Home Sweet Cave


Again, I have no idea how long we were fucking like that, the two women getting off over and over and me staying harder than a ferrocement piling, loving every inch of them. I was starting to think about trying anal with them when Anya made it moot.

She stuck a finger up my ass, hit my prostate, and that was all she wrote.

I managed to pull out before I actually started ejaculating, with Anya grabbing my turgid manhood and continuing to stroke it as she aimed it between them. And like before, it felt like I was cumming in quarts... I know I wasn't, but it felt like it. And it felt like it went on forever. Again.

When we finally managed to calm down and my thighs were threatening to go into convulsions, I fell over sideways onto the nest. Chrissie decided to fall over my way, too, leaving Anya lying there with my cum all over her tits, minus whatever was on Chrissie's pussy and belly.

It looked hot.

"Thanks, Charlie," Anya moaned.

"Yeah, we needed that," Chrissie moaned in concert.

"You ladies are most certainly welcome," I told them and started to struggle out of the nest.

"Where do you think you're going?" Anya asked, not moving.

"To go get warm washcloths, to clean up, then get dressed and go look for your shit," I told her, looking back. She and Chrissie both exaggerated a pout of their lower lips, like they had rehearsed it. Who knows? Maybe they had...

"You don't seriously think I could go another round, do you?" I asked. They looked at each other, smiled, then turned the smile towards me, adding a look of expectation.

"Oh, no," I told them. "Oh, no, no, no... not gonna happen. 'Get used to disappointment', or whatever that line is. I'm getting up and getting dressed and going out. Feel free to join me."

I guess they figured that I really wasn't going to go another round, because they crawled out after me and pretty soon we were cleaned up and dressed in dry clothes -- not that they were going to stay that way for long. I banked the fire and we went to the front door and looked out on my valley.

The storm was down to a gentle drizzle at this point, so I pointed out to them the series of handholds camouflaged into the rock leading along my front porch ledge to a hidden chimney where I'd driven pitons to make climbing up or down a lot easier. I picked up one of my packs of climbing gear and with them being careful, we didn't have any accidents or surprises on our way down to the forest floor. Anya led us over to the base of the escarpment where she'd fallen and lost her pack. I could see it, snagged on a root, down in a crevice.

I got out some rope and a grapple and manage to snag it and haul it back up. Anya shook her head as she pawed through what was left.

"I'll sort through this later," she told me. "Some of it is salvageable. Let's go find Chrissie's."

It took awhile to find which ravine Chrissie had fallen into, and where exactly, but eventually we found the remnants of her pack, pretty well torn open from snagging on a tree. Chrissie gathered together whatever she could and stuffed it all back in, but I ended up tying it up for her with some line and giving the bundle to her to carry. Then we headed for the river.

There wasn't much left of their campsite. They'd packed in, so there wasn't anything heavy, like a steel cooler or something. The entire tent was gone. I could see where it had been ripped up, stakes and all. I walked along the path the wind would have taken it, but didn't find it. When I got to the river, I realized it had probably floated downstream.

"Sorry about that, ladies," I told them. "You can come on back to my cave and sort out your shit. If you want to stay the night, I'm going back into town tomorrow and can give you a lift. Otherwise, I'll help you get up to the road and you can try to thumb somebody down."

"If we want to stay the night???" they said in unison as they smiled at each other and then back to me. I was about to find out what "fresh meat for the lionesses" really meant.

We worked our way back to my cave and they went right into stripping off their wet clothes while I built up the fire. Chrissie had the mesh for the clothes set up by the time I was done. I wasn't soaked like they were because I was dressed for the wet weather. All I had to do was hang up my jacket and change jeans.

"Minestrone soup and bread okay for lunch?" I asked as I pawed through my larder, realizing I was close to needing to restock. Getting affirmations, I pulled out a pot and several cans of good old Campbell's. "Feeling domestic?" I asked Chrissie, and when she told me "sure", I handed the pot and cans to her. She set about heating up lunch.

"What are you going to do?" Anya asked as she sorted through the detritus from her pack. I was rummaging through my footlocker, looking for a couple of things.

