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PLEASE NOTE: This story contains depictions of sex between males. It is not in the "Gay Male" category because that is not the main theme. But if sex between males bothers you, please do not read this story- you will not like it.


David Campbell was considered a real up and comer in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was a successful attorney, active in a host of civic organizations, always seemed to have a bevy of beautiful women to choose from, a real man about town. He was also an eccentric pervert. He was addicted to cocksucking. He certainly didn't consider himself gay; he liked women, and liked to fuck them. He had no interest in anal sex with a man, and preferred to receive head from a woman than a man. But he loved to stroke a cock to hardness, lick the bulbous head, massage and lick balls, and take the cock into his mouth and suck the juice out of it. He loved the feeling of cum filling his mouth, sliding down his throat, or hitting his face. He couldn't get enough of it.

David tried to be discrete with his lifestyle in Chattanooga. He saved most of his debauchery for out of town trips. Every other weekend or so he would be off to Atlanta, an hour and a half away, or Nashville, about two hours away. There, he was known around the adult bookstores stores, theaters, and clubs as always on the prowl for cock. He knew where every glory hole was in both towns, and could usually be found kneeling at one, taking on all cummers.

He had a small but close-knit circle of friends in Chattanooga that he did party with, several of whom were married. They kept their doings to themselves. Naturally, there were rumors around town about how wild and "kinky" he was, but he was able to keep it in the mode of adding to his reputation and mystique as a hedonistic bachelor rather than a depraved cocksucker.

David had built a home theater in the basement of his large home on Lookout Mountain. He had twenty large swiveling reclining chairs installed in an odd configuration. Sixteen were laid out in four rows of four on the left hand two thirds of the room, and two rows of two on the right side. The four chairs on the right side were separated from the others by a wall, which was only about eight feet in length. When people inquired about the strange arrangement, David told them that there was a ceiling support pole he had enclosed. That was true, as far as the statement went, but the wall beyond the pole was only the width of 5/8" plywood. Into that section of wall, David had cut two keyholes shaped glory holes about 20 inches apart. This allowed two men to stand side by side on the one side and David to either suck a cock while warming up another with his hand, or to have someone join him on the sucking side. The keyhole shape was to allow for the balls to be accessible, or to be thrust through along with the dick to be sucked. David wanted to be able to get to the balls.

David loved the anonymity of sucking through glory holes. He had the room arranged so that he could swing his theater chair around and suck while seated in a comfortable chair (although he did have to move to the front of the chair to reach the hole), and he could watch the big screen unless he had his head right at the gloryhole.

The gloryholes were covered in a manner that they were not obvious when closed, so when David had ordinary movie nights, or dates over, his guests did not know they were there.

David had been dating a woman named Amy for a couple of months, and the sex between them was great. She loved to suck his cock, and was very good at it. David became obsessed with the idea of sharing cocks with Amy at his gloryhole. He actually had one experience with sharing cocks with a woman at a gloryhole in an adult bookstore in Nashville, and he had found it the most exciting thing he had ever done, and he had often fantasized about finding a woman with whom he could do that again. Although he had not shared with Amy any of his secret life, he genuinely thought she could be the one. She was bold, uninhibited, and she sucked his cock with such fervor that he knew she loved to suck.

David set out to plan how he could set up a session where he and Amy could share cocks. He arranged a small party with a few trusted friends. Two were married, and one of the wives knew of her husbands and David's kinky escapades, although she really didn't approve. She had agreed to come to dinner, but didn't want to stay around for the sex. In addition to the two married couples to add an air of legitimacy to the event, there were three single guys who were regulars at David's parties who were to attend also.

The dinner party was a big hit, everyone got along well, and Amy was comfortable with the other couples and not suspicious at all of the extra men. After dinner, the group retired to the theater room to watch movies. David had prepared a special DVD he made of scenes he hoped would lead Amy down the path he wanted her to take.

