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Authors Note: I placed this story in the Incest/Taboo category. It is not really incest but it is certainly taboo for a stepmother to have sex with her stepson.


Norm Williams came home from work early that day to surprise his wife and take her to lunch. Norm and Sheila had been married less than a year and he was still gaga over her. It was Norm's second marriage and at the age of 45 he was thrilled to have married Sheila a 26 year old blonde beauty. Sheila wasn't really a raving beauty as Norm viewed her but she was not sore to the eye and had a firm 36-24-36 figure. She was also 5'10" tall and appeared to be very alluring. Looking at her figure she could be described as having the right bumps in the right paces. Sheila liked surprises and Norm always made a fuss over her and often bought her gifts. However this day Norm would be the one surprised.

Norm entered his home and walked around looking for Sheila. He could not find her in the main part of the house so he went downstairs where the game room, bar and exercise room were located. Sheila liked to work out to stay fit and Norm had purchased a lot of exercise equipment for her. Norm walked quietly into the exercise room and then stopped dead in his tracks. He quickly stepped out of the room and leaned with his back against the wall in complete shock as to what he had just witnessed.

What Norm had witnessed was his wife of 10 months sprawled naked on her belly with her head in the lap of his son Rudy. Sheila was running her tongue up and down the large thick shaft belonging to Norm's well endowed son. Norm had always wondered why Rudy was well hung as Norm himself had an average size cock. Rudy had recently turned 18 years old and he was a senior in the local high school. Norm had forgotten that there was no school that day.

As Norm pressed his back against the wall outside the exercise room he contemplated what to do. He wanted to run into the room and rant and rave but that was not like him. He had no idea how he wanted to approach his son and his wife in the other room. Just then he heard Sheila speak.

"You shot quite a load into my belly but I know there is plenty of more juice in that cannon of yours. I want you to stick that big dick in my ass next. I douched my ass and lubed it; it's ready for you," Sheila said in a sexy voice.

Norm stood in hiding in disbelief. His new wife was asking his son to stick his monster cock in her ass. Norm didn't even know that Sheila liked anal sex. How would she ever to able to take Rudy's cock in her tight curvy ass. Norm just had to see this for himself. He quietly peeked around the corner and saw that Rudy had moved behind Sheila. He straddled her body rather than kneel behind her and he aimed his cock at her anus. Sheila was leaning on her forearms with her curvy ass sticking up. Since they both had their backs to Norm it was easy for him to watch the debauchery.

Norm watched in amazement as Sheila's asshole opened up as Rudy pressed his long thick cock into her opening. Norm guessed that his son's cock had to be 10 or 11 inches long and easily 5 to 6 inches around. Norm winched in reaction to the penetration of his wife's ass. Sheila grunted but she pushed her ass up to accommodate Rudy and then Rudy began to fuck her slowly. Norm could not stand to watch anymore and he moved away and went back upstairs. He did not know what to do or how to handle the situation so he left the house and went back to his office. He would think about it all day and try to determine how to deal with his wife and son. Clearly Sheila had to be the seductress but why?


Norm Williams was a successful businessman who lost his first wife to a rare disease when Rudy was 14 years old. Norm's mother was an important resource to Norm in helping him raise his son until Rudy turned 18 years old. Norm then trusted Rudy to be on his own and bought him a beater to drive to school. Although Norm's mother meant well she was old school and raised Rudy the same way. As it turned out Rudy spent more time at home then he did with his friends and his personality showed that upbringing.

Norm was a decent looking man who had a little middle age spread. He did not work out and relied on his yard work and landscaping interest for exercise. Norm was 5'11" tall and weighed almost 200 pounds. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Norm's deceased wife had been an attractive blond which is where Rudy got his fair complexion. Where Rudy got his height and oversized cock from was anybody's guess. When he turned 18 years old Rudy was 6'2" tall and weighed a lean 190 pounds. He was very fit as he was a three letter varsity man at the local high school. Rudy played varsity soccer, tennis and was on the swim team his junior year and he would be on the varsity teams again in his senior year.

