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My son's girlfriend had been living with us for about a year. Amy's a nice kid, no raving beauty but cute, 20 years old, about 5'4" with auburn hair. To tell the truth, I hadn't paid much attention to her. Around the house she and my son always wore the same grunge/Goth stuff. You know, everything black and baggy.

On this weekend my wife, son and Amy had gone to visit her mother leaving me home alone to do my weekend chores. After mowing the yard I came into the house, grabbed a cold beer and headed downstairs to watch some baseball on the big screen TV. Kicking off my raggedy "yard work" tennis shoes, I dropped onto the couch in front of the TV, picked up the remote and hit the power button. Nothing happened – the set was on, but there was no picture. The TV was only a couple months old - I began to cuss. It dawned on me that my son might have changed the settings on the TV as it has a DVD, VCR and X-Box hooked into it, all controlled by a remote control that would confuse a 747 pilot.

I was afraid this would take some concentration so I set my beer down and actually started reading all the descriptions by the buttons on the remote. Finding one labeled "Status" I pressed it and immediately the screen was filled with about 8 lined of information telling me about CATV and Video 1, Video 2, etc. The one that caught my eye was the line in bright green that said VCR connected/enabled/loaded. The good news was at least I knew the damn thing was working and it appeared the VCR now had "control" of my TV. The bad news was I didn't have a clue how to turn the !@$%@# thing back into a normal old television.

Figuring I'd either have to watch a movie or go upstairs and watch the game on the TV in my bedroom I decided if I could get the VCR to actually play, I'd grab one of my 'private' tapes and watch some porn for a while. Scanning the remote I found a little button that said 'Play' – Eureka!! I'd found it!!! To make sure, I pressed the 'Play' button. Some recording of an old TV soap opera popped up on the screen. I was set. Trotting upstairs I pulled my favorite porn tape from the collection I kept in my closet and headed back downstairs figuring this would be better than a boring baseball game anyway.

As I turned the corner into the TV room I stopped dead in my tracks and my jaw hit the floor. The image on the 42" High Definition TV wasn't the soap opera; it was Amy naked sucking my son's cock! I immediately recognized that the video had been recorded in their bedroom upstairs and that under all those baggy clothes Amy had a dynamite body. From what I was watching she was also a first class cocksucker too.

The camera had been set at the end of their bed and was looking toward the head of the bed. The view of Amy was from the side so I had a perfect view of her right breast jiggling as she slowly buried her nose in my son's pubic hair and then lifted her mouth up till she was holding just the tip of his cock between her lips. It appeared he took after me as it looked like his cock was about 7 inches long and fairly thick. My cock had grown to its full 8 ½ inches and was hard as a rock in my shorts.

She was sucking Stan's cock down her throat faster now and was using both hands to massage his balls. My son had gotten into the swing of things and was thrusting his hips up to meet her every down stroke.

My brain finally came to life and I grabbed the remote and found the stop button then looked around to see if anyone else could see the screen. This was damn dumb as I was the only one in the house and the TV room was in the basement – no windows. OK, maybe I wasn't quite thinking straight.

Sitting down on the couch I dropped my porn tape to the floor, found the rewind button on the remote with one hand and picked up my beer with the other. While the tape was rewinding I sucked down half the can. The tape stopped and automatically went back into play mode. Just as before there was the old soap opera on the screen. After about a minute it disappeared and was replaced with an image of Amy laying on the bed, her bald pussy facing the camera. Within a few seconds my son appeared in the frame; he'd obviously been behind the video camera making sure it was focused correctly.

As he laid down beside her they began speaking to each other. I hit the rewind button again and cranked up the volume to hear what they were saying. This time when Stan's head hit the stack of pillows at the top of the bed I heard him clearly.

"OK, the camera's on what do you want to do first?" Amy just smiled and said softly, "Just lay still, I'm going to suck your cock till you cum in my mouth." She then kissed her way down Stan's naked body till she got to his cock. Licking her way down the growing shaft she licked his balls then slowly sucked one into her mouth. Stan's cock immediately went rigid. Amy allowed his testicle to drop out of her mouth as she licked her way back up to the tip of his cock and then back down again where she inhaled his other testicle, gave it some loving attention before moving back up to the tip of his cock.

I watched as the images on the video became familiar. This is where I had come in when I first came down stairs. Stan had both hands in Amy's hair, holding her head still while he fucked her mouth hard and fast while Amy continued to play with his balls. With one final lunge Stan froze with his cock buried in Amy's mouth as his orgasm hit. I could see Amy's cheeks hollow as she sucked hard on his cock, then bulge slightly as he delivered a load of his cum into her waiting mouth. She continued to suck his cock until his balls were completely empty and his cock began to deflate.