The wife who was in on the plan had laid the groundwork during dinner, and as David was readying things for viewing the movie, she feigned a major illness. Her husband was sympathetic, but insisted that he needed to stay and talk business with the other men. The other wife was manipulated into being drafted to drive the "ill" wife home, and quickly agreed to do so, as she was already getting bored and didn't like the idea of hanging around for a bunch of guy talk, since Amy had not been particularly friendly to her, giving all her attention to David.

As the two other women left, it didn't really register with Amy that she was now alone with David and five other men. She was fixing drinks for them and laughing and flirting with them as David loaded the DVD player.

"Hey, you all want to watch some porn instead of that lame movie we had talked about?" David called out.

All the guys quickly called out their approval. David looked quizzically at Amy. "Is that alright with you, sweetie?" he asked.

Amy was taken aback. She and David had watched porn together before, and the last time he had eaten her to a thunderous orgasm, and she had sucked him off twice while he watched the movie. She felt uncomfortable, but didn't want to seem a prude. "Sure," she answered, "if that's what you really want to do." She emphasized the word "really," hoping that David would sense her reluctance, and change course.

But David simply exclaimed "Great!," and inserted a DVD into the player.

As the opening credits flashed on the screen, David steered Amy into the side of the room with the four chairs, leaving the five guys on the other side. "Lets go over here where we can have some privacy," he said, putting his arm around Amy.

"I don' know what you want to do, but I don't feel comfortable..." Amy started to protest, but David pressed his lips to hers, stopping her in mid sentence. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

"It'll be fine," he said. "We can just fool around a little over here. They can't see us."

Amy settled into the chair next to David. The film was an erotic scenario of a couple performing oral sex on each other, and as David kissed and caressed her, Amy could feel herself getting wet and aroused. She became lost in heavy petting with David as he lifted her shirt, undid her bra, and began slobbering over her breasts. Eventually, he worked her pants down and slipped a couple of fingers into her wet snatch. Meanwhile, she had unzipped his pants and had his cock out, jacking it up and down.

Amy looked back at the screen for the first time in a while and saw a different scene. There was a different woman, and she was being double penetrated by two men, while trying to suck off two more guys who had their pricks stuck in her face. She watched the movie for several minutes as David continued to finger fuck her pussy.

David began to rub her clit as he moved his fingers in and out of her cunt. He brought her to an orgasm that way, and as she came down from it, he pushed her to the floor in front of his chair.

"I want in your mouth," David panted.

Amy needed no encouragement, and quickly gobbled his cock into her mouth. She worked lovingly on it, licking the head, massaging the balls, going back and forth on the shaft. She was aware of David swiveling the chair around, but she assumed he was positioning himself so she could get at his balls better and be able to take him deeper into her throat.

As Amy continued to minister to David's manhood, she became increasingly aware of commotion around her. She first looked over her shoulder at the screen. She did a double take, as she realized she was looking at a woman licking the balls of connected to a cock being sucked by a man.

The woman sat transfixed. She had never seen the depiction of a homosexual act between men, and she watched in a combination of fascination and repulsion as the man and woman on the screen alternated sucking the cock they were working on.

Amy was literally jerked back to reality by David pulling her toward him. She turned toward him, and was shocked to see him sucking a dick shoved through a hole in the wall.

"Com'on baby, help me suck this dick," David pleaded as he licked the purple head of the protruding male member. "I want you to help me suck the cum out of this dick," David exclaimed.

Amy watched in horror as her date sucked the unknown cock. She was dumbfounded, unable to move for several moments, but finally tore herself away from the scene.

"You filthy pervert!" she screamed as she rose to her feet, trying simultaneously to pull her shirt down and her pants up.

David was horrified as he realized Amy was reacting so negatively. He tried to grab her and shouted out, "no Amy, don't go, let me explain."

But Amy was having none of it, pushing her way past David, and hissing, "you let me go you bastard, or I'll have the cops here so fast, and they'll through your fag ass in jail."

David was stunned by her actions, and was riveted in place. He heard Amy slamming doors as she made her way through the house, and even in the well-insulated basement he heard her car tires squeal as she sped away.

Needless to say, the evening was over, and David's guests quietly slipped away after attempting to console him.

