Jess stood anxiously in the baggage claim area as she waited for Eric to come into view. Her mom grabbed her shoulders and held her still.

"Jess, you're making me nauseous. Stop moving."

"Sorry, " Jess laughed a little, still bouncing slightly. She tried to see through people that were coming down the hall, and finally... she spotted him. Without even the slightest hesitation she took off in a sprint.

"Jessica!" Her mom laughed. Jess smiled big and squealed excitedly, running towards him, weaving through people.

"Oh God," Eric saw her speeding towards him, and just stopped, bracing for impact, a big smile on his face.

"ERICNESS!" Jess yelled as she jumped on him, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

"Ahh! Holy crap!" He yelled, laughing and wrapping his arms around her to hold her, and trying to steady himself.

"You're finally here!" she planted her feet back on the ground and kissed his lips repeatedly.

"Baby... are you... gonna... let me... talk?" He said between kisses.

"Talking is so overrated," Jess smiled, kissing him again. He kissed her back, so happy to be back where he belonged.

"Let's get my bags before some towel-head steals 'em," he teased

"Oh my God, " Jess laughed and took his hand as they walked towards the luggage belt. Jess' mom walked up to them, smiling.

"I can't believe you sold your car to come home to this weirdo," she teased.

"Hi mommy!" Eric smiled and gave her a big hug.

"Hi Muffin," she smiled.

"Let's get the crap out of here," Jess grinned and dragged Eric towards the belt as the luggage started coming around.

"I checked two bags... Chris and his parents said they'd being home the rest," Eric said as he watched for his bags.

"Awesome," Jess smiled.

"Ah! There's one!" he said as he went to grab it.

"No! Mommy wants to get it!" Dee pushed Eric out of the way and grabbed the bag.

"Woah buddy," Eric laughed.

"I like getting the bags!" Dee smiled innocently.

"Yeah, she's weird," Jess smiled.

"Okay, there's my other one," he said and grabbed it before Dee could.

"Muffin!" Dee pouted.

"Ha!" Eric grinned. Jess smiled and held Eric's hand as they walked towards the exit. They walked outside together, towards Dee's car. Upon reaching the car, Dee opened the trunk and helped Eric put his bags in.

"I'm sitting in back with my Muffin," Jess smiled as she climbed into the back seat with Eric.

"Keep your clothes on," Dee commented, smirking and getting in the drivers seat.

"I'll try mom, but... your daughter is an animal!" Eric teased, smirking.

"You asshole," Jess laughed.

"What? Look at them nails!" he laughed.

"You love it, " she whispered to him, smirking.

"God damn right," he laughed a little, holding her hand in his lap.

"I don't think you understand how much it means to me that you're home so early," she looked at him, kissing him gently.

"I think I do," he smiled as he kissed her back.

"I love you Eric," she smiled at him.

"I love you Jess," he squeezed her hand and kissed her again.

"I'm hungry!" Dee announced.

"Yeah, me too. Fuckin' airplane food SUCKS. They give you like... a bag of stale pretzels and a cup of ice with some soda in it," Eric laughed.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Jess replied, "We can go to the Cromwell Diner!"

"No, I'll eat when I get home," Dee said.

"Oh fine," Jess scoffed. They enjoyed the ride home, Eric talking up a storm, telling about his trip home, and other random, useless facts, which Jess loved. They finally arrived back at the apartment.

"Here we are, home sweet home," Dee smiled.

"Mom, can we borrow the car and go to the Cromwell diner?"

"Uh, yeah... I guess. Does Eric wanna drive?" Dee asked.

"Yes he does," Jess smirked.

"I don't think I have a choice," Eric laughed.

"Nope," Jess smiled proudly.

"Alright, I'll leave the door unlocked," Dee said as she got out of the car. Jess and Eric got out also, getting into the front.

"Bye Mom!" Jess smiled as she put her seatbelt on, and she and Eric drove off.

"Okay, I dunno where I'm going," Eric laughed.

"We're going to a store real quick," Jess stated.

"The store? I thought you were hungry?"

"I am... for the Jew!" Jess laughed.

"Oh baby," Eric laughed, "but whats at the store?"


"Are you serious? We took your mom's car to get condoms?"

"God damn right!" Jess laughed.

"Wow... that's frickin' awesome," he laughed too. Jess gave him directions to the store, where he dragged himself in and bought the goods. Jess smirked at him as he came out.

"All set?"

"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled, "now we going to eat?"

"No," Jess grinned devilishly.

"No?? What do you mean no?"

"I mean no," she smiled as she led him to a place to park. It was an empty area, no one around, and no houses around. Jess smiled as he turned off the car.

"What crazy idea do you have in your head?" Eric looked at her.

"Just come here," she said as she climbed into the back seat. Eric followed, smirking to himself.

"Why?" he acted stupid.

"Because... she crawled into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, "I missed you, " she said softly then kissed his lips gently, closing her eyes.

