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Homecoming Date


Linda Evans hung up the Kitchen phone and walked back in the den where her husband, Charles, was watching the evening news. He looked up at his wife and she had a strange look on her face.

"Who was that on the phone?

"It was Jim."

"What does he need now. The only time he calls is when he needs something. He must be over drawn at the bank."

"Nothing like that. He wants me to come up this weekend and be his date for the homecoming dance. Can you believe he would want his mother for a date?"

"Sure, if my mother looked as good as his. What happened to that girl he was so crazy about?"

"They had an argument and she dumped him or he dumped her. Whatever, he needs a date for the dance and he wants me to come up."

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him no but he kept insisting that he wanted me to come. I told him I would call him back after talking with you."

"I think you should go. You are always helping him out one way or another. When does he want you to come up?"

"They have something at the fraternity that Friday night and then the dance is after the ballgame on Saturday night. He said he needs a date to save face after Susan left him. What kind of face will he save by bring his mom to the dance? I would think it would be embarrassing to have your mother at a college dance."

"He must think you look pretty good to ask you to come up and go with him. I must say you will be the best looking girl there."

She walked over and kissed her husband. "Thanks for the compliment but I am not nearly as young as those other girls the other boys have for dates."

"If it is like it was when I was in college it was a bonus to date an older woman. I have a feeling that is what he is counting on with you."

"I will be forty in a couple of months. An older woman to his crowd would be one in her late twenties or thirty years old. I don't want to embarrass him."

"Don't sell your self short. I would love to have had a date with an older woman that looks like you when I was in college."

"You did. It was me and I was only nineteen back then."

"I'm talking about the way you look now. All the other guys will go wild when they see you."

"They will go wild all right. They will laugh Jim out of school. I can't go anyway. I don't even have a dress to wear for something like that. I don't have time to go shopping before I will need to leave."

"I think you are just looking for an accuse to not go. I think you are afraid of what the others say. You could get up there early Friday and find a dress for Saturday night. If you want to go I will call and get the Air Line ticket."

Reluctantly, she called Jim back. "I talked to your father and he gave his permission if you are sure you really want me to come up."

"Mom, that great. You will be the hit of the ball."

"I think you are hoping for to much. It has been years since I danced. I don't want to embarrass you in front of your friends."

"You want embarrass me. You will make my stock go way up."

"I don't know much about your stock but if going with me to a dance will help you then meet my plane Friday morning. I have to find a dress for the dance."

"Don't worry about a dress. One of my friends is married and his wife will loan you one of hers. You are both the same size."

"Does your friend know that your date is going to be your mother."

"No, no one knows it is my mother coming to the dance with me. They think it is a woman I dated back home.

"You are sure digging your self a deep hole if this falls through."

"It want fall through. You are one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Sorry about saying that Mom, but it is the truth."

Linda knew that she still looked good and her body was in excellent shape, thanks to several trips to the Gym each week. Still she would not be a match for girls twenty years younger."

Linda went to bed that night feeling good that her husband and son thought she still had what it took to turn young men's head.

Jim met her at the gate. Her heart went out to him when she saw him. He looked so much like his father. He was over six feet tall and well built. He wouldn't have trouble getting a date and she wondered why he hadn't called one of the girls his own age.

"I have all ready got you a hotel room. It has two beds and I am going to stay with you until you go home Monday."

"I thought I was going back Sunday."

"We will be out late Saturday and want wake up very early. I called Dad back and he agreed that you should stay until Monday."

At the hotel he had already brought his stuff over for the Friday night get together and the Saturday night dance.

Linda unpacked as she talked to him about his girlfriend and how he ended up with out a date for the dance.

"I caught her with one of my friends. They were out side the fraternity building. They were kissing and making out. I lost my cool and told them both off. Now she is going to the dance with him."

"So, I am suppose to be the date that lets you show her up? I think you are dreaming. Look at me. I am nearly forty. How am I going to look good enough to make her jealous?"

He looked her up and down. She blushed at the way her son was looking at her. If it had been anyone else she would have liked to see the gleam in his eyes, as he looked her over. "Don't worry, she want hold a candle to you."