For the next week, David was very depressed. Amy wouldn't answer his calls or respond to his eMailed apologies. He was despondent over having misjudged her, and having rushed his plan into action. He avoided all of his friends, and did nothing but mope around his house.

By the middle of the next week, he was horny as hell, and needed to get some relief. His brother Bob and his wife Trish were coming to visit on the weekend, to attend a wedding Saturday about an hour away. It was an evening wedding, followed by dinner and dancing, so they would not be back until after midnight. David would have the night to himself, so he decided to have a little party to get over his rejection by Amy.

His friend Jack had met three Army guys from Ft. Benning recently in Atlanta, and had been anxious to bring them to Chattanooga. One of his other buddies, Bill, had met a couple guys a bookstore in Chattanooga he wanted them to party with. While David usually avoided local folks he didn't know well, his morass led him to agree. He threw in a couple of the regulars, and had a party planned of 10 guys, about half of whom would be new meat for him.

Bob and Trish arrived Saturday afternoon, and they had time to visit before they had to leave for the wedding. David liked Trish, but considered her a rather nerdy, not particularly sexy woman. She had trouble with contact lens due to dry eyes, so she usually wore frumpy glasses and dressed very conservatively. She looked like a librarian, and in fact was a "media specialist" at a community college. When she was dressed for the wedding, however, David was surprised at how sexy she looked. She wore a sexy cocktail dress, a few inches above the knee, and with narrow spaghetti straps on her shoulders. She had on contacts, and her hair up in a stylish bun. David wondered to himself why he had never taken an interest in her before.

Bob and Trish left about five, and indicated they would probably be back no earlier than midnight, probably more like 1:00 AM. David wished them a good time at their wedding, and set about readying for his party as soon as their car had pulled away. He was starting his party early, and planned to have everybody cleared out by 11 or so.

His guests arrived about 7:00 or so, and David was impressed by the guys his friends had brought. The soldiers from Ft. Benning were all chiseled young men in their early twenties. Two were black; one light skinned, named Chuck, and one very dark, named Jamal. The other guy was Hispanic, named Ramon, and build like a linebacker. David knew just by looking at them they were likely well hung. The new local guys were good looking, too, but David was salivating over the soldiers.

After some drinks and get acquainted small talk, David put in one of his favorite bisexual DVDs, and the group settled in to party. By eight thirty or so, David and Jack were at the two gloryholes, slobbering over the dicks of the black two soldiers. David had Jamal, and wasn't disappointed as he had 9" of thick black cock, and a big pair of balls. He glanced over at his friend and saw that Jack was being treated to Chuck's dick, almost as long but even thicker than Jamal's. He was excited at the thought of getting to that cock before the night was over.

As David sucked Jamal's cock and alternatively licked his nuts, he became aware that the door to the theater room had been open for a time. He stopped what he was doing and looked over to the doorway. There, frozen in the bright light from the hallway were his brother Bob and his sister-in-law Trish.

David stammered out "wha...what are you doing back?"

David could not see Bob's face, but could see Trish's. She was staring transfixed at the sight in the theater room: Jamal's dick was still hard and sticking through the hole in the wall. Jack was stilling jerking off Chuck, and the other six guys were all at least naked from the waist down, sporting hardons, and either jerking themselves or another guy. The big screen showed an orgy of men and women sucking and fucking in various combinations. She was soaking it all in.

He heard Bob's voice from behind Trish. He spoke in a soft, even tone. "The wedding was cancelled. The two families got in a fistfight at the rehearsal dinner last night. They tried to have the wedding anyway, but they had a big argument and called it off."

"My God," David exclaimed. "I'm so sorry and embarrassed that you had to walk in on this. I don't know what else to say."

There was an awkward silence for a few moments. David was horrified at being caught with a dick in his mouth by his prim and proper brother and his straight-laced wife. He looked into Trish's face, expecting to see disgust and loathing, but seeing instead lust and desire. He realized that Trish was walking into the room and toward him.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about," she said in a husky voice. "Please, go right on with your party."