Rudy also worked out religiously at home and jogged several miles a day. Norm would often hear the weights banging together when Rudy worked out in the exercise room on the lower level of their home. Rudy was pretty much an introvert and into his own thing. He hadn't thought much about girls since many of his dates had been disastrous. Rudy just didn't possess the confidence that other boys his age had with girls. He had trouble maintaining a conversation with the girls he dated. Because of his shyness and ineptness with the girls they never found out about his big cock.

Norm did not date for a number of years after his first wife's death. However he started hanging out with people from work and stopping for drinks after work. That's when he met Sheila who was a friend of one of the women from work. Sheila was 19 years younger than Norm and she was young enough to be his daughter. Everyone was surprised, including Norm's mother, when they began dating. Norm dated Sheila for two years before he asked her to marry him. Norm's mother was suspicious of Sheila but she didn't know why. Norm was successful but he wasn't a wealthy man so it couldn't be money that attracted Sheila.

Rudy was upset at first when his dad announced they were getting married. However, after the honeymoon when Sheila moved in, Rudy changed his mind about her. Sheila took an interest in Rudy and he warmed up to her. She began coaching him about girls and dating. She attended all his soccer games and she told him she would be at all his swim meets and tennis matches. Rudy was thrilled with the attention as his dad rarely came to any of his events. Everything seemed perfect with the Williams family until that fateful day in the exercise room.


It was a Saturday morning six months before that fateful day and Norm was at the office working on the budget. He told Sheila that he hoped to be home by 2:00 PM but he couldn't be sure. Rudy was in the exercise room working out when Sheila decided to ride her exercise bike. When she arrived, Rudy was bench pressing and he was stretched out on the bench. Sheila looked at his muscular body as he easily pressed over 200 pounds. She looked at his muscular thighs and her eyes traveled to the gap in his shorts and his jock covered scrotum.

Sheila felt a shiver pass through her body as she gazed at her muscular step-son with an impressive package. Sheila had been dying to get a look at Rudy's cock ever since she moved in but there had never been an opportunity. Sheila decided to do some stretching exercises to see if she could get Rudy's blood flowing. Sheila had purposely just worn a halter top and no bra along with loose fitting skimpy workout shorts and a thong panty.

Sheila began her stretching routine and she watched herself in the mirrors along two walls of the exercise room. Rudy could not help watch his step-mother as she went through her routine. Sheila knew that he could see plenty of cleavage when she bent over and that the cheeks of her ass peeked out below the shorts. Rudy would do a set of reps and then rest between sets. As he rested between his sets he watched his step-mother.

Rudy had never paid too much attention to Sheila as a hot lady before but that day she was getting to him. Rudy felt his massive cock swell in his jock and the pressure was getting unbearable. Sheila noticed how his package filled out his jock and she decided to make her move before Rudy got nervous and left the room. Sheila walked over to the bench and stood behind Rudy as he went through another set of reps. She moved as close to his head as she could and made sure that he could look up her shorts and see her thong covered pussy.

Rudy gasped when he saw Sheila's crotch under her shorts and then he glanced away. He had never been this close to a woman's pussy before and he was unnerved. Rudy lifted the weight bar with over 200 pounds on to the rack and then he took a deep breath. He realized that his cock was fully erect and throbbing inside his jock. Rudy remained still and tried to avert his eyes so he didn't look up Sheila's shorts. Although, the truth be told, Rudy did want to see Sheila's pussy. Rudy then felt Sheila's hands on his arms and he thought that he would pass out.

"Rudy you have such big firm muscles," Sheila said sexily as she stroked his forearms and biceps.

Sheila's hands then ran over his pecs and abs and she added. "My you are solid all over."

Next her hands went to his thighs and caressed his quads. "You are a very well built young man," Sheila continued.

Sheila then let her hands run up his thighs and she pulled his shorts up over his crotch. Rudy gasped as his dick filled jock poked out on one side of his shorts. Shelia let her hand drift over Rudy's cock and she laughed to herself at his reaction. Rudy shuddered and groaned when Shelia's hand passed over his scrotum.

"What have we here another muscle? Why this one seems to be the hardest of all," Shelia teased Rudy unmercifully.

"Please don't," Rudy begged in a weak voice.

Rudy was convinced he would cum if Sheila continued to touch his privates. Shelia just smiled and continued to rub Rudy's big dick through the jock. Then it happened and Rudy cried out as he shot his wad into his jock. Sheila watched as the big cock pulsated within the jock and then she saw the wetness seep through the material.

