Home Sweet Cave


I felt someone coming up behind me before I heard her over the sounds of the storm. I turned to see Chrissie standing there -- naked. And blitzed. She put out a hand to my shoulder to steady herself and started to fall anyway. I caught her and she sort of fell/draped/twisted her way around to lying across my lap. She had both hands wrapped around my neck.

"We're goin' t'bed..." she slurred with a silly smile on her face. "We owe y'bottle..."

"I don't think you're going anywhere unless I help you," I observed. In response, she just smiled more and pushed her boobs into me, pulling me down into a kiss. A very sloppy but heartfelt kiss.

"Y'r s'ch a nice mannn..." she drawled as she eased up on the kiss. "C'n ya help me t'bed?" She was trying very hard to concentrate on what she was saying, and losing.

I suppose I sighed. I know that inside I did. I got a grip under her thighs and behind her back and stood up, carrying her like a sleepy child back towards the nest. She kept pulling herself into me and nuzzling my neck as Anya watched me approach. She was naked, too, and sprawled out in the middle of the nest.

"I think I found something that belongs to you," I told her, easing Chrissie down into the nest.

"Tha's v'ry nice o' you," Anya told me, also apparently plastered.

"You two get some sleep," I told them as I drew a sheet over them.

"Y'ss'r..." Anya mumbled as the two of them rolled into each other.

Two minutes and they'll be out like a light, I thought as I headed back to the front porch to do some more storm watching. I wonder if this is God's sense of humor...

I spent another hour or so watching the storm roll over the valley, and willing the damned hard-on to go away, before I gave up, secured the screen and headed back to the nest. I banked the fire and turned on one of my battery-powered fluorescent lights so if the girls got up, they could at least see the cave a little bit. It occurred to me I hadn't shown them the garderobe.

It occurred to them, too... after about four hours.

"Sir?" Chrissie was curled up against my back.

"It's not Sir, it's Charlie," I mumbled, partially waking up and realizing my habit of sleeping nude might work against me -- especially with the hard-on that didn't have the sense to leave.



"Is there a bathroom? Or do I have to go outside to pee?"

"Halfway between here and the fire, on this wall, there's a hole," I mumbled. "The garderobe is inside."

"The what?"

"The garderobe. A rudimentary stone toilet. Just sit down and use it."

"Thanks," she breathed in my ear... and then realized her skin was plastered against mine.

"Ooooohhhh... nice!" she added as she ran a hand down my arm to my side to my belly to my cock.

"Oooh! Very nice!"

"Don't you have to go?" I asked, trying not to be a boor.

"Yeah, dammit..." she acknowledged as she slipped away and out of the nest.

"You've got two minutes and then I'm right behind you!" Anya called out to Chrissie's receding back and I realized she'd been awake the whole time. Then she slid in behind me where Chrissie had been.

"What's very nice?" she asked, starting to run her hands over my shoulders and chest.

"Nothin'," I muttered and tried not to move.

"It can't be nothing," she admonished me as her hand slowly descended to my belly. "or she wouldn't have said anything. Your skin feels so nice... warm... smooth..." Then she ran into my hard-on.

"Oooh! That is very nice!"



"Don't you have to pee?"

"Hmmm... yeah, I guess so. Don't put that bad boy away just yet, though... okay?"

"Trying to sleep here," I muttered, but she just chuckled and slid out of the nest.

I am in so much trouble, I thought as I lay there, trying to clear my mind. This is what comes from being a Nice Guy... I slid the pistol under the pillow a little farther towards the head of the nest.

When Chrissie returned, she snuggled up against me, spooning. I couldn't move any farther to the edge of the nest or I'd fall out.

"Sleep? Please?" I virtually begged. "I haven't been passed out drunk for five hours."

"Oh, alright..." she pouted -- but kept her hands on my shoulders and chest. It was when Anya returned that the situation got a little tense.

"C'mon, Chrissie," she pretty much demanded. "Move in. Give him room so I can get in on the other side."

"He doesn't want to fuck, girlfriend," Chrissie informed her in as crestfallen a voice as I had heard in a very long while. "He wants to sleep." That gave Anya pause.

"Okay," she finally decided, "move in anyway. I can keep my hands above the navel -- for awhile."