Trish stopped right where David was still sitting beside the gloryhole. Jamal's dick had gone semi-hard, but was still impressive. Trish's eyes were locked on it.

"Please, go back to sucking it," she said softly.

David hesitated for several moments, processing the situation. Meanwhile, Jack had gone back to sucking Chuck's dong.

David hesitatingly reached out his tongue and began licking the Jamal's cockhead. His cock immediately started to spring to life.

As her brother-in-law started to lick and suck the large black dick, Trish squatted down on the floor for a better look. She had to hike up the skirt of her dress as she did, so that it was around her hips. She moved in close to David and the hole, and stared, wide eyed.

"Can I touch it?" she asked in a hushed whisper.

David had his mouth full of cock at that instant, but he mumbled "uh huh" around Jamal, nodded his head as best he could.

His sister-in-law put out her hand and rubbed the cock near the base. She reached around with her other hand and cupped his balls, as David continued to suck the head. Soon, she moved her own head to David's sucking mouth. Her hand eased David off the cock. As he moved off, she kissed David passionately and deeply, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. She let out a guttural moan as she did.

Trish broke off the kiss and moved her mouth to the throbbing cock. She licked the cockhead, relishing in the pre-cum dripping from the young soldier. She took as much of the dick as she could, happily gagging it down into her throat. She had so much of its length in her mouth that David was left with nothing to lick but the massive balls.

David and Trish worked on the large black cock for several minutes, alternating between sucking it, licking it, licking and sucking the balls, and kissing each other. Their ministrations were driving Jamal crazy, and eventually he began trashing against the wall and letting out a roar that said he was about to cum.

When the first cum squirted from his dick, it was in Trish's mouth. After catching the first two blasts, she pulled it out and pointed it toward David's open, eager mouth. David caught a couple of spurts in or around his mouth before Trish aimed Jamal's still shooting cock back toward her face. Jamal squirted several more strands of cum onto the woman's cheeks and chin.

Trish pulled David's face to her cum slimed face and began licking cum from the corners of his mouth and transferring it into his mouth. David began licking cum from her face, swallowing some, and snowballing the rest into Trish's mouth. They greedily licked each other's faces clean like two kittens until they noticed there was another cock protruding through the gloryhole. They pounced on it and proceed to shower it with licking and sucking.

The second guy didn't last very long, and before long the pair was rewarded with another round of cum to share. This time David took most of the cumshot in his mouth, and then snowballed it back to Trish in a deep kiss. They kept this up for a time, swapping cum back and forth until their salvia had diluted it to an extent they could hardly taste it. About that time, another cock was offered up through the gloryhole, and they went back to their synchronized sucking and licking.

David became aware that Trish's head was banging against the wall in a regular rhythm. He looked back and saw that Bob was furiously fucking his wife from behind. He had not bothered to remove her pantyhose, just tearing a hole in the crotch and pushing her panties to the side. David was in awe of the lurid scene of his brother fucking his wife while she shared sucking a cock with his own brother. He thought for a second that he regretted he had never installed video cameras in the room to record such a hot scene, and vowed to do so before going back to sharing the cock with Trish.

In a few minutes, Bob's pounding of Trish picked up intensity, and she had to back off the cock she and David were working over as she was wracked by a series of extreme orgasms. Bob let out a loud groan as he shot his cum deep into his wife's pussy.

David heard a plop as Bob withdrew from Trish. Trish scrambled around and pushed David to the floor, taking his place sucking the cock through the gloryhole. She maneuvered his face under her crotch, and hissed out "eat me, lick my pussy!" to her brother-in-law.

David didn't need a written invitation as he fervidly raised his head into Trish's gash. He had eaten pussy before, but never freshly fucked pussy. He loved the pungent smell and wetness, and suddenly realized that he could taste his own brother's cum commingled with her juices. That was a major turn on for him, and he increased the pace of his gnawing on her clitoris. He pushed his tongue as far up her fuck hole as he could, using it to scoop out more cum. In minutes, he had brought Trish to another screaming orgasm.

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