"Oh God, oh God!" Rudy called out as he ejaculated into his jock.

"Oh don't worry Rudy. I know there is plenty more where that came from," Sheila said in a sultry tone as she rubbed his wet jock.

Then Shelia pulled Rudy's shorts down to his knees and then lowered his jock. Rudy's cock was still rock hard and Sheila held the impressive organ in one hand. "My, my, will you look at the size of this muscle," Sheila acknowledged and then added "You could get arrested for having a concealed weapon."

Rudy remained still as a hand other than his own touched his cock for the first time. He had just cum but he could feel another buildup in his testicles. His ball sac was taut and sensitive and his cock throbbed with desire. Sheila ran her fingers lightly over the thick hard shaft and lightly scraped his testicles with her fingernail. Sheila smiled as Rudy's cock moved of its own accord and lifted over his belly.

"It's not right to keep this all bound up in the confines of this elastic," Sheila said as she ran her hand up and down the massive shaft and then added, "You need to work this muscle as much as your other ones to keep it in shape."

Sheila was convinced that Rudy's cock was longer than 10" and she made a mental note to measure it sometime later. Sheila then removed Rudy's shorts and jock and he was naked from the waist down. His proud cock remained hard and Shelia planned on keeping it that way. When Shelia lowered her mouth to his cock, Rudy went wild. No one had ever sucked his cock before and he couldn't believe how good it felt in her wet soft mouth. Rudy was torn between the taboo act performed by his step-mother and how good it felt to have his cock in her mouth. The cock sucking won out and Rudy let Shelia have her way with him.

It took less time than Shelia anticipated before Rudy was shooting in her mouth. Stream after stream of semen shot into Shelia's mouth and she had to swallow as quickly as she could. She drank down every drop of Rudy's juice much to the amazement of her stepson. Rudy couldn't believe that his stepmother sucked his cock dry. Then Shelia stood up and removed her clothes and Rudy stared in awe of the woman who was now his step mother. Rudy took in all her curves and he loved what he saw, so much that his cock was hard again in no time.

"Have you ever made love to a girl before?" Shelia asked.

"No I haven't," Rudy answered honestly.

"Well then its time you learned," Shelia told him, "I will be your tutor and teach you how to pleasure a woman. Think of it as being home schooled."

Sheila would teach Rudy later about eating pussy but right then she wanted his big thick meat in her. Still she wanted to teach him to be tender and respect a woman. Sheila lay on her back on the exercise mats and opened her legs and arms encouraging Rudy to come to her. Rudy's inexperience showed as he moved between his stepmother's legs. Sheila took the big cock and guided it to her pussy and then she controlled the penetration. When Rudy felt his cock first enter his stepmother's moist cavern he wanted to thrust his cock in all the way. Sheila had anticipated that and she kept her hand on his cock and controlled him.

"When you are with a woman you must be gentle. Take your time and ease into her," Sheila whispered.

Rudy's hips bucked almost involuntarily and then Sheila told him to move slowly when he was in her. Sheila released her hand on his cock and she gasped as the rest of it filled her womb. Rudy moved slowly as he was told and he really got into fucking his stepmother. Sheila showed him how to keep his weight on his forearms so that he didn't crush her underneath him. Sheila was as hot as a firecracker by then and she felt her orgasm building.

"Oh this is going to be big!" she exclaimed.

Then her orgasm hit her and rocked her body. Sheila wrapped her legs and arms around Rudy and held him tight as her body shook with her release. Sheila groaned, moaned and thrust her hips at her stepson as the intense orgasm ripped through her. Rudy held still as Sheila fucked herself on his cock. He had never seen a woman orgasm before and he wasn't sure what happened. At first he thought that he had injured his stepmother.

"Are you okay Sheila?" Rudy asked genuinely concerned.

"Oh yes, I'm fine. I feel wonderful," she sighed.

"I was worried that I hurt you," Rudy said.

"No, you didn't hurt me, you made me feel very good," Sheila replied.

