tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 05

Home Sweet Home Ch. 05


Courtney stirred awake and felt Derrick still pressed against her. Sunlight trickled through her silk curtains as she slowly rolled over and watched Derrick sleep. She smiled warmly as she watched him, amazed what one night could do. He had made her world fall back together. She was spiralling out of control with no sense of direction. Her grades had suffered greatly since she started and only her friends had kept her going enough to keep her there. But with Derrick now lying beside her, she found new life. She knew that as long as Derrick was at her side, she could take on anything.

She got out of bed, being careful not to disturb him. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a long shirt before sneaking out to get his bag. She grinned as she walked pleasantly sore down the halls. Several students poked their heads out with a glare as she passed. She waved and smiled with a smug satisfaction believing that jealousy was rearing its head. She bent down at Jesse's door and listened instinctively and heard a light moan flutter across her ears. She blushed as she picked up the bag and shook her head. Her center moistened as a louder moan came to her and felt the dry cum against her legs. She continued to grin as she rushed back to the room eager for another round.

Courtney slid silently into her room and set Derrick's bag by the door. She looked over to still see him sleeping soundly. She stripped and slid back into bed, resting her head on his shoulder. Derrick smiled and held her close. Courtney couldn't stop smiling as she nested in and savoured his attention. Her mind went back to Jesse and she giggled before rubbing her legs, feeling the dampness below. She reached between them and ran her fingers along his sticky cock and Derrick stirred awake and smiled.

"Good morning honey." Derrick said with a peck on her lips. Courtney propped her head up and stared into his eyes, still slightly in disbelief that he was in bed with her. She ran her fingertips from his cock up to his chest, caressing his muscles putting the last vestiges of doubt to rest.

"Honey? Well I guess I can let that go since you are my boyfriend. That and you fucked me so damn good last night." Courtney replied and both shared a laugh before Derrick pulled his sister on top of him.

"And as your boyfriend I want a morning romp. I can't get enough of you, especially after all that dirty talk. I didn't think you were the type." Derrick replied. Courtney chuckled before rolling her sex against his quickly hardening cock.

"There are many things that even I'm surprised I do. The dirty talk and calling you baby for starters. I've never called any of my past boyfriends baby before." Courtney said and Derrick gripped her hips and pressed his hard member against her clit, getting her attention back on what he wanted. She grinned and kissed him, sucking on his bottom lip as they parted.

"You want this?" She teased and rolled her hips, letting his hard member slide between her wet outer lips. Derrick sighed as she teased him. "Speak up my man."

"Yes I want that." He said with a deep yearning. Courtney licked her lips and continued to roll her hips slowly, taking pleasure from her clit being stimulated.

"What do you want?" She said again. "You got to tell me. I'm not a mind reader." Derrick chuckled and Courtney grinned as he grabbed her hips, stopping her.

"I want your pussy. I want to bury my cock into your wet folds. I want to fuck you so hard that you'll be walking funny for days if you're not already. I want to shoot my cum in you so deep that you'll feel it leak down your legs hours after we're finished." Courtney shivered in delight as he described his wanting.

"Is that a good enough explanation?" Derrick said with a wicked smile. She lifted herself up and Derrick rubbed his cock against her lips, getting it wet with her juices. She slowly sat down on his hard member and moaned in satisfaction. Their pace began slowly, each savouring the moment of being together. Their hips rolled ardently together, their love in each caressing movement. Derrick's hands found her ass and Courtney smirked and she ran her fingers across his chest.

"You really like my ass don't you?" Courtney asked, stopping their love making. Derrick smiled meekly and she giggled in reply."Why didn't you say so?" She added before reaching into her bedside drawer.

"You like having a cock up your ass? You never gave any hints." Derrick asked, surprised that his sister had experimented. She shook her head as she pulled out a small bottle of lube.

"Never had a cock in my ass, doesn't mean I haven't had other things up there. I was curious recently and Cindy said it was something out of this world. I tried it, enjoyed it, and figured I'd wait." She replied as she ground her hips. She popped open the bottle and dripped some onto her hands before rubbing her puckered hole. She cooed and muffled her moan as her index finger slid inside. She closed her eyes and savoured the feeling of her finger up her ass while Derrick's cock flexed in her pussy.

"You really are something else." Derrick said and Courtney quickly opened her eyes and blushed. "Not that I mind." She moaned as he slowly lifted his hips.

