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Home Movie Has Added Benefits


I have been very fortunate that in our over 26 years of marriage our sex life has always been great. I had always liked sex before my marriage but it now was something that I really enjoyed and eagerly looked forward to. I have to give my husband all the credit for this. He has a great sex drive. I'm sure that during our first years we made love every day. Since that time we have cooled down to just four to five times a week.

Ours was a gradual build up as we experimented with new and different things. I have to admit that I was the more experienced partner in our relationship. I never let hubby know, but what was new to us I had already done that before.

Now don't go jumping to conclusions about me, all that I did I did before I was married.

I've been loyal to him since we were married, in fact I've become somewhat of a prude.

After we had introduced oral and anal sex into our repertoire, we started to play all sorts of games to add spice our sex life. We got into watching porn movies for a time. Hubby always enjoyed them more than I did, but then I didn't look away either. We always ended up having fantastic sex either during and after watching a movie.

I guess it was natural that hubby started to kid me about having a big cock or a threesome after watching a movie. I had to admit that the thought of it did turn me on, but I wouldn't admit that to hubby. Hubby was not small, maybe seven inches, but also not the size of the guys in the movies.

During our lovemaking he would start to talk dirty to me asking me if I wouldn't like a big cock or a threesome. It took some time but I eventually was able to talk back to him telling him how much I wanted a big cock, a threesome or whatever he brought up.

It was probably a few years ago when hubby came home with a camcorder. He explained that he had gotten a good deal on it as it was last years model and the price was greatly reduced. He said he would use it to take movies of our son and daughter. I just smiled as I knew better. Our children were pretty well grown up at the time and I knew his plans for the camcorder were much more sinister.

Ever since we were married hubby has always tried to take pictures of me naked. My big mistake was early on in our marriage, he took me out one evening and got me half drunk. He didn't drink. When he got home he talked me into posing for some nude pictures. Since that time I have given up drinking and have always resisted his attempts to take nude pictures of me. He did manage to get a few over the years and to my chagrin always when I was heavier than I normally was. I guess he liked my increased breast size which at one time swelled to 40D. I'm a more comfortable 36C now, which on my five foot two frame still draws some approving looks from men.

It wasn't long after that he had purchased the camcorder that he said he wanted us to make a porno movie. I told him in no uncertain terms that it was never going to happen. He would mention it off and on, but I resisted any notion of doing one.

It was Christmas and we were all opening our Christmas gifts around the Christmas tree Christmas morning. We were all done when hubby walked over to me and said, "here you forgot to open this one." It was a small box so I had a good idea of what was in it. As we moved out of our very humble beginnings as a married couple hubby had become very generous in showering me with very nice jewelry on my birthday, anniversary, and Christmas. Hubby also had very good taste in jewelry which I found to be a good thing. I know he had always considered me a trophy wife, and these nice gifts were his way of showing it.

I opened the box with great anticipation. I opened the box as my eyes got wide and my mouth dropped open. Inside was the most beautiful set of gold and diamond earrings that I had ever seen. I was in shock as the kids came over to look at them. I gave hubby a big kiss and thanked him. He had the receipt in the bottom of the box which was needed for insurance purposes. Again, I couldn't believe how much he had spent on me. I felt very bad in that all I ever could get him was shirts and pants. Hubby had a big collection of guns, coins, knives and his many woodworking tools. All of which I knew nothing about. Later that evening he approached me and asked me to do the porno movie with him. Feeling guilty about my meager Christmas gift to him I gave in and said I do it.

He assured me that it would be for our eyes only. He set up a date for this Saturday night as both the kids were gone. Saturday night arrived and I had a nice big glass of wine to try and relax me. Knowing hubby, I knew he would have this all scripted out.

We started at 7:00. Hubby told me to put on my red lace bra and panties, black garter belt and nylons and high heeled shoes. I put them on and walked into the room. He told me to do a striptease for him. I took off my bra as I danced around, teasing him by not exposing my breasts at first. I released my breasts and shook them at the camera. I unfastened the garter belt and took off my nylons as I danced in my red panties. I turned around and let them slide off my ass as I wiggled my ass at the camera. I slid the panties off and turned around exposing my hairy pussy. I stood there as he circled me taking close ups of my body. I surprised myself in that I was really getting turned on.