Rudy was still rock hard and he instinctively began to move again. He really liked the feel of his cock sliding in and out of Sheila's moist pussy. He had already cum twice that morning but he felt like to could cum all day. He picked up the pace and developed a steady rhythm fucking his stepmother. Sheila could feel her juices running again and she knew that she was in for another orgasm. As it turned out Sheila had several orgasms with the last one being mind blowing and she felt she was close to passing out. Rudy stayed at her in search of his own release but Sheila stopped him.

"Rudy stop for a minute. Let me turn over," Sheila begged.

A confused Rudy stopped and pulled out of Sheila's pussy. Sheila looked at his imposing cock standing out from his body. "You are indeed blessed," she said as she held his cock momentarily.

Sheila crawled over to the weight bench and placed her arms on it as she knelt on the exercise mats. "Do me from behind. Put your cock back in my pussy and fuck me from behind," she directed.

Rudy got behind her and eased his cock back into her pussy. He was thrilled to watch it enter her from the rear and he loved watching it slide in and out of her. Rudy then paid attention to Sheila's ass and he liked her curvy round buttocks. He caressed her buns as he fucked her and he liked the way they jiggled when he entered her. Rudy looked at Sheila's nether hole and had the urge to touch it but he didn't dare. He felt like it was dirty to touch her there and besides she might not like it. The sight of Shelia's gorgeous ass set him off again and he flooded her womb with his seed. Rudy thrust into his stepmother and shot streams of cum deep into her pussy. Sheila felt the discharge and the force of the semen in her.

Rudy stayed behind her with his cock in her pussy and he stroked her buttocks until his cock finally softened and slipped from her pussy. Rudy stared at her pussy and watched as some of his semen trickled out and ran down Sheila's inner thighs. Sheila rolled over on her back and held her arms out to Rudy who collapsed along side her. Sheila held her step son tenderly and caressed his face.

"You did very well today. You are a good student and I will teach you many more ways to please a woman," Sheila whispered.

"What about dad?" Rudy asked.

"He doesn't have to know what we do. This will be our secret. We can enjoy each other. Don't worry about your dad, I will keep him happy too," Shelia replied.

"Come now let's get cleaned up and get something to eat before your father gets home," Sheila advised.

The two of them picked up their clothes and walked naked upstairs to their respective bedrooms. They both showered and put on shorts and tee shirts. Sheila thought it would have been fun to shower with Rudy and have him fuck her in the shower but she didn't want to throw too much at him their first time together. Sheila was pleased. Rudy had been a good lover and she dearly loved the way his massive cock filled her pussy.

Sheila made brunch for them as it was nearly noon. As they ate Sheila talked as if nothing out of the usual had happened between them. Rudy at that point thought that his stepmother was the coolest person in the world. Norm then called and said that he would be detained at the office and that he wouldn't be home until dinner time. Sheila hung up the phone and smiled at Rudy.

"Good news! Your dad is still at the office and he won't be home until around six. We have time to play some more and for me to teach you some more things," Sheila announced.

Rudy was thrilled with the news as he had already been thinking when they would get together again. "Let's go to your bedroom," Sheila directed.

Once in Rudy's bed naked with each other, Sheila taught Rudy how to turn a woman on. She schooled him on the erogenous zones and what women liked in foreplay. Sheila had him kiss her breasts and nibble gently on her nipples.

"Girls like it when you kiss their breasts and fondle them. It makes them feel very feminine," Sheila coached him but warned, "Just don't maul them that is a turn off."

Sheila then showed Rudy how to approach a girl's pussy. She had him kiss her from her breasts to her pubes. She coached him telling him not to rush and to savor every moment of a woman's body. Rudy followed her instructions and slowly descended from her breasts to her pubes, kissing and tonguing his way down. Rudy then stopped and looked with apprehension at her naked pussy.

"I will now teach you how to eat pussy and once the girls in your class learn that you eat pussy they will be lining up to date you," Sheila told him.

Sheila reclined back on the bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Rudy to see. Rudy just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her blonde hair spread across the bed, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous tanned body was splayed before him. He liked the little tuft of blonde hair above her opening. Sheila held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Sheila coached him through every move of his first oral sex experience. Rudy buried his tongue in Sheila's pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Sheila directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Rudy was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Sheila squirming and tossing on the bed. Sheila moved her legs over Rudy's shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Rudy held on to Sheila shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

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