"Anya..." I started to confront her. And then gave up. "Fine," I told her. "Chrissie, move in. I'll take the middle. And you two better be using me for warmth and nothing else." As Chrissie moved to the side, leaving me the middle, I sat up, withdrawing the pistol and moving it with me, back under the pillow, but in the middle, where my hand could rest on it. I think it had a serious effect on the two girls, because suddenly they just curled in against me, one on each side, and left my still hard, mind-of-its-own cock alone.

They must have still been tired because it didn't take long for them to fall out again, and I wasn't far behind them.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke to feeling two girls pressing their luscious everything, but mostly breasts, into my body and one hand that wasn't mine trying to circle my cock, while another that wasn't mine was cupping my balls. And when I checked, they both seemed to still be sound asleep. My nethers, however, were not.

I knew sleeping between these two was a bad idea. I just hadn't been clear on why.

The "why" was because it had been a bit too long since I last got my ashes hauled. I had an occasional balling-buddy relationship with Rosie, the bartender down at my local waterin' hole, and she was damned good for me. Divorced mother of three grown kids, off at college or on their own, she liked it every which way and I was more than happy to oblige. When I was younger and trying to get laid a lot more, I kept having "size problems"... as in, I'm a little on the big side and my partners found intercourse kinda painful.

Those guys that wish they were bigger? They can have it. A lot of budding relationships bit the dust, or turned into "just friends", because I'm too hung. It wasn't until I started dating older women, especially ones who'd had kids, that things improved. But by then, I was into my thirties and the drive to get a mate and settle down wasn't as much of a push.

So now I was lying there getting way more excited than I wanted to and not seeing any convenient way out -- that didn't involve waking the girls, in any case. I eased the covers down, hoping to slide out the end of the nest and cover them up while I hit the garderobe. I could hear the rain and occasional thunder still going on outside, but the wind seemed to have died down. That was good. Maybe I could send the girls on their way this morning.

Trying to crawl out from between them, though, had a rather disastrous effect. Or I suppose I should say, the expected effect. Rubbing on them was getting me way excited and my moving around woke them up enough to get their attention focused on the "task at hand", as it were.

Anya was the one with her hand around my cock and when she realized how swollen up I was, she began stroking me and breathed, "there is a Goddess...", which seemed a little strange to me. Not the stroking -- she was damned good at it -- rather, the words. Chrissie was even stranger. She began rolling my balls in her hand and murmuring "finally..."

"Ladies..." I started. "I appreciate you appreciating me and all, but I have to hit the head. And besides, if you don't stop soon... oh, fuck! Never mind..."

I laid back as I felt everything pull up and the cum start. I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to. And right then I didn't want to. They felt damn good and I ended up blowing a pretty good load all over my chest and belly. Those two kept milking me until there wasn't anything more to get out and I had weird shit light patterns dancing in my head.

"That is awesome," Anya commented as she finally eased up on my aching member. "Wish I could get some of my stallions to do that well."

"That's not the end of it, is it?" Chrissie asked Anya. Apparently I didn't count. "We're going to get to fuck him, aren't we?"

"I don't know, sweetheart," Anya told Chrissie, ignoring my presence. "That depends a lot on him. He still has to pee and if he gets out of bed, maybe he'll decide he doesn't want to get back in it with a couple of rapists. Or maybe he's gay and we crossed some kind of line. For sure, he's a Nice Guy Good Samaritan type and maybe he thinks sex with us isn't a Nice Guy thing. I really don't know."

I lay there listening to her and it kinda played out like a checklist.

Still have to go pee -- Check.

Avoid rapists -- Are you nuts???

Gay -- Negatori on that one.

Crossing line -- um...

Sex isn't a Nice Guy thing -- Wrong!

"Will you two dominatrices let me up now, to go to the head?" I figured it didn't hurt to ask.

They both smiled and moved out of the way so I could get out of the nest, Chrissie self-consciously and Anya like a predator sizing up her meal. I still had cum dripping from my chest, so I grabbed a hand towel from the kitchen before I went to the garderobe. Honestly, I was so turned on by those two, it took awhile for the erection to go down enough so that I could piss.

I sat there a lot longer than I needed to, trying to make sense of what was happening. These two were coming on to me, not the other way around. I'd never been assaulted before. Hell, I don't ever remember being seduced. This was way weird. And they weren't frightened by my size, either. I wasn't sure I wanted to know why.

