Homecoming at the Witch's Academy


"You're amazing; you learned all this?" he commented, and then added, "Oh my God," as she, for the first time fully took him into her mouth.

She pulled back up, and clarified, "Goddess, please, I want to be your goddess."

"Yes, yes, anything you say, my goddess," he replied.

Instantly, she was next to him, now in a sexy nurse uniform; her hair now jet black, her mouth kissing and biting his neck as her hand had taken her mouth's place on his cock.

"I need to know your deepest fantasy, Dirk, it's the only way I can give you what I want you to have." She told him.

Not knowing what to say, he replied, "You are Harriet, you are."

"Sweet," she responded, "But that's not what I meant."

"No really," he argued, "I thought about you often back when we were in school."

"Maybe on occasion you did, but if I were truly your dream, you would have let me know," she responded.

She clarified for him, "Think back to when you were younger and all you ever thought of was sex. What's your most arousing dream? What did you jack off thinking about? Were there any particular pictures or films that really turned you on? I'm not kidding, Dirk, I can do anything you want, anything."

As she finished talking, he noticed someone else in bed with them. He quickly turned and saw another Harriet, dressed in red lingerie sliding up next to him. Now he had a beautiful girl on each side of him, and they began nuzzling his neck and rubbing against him.

"Anything you want, Dirk," the first girl reiterated.

One of the beauties moved her head down his chest and stomach and began taking him into her mouth as the original Harriet, now in blue lace had pulled herself up next to his head. She placed her leg across him and pushed her pussy into position just above his mouth. He licked and licked and was in absolute ecstasy as his dick was still feeling the warmth of the other Harriet's mouth.

As he began to feel the buildup, the second Harriet was gone and the first was sitting next to him. She had what appeared to be a small jeweled bottle in her hand and was dripping a few drops of the liquid onto his cock.

When she began stroking, it was the greatest thing that he had ever felt.

Harriet knew what he was thinking, "It's an oil that hasn't been made in a thousand years; sheiks would trade their kingdoms for one night with a woman with this oil."

She took his hand and placed it on his cock and helped it begin to stroke, "See how good it feels?"

It was amazing, and he continued stroking, looking into Harriet's eyes.

She exaggeratingly licked her lips and whispered, "You still haven't told me that one experience that you want more than any other, but that's okay; I know how to get it out of you."

He felt a quick shiver of fear but didn't know exactly why. Then, he noticed, a slight spurt from his cock. Before it was anything more than one spurt, Harriet had pulled his hand away and had begun stroking him herself, but much slower, preventing his full load from exploding.

She scooped up what had come out, held it up and asked, "May I?"

"Sure," he replied, "Anything."

She turned and dripped it into a chalice of some drink, stirred it up a bit with her finger and took a sip.

As she saw the confusion on his face, she explained.

"Your voluntarily getting this cum on your own by jacking off yourself and giving it to me freely, hence my asking for it rather than just taking it, allows me to mix it with this potion, and I will automatically become your ultimate fantasy." She explained.

You may know exactly whom I am about to become, or you may not, but either way, your dream is about to come true. I have no doubt that you'll recognize her though. It could be someone you met last week or even the first woman you thought of when you jacked off or anyone in between."

"Here goes," she said, as she emptied the chalice contents into her mouth, smiled at him and swallowed.

As Harriet transformed, Dirk's eyes widened, in both ecstasy and fear.

Harriet didn't really care whom she had just become, as it was his fantasy not hers, but the expression on his face made her curious enough to glance up at the mirror behind her bed as she eased her body down on his, easing his cock into her moist, tight but not too tight, pussy.

She was almost taken aback, and there really was nothing that could take her aback these days, as she saw the image in the mirror.

"Oh, Dirk," she said in a tone of mock pity but while speeding up her rocking on his cock to keep him near the edge, "Really, you can have any fantasy in the world, and your ultimate fantasy is your aunt, the sorceress Brella LaCroix?"

Brella had been one of the darkest witches known, steadfastly dedicated to evil, and had murdered many during the reign of terror.

His non-response told her that she was right, though she knew the potion was always correct as well.

Well, Dirk certainly was not the first man to imagine a sexy aunt she thought. It's funny how the male mind works. She had never imagined Brella as a sexual object; though now she began to reconsider that. Brella's normal clothes were close to lingerie, and she certainly had been a passionate person with dark hair, perfect pale skin, red lips, and the body of a seductress.

After a second, she could picture the dark witch as a sexual dyanamo.

So, she decided to play up to it.

