tagErotic CouplingsHome Movies Ch. 05

Home Movies Ch. 05


I had stumbled across a couple large media file on my son's PC while looking for something else. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened one and the first thing I saw was his naked girlfriend sucking my neighbor's cock, while my son recorded the action!

I almost got caught watching the movie when the family got home unexpectedly. I promised myself that I would copy those two files to my PC first chance I got…..

I thought I would never get a chance to copy the 'home movies' of my son and his girlfriend off his PC. With the holidays and school being out there never seemed to be any time when I was home alone.

FINALLY, the day after Christmas my wife announced that she was headed out shopping to take advantage of all the sales. Stan and Amy were all for going along, as they had gotten several gift cards and wanted to spend them quick. My wife wanted me to come along but I quickly begged off, saying I had a bunch of stuff to do around the house.

As soon as Stan's car disappeared around the corner I grabbed my little "flash drive" and headed for my sons PC. In just a few minutes I had the PC up and running and was looking thru the data files for the two movies I had stumbles across a few weeks ago. After finding them and copying them to the flash drive I was about to turn off the PC when it dawned on me that it might be worthwhile to take a more careful look for anything else "interesting" on Stan's machine.

It had only taken me bout 5 minutes to find and copy the two movie files, and knowing my wife I had faith that they wouldn't be back for hours. So I did a complete search for all pictures and movies on the PC's hard-drive. There were thousands of them! Most of the pictures were family, friends, and goofy stuff. Same held true for the movie clips. I had gone through most of them and was about to give up when I came across a folder named "Good Times".


There must have been a hundred or so pictures of Amy. In looking at the thumbnail views most of the pictures were of Amy was naked and posing. Some were of her and Stan sucking and fucking. What surprised me was that there were several pictures of Stan's previous girlfriend Rachael. As with Amy, all Rachael was wearing was a smile in all of them.

I also saw where there were ten movie files. Two, I recognized as copies of the ones I had found earlier on Stan's PC. But the other eight I had never seen before. The date stamps indicated that a few were several years' old, back when my son was dating Rachael. The last one had been created at 2:00 AM this morning!

It took me about two seconds to figure out I wanted all of this stuff. It didn't take long to copy all of the files to my flash drive. Shutting down my sons PC I headed to my office where I locked myself in and began looking thru the pictures. I recognized the background in most of the pictures of Amy as being taken around our house. There were several though that didn't look familiar and I assumed Stan had taken them while he and Amy were on vacation.

The few pictures of Rachel were very interesting. I recognized the background it the pictures immediately – it was my office! I could only remember once that he and Rachael had dropped by while I was doing some catch-up work on a weekend. I found it amazing that he had the balls, and the persuasive ability, to talk Rachael into shedding her cloths so he could take some pictures of her posing on my desk while I was off somewhere doing something.

After spending a while fantasizing about Rachael spread out on my desk I decided it was time to take a look at the second home movie I'd found. I also promised myself that I'd go thru the rest of Stan's "Good Times" movies as well.

The opening scene shocked me and made me whirl around to look at the closed locked door to my study. On my PC's screen was a picture of me looking at my PC. It had obviously been shot from the door to the study. In the movie I looked up, waved at the cameraman and said "Ah come on Stan, you've got to be able to find somebody else to point that thing at. I don't want to be in the movies."

The camera jiggled as my son backed out of my study and my eyes went wide as the frame captured Amy, naked, standing right outside my door. She had a hand stuffed into her mouth obviously trying to keep from laughing. My son could be heard telling me, "OK pop, I'll find somebody else to video – but I think you would have REALLY enjoyed being in my movie."

Amy now pulled her fist from her mouth and pushing her tits together, turned toward the open door and took a step toward it. My son's arm shot into the frame, grabbing her arm to stop her he hissed, "Are you nuts! You can't go in there like that!"

Amy whispered back, "Why not. I'll bet our dad would love to see me like this."