I finished relieving myself and went out to start a fresh pot of coffee, only to find the two nubile and naked women already doing it.

"Hi!" Chrissie greeted me brightly. "It's still raining out, but not like last night. Maybe later Anya and I can try to find our packs or maybe some of our other gear. In the meantime, we thought a fresh pot of coffee and some snuggling would help ward off any chill!"

"I'm not sure it's a chill that needs warding off," I told her, "but thanks for starting the coffee."

"Do you usually use this griddle for making toast?" Anya called over from my kitchen. "Or this wire doohickey that looks like you squish the bread inside it?"

"The wire doohickey," I told her. "The griddle is for flapjacks, when I get ambitious, or mostly bacon and eggs."

"Okay, Kind Sir," Anya answered. "Why don't you go get your really nice ass back in bed and we'll bring you breakfast?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of getting you dressed in dry clothes, fed, and up to the highway where you could thumb a ride into town. You can always come back and look for your shit later, when the storm's passed. And besides, what the hell would you want with an old guy like me? I'd think some young jock would be more your speed." I was definitely trying to think with the big head, not the little one.

"Wow..." Anya commented as she put the wire toaster over the fire. "You're actually going to pass on a couple of hot babes that want to fuck your brains out... why? I know you're not dysfunctional. That was one impressive cum back there. And you're hung a helluva lot better than those jocks you're talking about. You aren't gay by any chance, are you?"

"No, not gay..." I told her. "And believe me, your charms are workin' just fine. It takes a lot to keep thinking like Mr. Nice Guy and not Mr. Neanderthal, trust me."

"But you are a Caveman!" Chrissie pointed out. "Look around! And Nice Guys can like sex, too. In case someone forgot to tell you that."

"Look, just go back to bed and wait, okay?" Anya asked. "We promise we won't rape you."

I looked at her for a moment, then over to Chrissie, then thought what the fuck? Why not? and walked back on over to the nest and sat down. True to their word, a few minutes later they brought scrambled eggs over toast, fruit cups and coffee for the three of us. We sat there quietly and ate until Chrissie poured a second round of coffee. Then Anya spoke up.

"For whatever reason, you're not into sex," she told me. "Fine. We won't touch you. But you also asked why we'd want you? It'll be easier to explain if you'll just watch something I want to show you. So if it's okay with you, you can sit over there on the side of the bed and we'll explain."

Okay, so I was confused. It wasn't the first time in my life. I figured what the hell? and moved over to the far edge of the nest where I could easily see the two of them. And pretty much had my mind rearranged.

In the simplest terms, the two of them crawled into the nest and started making out. Long, slow necking and petting girl-on-girl action that was like watching a live porno movie. They were sensuous and sexual and definitely into each other. I'm pretty sure the moaning and groaning wasn't faked.

They had each other pretty cranked up, and me pretty hard, too, when Anya murmured, "okay, Baby... now..."

Chrissie moved down Anya's body, kissing and petting all the way down to her pussy, where she spread Anya's legs and started going down on her. There was no way I was staying detached. I could keep my hands to myself, yeah, but my mind and other favorite body parts were glued to that tongue and those fingers pleasuring the very vocal brunette.

Then gradually, as Anya writhed in pleasure, Chrissie slipped another finger in, and then another. She kept going until she had Anya stretched out to take four fingers and a fairly hard pumping. I thought Anya was going to launch herself out of the nest, she was writhing and moaning so much.

That's when the rearranging happened. Chrissie slid her whole hand into Anya and Anya damn near achieved orbit, before crying out and crunching down on Chrissie's hand. Chrissie was fist-fucking Anya and Anya was cumming her brains out, over and over and over.

I was mesmerized. I literally could not look away. Chrissie kept pumping her hand, now buried past the wrist, into Anya and Anya kept moaning and groaning and crying out a string of epithets that would've made a muleskinner blush. And I was harder than a rock. Painfully hard. Like, tempered steel hard. And using every ounce of my willpower to stay on my side of the nest.

Chrissie looked over at me and smiled. One of those angelic smiles you'd like to get lost in.

"Want to take my place?" she asked, nodding towards Anya.

Holy. Shit. Holy shit. Holyshit-holyshit-holyshit... that's why they weren't afraid of my size. They wanted it. For once in my life, I actually started to panic. Damn straight I wanted to take Chrissie's place! With my cock! But I'd set myself a limit and really, really intended to be the White Knight and keep it platonic.