"Have you got the dress for me to try on. I don't want to wait until the last minute to try it on. If I can't wear it I can try to find another one before Saturday night."

He got the sleek black dress from the closet and handed it to her. She took the dress and went into the bath to try it on.

"Come back out when you get dressed, I want to see how good it looks on you."

Linda stripped of her skirt and blouse and the slip she wore under them. She knew from looking at the dress that the slip would have to go. The dress was short and came up above her knees. She didn't mind the short dress. She had beautifully shaped legs and she didn't mind showing them off.

She pulled the dress over her head. One look in the mirror she knew that she could not wear a bra with this dress. It was very low cut in front and the back was cut down to the top of her hips.

She pulled the dress back off and removed her bra. Her breasts tumbled out of the bra as she released the hooks that held it in place. Looking in the mirror she saw a nice pair of c cup breasts. They were still firm and the bra wasn't needed to hold them up.

With the dress back on again she looked in the floor length mirror. She was shocked at how short the dress really was. It came half way up her legs and she knew that she would have to watch if she bent over. Every thing she had would be on display.

Her breasts were on display as well. If she leaned to for over someone was going to get a very good look at her tits. "I can't wear this," she said to herself.

She was hesitant to go back out in the room and let Jim see her in this dress. Another look in the mirror and she knew she looked hot in the dress. If it were anyone other than her son she wouldn't have minded wearing the dress to the party. Her blond hair and shapely body really looked good in the tight black dress.

She opened the door and stepped into the room. Jim turned when she opened the door. When he got a look at his sexy mother he let out a whistle. Linda blushed at the obvious way he was looking at her. "Wow! You sure do look good in that dress."

"Thank you but I can't wear this out in public."

"Mom, you look stunning in it. What wrong with it?" He walked around her looking at her.

"It is to young looking for me, and it is to short. The top is cut pretty low as well."

"Mom, you look perfect. The guys will go ape shit over you."

"Don't talk like that."

"Sorry but you really do look hot in it." He finally convinced her to wear the dress. One thing that convinced her to wear it was a glance down at his pants. His cock was making quite a lump in his pants. If my son is effected like that then the others might like her also. She told him she would wear it.

That night they dressed and went out to eat. Jim was glad to have her with him. She wasn't as sexy in slacks as she was in the dress but she still turned the eyes of the other men in the restaurant. He knew that tomorrow night was going to turn out just like he planned. Let Susan go with someone else, he had the hottest date of them all.

They went to the pep rally that night. Several of his frat brothers came up and he introduced her to them as Linda; A lady he knew from back home.

Linda was enjoying the stares she was getting from the young men. A few minutes earlier she happened to notice she still had on her wedding rings. She slipped them off and stuck them in her pocket. She didn't want the others to think her son was dating someone's wife.

Jim was eating up the attention his Mom was getting. He stayed close to her with his arm around her narrow waist. His hand rested just beneath her breasts. He could feel the swell of her breast just above his hand. He almost let his hand come up and touch her tit before he remembered that it was his mother.

Linda felt the edge of his hand under her breast. She was a woman that liked for her breasts to be played with. She felt herself getting excited by the nearness of his hand to her breast. She didn't stop him because she knew that if she had surly been his date that he would have acted the same way. Still it was more exciting that it should be between a mother and her son.

After the pep rally they moved down to the beach and soon had a big campfire going. The beer was flowing pretty heavy. Linda wasn't use to drinking much and she could feel herself getting high.

Jim had not left her side long. When he went to get another beer for them one of the other guys would quickly come over to talk to her. When Jim got back they would beat a hasty retreat.

It was getting late and several couples were making out on blankets next to the fire. Linda knew that the guys were watching her to see if she would be making out with Jim.

Jim was thinking the same thing. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Would it be alright if I kissed you? The other are looking at me as if they know something is not right."

Linda had never thought about kissing her son like a date would but she knew that he was right. She didn't answer him but lay back on the blanket and pulled him towards her.

He didn't resist as she pulled him closer still. She guided his lips down to hers. She intended to just kiss him a few times and stop. Just a few closed mouth kisses that would make things right to those that were watching them.