There was a little more struggling between them and the picture went black. Obviously Stan had to stop his filming to stop Amy form walking into my office. I paused the movie and sat there remembering when Stan had taken that video. I had been working on a presentation for work, pissed that I had to bring it home because my ass-hole boss had moved up the meeting date without telling me. I wondered what I would do if Amy walked into my office right now without a stitch. I thought what I'd like to do then paused and said to myself; no, I'd probably do nothing but get red in the face and pretend that I wanted her to get dressed – such BS.

Coming back to reality I heaved a sigh and started the video back up. The next scene was obviously sometime later. It was daylight and the kids were now out by the pool. Amy was wearing a skimpy hot pink (I thought of it as titty pink) bikini. Stan was in the frame as well in his swim team Speedo. From the looks of it he had set the video camera on the table in the cabana and adjusted it to film them both across the pool.

They were to far away to hear what was being said but it appeared as if they were just sitting in the sun talking, laughing and occasionally sipping on their drinks. This was boring so I began fast forwarding thru it. I was disappointed as I had for something other than 'wholesome family fun by the pool'.

After about a minute, 15 minutes according to the video tape counter, the kids got up and moved over to the cabana. I could hear them now, although they had both gone out of the camera's frame.

"Is he still watching? Are you sure he was beating off?" Amy chuckled. "Don't know, can't see him now." Stan reply.

"OK, quick, put the camera on the back shelf and cover it with a towel." Amy whispered. The picture immediately took a roller coaster ride as the camera was scooped up, shoved on a shelf somewhat higher than it had been than completely covered with a towel.

"No dummy! Uncover the lenses and adjust it to auto focus." Hands were seen in a blur as the towel was moved to uncover the pool scene again. Then the auto focus took over and Amy cam back into perfect view. "OK, that's great. I know it's there and I can barely see it. Get over here I hear somebody coming." Stan popped back into view as he dove for his chair. Seconds later a voice could be heard, "Hay Stan, you over there? OK if I come over for a swim?"

"Come on over Mike, Amy and I are in the cabana." Mike was our neighbor's son. He was about two months older than Stan. Short and heavyset Mike looked a lot like his father. I always considered him to be a lazy bum. He had done fine thru high school, but then decided it would be easier to live off his parents than go to school or get a job.

Mike walked into view dressed in a pair of baggy shorts that looked like it would be a tossup as to which would happen first; either they were going to fall off of him or they were going to fall apart. He was wearing a T-shirt that had a drawing of a huge straw on it starting at about mid chest and going to the bottom of the shirt. Above the picture was the phrase SUCK THIS in bold letters. The way the T-shirt was loosely tucked into Mike's shorts it looked like it was pointed straight at his crotch.

"What's up bro?" Mike inquired as he ambled over to Amy's side. "Lookin REAL good there Amy." He said and then casually reached up and squeezed one of her tits.

I about fell out of my chair! Amy didn't seem to even notice and Stan paid no attention as he just sat there smiling. Mike let go of Amy's tit and sat down next to Stan. They chatted for the next few minutes about nothing important. I was starting to get bored with the whole thing and wasn't paying too much attention to the small talk when Mike reached into his shorts. It was obvious that he was playing with his dick. Turning up the sound a little I caught the tail end of Mike's statement, "… your fault Amy. I can't help it."

"Bullshit", Amy chuckled as she stood up and moved to the space between Stan and Mike's chairs. "You're just a horney bastard. Shit, you get a boner looking at a knot hole."

Laughing aloud she fished her hand into Mike's shorts next to his. "Anyway, I don't see how you can tell if you're hard or not with that little thing."

As his face reddened, Mike grabbed Amy's hand and pulled it out of his shorts. "That's not a nice thing to say." He protested. "I can't help it if your boy friend is a freak with a horse cock and that's all you have to compare against."

Amy just smiled and reached into Stan's shorts with her other hand. "MMMmmmmm, that may be Mike, but I just love his horse cock." In the next instant she had flipped Stan's cock out of the top of his brief Speedo. Once free it grew to full strength, pointing straight up at Amy's smile.

Mike groaned and his hand dove back into the baggy shorts. Stan groaned as well as Amy's hand began to slowly work its way up and down his sizable dick. Amy leaned down and circled the head of Stan's cock with her lips for just a second, than raised up just a bit and began to bathe his cock with her tongue.