"It's been recent fantasy of mine to have two cocks in me at the same time. To be taken completely. I don't think it will ever come true though. But my fingers are just as good." She said, sliding in a second finger. "Oh god I feel so full." Derrick let her control the pace as she slowly rocked her hips, sliding her fingers deeper into her ass. Their mood faltered as the door was knocked upon.

"Courtney, I need some clothes. Can I come in?" Daphne asked and Courtney growled as she pulled her fingers out. Derrick let her stand and once she was out of bed, he darted across after her, pinning her to the wall.

"There's no way I'm passing up the chance to have your butt." Derrick whispered and pressed her against the wall, his cock an inch from his goal. Courtney quickly cooed and licked her lips before pressing against him.

"Just let me open the door and you will." She whispered back. Derrick shook his head in response and spread her butt cheeks. Courtney didn't stop him as he lined his cock up with her rosebud and slowly slid inside, the lube and her pussy juice enough to let him slide in. Courtney groaned as his cock slowly filled her ass. "Oh my god. She was right, this is something else."

"I'm glad you like it." Derrick whispered back and slowly sunk in his entire length.

"Courtney please. Autumn's clothes are too small for me. I'll be quick." Daphne shouted from the other side of the door. Derrick began pumping in and out of Courtney's backside and Courtney spread her legs, letting him have his way. "Please, I'll do your laundry." Daphne said as she tried to open the door.

"She's persistent." Derrick grumbled as he continued to have his way with his sister. Courtney moaned as quietly as she could, enjoying the new sensations rippling through her.

"She's a neat freak. She can't stand wearing clothes two days in a row. Should we let her in?" Courtney replied as her body began to burn with anticipation. Her hand slipped to her clit and she began rubbing it profusely.

"No. She didn't want a show then and I'm not indulging now." Derrick replied and Courtney groaned as her legs began to quiver.

"Little busy Daph. You'll have to come back later." Courtney shouted as a small orgasm rocked through her. She moaned deeply as her ass clenched down on Derrick's cock, making him stop to appreciate the view.

"I'll close my eyes and everything. Please Courtney I feel so dirty." Daphne replied, trying to open the door again. Courtney looked back at Derrick and he growled in frustration but resumed fucking her ass.

"I'm busy at the moment Daphne. Go away." Courtney growled as Derrick's pace quickened. Soon after his hips were slapping against her ass, his balls tapping her outer lips with every stroke.

"Courtney please I beg you. I'll do anything." Daphne grumbled. "People are beginning to stare." Daphne shouted.

"What do you think?" Courtney mumbled.

"Well she might want the show. I'm so horny right now I could fuck both of you." Derrick growled and Courtney looked over her shoulder at him.

"Fantasy of yours?" She mumbled and his thrust deep into her ass gave her all the answers she needed. "Let's do it. You only live once right?"

"Got to have a crazy college story." Derrick added and Courtney groaned deeply before spreading her cheeks wider.

"Last chance to leave Daph." Courtney shouted and the door tried to open once more from the outside. "Okay, I warned you." Courtney unlocked the door and quickly opened it. Daphne stood shocked at the sight of Courtney nude and Courtney grabbed her arm and pulled her in before slamming the door shut.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry." Daphne blabbered and Courtney moaned deeply as Derrick massaged her hips while he continued to ram his cock into her ass. "Is he fucking your ass?" Daphne asked and stole a curious peek. "Oh my god he is. What does that feel like?"

"Like I have a pillar shoved up my ass. Now shut up and let me enjoy this." Courtney growled as Derrick smacked her backside.

"Wow he's really giving it to you." Daphne said, her thoughts slipping into her words. Daphne stood watching Derrick take Courtney's ass and her own pussy began to dampen.

"That's what it feels like. Derrick shut her up, she's breaking my mood." Derrick snatched her arm and pulled Daphne close. Daphne stared into Derrick's wanting eyes and her own lust leaked through.

"What are you going to do to me?" Daphne asked with wanting and Derrick kissed her hard while Courtney's hand slid underneath her Egyptian hand maiden costume and found her uncovered pussy. "What are you doing?" Daphne said, breaking off Derrick's demanding kiss to look at her roommate.

"What does it look like? You haven't had an orgasm in forever. Don't you want release? Now's your chance, take it or get your clothes and get out." Courtney growled out, cupping Daphne's wet, clean shaven mound. Daphne's lips parted and let out a deep breath as her hormones took over.

