tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHome Movies Ch. 02

Home Movies Ch. 02


These are true stories. I had accidentally found a videotape my son had made of he and his girlfriend Amy fucking. Not just fucking, but fucking in MY bed in the master bedroom! I've changed the names as my son visits this site too.

After watching the first session the picture reverted back to the same old soap opera. I was going to rewind the tape but decided to fast forward through a couple minutes "just in case" and sure enough after a few seconds the soap disappeared and an image of Amy appeared in a black negligee sitting on the sofa in the living room. Amy seemed to be listening to someone off camera so I cranked up the volume to hear what was being said.

"... and play with yourself." Was all I picked up. The voice belonged to my son who was obviously giving Amy direction as to what he wanted done for the camera.

"OK" Amy smiled at the camera, "toss me one of my toys." The camera sort of tilted a little as my son reached for something, then a large black dildo came sailing in from off camera. Amy plucked it out of the air. The thing looked to be about a foot long, at least three or four inches thick and was shaped like a man's cock.

"Mmmmm, my favorite" Amy purred as she rubbed the end of the fake cock across her lips. She began licking the head of the dildo then opening her mouth; she took the fat head between her lips. Amy slowly fucking her mouth with the thing. Light began to glint off of it as more and more of Amy's saliva ran down the sides of the fake cock. Soon it was slick and that's when Amy took it from her mouth and began rubbing it against the thin material covering her pussy.

The camera moved closer and closer to Amy's pussy until the dildo rubbing her cunt filled the screen. My son's hand reached out and ripped the sheer panties from her slit. Amy immediately shoved about half of the huge dildo into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God that feels good" Amy whined as she began to work the black cock in and out of her steaming pussy. Her other hand began furiously rubbing her clit.

That's when I noticed the difference. Between the time they had made the first video and now Amy no longer had a shaved cunt. There was now a light dusting of red hair around the lips of her pussy. My hand was around my own cock as I watched the fat dildo glide into her cunt, pulling in the lips of her pussy and then sliding them out as she brought the thing almost completely out.

Amy began to fuck herself faster and harder. More and more of the plastic cock disappeared into her until she was taking about nine inches of the big black cock in her tiny cunt. From the way the camera was jiggling I figured my son was stroking his cock with his free hand – just as I was.

The big black dildo was glistening with a mixture of Amy's juices and saliva as she rammed it into herself. Every time it hit bottom she let out a little whimper. I could feel my balls begin to tighten, as I got closer to my own orgasm. All of a sudden the camera panned up to Amy's face. Immediately a long string of cum hit her, dripping from just above her left eye, across her nose and ending up on her lips. This was followed by three more blasts as my son emptied his balls.

Amy's tongue flicked out and licked as much of his cum into her mouth as she could reach. This seemed to be just what Amy needed as her mouth made a perfect O and a ragged scream escaped her lips. Her orgasm was obviously very intense. My son had recovered enough to pan back to show all of Amy's body. The black dildo had all but disappeared into Amy's cunt; she was squeezing and pulling on her tortured clit. I couldn't take any more and shot my own load onto the carpet, just missing the TV.

As Amy fell back against the couch on the screen I did the same in real life. The camera jostled around, apparently my son was putting it on the tripod because as soon as the picture stabilized Stan moved onto the screen and sat down next to Amy. Even though he had just shot a huge load of cum onto Amy's face his cock was still rock hard (ah youth). His hands went to her nipples and began to twist and squeeze them.

The effect on Amy was dramatic. One second she had been laying against the couch, her eyes closed basking in the aftermath of her orgasm and in the next her eyes were wide open, filled with lust as she shoved her tits into my sons hands and reached for his hard cock.

"I want your cock in my mouth, NOW." She ordered and forced my son up into a standing position on the couch by yanking his cock to her waiting mouth. As soon as the head of his cock was between her lips her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. The camera angle wasn't the best but I swear that she took his entire dick down her throat in one gulp. For his part Stan brought his hands up to the wall behind the couch and began fucking Amy's mouth for all he was worth.

Stan fucked Amy's mouth for several minutes. Then pulling his cock out of her mouth and dropped back onto his heels on the sofa. Amy had a puzzled look on her face as she stared at my son with lust filled eyes. I could see she was not done yet, her nipples had hardened into pebbles and the areolas were puckered as well. Her breath was very ragged and she was covered with sweat.