"Mmm... I missed you too," he smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tighter against him as he kissed her deeply, missing the way it felt to have her lips and body against his. Jess smiled against his lips, moving her hands up into his hair as she slid her tongue into his mouth, straddling him. Jess grinned, moving her hands back down to his shoulders and digging her nails into him.

"Ow... " he mumbled against her lips, smiling.

"You love it," she smirked, kissing him again.

"God damn right," he smirked, grabbing her hips and pulling her closer.

"Ooh," Jess grinned, "what are you doing?"

"Taking control," he smirked and moved her so she was lying on the back seat, hovering over her and kissing her lips again.

"I like it, " Jess grinned, reaching her arms around him again, kissing him deeply as she kicked her shoes off. She moaned softly as he laid down on her, already feeling his anticipation for what was to come.

"Oh you love it," he smiled, kissing her lips and slowly moving his kisses to her neck, running his fingers through her long brown hair as he took off his shoes also.

"Mmm, yes I do, " she smiled, pulling his shirt off of him and rubbing his shoulders and back. He ran his hands under her shirt, rubbing her hips, then pulling her shirt off as well and kissing her bare shoulders. Every inch of her skin was as soft as silk, and he couldn't help but graze his fingertips across any exposed areas. Jess smiled warmly at the feel of his fingertips on her skin. Despite all the work he was always doing, his hands never failed to be amazingly soft and calming. The way he touched her... was as if he were touching the wings of an angel. So graceful and delicate. Jess smiled and brought his lips to her own, kissing him deeply as she reached back to undo her bra, Eric helping her take it off. After that was out of the way, Jess reached down to unbutton her jeans, but Eric swatted her hands away, wanting to do it himself.

"Is someone impatient?" he laughed a little, slowly unbuttoning her jeans.

"It would not be wise to tease me right now," Jess warned.

"And why is that?" Eric asked in a cocky tone, removing his hands from the vacinity of her pants. Jess reached up and dug her nails into his sides, pulling him down to her.

"Because I'm fucking tired of waiting, " she growled.

"Ow... " he squirmed a little, then firmly grabbed her wrists, roughly holding them over her head, causing her to whimper softly, "and what if I make you wait?" he smirked.

"Eric I swear to God... " she mumbled.

"What? What are you gonna do?" he smirked at her as he reached down with one hand, still holding her wrists with his other. His free hand unzipped her jeans and started to push them down her hips.

"I'll beat the Jew out of you!"

"Yeah, try it... see what happens," he said seriously as he finally managed to pull her jeans off. He looked up at her, "Keep your hands here," he said firmly.

"Or what, Eric??" Jess challenged him with a gleam of mischievousness in her eyes.

"Test me, Jess... go ahead," he countered, letting go of her wrists to reach down and pull her thong off. Jess just smirked and kept her hands still for the time being. Eric let his hands run from her shoulders, down her body, over her breasts, down her stomach and over her thighs, just staring at her for a second.

"What are you doing?" Jess asked.

"Nothing. I am just a very lucky man."

"Right... " Jess raised an eyebrow at him.

"You're fucking hot," he licked his lips a little.

"Whatever," Jess laughed a little, lifting her hands. Eric reached up quickly, grabbing her wrists again.

"What the hell did I tell you?" He held her wrists firmly. Jess squirmed trying to free her hands, "Why must you defy me, woman?" he asked, just smiling proudly to himself at his ability to render her helpless.

"If I didn't, this wouldn't be much fun now would it? Plus..." she grunted as she squirmed again, "I know I can beat you."

"Yeah right," Eric smiled, holding her wrists tightly, leaning down and kissing her neck, gently sucking.

"Mmm," Jess moaned softly, tilting her head slightly to give him more access. She moved her feet up to his hips, helping to push his pants down to his ankles, where he kicked them off himself. She then brought her feet back up and grabbed his boxers with her toes, pulling them down. Eric stopped and just smiled at her, laughing a little.

"Now that's talent," he laughed.

"Why thank you," she smirked, pushing them all the way off him.

"Mmhmm," he smiled, laying his body on hers again as he kissed her shoulders, still holding her wrists.

"Are you ever going to let me go?" she asked, her hips starting to grind up into him a little, letting him know her patience was wearing thin.

"I might," he said, kissing her lips again, holding her wrists with one hand, while the other snaked its way between their bodies. His hand found its way between her legs, and he kissed her deeply as he began to rub her wet slit, moaning softly into her mouth. Knowing that he was the one that brought her to this state of ecstasy, just drove him insane, and he shoved two fingers inside her, causing her to moan loudly into his mouth.

"Mmm, yeah!" she moaned, pulling away from the kiss, as he pumped his fingers in and out. Jess moaned, fighting his restraint again. It proved futile and she whined a little, rotating her hips on his fingers. He moaned and pulled his fingers out licking them clean right in front of her face, then getting closer to her mouth so she could taste it too. He then kissed her passionately as his hand disappeared downwards again, and he took his rock hard erection into his hand, lifting his hips slightly as he rubbed the head over her wetness. Jess moaned into his mouth and tried to thrust her hips forward, but to no avail.