Hubby then removed his clothes and moved across the room. He motioned for me to get on all fours and crawl over to him. I did and looked up at him with his erection sticking straight out in my face. I knew what he wanted as I started to stroke his cock and take him into my mouth. I started to bob up and down as I looked up and smiled. In no time I had him down my throat as I bobbed and sucked faster and faster. I felt his body stiffen up as he took his cock out of my mouth and sprayed my face and tits with his cum. He wasn't a big cummer so I had no problem removing his cum from my face and breasts with my fingers and tasting it, smiling into the camera s I did so. All of this he had caught on film

We took a short break and we exchanged kisses as hubby played with my tits and pussy. When we resumed hubby had me laying on the bed, totally naked. He instructed me to play with myself. I began to rub and caress my breasts. I took each one and licked my big, pink nipples. I then moved my hand down to my pussy and started to rub it. I was squirming on the bed as I inserted two fingers into my now wet pussy.

I was moaning with my two fingers inside me when hubby instructed me to get my dildo out. I got my dildo out of the bed stand drawer and slowly started to insert it into my wet pussy. I worked it in and out for awhile, as I moaned. I took out my small anal vibrator and inserted it. I was now thrusting the vibrators in and out of my pussy and ass. I turned both functions up to the highest speed on my pussy vibrator as I started to shake and moan. I grabbed my tit and squeezed it hard as I arched my back as my orgasm raced thru my body. I laid there for a few minutes, breathing hard, recovering from my orgasm.

Hubby then had me move down to the edge of the bed where proceeded to lick my flowing juices. After several minutes hubby had me move back up on the bed. He put the camera on a tripod and mounted me in the missionary position. He inserted his hard cock into my well lubricated pussy. He pumped me full of his cock for several minutes as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders, affording the camera a better view. He then took his cock out of me and moved up along side of me and had me clean off his cock with my mouth.

We took another short break, when we resumed he again put the camera on the tripod and had me get on all fours. He took some time getting close ups of my exposed pussy and ass. Hubby then mounted me and shoved his cock into me in one powerful stroke. He was filling me with long hard strokes as he pulled my hair and had me tell him that I was a slut and needed his cock.

He reached around and grabbed onto my tits and pulled them hard. Between the dirty talk and the rough sex we both exploded in no time with our orgasms. He crawled off of me and took a close up of his cum oozing out of my pussy.

That was the end of our porno movie. Hubby told me he had wanted to take my ass but after cumming twice he wasn't up for it. He told me we would do that in the next movie. I told him there would be no next time. In the months that followed we viewed the movie several times. While it was amateurish, it turned us on as we enjoyed great sex afterwards. As usual hubby kept asking me to do another movie with him. I told him to consider himself lucky that I had done the one movie.

It had been several months since we had made the porno movie together. Hubby kept asking to make another one but I refused. I had a part time job only working two or three days a week to help with our income. I was at home on my day off when there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to find my neighbor, Pete. I really didn't know Pete very well, hubby and Pete had helped each other out on a few projects and we had spoke casually when he was around me. Pete was a big man, six feet four inches tall and a bachelor.

Pete was a purchasing agent and in our brief conversations it was apparent that he was a very smart man. I had heard a few stories about him and a few lady friends that he had. I guessed he enjoyed his freedom and his lady friends.

I invited him in and asked him what he wanted. He told me that he was "just passing by and wanted to show me something" that he thought I might be interested in. I was concerned with environmental issues as I knew Pete was also. I thought he had an environmental issue on a disc in his hand. He handed me a disc and asked me if I would play it. I inserted it into the player and sat down on the couch. It took a little while before the screen lit up. My eyes got wide and my mouth dropped. It said on the title page, "I like big cocks, contact me at 800-555-5555." I looked on in disbelief as I recognized the number to be mine. I didn't have time to react as I was in shock when I saw myself dancing on the screen. I immediately recognized it as the start of my porno movie.