"It occurred to me," I explained, "that if your tent went the way of the river, it might have piled up somewhere near the bridge. There's a couple of places, upstream and down from there, where the currents could have pushed it ashore. So after lunch, I'm going to drive over there and see what I can see." I gestured to the binoculars I'd just hung around my neck.

"Mind if we come with?" she asked, starting to hang clothes from the line I'd left up.

"I'd sort of insist on it," I pointed out. "I don't have a lock on the front door, if you will, but most people don't know this place is here. Leaving you here alone wouldn't make much sense, from a security point of view."

"Like we'd rip you off after you saved our asses and were so nice to us?" she questioned. "Not hardly. I don't do that kind of shit. Especially since I hope this is the start of a long-term relationship."

Huh? I hadn't said anything about long-term. Hell, I don't remember saying the "R"-word. I decided I'd let it slide -- no use poking the snake.

Chrissie finished lunch and we ate, and Chrissie salvaged a little of what was left of her stuff, hanging it on the line with Anya's. Then they got back into their damp clothes and we headed out. I showed them the other route out, which meant ascending the chimney rather than descending it. At the top, I led them along the barely discernible path which led to a small clearing and my Jeep. I took off the camo tarp and stowed it, then had the girls get in. I followed an old logging trail back to the highway and then on downriver to the bridge.

I pulled off the road and parked, then walked out onto the bridge where I could get a decent look upriver and down.

"Why don't one or both of you scramble down to the river's edge and see what's under the bridge?" I suggested. "In case something got hung up under there." Both of them started working their way down the embankment, and it turned out that the idea had merit.

"There's a bunch of our stuff all tangled up in the tent under here!" Anya called up to me.

"Well, pull out what you can!" I told them. "I'll help you schlep it up after I've looked around a bit more!"

I took a good look through the glasses and didn't see anything to be salvaged, so I went down to join the girls and start getting their stuff back up to the Jeep. The major stuff was surprisingly intact. The tent was one of those newfangled modular ones with the poles in sleeves supporting a nylon shell. Several of the poles were bent, but they could be replaced. Their sleeping bags were there, but soaking wet. They lucked out because they were Coleman's and could be washed and dried and pretty much be good to go.

We found the remains of a small Styrofoam cooler which was pretty much peanuts, but the bottled drinks and such they'd had inside were scattered but okay. They said there was a second cooler with food in it, but we never found it. Could have been carried off by the local wildlife, for all I know.

We gathered up what we could and put it in the Jeep, then headed back. When we got to the clearing, we left most of their stuff in the Jeep. They took a few things with them they wanted and we hiked back to the cave, getting back near sunset.

Without electricity, there was no such thing as frozen. Refrigerated meant finding a cold stream or digging a well. So most of what I had was dehydrated or canned. Or beans and rice. I love Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice, and their Black Beans and Rice, combined. Pretty close to what my Grandmother used to make from scratch. I had a big stash of it and the girls found it, plus some canned chicken. Dinner that night turned out to be pretty good.

We were sitting around, finishing up, when Chrissie asked me why I wanted to be a loner?

"Huh?" was my less than brilliant response.

"Why don't you like people?" she asked, rephrasing it. "Why do you want to be alone? Did you get burned in some tragic love story? Or maybe some kind of PTSD or something? You're too damned handsome and nice for it to be your looks or your personality."

"Handsome and nice?" I iterated, looking at her in confusion. "Are we talking about the same me?"

"Yeah, we are," she smiled. "You're probably what? Late thirties? Early forties? You're trim and you're strong and you fuck like a porn star. Or what I imagine a porn star would fuck like. And you're smart, and you know your way around the woods. You're helpful without being demanding. I don't get how you can get this far and still be alone."

"Or maybe you're divorced. Some shrew of a woman who totally didn't appreciate you. Ran away with a banker. It's just... I don't get why you're the hermit."

I looked down and shook my head as I thought about what to tell them. Then I decided, what the hell? How about the truth?

So I started to lay it out -- my early experiences, better known as Disasters In Dating, interrupted by service on a United States Navy vessel that demands friendship, respect and loyalty in cramped living conditions, then getting out and resuming college at an age farther along than most of the other students and not really fitting in... and then finding out that the women I was sexually compatible with were already married with kids... and finally getting fed up with the crush of the city and a decision to go back to the simper days of my youth.