"Don't be pushy," he warned, still rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. He pushed the head in, then pulled out again, and repeated this motion, driving her crazy.

"Ugh! C'mon!" she moaned, still trying to push him into her.

"What? You want more? Huh?" He asked, pushing a little more into her, but not by much.

"Yes!" She whined, trying to pull free from his grip.

"Well why didn't you say so?" he smirked a little as he finally shoved himself inside her.

"Ugh, yeah!" she whimpered loudly, closing her eyes tightly.

"Mmm," Eric moaned, grabbing her hip as he thrusted himself inside her, slowly pulling out, but then roughly pushing himself back in, causing Jess to scream out with every thrust.

"Ohh God, yeah!" Jess moaned out as he kept up his rhythm.

"You like that?" he growled slightly, thrusting harder into her.

"Yes, baby!" she screamed, "Let go of me baby, please!" she begged.

"Uggh, fine!" he groaned, finally letting go of her wrists. Her hands immediately wrapped around his body, digging her nails into his back as he fucked her. Jess screamed again, biting into his shoulder gently. Eric stopped for a moment, "Ow, that hurts," he mumbled.


"Good?? GOOD?" Eric asked shoving himself all the way inside her

"Oh God!" Jess screamed, digging her nails into him again.

"Grr... stop it," he growled, pulling out and grabbing her hips, sitting up and roughly pulling her into his lap, but turning so her back was to him.

"What are you doing?"

"So you can't scratch me," he smirked, pulling her feet up onto the seat so her knees were bent. He then grabbed her hips again, lifting her up slightly so he could slide up into her again. Jess moaned and grabbed the seat in front of her using it to hold onto and lift her body up and down on him. Eric moaned as she rotated her hips on him and grinded down onto his dick, "God you're so good at that," he moaned, reaching around and cupping her breasts in his hand, squeezing slightly, thrusting his hips up into her, then pulling her back against him. Jess moaned and reached back, putting her arms around his neck. He turned her head and kissed her deeply, then kissed her shoulder and neck, moaning and pumping into her.

"Mmm baby..." Jess moaned as he reached around with one hand, rubing her clit, "Baby! Mmm yeah!" she moaned louder, squirming a little. Eric moaned too and continued to thrust and rub her clit, keeping his pace, trying to bring her to orgasm.

"C'mon Jess," he moaned, sucking on her neck.

"Unh, yeah! Don't stop!" she moaned, biting her lip and grinding her hips, then screaming out, her muscles contracting as he brought her to her peak. Her body trembled as his arms wrapped tightly around her, kissing her shoulders.

"Mmm," Eric moaned. Jess slowly got up off of him, getting on the seat next to him. She leaned down, taking his dick into her hands, bringing it to her mouth and slowly licking it, tasting herself. She then took more of him into her mouth, sucking gently, and stroking the base as she did so. Eric moaned and ran his fingers through her hair, moving it out of her face. Jess moaned and worked her magic with her tongue, licking and sucking on him, while also using her hand to stroke him. She continued her work, moaning softly, the vibrations of her voice making everything feel even better. Eric moaned a little louder as he got closer.

"Come on baby," Jess moaned, then took him back into her mouth.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, holding her hair as he thrust his hips up a little, grunting and closing his eyes as he finally shot his load into her mouth. Jess moaned too as she tasted him, swallowing as much as she could.

"Mmm," she moaned, smiling a little as she licked her lips and sat back up, kissing him. Eric put his hand on her cheek, kissing her deeply, gently sucking on her tongue, "So much for the condoms, ' Jess laughed. Eric smiled.

"You are amazing," he said against her lips, pulling her closer and kissing her again.

"I love you," Jess smiled a little.

"I love you too," he said softly, kissing her again

"We should get home, before my mom flips out, " Jess laughed.

"But... we haven't eaten yet."

"Oh yeah... " Jess laughed.

"I guess eating can wait," Eric smiled and kissed her once more

"Yeah, its so overrated," Jess grinned.

"I wouldn't go THAT far."

"Okay fine then. We'll snack on something when we get home."

"Nice," Eric smiled, both of them finding their clothes and putting them back on. Eric waited for Jess to climb into the front seat, then followed her, starting the car up again.

"I'm tired anyway. You always wear me out," Jess smirked at him.

"God damn right. Can't wait to see the fucking marks you left on me this time," he shifted his shoulders a little, making an uncomfortable face.

"Yeah, my marks. I love it," Jess laughed a little, "go that way," Jess said as she pointed.

"Well... that was a fun night," Eric glanced at her, smiling as he drove down the dark road.

"Yeah? If you think that was fun, just wait until we get home," she looked at him suggestively and bit her lip, putting her hand on his thigh and kissing his cheek, "Love you."

"Love you too," he smiled a little. He couldn't wait to get home.

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