Amy pulled her mouth from his cock and with a big smile said, "Mmm, mmm good! I love how you taste!" She sat up, giving me my first unobstructed view of her tits. They were beautiful, a C cup, they sat high on her chest with no sag. The areolas were a very pale ping while her nipples were a much darker pink, about the width of my little finger and maybe ¾" long.

She scooted back so that she was sitting up against the headboard next to my son. Stan reached over and gave Amy a very passionate kiss as he dropped his hand to her pussy.
""Oooohhh baby," Amy growled, "that's it. Play with my pussy. Yeeesssss, pinch my clit. Make me hot."

Stan did as he was told and moved his hand between her legs. His fingers were now a blur as he worked her clean shaven cunt. After about five minutes of this Amy was ready.

"OK, it's time for you to eat my hot cunt and make me cum." Amy hissed as she pushed my son's head toward her glistening pussy.

To make sure the camera captured everything, Stan knelt next to Amy and leaned over as he began to lick her pussy lips. When his tongue reached the top of her slit it darted between the thick lips to her clit. Amy responded with a moan as she grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets.

Using the thumb and index finger of one hand Stan pushed open Amy's cunt lips so he could attach her sensitive pussy. He began licking, sucking and gently biting her cunt. I could tell Amy was excited as more and more liquid seeped out of her hole to my sons waiting mouth.

With his other hand Stan reached under her and began fingering Amy's ass. Amy was really squirming around on the bed as Stan worked his thumb into her ass hole then plunged two fingers into her cunt.

Amy grabbed Stan's head and shoved his face to her clit. He in turn bite her clit and moved his face away from her cunt, pulling on her clit.

She went wild; bucking her cunt to his face while my son sawed his fingers and thumb as deeply as he could into her holes. She began making little noises, nothing intelligible, just little animal type sounds every time his fingers shoved deep into her cunt.

Their lustful embrace continued to build as Stan attached his mouth to as much of her cunt as he could suck into his mouth. Amy appeared to be trying to shove his entire head into her cunt.

The dam finally broke as Amy went rigid letting out a loud scream. Her orgasm was magnificent. Her back was arched off the bed and she began to shake as wave after wave rolled over her. Stan was gulping down her juices as fast as he could. After what seemed to be several minutes to me Amy slowly dropped back onto the bed, still shaking all over. Stan lifted himself back up into a sitting position, his thumb and fingers still buried in Amy.

Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, her breathing still very labored. As the intensity of the orgasm subsided Amy's breathing returned to near normal. Stan intentionally looked directly into the camera and gave an exaggerated wink then began furiously fucking Amy's ass and cunt with his fingers again.

"OH FUCK! OH SHIT! OHGOD!! STOP!!! I CAN'T STAND IT – IT'S TOO MUCH!!!! I'M TOO SENSATIVE." Amy screamed as she frantically tried to grab his hand and pull it away from her super sensitive pussy. Stan was having none of it and he pushed her hands away with his free hand. He increased the speed he was hand fucking her and in about 30 seconds Amy let out another scream as another giant orgasm took control of her. This time her body convulsed so violently that it knocked Stan off balance and he almost fell off of the bed causing him to pull his hand away from her ass and cunt. As soon as his fingers were out of her Amy rolled up into a fetal position, gently rocking herself. Stan moved back up into a sitting position next to her and softly stroked her back waiting for Amy to recover.

The whole video had taken maybe 15 to 20 minutes to this point. As I paused the tape I found that I had been sitting on the very edge of the couch. Slumping back onto the couch my heart was beating like a jackhammer inside my chest, my cock was so hard it hurt and my hands were even shaking a little.

My thoughts were in a million places at once. Who would have thought that Amy and Stan would create their own porn video? In my house! With my video camera!! Up till now the most skin Amy had shown around the house was last summer when she was wore a baggy pair of shorts that came down to her knees with a T-shirt that must have been an extra large. I mean this is a girl that walks into the bathroom for a shower fully clothed and comes out the same way. Unbelievable!!!

I HAD to have a copy of this tape. I checked my watch and tried, unsuccessfully, to remember when my wife said she would be coming home. I took a deep breath to compose myself, then grabbed the phone next to the couch to call her. After a couple rings she picked up.


"Hi honey It's me. I was, ah, I was wondering what time you thought you would be getting home."

"Gee, I don't know. Not before 8 or 9 tonight, why?

Shit, why did I want to know… "I was just wondering if I should pull something out of the freezer for dinner." That sounded OK…

"Not for us. We'll eat at my moms and then head home. Well, gotta go. See you later. Love you."

"Ah, yeah, love you too." I said as almost an after thought as I dropped the handset back on the phone. OK, I had 4 maybe 5 hours before they got home, plenty of time to get everything done.

