, I don't want to think about that!" Judy said, slipping her son's face between her hands and closing the gap between them. "I can't believe you're home safe!" She repeated, kissing his cheek, his eyes and his forehead before embracing him again, this time tighter. Eduardo picked up his son's bag and began walking away. Judy and her son walked arm-in-arm, three steps behind Eduardo, as Rick began to catch them up on his two years since they last saw him.


After one week of being home, Rick began to feel relaxed. Their front door seemingly revolving as friends and family came to visit and welcome the brave soldier home. With each expected visit, Rick made sure he was in uniform, wanting to proudly represent his country and his parents. And with each visit, his mother praised him for his bravery and how much of an adult he'd become. With each word, she seemed to gaze at him lovingly, some times embarrassing Rick, as her gazed seemed almost lustful. In fact, Judy had hurriedly and abruptly cut short a visit by Rick's old high school sweetheart when the young woman had remarked that they should get together and catch up on old times. Judy had found a reason to need her son's services and had ushered the young woman out the door before the two kids could make plans. Rick had simply laughed in disbelief at his mother's actions, as his father watched the seemingly normal behavior of a doting mother.

But Judy had noticed, and suppressed, strange and un-motherly urges shooting through her body when her son was near, not to mention the sudden feeling of jealousy at the young woman making advances at her son, and her own reaction at stopping it.

About ten days after her son had arrived home and after the visits had slowed down, Judy found herself back to a somewhat normal housekeeping routine. The forty-five year old middle school teacher was off for the summer, while her husband worked tirelessly as a social worker for troubled Hispanic youths, due to his heritage and similar upbringing. On this bright and sunny day, the perky school teacher had dressed in a light summer dress, spaghetti straps holding up an ample bosom, as her five-foot, two-inch frame carried an extra ten or so pounds, weighing in at 115 pounds. Her womanly hips flared nicely to balance out her large breasts, and her legs were still nicely shaped, with sculpted thighs and calves, thanks to the two-mile power walking regimen she had religiously followed for the last four years. The heel of the sandals on her feet clacked as the dark-haired beauty scurried from room to room picking up dirty clothes and placing them in the hamper she held under one arm. Her dark brown hair was pulled back and her dark amber eyes gazed lovingly at everything they focused. A smile seemed perpetually etched on her face as she hummed a pleasant tune.

She had momentarily forgotten that Rick was home, having lived without his presence for so long, when she inadvertently barged into the bathroom while her strapping young son was drying off after a shower.

Naked, Rick looked up from toweling his thigh and met his mother's gaze. Before he could say anything, Judy yelped in surprise. "Rick!"

"Mom?" Rick said in a deep, yet even, voice, not bothering to cover up.

"Rick! Oh my god, honey!! I'm sorry!!!" Judy gasped. "I forgot you were here!!" She added, as her eyes for a brief moment drunk in her handsome son's wide shoulders, shapely pecs and chiseled abs before focusing in on the largest cock she'd ever seen. After a long second, her eyes met his once again, as they gazed at each other. "I....I'm...sorry," she repeated, her voice barely above a whisper, "I should've knocked." She added, as she backed out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She rested up against the door to catch her breath, her forehead glistening with sweat. Inside the bathroom, Rick stood motionless for a moment, puzzled by what had just happened. If he was a betting man, he would've sworn that his mother was checking him out, even gazing at his cock. Rick looked down and noticed he was getting hard at the thought. He grasped his cock and stroked it several times, as his mom stood unknowingly outside the door. He hadn't felt the warm, wet feeling of a woman's pussy in over a year, as he made a mental note to call his ex-girlfriend. He finished drying off.

Outside the bathroom door, Judy caught her breath and then scampered into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She set the hamper down and sat on the edge of the bed, staring at herself in the full-length mirror across from her. Her nipples were hard as she recalled her son's cock from a moment earlier. Judy had probably been with half a dozen men her whole life before meeting Eduardo in college, but she estimated that her son's cock was easily the biggest she'd ever seen. It must've measured six or seven inches limp. Judy came back to her senses and noticed a hand massaging a breast.