I rushed over and shut the player off. I looked at Pete and said," what's the meaning of this?" Pete just sat there with a big grin on his face. I went over to the player and told him that I was going to destroy the disc. He told me," go ahead, I have plenty of other copies."

I asked him how he had gotten the movie. He just smiles broadly at me and said. "how I got it doesn't matter, what does matter is what I do with it."

"What do you mean?" I said. He smiled again. I told him that I didn't have allot of money but that I would buy it from him. Again he just smiled and said "I'm not interested in money." "What do you want then?" I asked. He told me to come over to him. I was very upset as I slowly walked over to him. When I was close enough he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I tried to push him away but he was too big and strong as he held me tight. "I know what you want," he said. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face and asked, "what do I want?"

He than took my hand and guided it down to his crotch and ran my hand up and down the length of his now bulging erection. My mouth dropped open as I began to realize the size of his erection. Looking down at me Pete kept smiling while guiding my hand along his big, hard erection. I told him that," I would let him have sex with me once in exchange for the discs."

Again he smiled at me and said, "I have something else in mind." I looked at him puzzled and said, "what is it you want?" Still smiling, he said," your going to do for me what you did for your husband in the movie." I was shocked and told him that I would not do it. He said "OK" and started to walk out the door. When he reached the door he turned back to me and said, "I'm sure your pastor and members of your women's club would certainly enjoy the movie." I quick rushed over to the door and said, "OK, I have no choice, I'll do it." Smiling broadly he said, "your going to get that big cock that you always wanted."

I stood there as Pete hovered over me, smiling at me, cupping my butt with his large hands. He looked down, smiling at me. I was being blackmailed to perform what I had done with hubby in our porno movie. I looked at him and asked," how do I know you'll give me back all of the discs if I do this?" Pete smiled at me and said, "I'm a man of my word, and will give you back the discs that I have". I was not happy about my situation but felt that I had no choice but to comply. I looked up at him and told him, "follow me, lets get this over with."

I headed back to the bedroom being very confused and upset. I told him to sit on the chair in the bedroom as I went to my lingerie drawer and pulled out what I need for my striptease.

I went into the bathroom and removed my clothes. I was shaking I was so nervous and upset. I put on my red lace panties and bra. I put on my black garter belt and started to put on my black nylons. I then made a decision that I would do this, but be as passive and disinterested as I could be, hoping it would make him feel guilty about what he was doing. I slipped on my black high heels and stood before the mirror applying my bright red lipstick.

It was like a bolt of lighting had struck me. I blurted out, "that S.O.B., that S.O.B., that S.O.B." I suddenly realized that the only way Pete could have gotten the movie was if hubby had given it to him. I remembered that hubby had been teasing me for some time about getting a big cock or having a threesome. My blood was boiling as I knew hubby was responsible for what was about to happen to me.

I fluffed my hair up and did a 180 degree turnabout in my thinking. If hubby had indeed set me up I was going to make sure that I enjoyed it and got the most out of it. This would be my payback and I was going to enjoy it. One last quick look in the mirror, I took a deep breath and entered the bedroom.

I had a big smile on my face as I saw Pete sitting in the chair. I went over and turned the CD player on and started to dance for him. I smiled at Pete as I gyrated and swayed my hips. I noticed Pete was rubbing his pants. I walked over to him and said, "here let me help you," as I unzipped his pants. In no time I had his cock out as I marveled at his erection, probably eight to ten inches in length. I got up and took a few steps away from him.

I unfastened my bra and teased him not exposing my big breasts for quite some time. When I did expose them I realized my nipples were rock hard and sticking out very nicely. I walked over to him and pushed my breasts into his face. He wanted to suck on them but I quickly backed up so he couldn't. I unfastened my garter belt and removed it as well as my nylons, I looked over at Pete as he was stroking his big cock. I then realized that his cock was so much larger then when I first had seen it. I swallowed hard as I had never seen such a huge cock.