"I want to fuck your ass while you fuck your cunt with this" he said, tossing the foot long black dildo to Amy. "Get on your hands and knees and shove that big black cock into your cunt."

Amy immediately dropped onto all fours then reaching underneath herself she shoved six or seven inches of the fat dildo into her cunt. Stan looked at the camera then grabbed Amy's legs to move her into a position so her cunt faced the camera. Sitting next to Amy he began running his fingers over her tight ass and stuffed cunt.

It was a beautiful sight. Amy's vaginal lips were puffy and red from the abuse she had already given herself. Droplets of her juices were all around the dildo as she slowly pushed it in and out of her cunt. The puckered pink star of her asshole would almost disappear as she shoved the fat dildo deep into her pussy. Stan ran his index finger around her pussy, moistening it with Amy's juices. He began rubbing her ass with his finger and ever so slowly pushed his finger into her tight ass until it was completely inside her.

Amy was ready to cum again. She was frantically shoving the fake cock in her cunt and even with her face turned away from the camera I could hear her moaning every time the cock bottomed out against her womb. Stan pulled his finger almost completely out of her ass and then shoved it back into her. He continued this process speeding up with every stroke until his hand was fucking Amy's ass at the same tempo that she was fucking her cunt with the dildo.

Stan added a second finger in Amy's ass, which triggered another orgasm. This one didn't seem as intense as the first. Amy let out a moan and began to quiver. I watched as she held the cock deep in her cunt, her butt squeezing my son's fingers buried in her ass. Stan gave her about 15 seconds then pulled his fingers our of Amy's ass. He used them to slicken the mushroom head of his cock as he stood up. He positioned himself carefully behind and to the side of Amy's butt so that the camera could catch the action.

Tilting the head of his cock to Amy's pink asshole Stan slowly pushed until the fat head of his cock disappeared into her. They both froze as Amy screamed from the initial pain. Stan kept his cock still waiting for Amy to become accustom to it. After about 30 seconds I saw Amy begin to slowly move the fat dildo in and out of her cunt. Another half a minute and she very tentatively pushed her ass back against my sons cock causing another inch or so of it to disappear into her ass.

"Damn Stan, it hurts but it feels sooo good at the same time." Stan pulled back until just the head of his cock remained in her ass. He reached up and spit into his hand then rubbed his fingers over the sides of his cock, trying to ease the friction a little.

"Try it no baby." he whispered as he dropped his hand to her back and began running his finger nails up and down Amy's spine. Amy pushed back against his cock and a couple inches disappeared into her this time. She kept up this slow fucking until finally all of Stan's cock was sliding in and out of cute butt.

"Stan - - - fuck me now Stan - - I want to feel your cum in my ass." Amy had started rhythmically fucking her cunt with the dildo again and was pushing back to meet each stroke from my son's cock.

Hearing Amy's plea was all he needed; Stan began moving his hips, shoving his cock harder and harder into her ass. Amy didn't miss a stroke as she lifted her butt to meet each of his. I was hard again and keeping pace with them myself.

"Now - - - Now - - Now NNOOOWWW!!" Amy shrieked as she began to cum. This sent my son over the edge. Stan let out a roar as he shoved his cock as deep as he could in Amy's ass and let loose another load of cum while I shot my own cum all over the TV screen.

We all collapsed. Stan collapsed onto Amy and they both dropped on the couch gasping for breath. Stan kept his cock buried in Amy's little ass but she had released her hold on the black cock dildo and the muscle contractions of her tight cunt forced it out of her pussy. I collapsed onto the floor. I couldn't take any more and stopped the tape.

When I had caught my breath I pushed myself up to a sitting position and stripped off my T-shirt. I used it to wipe my cum off of the TV screen.

I wondered how many more sessions were on the tape. Glancing at the clock I saw that I had about two and a half hours before the family would be getting home. I knew that once Stan figured out that they had left the tape downstairs it would disappear to wherever they kept it – I HAD to make a copy. Rushing around I found a new, blank tape; loaded it into the VCU (it's a dual deck system) rewound my son's tape and began the copying process.

As it turned out there was one more session on the tape. It was a different than the first two. The kids were outside for the final session and there was a little surprise at the end. Let me know if you want to hear about it.

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