Home is Where the Hard-on is Ch. 03


After kissing for a few minutes, Rick said, "My turn," as he attempted to rise. But his mother slammed him back onto the bed hard.

"I don't think so, sonny boy," she said sternly, "this is my show today!" As she spoke, Judy crawled down toward her son's crotch, stopping to lick her juices from his chest and to circle his nipples with her tongue, invitingly. "Mommy can't wait to suck her little boy's big, huge dick!" She hissed moving downward and unraveling the sheet, bringing his semi-hard cock into view. Judy grasped it and moaned in appreciation, stroking it. "Ever since I saw your cock in the bathroom that day, mommy's wanted to wrap her lips around it and suck it like a lollipop!" Judy sucked the tip of her son's cock momentarily before driving her mouth over half its length, bringing a guttural moan from her son. "Mmmm," she moaned in appreciation as she began to suck and move up and down on her son's huge cock, stroking what she couldn't fit into her mouth.

Rick moved his hands over his mother's head and whispered encouragement, as his mom sucked his cock expertly. He had been close to orgasm already before she came to his room and in no time at all, he emptied his seed into his mother's warm, wet mouth. "Uh, fuck!!!!!!" He groaned, lifting his ass from the bed as ropes of cum filled his mother's mouth.

"Mmmm," his mother moaned, sucking hard after her son had stopped cumming, swallowing all of his seed. She released his cock with a pop. "Mmmm, yummy. My little boy tastes better than a lollipop. I love your salty, stringy cum in my mouth. I'll have to have some every morning!" She quipped, licking her son's cock and sucking his testicles before sucking his cock again. "C'mon, baby. Get hard for mommy, again! Mommy needs to feel this monster inside of her! C'mon baby!!! Get your cock hard!!!" She hissed, continuing to suck feverishly.

In not time, Rick was hard again. His mother shuffled up to his face and kissed him, as she held his cock and slowly sunk her pussy over it. Judy leaned back and savored the feeling of her son's ten inch cock filling her cunt. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as she rose slowly and sunk back down on the nearly foot-long phallus. She untied the bow holding her bosom together and slipped off her baby doll nightie. Naked, she leaned forward and kissed her son hotly as she began to ride him. She supported herself on his taut stomach as she moved up and down, grunting and mewling like a pussycat, coating her son's cock with her juices.

"Fuck, mom, you're tight. Tighter than I thought." Rick said breathlessly, as his hands found his mother's breasts and kneaded them while she gyrated and ground her pelvis over his cock. After a few minutes, she began to ride her son hard, pistoning up and down on his cock, as she neared orgasm. "I'm getting close, mom. I'm getting close. I'm gonna cum, mom!!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!!" Judy panted between breaths. "Mommy's gonna cum, too sweetheart!! Cum for mommy!!!" Judy gasped, using her cunt muscles to squeeze her son's cock on every downward thrust.

"Oh, fuck!! I'm cumming!!!" Rick screamed as his mother rolled into her own orgasm, impaling herself on his cock and gyrating her pelvis through her climax. The tip of her son's cock grazed her cervix causing her immense pleasure and bringing him also to orgasm with her, as mother and son came together.

When Judy stopped cumming, she collapsed atop her son, panting. Rick moaned in contentment as his cock, now deflating, remained inside his mother's cunt.

"Fuck, that was incredible," Rick whispered.

"Mmm-hmmm," his mother moaned, her head lying on his chest and staring into space.

"You always fucked like that?" Rick asked. His mother turned and lifted her head to kiss him before answering.

"Of course not," she answered. "That was the best fuck I've ever had, and if I've known it was under my roof all this time, I would've nailed you when you turned into a man!"

"You're so full of shit," Rick chided, "no you wouldn't've!" His mother chuckled as she squeezed her pussy and his cock slipped out.

"Mmmm," she moaned, laying her head back on his chest. "I feel so empty."

"I'm ready to go again," Rick said. His mother looked at him and smiled wickedly as she spoke.