"God do I ever. This is crazy but I need it so damn bad. Autumn teased me all night but wouldn't do anything about it until I told her I wanted her." Daphne replied lustfully and before she could react, Derrick undid her dress and the silk gown slid off her body and pooled on the floor. He grabbed the black wig and pulled it off, revealing her shoulder length wavy brown hair. He took her in and smiled as she was nearly opposite. Where Courtney womanly, Daphne held a childish frame but still radiated sexuality.

"Derrick, my ass needs a break." Courtney groaned. Derrick stopped and saw the soreness and apologetically began pulling out. He sighed unpleasantly, wanting to have her longer.

"You'll get to cum in my ass later. I promise." She added as Derrick's cock popped out. Courtney slowly stood, lightly touching the rim of her abused asshole and grinned. She would keep her promise to her love.

"But in the meantime." She said slyly as she slid up to Daphne and took her face in her hands. "We have someone who desperately needs release." Daphne grinned as Courtney led her to her bed. He watched as his sister turned into a seductress. Every movement she made drove Derrick wild as radiated sexual energy that filtered into Daphne. Derrick's eyes widened as Daphne's small ass began to attract him even though moments before he wanted nothing to do with her. Derrick followed them and once Daphne sat on her bed, her nerves came out.

"So what now?" She asked and Courtney giggled before looking at Derrick. He smirked as his sister took a small dirty shirt of hers and wrapped it around his cock. She lightly stroked, cleaning him.

"We make you cum. With all that pent up sexual frustration you'll be smiling for weeks. The question is if you want my tongue or his cock."

"You'll share your boyfriend with me?" Daphne asked surprised and Derrick glanced at Courtney. He hadn't thought things through. Courtney never liked sharing what was hers and Derrick was her most prized possession, as she was his. Courtney's eyes turned smoky with desire as she leaned in close to Daphne and licked her upper lip sensually.

"I'm here as well so he's not cheating on me. We're in college and I want a crazy college memory. What better one than to have a threesome with my roommate and best friend."

"I thought Jesse was your best friend." Daphne asked, stalling for time. Derrick rubbed Courtney's backside and she sighed with pleasure.

"I chose to room with you. That's proof enough that you're the best. Right now I want you and you're here naked with me and my boyfriend." She replied. Her movements became seductive and all attention fell upon her. She stepped forward and kissed Daphne lightly. Daphne stiffened momentarily before leaning forward when Courtney went to pull away. Courtney seized the moment and pressed her lips against Daphne's drawing a deep moan from both of them. Derrick watched with a smirk that only a man could bring out as his sister, kissed her roommate. Courtney pushed Daphne onto the bed and quickly spread her legs. She looked down at her roommate's shaven pussy and hesitated.

"Please Courtney, I need this so bad." Daphne begged and Courtney nodded before sliding down her body, leaving a trail of kisses over her smallish breasts. Daphne sighed deeply as Courtney played with her nipples briefly before sliding her tongue across her mound. "Yes." Daphne hissed as Courtney wasted no time in driving her tongue into her.

"Derrick, get over here and fuck me. I'm so hot right now." Courtney growled before nearly devouring Daphne's pussy. Derrick quickly stepped close and slid his cock deep into his sister, grabbing her hips. "Fuck yes, pound me. The harder you fuck me the quicker Daphne will be ready for you." Courtney hissed. Derrick smirked as he quickly began pounding his sister. Courtney moaned and screamed into Daphne's pussy, her lips taking her clit. Her tongue rolled the nub quickly and Daphne's moans turned to screams.

"Thank god its reading week. No one will hear us." Daphne groaned out between deep breaths as she watched Courtney lick and suck on her pussy lips. "I can't take more teasing; Courtney let him fuck me until I can't see straight."

"Once you've lost those restraints and let loose your inner desires." Courtney said with desire. Her jaw went loose as Derrick pounded her. "Yes baby right there!" Courtney quickly rolled into an orgasm and buried her face into Daphne's pussy, screaming her pleasures away. Daphne fell back onto the bed and gripped the sheets, quickly losing herself in the maelstrom of lust.

"Courtney I can't hold it back, oh god I can't I can't I can't." Daphne hissed out as her own orgasm threatened.