Hitting rewind on the remote I headed upstairs where I yanked the little VCR player off the bedroom TV. Back in the basement it took me 45 DAMN minutes of trial and error before I had the two VCR's hooked together where I could copy from one to the other.

I grabbed a blank tape and put it into the receiving VCR, then made sure it was on the highest quality record settings. Pressing the play button on the remote and the record button on the other VCR both machines came to life as the initial image of Amy popped up on the TV. Since I had already seen this part a couple times I used the opportunity to leave and pull another beer out of the refrigerator then lock both the front and back doors, just in case somebody got home early I wanted to have a minute to shut down the VCR's.

Dropping onto the couch with my new can of beer I was just in time to see my son pump Amy's mouth full of cum again. As I watched him return the oral pleasure to her I moved off the couch, sitting on the floor just a couple feet away from the TV as the video moved into a new scene. As Amy recovered from her orgasm she sat up next to Stan again. They looked at each other and then at the camera and started giggling.

Stan looked back at Amy and said, "OK, this was your idea – what's next?"

Amazing! I found it hard to believe that quiet little Amy was behind the idea of creating their own fuck flick.

Amy smiled and reached for my son's cock, which was now back at full staff. As she began to jack him off he reached for her cunt. Amy opened her legs I saw that the lips of her pussy were puffy and red from the mauling he had given her earlier. Their mutual masturbation continued and both of them closed their eyes as they reveled in the intense feelings they were receiving from the other.

After about ten minutes Amy pulled her hand away from Stan's cock, swung her leg over his middle so she straddled his legs, facing away from him. Stan grabbed his cock and aimed it up as Amy settled her cunt onto it. Once the first inch or so was buried in her pussy Stan's hands moved up Amy's body to her tits. Hefting them in his hands he started to squeeze and massage them.

"Oh yes, that's nice. I love it when you squeeze my tits. Pinch my nipples - - oh yes, that's it. Knowing that we're taping this is making me so fucking horny"

Stan's hands were now pawing and squeezing Amy's tits. For her part Amy had arched her back as the assault continued, but had not taken more than the first inch or so of my sons cock into her cunt. Amy looked over her shoulder at Stan, smiled, and dropped her cunt onto his cock, instantly burying it to the balls inside her. Then just as fast she raised up so that only the very tip of his cock remained in her.

"Come on Aim, I'm dieing here. Let me feel that sweet pussy on my cock." Stan tried to shove his cock up into her but she just lifted herself up, keeping him just barley in her cunt.
She laughed and said, " Seems only fair. I asked you to stop before and you didn't so you ask me to start and I won't."

"Yeah, but you know you didn't want me to stop. Plus you came like a Russian race horse – remember?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right", Amy giggled and dropped her cunt onto his cock again. This time she kept it deep in her and began rotating her hips. "Oh, yeah, I love the way your cock fills me up."

Sometime during all this I had pulled my own cock out of my pants and was stroking it in time with Amy's gyrations. On the screen my son had moved his hands to her hips and they were fucking each other as hard as they could. I could hear the slap, slap, slap as their bodies slammed into each other.

My son's fingers appeared to be like claws as they sunk into the flesh at Amy's hips. "Gonna cum soon Aim. Aah shit, gonna fill you up with cum".

Amy had her eyes closed her face screwed up in a mask of passion. She was biting her lower lip as she concentrated on slamming Stan's cock as deeply into her cunt as it would reach.

They both began to groan as their mutual orgasm inched closer. Amy's hand flashed between her legs and she started furiously massaging her clit. This pushed her over the edge.

"SSSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTTT!!!" she screamed, as her body was wracked with another orgasm.

Stan didn't say anything, just sucked in a huge lungful of air, shoved his cock up into her so hard he lifted Amy off the bed and held her in the air as he emptied his balls into her womb.

I came at the same time. Ropes of cum shot from my tortured cock. The first hit the screen and appeared to run down Amy's belly. The rest landed on the carpet between the TV and me. On the screen the kids crumpled onto the bed, I sat back on my heels stretching an arm out to the floor to hold myself up. We all needed a rest.

Finally Stan rolled off the bed and disappeared out of the view of the camera. Seconds later it was turned off and the original soap opera was back on the screen. It took me a minute to catch my breath and I was reaching for the VCR's when the picture went fuzzy for a second and was replaced with another shot of Amy.

This time she was in a very flimsy black see-through negligee, again sitting on a bed. I felt my cock give a tug as I realized she was not on their bed, but was sitting in the middle of the king size bed in MY bedroom.

As it turned out there were a total of three different sessions on the tape and I copied them all. Let me know if you want me to tell you about the session on my bed or the third session where my son and Amy fucked their brains out not ten feet from my wife and I while we were at the pool.

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