"This is still my day, remember?"


"So I get to choose how I want it," she added.


"And I want you to fuck me doggy style! I want you to spank your mother hard for not listening to you and fucking you sooner!"

"Fuck...deal!" Rick exclaimed, disbelieving that this was his mother talking. "But what do we do about Rick junior here?" He added, pointing to his limp cock.

"Oh, I can take care of that," his mother said, flipping around and straddling her son's face in a sixty-nine. Rick wasn't sure how he felt about eating his own cum, but his mother's delectable pussy hovering inches above him was too tempting to pass up, and so, he rose up and dove his tongue deep into her hole. "Ahhhh!!!!" Judy moaned loudly between sucks on her son's cock, which was coming back to life. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking for all she was worth and playing with his balls.

Meanwhile, Rick ate his mother's pussy earnestly while spreading her cheeks with both hands. He maneuvered his thumb to rub her rosebud and noticed his mother's moans increase. He made a mental note to broach the subject of ass play with his mom, as he continued eating her cunt.

Judy groaned loudly when she felt her son's thumb pressing against her nether region. She'd never entertained anal sex and wasn't sure how she felt about it. But, at this moment, she loved it. Her orgasm was rapidly approaching when her son stopped abrubtly.

"Okay, I'm hard," he said, "I need to fuck my mother doggy-style!"

"Mmmmm," Judy moaned, "that sounds so dirty, son...so nasty!" Judy remained on all fours as her son mounted her from behind, slipping his immense cock easily into her from behind. "Oh!!!! Ah!!!! Yes!!!!" Judy wailed, as the large cock seemed to never end as it slid into her oiled pussy. "Fuck!!"

Once in a rhythm, mother and son began to fuck feverishly, their hips slapping against each other, as Judy looked back occassionaly and whispered encouragement to her son. After a few minutes of fucking, Rick slapped his mother's cheek hard, something he had gotten into with a female private a few years back while still in the states.

Judy was at first startled but quickly realized she liked the stinging and brief sensation of pain against pleasure. She looked back and her son lavisciously and licked her lips, saying, "Spank me again, son. Spank your mommy!!" Rick obliged. "Yes! Yes! Spank you mother! I'm such a bad mommy for fucking my son!! Spank me hard!! Smack my ass you motherfucker!!"

Rick increased his efforts fucking and spanking his mother from behind until his orgasm began to rumble from deep inside him. "Uhh!! I'm gonna cum!! I'm gonna cum, mom!!!"

"Yeah, honey!! Cum for mommy!! Bury your cock inside me and make me cum with you!!"

With those words, Rick buried his ten-inch cock to the root inside his mother. The large, stiff cock was so big that it triggered Judy's own orgasm, shaking her to the bone, as her son emptied rope after rope of his sticky, warm cum inside of her. When he was through, Rick pulled out and a string of white cum leaked from his mother's pussy, as she collapsed onto her stomach on the bed. Rick fell back onto his bed, gazing down at his mother's red ass cheeks. After a few minutes of rest, Judy turned and shuffled up next to her son and kissed him longingly.

"Are you happy now?" Judy asked, teasingly.

"What'dya mean?"

"You finally convinced your mother to fuck your brains out," she added.

Rick snickered. "What did it?"

"Your cock, sweetheart," she replied, "my son's big, juicy, wonderful cock is just too hard for his mommy to resist, especially when you're in uniform." As they talked, Judy stroked her son's cock gently, and before both realized it, he was hard again. Neither said a word as Judy straddled her son and fucked him again.

Mother and son fucked all day, that day, until it was nearly time for Eduardo to come home. Both showered and went about their normal routines. At dinner, Judy and Rick made eye contact several times, while Eduardo spoke. Judy winked at her son with a wicked grin on her face. Rick had a perpetual smirk across his face, knowing that he had finally fucked his hot mom and would now have pussy every day and at his every whim.

To be continued...

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