And that's how you end up with a forty-five year old single male who likes being alone in the middle of the Smokey Mountains. It wasn't that I was a loner. It was the lack of companions who met my admittedly high standards of ethics, loyalty and no bullshit. Kind of like Linus' quip in Peanuts -- "I love Mankind! It's People I can't stand."

"Well, I think you just need to meet more people that you like," Chrissie opined.

"What? Like you two?" I thought I was being facetious.

"Um... yeah?" she answered. "I hope you like us. We like you. And you're the best hetero sex to come along in ages! That's got to be worth something. Right?"

"I suppose," I reluctantly agreed. "You two have turned out to be a lot different than the inept tourists I imagined I was saving."

"Well, thank you!" Anya jumped in. "I trust you're up for another round or two this evening? Before we have to go back to the big, bad City?"

I smiled, thinking about this morning. "Sure... why not? Just don't break me, okay?"

"Oh, I hardly think we could," Anya smiled. "You have no idea how nice it is to get a proper fucking that is actually satisfying. I intend to take very good care of you!"

"Ditto!" Chrissie smiled.

This was going to be a wonderful night... long, tiring... and wonderful.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were up to Round Two. And all of us were wiped out and too greedy to admit it.

Round One had started with the three of us lying naked in the nest, one of them on each side of me, necking and petting and the two of them alternating oral on me. I didn't have much trouble getting up again. I was still cranked from our last encounter, except now my body was recovered and had caught up with my lecherous mind.

Anya moved to straddle my face in a sixty-nine while Chrissie went to fondling my balls and occasionally making out with Anya when she came off my cock. Then Chrissie turned around so I could diddle her pussy with my fingers while I was eating and diddling Anya. Both of them got very wet, very fast and it wasn't long before they both rolled over their first set of cums.

Anya moved over to the side slightly, making room for Chrissie to move back and they started alternating who was sucking my cock and who was sucking my balls. And I was trying to pay attention to the two luscious heinies proffered before me. I started fingering both pussies, starting with two fingers, arched downward to rub their G-spots, then added a third and then as they stretched out, a fourth. I had four fingers completely into both of them when I decided to go for it.

I tucked in my thumbs and pushed and they both pushed back into me with a satisfying thwpp! as my hands disappeared into their pussies. The soft cry from both of them told me they were happy to have me there. Pushing both thumbs down so they protruded below my fists, I began a steady fist-fucking, making sure to rub across their G-spots with my knuckles.

They went ape-shit.

Both started slamming back into my fist, the one not sucking me moaning loudly while the other was more muffled -- but they were both building up rapidly and I was loving it. They came within moments of each other, Anya going over first but Chrissie beating her to the next of their several, strung-together orgasms. And all along, they managed to keep me on edge. Not quite to cumming, but way close.

Then Anya decided it was time to change things up -- she eased forward off my fist, then pushed Chrissie a little to the side so that she could face me while she impaled herself on me... all the way down. Chrissie decided it was time to switch, too, so she eased off of me and moved to straddle my face, making out with Anya while I ate the beautiful blonde. They both managed another couple of cums that way.

The next switch was for Chrissie and Anya to trade places, Chrissie sitting across me impaled while Anya rode my tongue and made out with Chrissie. They kept tripping over these mini-cums and I was definitely cranked, but for some reason my body wasn't cooperating and although I stayed hard, I couldn't seem to trip over. Of course, part of it was that my attention was severely diverted from my own pleasure to enjoying the hell out of how these two luscious ladies were getting pleasured.

"Hey, sweetheart," Anya mumbled to Chrissie at one point. "Let's try something different."

"Like what?" Chrissie asked in a sort of zoned-out tone of voice.

"Dismount," Anya told her, moving off of my face and to the side. Chrissie slowly eased herself off my cock and move to the side as well.

"Hey, Charlie?" Anya asked. "Could you sit up for a minute?" I didn't see any reason not to, so I did.

