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Home Nudist, Attorney At Law


There is a woman who lives across the street and over two houses.

An attorney trying to make partner with a blue chip law firm, she works ungodly hours, and never has visitors. A car guy, frankly, I would have never even noticed her had she not driven a white BMW almost exactly like mine, and she looked fairly decent from a distance, so I made a point of trying to catch her to talk about our cars and get acquainted.

When I finally did and got an up-close look at her, she had a very pretty face and long, naturally blonde hair pinned up, but it was almost impossible to discern what else this late-20s/early 30s woman had going on, as the thick wool below-the-knee business suit and dark hose on the rest of her legs effectively concealed her body. Even so, the lumps on her chest indicated there were a sizable pair of boobs somewhere beneath the material.

I was my usual friendly self, yet she was stand-offish to the point of being nervous. It didn't take long to determine she was an extremely conservative workaholic with no life outside of lawyering, not a people-person, and that, other than our cars, we had nothing in common. She had no interest in me--or apparently anyone else male or female--so she scurried inside, and I ambled back across the street to my house.

The only time she ever makes an appearance is coming and going to her car, as she hires her yard work done, and even has a service that walks and grooms her bushy Old English sheepdog.

The fellow she has doing her lawn would blow all her leaves and clippings in the curb and just leave them there, where the wind would soon blow them into my immaculate yard. I'd asked him on several occasions not to do that, but he continued, so the next time I saw her car in the drive, I marched over there to discuss the situation with her directly.

I walked up onto her porch to the front door, pressed the doorbell button, and waited. I pressed it again, and waited. As I punched it a third time, I side-stepped over to one of the side windows flanking the door and cocked my ear towards it to listen for a bell.

Hearing nothing, I realized it was not working and was about to knock when I looked through the not-quite-completely closed slats of the miniblinds. There, dusting the furniture, was my right-wing lawyer neighbor, completely naked!

I froze and stared. Her back was to me, so the first thing I saw was her butt, a somewhat large yet very appealing one--round, fleshy, and smooth. When she turned around, I saw those boobs, grapefruit-size, with 2-inch-diameter perfectly smooth pink areolas surrounding comparatively tiny semi-erect nipples.

She had the kind of boobs that bounce with every move, and since she was dusting high and low, they bobbled a lot--simply wonderful. My heart skipped a beat when she reached up and tweaked first one, then the other nipple. Semi-erect no more!

Speaking of erect, well, I certainly was, as I gazed down to her crotch, not shaved but apparently trimmed, and short enough that I could easily make out her bulging outer labia, just a peek of her pink inner lips, and the deep crease that extended up from them through her puffy mons. Hell, she was only 10 to 15 feet away.

To tell you the truth, with just a bit of a paunch and little rolls at the sides of her waist, she could have lost 15 pounds, but she wore it well. For the first time, I saw her with her long blonde hair down, and it was gorgeous. Further, she had on glasses--I'd never seen her wear specs before, must've had contacts--the wide, flat, rectangular kind, hanging on the end of her nose.

The hair, cool glasses, the sultry expression on her face, and, of course, being in the buff, combined to make her extremely sexy looking.

She then vigorously ran a dust mop over the hardwood floor--buns and boobs a-bouncing--and made her way down the hall out of sight, so I went back home and decided her debris blowing into my yard wasn't really all that bad. That issue, after all, would give me an ongoing "reason" to go over there to discuss the problem. Should she discover me on her porch, I could simply say that I'd rung the doorbell and was waiting for her.

Whenever I'd see lawn detritus in the curb and her car in the drive, which was not very often since she was at the law office so much, I'd go over there, ring the broken doorbell, and peer though the blinds. Most of the time, she'd be in some other part of the house where I couldn't see her at all, but when I did see her--doing housework, sitting on the couch reading a magazine, or eating at the dining table also in view, which amounted to only 8 to 10 times total, she was ALWAYS totally naked.

While reading or eating, her fingers would occasionally wander down to pussyland, but at such times, she'd get up before long and go to the back part of the house, where I'd hear water running for a bath. I'm almost certain this is where she got into serious masturbating, but the bathroom had an opaque window that obscured the view from outside, and was on the side very close to the neighbor's wide dining room bay window where it would be easy to spot me.

Because other neighbors or people going down the street could clearly see me up there on her porch, I always made my act a good one, pressing the doorbell, glancing down at my watch to appear impatient with waiting for someone to arrive at the door, and careful to ogle for only a few minutes. Even so, I had to remain extremely still and quiet, knowing that, even more than most canines, her Old English Sheepdog has astonishingly actute hearing and would surely start barking at the door if it heard me.

Well, it was on just such a trip over there that I did my usual routine, but this time, the doorbell went ding-dong, the dog barked, and shortly she came to the door--in a thick terry cloth robe. While she held the robe tightly closed at the neck, I asked if she would please ensure her yard man picked up the trash instead of leaving it there to blow onto my lawn, and she readily agreed and hastily shut the door.

Damn, she got the doorbell fixed, and I had to exhaust my only reason for being on her porch!

The only time since then that I've had any excuse to be in her yard was after a hellacious storm which blew some of her next-door-neighbor's limbs down. I helped him remove them, positioning myself on the end of the limb closest to her house.

From there, I had a perfect view up through the downturned mini-blinds into her dining room, and the timing could not have been better. Standing at the table, she was, of course, nude, and tossing a salad in a big wooden bowl, big boobs bobbling beautifully. Using her bare hands, they were all oily with dressing, and I literally gulped when she smeared it all over her breasts and vigorously twiddled both nipples.

Down to her crotch went a finger, back up into her mouth to suck it off, and back down to pussyland for a deep plunge. Wow, for the first time, I was in a position to see her frig herself! Unfortunately, the neighbor dude, who of course had no clue what was happening inside her house, was ready to heave-ho the limb, so that was the sudden end of best voyeuring of her ever, and I've yet to have another reason to get up close to her house. I simply cannot take a chance of getting caught and into a legal tangle with a lawyer.

I think we safely say she is a "home nudist."

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