"Let it go Daph or you'll never get his cock deep in your pussy." Courtney snapped. They knew she wasn't angry and Daphne couldn't hold back her impending orgasm any longer. She screamed out in bliss as her pussy sprayed across Courtney's upper chest. Courtney gasped before clamping her mouth over Daphne's sex, swallowing her juice. Daphne tensed as Courtney's tongue played with her clit, pressing it against Daphne's pelvis with each thrust from Derrick. Daphne quickly fell limp and Courtney lifted her head from her roommate's pussy and smiled before looking back. "Derrick finish me please I'm so close." Derrick gripped her hips tighter and ploughed Courtney. Courtney stared into Daphne's eyes as her jaw fell slack and contorted in bliss.

"Make her cum Derrick I need a cock so bad." Derrick groaned and Courtney stiffened. She screamed as her orgasm rocked through her. Derrick let her slide out and Courtney fell to the bed shaking. "That good?" Courtney could only nod as she slowly sat up and offered her hand to him.

"See for yourself." Courtney replied as she pulled Derrick to the bed. She forced him to lie down and Courtney quickly straddled his face. Daphne hastily positioned herself over his cock and let it touch her outer lips. She licked her lips with anticipation as she slowly took the tip of his cock in. She sighed deeply before sliding down his shaft.

"Dear god I'm cumming already." Daphne screamed as she leaned on his chest. Courtney lowered her pussy to Derricks face and moaned as his tongue began to pleasure her. Daphne began to ride him and Derrick could only grip his love's hips to keep her from smothering his face.

The women moaned and held each other up as they rode Derrick's cock and face. Daphne stiffened repeatedly as her orgasms were quick and Courtney could only watch as Derrick's upper legs became coated in her pussy juice. Kisses between the two women quickly followed to muffle their voices. Their tongues fenced as they rode Derrick in unison, neither wanting to waste a second apart.

"He's going to cum soon. I can feel him getting bigger." Daphne screamed and Courtney grinned before grinding her clit across his chin, sending her to the brink. "He's going to cum in me. Oh God please cum in me. Fucking cum in me now damnit I'm so close." Daphne moaned as she shivered with anticipation. Derrick couldn't hold back any longer and shot his seed into her. Daphne went to scream but only let out a deep breath as her nails dug into Derrick's sides. Courtney came shortly thereafter, nearly drowning Derrick in her own cum. The girls rolled off him, the three panting, and their bodies' sheen with sweat.

"That was amazing. I've never came so many times. You're gifted Derrick." Daphne said as she glanced over at him. Derrick smiled before Courtney turned his head and kissed him. She rested her head in his chest and Daphne did the same. Derrick once again grinned as both women slowly passed out along with him shortly thereafter.

"Sleepyhead, you need to wake up so we can do the sheets." Courtney said as Derrick stirred awake. He looked around and saw both women dressed in their bras and thongs and smiled before sitting up. He got out of bed and Courtney quickly stripped the bed while Daphne bit her bottom lip while staring at Derrick. She glided across the floor, her steps silent and took Derrick's hands in hers. Courtney turned and watched with caution as she lifted his hands and made him cup her face.

"Thank you so much for that. I desperately needed that. I feel so alive now." Derrick nodded and pulled his hands away. He could feel his arousal begin once again and Daphne quickly noticed. "Again? Courtney this man is a machine."

"He's my machine Daph. Unless you want another round." Courtney replied and Daphne backed away. Her eyes betrayed her as she hesitated before shaking her head.

"No I'm good for now. I might take you up on that offer though. I don't want to press my luck." Daphne replied jokingly but with undertones of hope.

"Anytime." Derrick replied and Courtney nodded in agreement. Daphne was taken aback by the comment and sat on Courtney's bed.

"You're serious. You would take me like that again? Won't that affect your relationship?" Derrick held out his hand and Courtney gladly took it. He pulled her close and kissed her lightly before answering.

"I love Courtney with all my being. There's nothing no one can do to change that. Yes we fucked and you joined us, doesn't mean I love her less. It just means that we're okay with bringing others into our love life and hold a special place in our hearts."

"You're my best friend Daphne. I've always known there was a sexual deviant under that intelligent, good girl exterior. We saw a glimpse of how wild you can be and I promise you that no one will find out from us what happened under the condition that you relax and have more fun with us." Courtney added and Daphne smiled before taking a towel from her side of the room and ran for the showers, claiming dibs. Derrick laughed as she left him and Courtney standing in the middle of the room.

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