Anya reached forward and pulled Chrissie to her, flipping her off-balance as she did so that Chrissie ended up in the middle of the nest on her back. Anya moved over Chrissie into a sixty-nine position and told me, "fuck me Charlie," then went down on Chrissie.

As I said before, I can be fairly good at following instructions. I lined up behind Anya doggy-style and slid my cock into her. The long, loud moan as my entering her tripped her over was amazing. Of course, it was kind of muffled because her mouth was plastered all over Chrissie's nethers. And when Anya got her brains back online, Chrissie was the next to yowl, her moans of pleasure echoing slightly in the cave.

I was up and staying hard, but I wasn't cumming. That gave me time to get into mischief. I'd started to wonder about anal with these girls before -- interrupted by Anya sticking her finger up my ass -- but now I had this wonderful pair of buttocks framing her little rosebud, and it was just too tempting.

We had more of our lube slathered all over her pussy and ass than would ever have been necessary. The only question was, how tight was she? Or more specifically, was she going to tear my nuts off if I tried sticking my XL cock in her ass? There was only one way to find out...

Well, actually, I supposed I could have just asked, but I didn't.

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE IN MY ASS!!!" That's pretty much what exploded out of Anya. Right before she came. Hard.

"OH FUCK!!!" I took that as instructions. And she came again.

"Hey!" Chrissie protested. "Me, too! Me, too!"

It became my oh-my-God moment. These two were into anal, too! They were definitely moving into my "perfect woman" category, and there were two of them! My resolve to have a grand old time fucking them, drive them home and never see them again was beginning to disintegrate. Not the fucking and driving them home. The not seeing them again. My internal Professional Cynic was insisting that there had to be something majorly wrong with these two, but I was damned if I was seeing it. Maybe they'd end up being Fatal Attraction type stalkers or something.

Then Chrissie insisted on getting her turn with me up her ass, and Anya moved to the bottom of the sixty-nine. And Chrissie was just as well-lubricated and just as sensitive as Anya, if not more so. I was starting to see the pattern... Chrissie took a lot longer to get to her first orgasm, but once she got it, she tripped over faster and more often than Anya. Anya, on the other hand, built up to her cums like the build-up to an earthquake -- and went over with just about the same energy.

I was managing to keep Chrissie rolling them over when Anya crawled out from underneath and took up a position next to Chrissie, doggy-style, like before. I had my cock in Chrissie but I saw no reason not to stick a fist into Anya's pussy at the same time. Holding onto Chrissie's hip with one hand, my cock alternating between her pussy and her ass and my fist in Anya's pussy, keeping time with my stroking, I had the two of them on one long, rolling boil and I was digging the hell out of it.

Whatever Powers That Be that had been fucking with my life were getting it right this time.

The girls wanted me to switch, so I did -- I went to fucking Anya and fisting Chrissie, and then back again, alternating between the two and switching every few minutes. This was probably the most fantastically hedonistic thing I'd ever done in my life and I was loving it! Apparently, so were they.

Finally, out of nowhere, my orgasmic response decided to show up.

I was balls-deep in Anya's pussy when I felt everything start to pull up and I guess I must have moaned something because the next thing I knew, Chrissie popped forward off my hand, knelt back so she could push me deep into Anya -- and keep me from pulling out -- and she reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, squeezing and twisting them.

It surprised the hell out of me that instead of being excruciating pain, her sort of crushing my balls blew me over the top, big time. Like, everything tensed up, my ass and cock went into spasms that were more like cramps, my vision went blurry and I screamed.

Well, maybe screamed isn't the right word. Howled, maybe? Whatever it was, it was accompanying a massive orgasm and ejaculation where I just kept pumping cum, and more cum, and more cum into the raven-haired beauty impaled on my cock. I think I was starting to pass out when Chrissie let go of my balls and steadied me.

Anya sank to her shoulders, her ass still high in the air with my dick in her pussy, and let go a monstrous sigh.

"Oh, my God, I have needed that forever!" she told her audience at large. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Not to appear too ignorant," I panted as I tried to catch my breath. "But what have you needed forever?"

"A big fucking cock, and a big fucking load, from a big fucking guy who knows how to do a girl right," she told me. "Charlie, I think I love you!"

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