I stood before Pete in only my panty clad ass. I was hoping he liked hairy women as I don't shave. I slowly worked my red lace panties off and stood before him totally naked.

I told him that he should remove his clothes also. He stripped them off in a flash.

I continued to dance as Pete sat back down on the chair, also totally naked. He was stroking that huge cock of his when I went over to him and sat on his lap. I was careful to make sure that I wedged his cock between my pussy and his stomach. I started to grind up and down, rubbing his cock with my pussy. I would let him suck on my nipples for a little while, making sure he was never in a position to enter me. I could tell he wanted me so I got up and went over and laid down on the bed.

I spread my legs wide in front of him as I started to gently rub my outer lips. I could feel that I was already very wet. I inserted one finger, than a second finger into my wet pussy. I lifted my legs up, bending then at the knees so he had a very good view of my wet pussy and finger action.

I then took out my large 8" vibrator and proceeded to teasingly slowly suck on it, as if I was giving it a blow job. I could see Pete was stroking his cock faster and faster. I got off the bed and crawled over to him as I looked up smiling at him.

I took his cock in my hand and started to slide my hand up and down the length of it. I kissed up and down the length of it and gently took one of his balls in my mouth and started to suck on it. I did the same with his other ball as I continued to slide my hand up and down his cock. I heard him let out a moan.

I went back up to his big mushroom shaped head and slowly wrapped my hot wet lips around his cock and started to suck on it. I really had to stretch my mouth wide open to take his size into my mouth. I started to bob up and down, gradually taking more and more of him into my stretched out mouth. I felt him hit the back of my throat as I gagged.

I had developed a steady pace, bobbing up and down, gradually working more and more of his big cock down my throat. I sucked harder and started to bob faster and faster, all the time stroking his cock with my hand. I reached down and started to play with his balls when I felt him tighten up. He grabbed my head and held me down as far on his cock as I could go as his first stream of hot cum shot deep down my throat.

He kept cumming and cumming as I swallowed as fast as I could. It was too much as his hot sweet cum was running out my mouth down on to my tits. I continued to swallow and suck until he finally quit squirting. I looked up at him and smiled as I got back on the bed.

I picked up my vibrator and resumed my slow mock blow job on it. I then inserted it into my dripping wet pussy. I slowly worked it in and out. I took my small anal vibrator and inserted it in my ass. I turned both switches on the vibrator on. I was so aroused that in no time my body was shaking as I squirmed all over the bed.

I was soon gasping for air, moaning loudly as I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. I arched my back and let out a scream, AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW, as my orgasm raced thru my body. I grabbed my tit and squeezed it hard as I closed my legs around the vibrator and held it fast inside me. I was thrashing around on the bed, gasping for air for a few minutes before I finally was able to recover from my orgasm.

I laid there when I felt Pete grab my legs and pull me down to the edge of the bed. He buried his face in my oozing pussy and eagerly lapped up my love juices. His tongue was so long it felt like I had a small cock inside me. I ran my fingers thru his hair as he continued to lick me clean. His hand found my clit and started to gently rub it. I knew I wouldn't last long if he kept this up.

I slid back up on the bed and smiled at Pete saying, "I'm ready for you now." I noticed that he had fully recovered from my blow job and was as large as ever. I spread my legs and told him to, "go slow." He crawled up over me as his large frame loomed over me. I felt him at my entrance as I reached down to guide him in. I felt him start to slowly enter me. He gradually started to inch his way deeper and deeper into me.

Hubby is not small, 7", and thick, but Pete was much larger. I felt as he started to fill and stretch me out. I threw my head back closed my eyes and bit my lip as I let out a gasp. Pete was starting a slow and steady rhythm, as his big cock continued deeper and deeper into me. I relaxed my body and was letting out a low moan as I was starting to enjoy the pleasure that Pete's big cock was bringing to me.

I has opened my eyes as I was enjoying the new sensations that Pete's big cock was bringing to me. I bit my lip again when Pete looked down at me and said I want you from behind. He pulled out of me as I heard a little popping noise as he withdrew from me.

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