"Dirk, honey," she spoke in Brella's voice (another easy trick), "I know you want me. I always did know that, honey. Did you watch me when you were younger? Did you dream about me? I knew you would be the greatest wizard in the family. I used to get so, so wet thinking about you, dear. Oh, oh, oh, take me you handsome boy, Dirk!"

With that cry, she rolled him on top of her and grabbed his ass, pulling him as far into her as possible. He was good for only one or two more thrusts before she noticed him take a deep breath and knew that he was about to shoot.

"We're done, Dirk," she announced, changing instantly back into Harriet, just a second before he would have cum.

"What?, No!" he practically screamed, and then he noticed a great pain in his crotch as his cock had lost his erection, yet was desperately trying to burst and release the semen buildup.

The next realization that hit him was that he was back in a standing position which meant that he had to catch himself as his last attempt at a thrust almost threw him to the ground.

"Shhh," Harriet said to him, "All these people will hear you."

Dirk noticed that they were back in the great hall and that the party was still going strong. They were each fully clothed, and it was as if they had never left. The ache in his cock told him otherwise though.

"What did you do?" he asked.

Harriet continued, "Just brought you back where we started, oh, you might want to know, though, that your sexual life is over."

"What do you mean? Why?" he asked her softly.

"Oh, that's easy, Dirk," she responded, "Throughout all of the histories of magic that I read, there was a common thread, your family. They were always on the wrong side of order, always at the center of whatever the mischief of the day was and always profiting at the expense of others. I decided that it needed to end once and for all, and, it has."

"What do you mean? What has ended?" he asked.

She continued, "Well, I actually just placed the fourth unforgivable curse on you, though it hasn't been used in centuries, and no one, besides me, alive today even knows it exists as anything more than a legend. You see, I didn't actually give you the whole story, by freely giving me semen that you produced yourself and mixing it with the potion that I learned about, you gave me the power to limit your orgasms, so that you can only achieve them with your ulyimate fantasy."

"Meaning?" he asked.

"Meaning that you're apparently done with orgasms." She stated. "From now on you can get hard, whether you're with your wife, Annastasia, or by yourself, you will arise easily enough, but you can't cum. Each time you get to the brink, you'll feel an immediate deflation and maybe even some pain as the buildup settles. The curse won't let you cum, ever, unless it is in Brella, which obviously isn't possible seeing as how she died in the great battle."

"What is the point of that?" he asked, visibly shaking.

"The point of the curse originally was to keep husbands faithful; my purpose was to end your bloodline; no orgasms, no babies, get it?" she asked.

"But I already have a son, Stiv," he said.

"Yes, you do. Sadly though, this curse follows down to three generations." Harriet told him, "You'll probably need to tell him about this, so he doesn't think there is something wrong with him when he tries to have sex or even jack off. If I were you, I'd leave out the part about your crazy, dead aunt, though. That might disturb him."

"But I, and my son, we cannot live without orgasms at some point. It will literally kill us." Dirk was now looking for any way out of this.

"The potion was invented for sultans back centuries ago to give to their sons in laws. The recipient of the curse can only have sex with his ultimate fantasy. If the fantasy was his bride, then he would be fine, if not, he would never have another orgasm." Harriet explained.

"You can see why it quickly became a forbidden curse, can't you? Few husbands, unfortunately, choose their wife as their fantasy. Had you chosen me to look like your wife, you would have been good to go. You, however, chose your dead aunt, so now she has become your, and by extension, your son's only allowed partner, which of course isn't possible, given her current condition."

"But how do I explain to my wife that I can't have sex?" he asked.

"Can't help you with that one, Dirk. I don't think I'd mention the curse though; if she does any research at all, she'll find legends about it, and she will know that you gave yourself freely to another woman." Harriet answered.

"What will happen to me?" he asked, uncertain if he was asking himself or Harriet.

"I honestly don't know; I will say this though, as a last comment, there is no cure, never was, and most that have received this curse found that the lack of any type of sexual relief within about three to six months will drive you to do one of two things to stop the pain. Throughout the entire history of this curse there were only two ways recorded to avoid the pain," she said.

"What are the options?" he asked her.

"Suicide or becoming a eunuch, that's it." She said. "The ones who didn't choose one of those options seemed to all go insane."

She paused to let that sink in.

Then she added, "Oh, and while making your decision, each time you feel the pain, remember how horrible you were to me when I was younger. Remember the pain you caused everyone, and, most of all, remember that you have been bested, and your family destroyed, and that it did not even take a pureblood to do it."

And with that, she was gone, knowing that she had just ended one of the most evil lines in magical history.

Dirk stood in the great hall, completely defeated and utterly broken.

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