"Oh my god, what is wrong with you?" She said to herself as she threw herself back on her bed and gazed at the ceiling. Her mind again pictured her son's naked form, reminding her of those statues of Greek and Roman gods. She heard the bathroom door open and the squeaking floorboards as Rick made his way to his childhood bedroom, now adorned with military mementos. Judy rose and shook her head from side to side as if to shake the images of her son from her brain. Picking up the hamper again, she made her way out and refocused on the laundry, fighting not to think about her son's cock.

In his bedroom, Rick stroked his cock as he imagined fucking movie stars, female military comrades and ex-girlfriends from years past. His cock seemed to double in size as he stroked and recalled the look of wanton lust on his mother's face as she had gazed at his cock From nowhere, his mind formed a mental picture of Rick fucking his still hot mom up against the bathroom sink as she moaned in delight. He imagined her words.

"Fuck me, Ricky," he imagined her saying, as sweat dripped onto her heaving breasts. His ten-inch cock, swollen and pulsing, pistoned in and out of his mother's well-groomed cunt. "Fuck your mommy!" He imagined her hissing, just before she bit into his neck from the sensations rippling through her body. And with that image, Rick's cock immediately exploded, sending ropes of cum across his clean stomach and hand, as he grunted quietly and finished himself off.

Later that night, as mother, son and husband went to bed, Judy tossed and turned. She realized she was horny and needed relief. She snuggled up against her husband who had fallen asleep only moments earlier and rubbed his chest and belly, before snaking her hand down to his groin. Eduardo moaned in his sleep before realizing what was happening. He rolled over and kissed his wife, who stroked her husband to hardness and then pulled him over on top of her. He slipped into her easily, due to her wetness. She moaned in delight, eyes closed, as her husband thrust into her repeatedly. After a few minutes, she felt his cock swell, and felt him pick up the pace.

"No! No, Eddy!! Wait for me!! Please, wait for me!!!!" But her words fell on deaf ears as Eduardo orgasmed. He buried his cock into his wife, his eyes closed as he stifled a groan, while his cock flexed repeatedly. "No!!!!" Judy wailed. "Eddy!!" She lamented.

"Uhh, baby!" her forty-six year old husband mumbled before collapsing beside her. "I'm sorry, baby," he said, "but you were so warm, so wet tonight!" And with an apology, he figured he could go back to sleep. He was out within seconds.

Judy gazed at her husband in disappointment, wanting to feel anger but forcing herself not to, because she knew how hard he worked every day. The man was always exhausted. She turned and gazed up at the ceiling. Her slip was still pulled up around her waist. She had removed her white cotton panties before waking her husband in anticipation. Slowly, her hand crept to her neatly manicured pussy and rubbed its little nub, still stiff from the fucking. "Mmmmm," she moaned to herself, as her eyes closed and she imagined the feeling she had just experienced from her husband. But her mind betrayed her, as she slipped a finger into her hole. Her mind's eye recalled her son's naked body and his limp cock. Judy increased her efforts, rubbing her clit and slipping two fingers inside her pussy. She licked her lips as she recalled her son gazing at her in the bathroom and fantasizing that his cock was growing hard. "Mmmmm," she moaned again, keeping here eyes closed, as if doing so somehow prevented the outside world from discovering her depraved thoughts. She raised her knees slightly and sunk two fingers deeply into her soaked pussy as her mind suddenly pictured herself in the bathroom and on her knees, only inches from her son's hard, ten-inch cock. She imagined grasping and stroking it, as she gazed up into his eyes and smiled wantonly. In slow motion, she imagined her son throwing his head back and mouthing the words 'oh mom', before using his hands to push her mouth over his cock, forcing her to swallow nearly half its length. Before her mind could continue her lurid fantasy, Judy orgasmed suddenly. She kept her eyes closed but licked her lips at the thought of what her son's cum might taste like - the salty, warm cream oozing over her tongue before running down her gulping throat. Her body flexed as she bit her lip to stifle a scream, while she experienced one of the most intense orgasms in a long time from her images. When it was over, she dropped here knees and petted her pussy, as she thought about what had just happened. On one hand, she was repulsed, but on the other, the fantasy had excited her beyond any erotic thought ever to cross her mind. She fell asleep content and with a smile on her face.

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