Well... fuck that shit! This was the definition of a Fuck-it Moment if ever there was one. I was being invited... invited!... to screw at least one of these luscious ladies, no hassles. It was, as they say, an offer I couldn't refuse. So me and my telephone pole crawled onto the nest and Chrissie eased her hand out of Anya, to be replaced by me. I didn't have to worry about lubrication -- trust me, cleaning up the copious pussy juice all over everything was going to be a Herculean task.

I knelt between Anya's thighs and lifted and separated her so I could get a clear shot at her pussy and pushed in. Deep.

"Oh, thank God!" Anya cried out and started grinding against me. "Please, Charlie! Please... fuck my brains out!"

I can be pretty good at taking instruction, when I want to. Having just cum recently, it was going to be awhile before I got there again, if at all, but that wasn't what the situation required. The phrase "two feet long, hard as steel and goes all night" came to mind. Of course, that's usually used derogatorily, but in this case...

Well, in this case, Anya felt fantastic wrapped around my cock. Hot, wet and pulsing rhythmically -- and hard -- she had me well sheathed and she wasn't about to let me go. She hooked her heels behind my thighs and grabbed my ass with both her hands and just kept forcing me deep into her.

Her moans and epithets continued unabated until they were muffled by Chrissie moving up and sitting on Anya's face. Which meant I was staring at a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and tits to die for. A beautiful blonde who leaned forward and pulled my face to hers, kissing me -- all warm and wet and tongue.

Anya must have done something creative at her end, because all of a sudden Chrissie started moaning into my mouth and it was getting very intense, very quickly. Then she tensed up really hard, stopped breathing and started spasming. Definitely cumming. When she let me have my ears back, she put one hand on the nest to steady herself and the other went to Anya's pussy. My guess, from Anya's reaction, was that Chrissie was rubbing Anya's clit and making her crazy.

Nobody had told me to stop, so I just kept on screwing Anya into next week. None of that jackhammer shit where all you do is tire yourself out. No, I was a master at long, steady, forever fucking and when I got the angle right, so I was hitting her G-spot, my partners usually dissolved into masses of quivering protoplasm. Between Chrissie and me, we had that poor woman delusional.

Then Chrissie leaned forward into me, putting her hands on my shoulders to support herself and burying her head in my chest so she could raise up a little from Anya's face. At which point, I saw what Anya was doing. She had three fingers in Chrissie and was stretching her out to take a fourth. And of course, that's when I had the epiphany.

Chrissie liked getting fisted, too, and my cock would be perfect, just like for Anya.

For some reason, I found that really exciting. So did Chrissie.

She held onto me and pushed back into Anya's hand until eventually it popped in and Chrissie went into a major orgasmic seizure. I don't know what else you'd call an orgasm that intense. And Anya kept Chrissie rolling over just like I was doing to her. How the hell that woman could be aware enough to pleasure her girlfriend, I have no clue.

I don't know how long we were rocking like that, but it was damned nice. The only threesomes I'd done had been in the Navy, and they were getting paid for it. This one was like manna from heaven. I was completely lost in the scent and taste and feel and sounds of the incredible fucking going on all around me. I was somewhere just left of Nirvana when Anya reached out and touched my thigh, getting my attention.

When I looked down at her, she mouthed "switch..."

I looked quickly around, trying to figure out the best way to do it. When in doubt, go with simple, right? The simplest was to pull out of Anya, crawl around behind Chrissie, leaving them in a sixty-nine, and just take over fucking Chrissie. So that's what I did.

"Oh, Mother Goddess, YES!!!" Chrissie moaned as I entered her, and I damn near lost it right there, because Anya decided those balls hanging down should be sucked on. As in, the entire testicle. In her mouth. At once. With her tongue running around it. Then she went after both of them... at the same time.

Chrissie dropped down onto Anya's belly and took over for my cock with her hand, adding her mouth all over Anya's clit. I had no idea women could keep cumming like that.

I mean, I'd had multiorgasmic partners, and it was fun to see how many times I could get them off before they said "Enough!" But nothing like these two. My God! They knew how to trip all my triggers, and all of their own as well, apparently. And repeatedly. And again, I lost track of time.

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