While this was happening Mike was presented with Amy's tight ass, barely covered by the bikini. He wasted no time in burying his nose between the cheeks of her ass. Amy pushed back into Mike's face and I could see her eyes flutter. It was obvious that Amy's wasn't the only one with a talented tongue. With his one free hand Mike reached up and untied the strings on the bikini bottom and it fell to the concrete.

Stan reached over and placed his hand on Amy's head and began to guide her as she sucked his cock down her throat. Mike pulled his face from her ass just long enough to stand up and push his shorts to the ground and yank his T-shirt off.

Amy was right – he did have a little dick. Like father like son, I caught myself thinking absently. He then dropped to his knees pushing the chair out of the way and moved around so he was staring at Amy's cunt. Grabbing her hips with both hands he spread her legs apart enough so he could work his tongue into her pussy then violently pulled her cunt into his waiting mouth.

The sensation was obviously almost too much for the poor girl as her knees sagged and she let out a loud groan. Stan immediately grabbed a handful of her hair and held her mouth over his cock as he fucked her face faster and faster.

In just a minute or two Stan let out a yell as his entire body spasmed upward shoving his entire cock into Amy's mouth and down her throat. Frozen he stayed like this as he obviously emptied his balls down her throat.

This set Amy off as her face, chest and tits flushed. Her legs were shaking terribly and it looked as if it weren't for Mike holding her to his face she would have collapsed on the ground. All of a sudden Mike's little dick shot cum up onto his chest.

I chuckled to myself not only was he overweight; he had a pencil dick and no self control either. He was completely fucked.

After about 30 seconds all three of them lost control and tumbled to the concrete. As Stan's cock popped out of Amy's mouth the last of his cum oozed out onto her cheek. They were all sucking wind like they had just run a 4 minute mile. Pretty soon Amy and Stan regained their breathe and sat up. Looking down at Mike Amy chuckled again, "Damn Mike, what happened to you? Looks like you had a little accident there."

Mike finally rolled up into a sitting position. Still somewhat out of breathe he looked around and grabbing his discarded T-shirt he began to wipe his own cum off his stomach. "It's not my fault that you get me so excited." He whined. "You've got the hottest pussy around. I love sucking on it. I just wish you'd let me shove my dick in it sometime."

Shaking her head from side to side Amy looked at Mike like she might look at some poor guy who had just pissed all over himself. "Sorry Mike, you can suck on my pussy any time you want, but I've got no use for that little cock of yours."

"I told you, MINE'S normal!" Mike stumbled as he got to his feet. "He's the freak!!" he said, pointing at Stan. Now on his feet Mike was obviously unhappy. Reaching down he grabbed his shorts and hauled them up to his waist.

"Don't think so bro" said Stan as he stood up himself. "You got shorted in the dick department." Amy let out a hoot at Stan's unintentional pun.

"Bull" Mike hissed, now obviously pissed but smart enough not to do anything about it. "I've seen my old mans dick and my uncle's too and they're no bigger than me." Turning around he headed back the way he had come "See ya later" he said over his shoulder as he disappeared from the picture.

Stan and Amy just looked at each other and tried to hold it in. Finally they couldn't control themselves and longer and burst out laughing. "God" Amy chuckled, "I thought he was going to explode".

They both sat back down as the laughter wore itself out. They were quite for a minute or so then Amy leaned toward Stan and said, "Do you think he's telling the truth about his dad?" "Beats me," replied Stan. As a mischievous smile played across Amy's face she said, "Well, maybe we'll just need to find out."

It was at that moment that it dawned on me that I had watched the movies in reverse order. This was the first one the kids had shot. The earlier one of them with Mike's dad had been shot after this session. Glancing at my watch I figured I probably didn't have time to watch another mpeg. I shut down my PC then walked into the kitchen to grab a beer before I headed to the back deck. There I slouched into one of the lounge chairs and began to ponder how I could arrange to fuck Amy without loosing my son or my wife. After about 15 minutes I began to smile as a plan began to come together in my head…

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