When Jim's mouth touched hers he could feel her mouth closed to him. It was much like a mother might give to a son. Still the warmth of her lips on his caused his cock to get hard again. He knew that his mother could feel it as he lay over her. There wasn't anything he could do to stop his cock from getting hard. It was much more exciting than he had though it would be. Nothing like this had ever happened between them before. All their kisses were just quick pecks on the cheek or maybe the lips. Even with her mouth closed he could tell that she would really be a good kisser if she let herself go.

Linda could feel his cock against her body. Jim was just like all the other men she had been with. Even her son got hard when he was close to her. She had fought off unwanted attention for years before she met Charles. It was love at first sight for them and she quit fighting. They fucked several times a week until they married. She remembered how good it was to let Charles have his way with her out on a blanket much like the one tonight. Jim was a lot like his father.

Jim's cock had gotten fully hard by now. He was pushing against her body and he could feel her hard breast pressing against his chest. He wasn't sure but he thought her nipples were extra hard as well.

He broke the kiss and leaned back and looked in her eyes as she opened them. "Sorry Mom, but I can't help it."

Linda knew what he was talking about. "Don't worry, boys will be boys. I guess I should feel good to know that I can still turn on a twenty-year-old boy. Why don't you kiss me a few more minutes and then we can get out of here and go back to the hotel. That is what they are expecting us to do anyway."

He was all in favor of kissing her again now that she knew it was his cock pressing against her and she wasn't upset about it. He leaned back down and covered her lips with his. This time she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight as he kissed her.

Jim forgot it was his mom he was kissing. As he would have with any other date his mouth eased open and his tongue touched her closed lips. He applied a little pressure against her mouth and he felt her open slightly to his pushing tongue.

Linda was slightly shocked when she felt his tongue tasting her lips. Her son wanted more from her than just a mother's kiss. Without giving it much thought she relaxed her mouth and he pushed inside her mouth. A tingle went straight to her cunt when his tongue touched hers. Soon she was answering him just as she would have Charles. She like being kissed even by her son.

The kissing lasted longer than they both had planed. Both of them were really into it then. His body pushed his hard cock tighter to her and she wiggled her ass closer to him. Suddenly she was no longer with her son; she was with a date on the beach.

Linda was into the kiss as much as he was. Her tongue was just as busy as his was as they pushed and sucked each other's tongue. It was only when some one threw another log on the fire that Linda realized how far she had gone and let her son go also.

She broke the kiss and he leaned up and looked down at her like a lover would after the first time. "We better stop. I think your friends are completely convinced now that you have another date."

They picked up the blanket and walked to the car. His arm was once again around her waist and he pulled her shapely body next to his. His hand was under her breast and this time he let it move up.

Linda felt it as soon as he started to move and reached up and caught it in her hands. " I don't think you need to do that to convince anyone." She held his hand until he opened the door of the car for her. She slid in and glanced back at the huge lump he had in his pants. Her panties were wet as well.

Back at the hotel they went directly to their room. They had not said anything about what went on at the beach or the walk back to the car.

Linda spoke up; "I had a good time tonight. Hope I made a good date for you."

"You were wonderful. I'm sorry if I might have got a little out of line tonight. It was just very exciting to be with you like that."

"You didn't get any more out of line than I let you. I almost got to excited myself. I am going to change and get to bed. I am not use to staying up till the wee hours of the morning any more. She picked up her gown and went in the bath to change.

Jim knew that he was going to have a tough time going to sleep to night. His cock had been hard for hours and his balls were beginning to hurt. He had always thought his mother was a sexy woman but he had never thought he would be kissing her like he had tonight. He set down on the edge of his bed to wait for her to finish in the bath.

Linda changed into her gown. It was thin and her breast were easily seen through the material. She thought to herself that she should have brought another one with her but this was what she usually carried when they spent a night away from home. Jim had seen her in it before but not right after kissing her for half the night.

He watched her as she came out the bath door. The light behind her let him see completely through the thin gown. His cock gave another jump as he finally raised his head to see her walking towards her bed. Her nipples were hard and poking through the gown.

Linda set down on the edge of her bed facing away from him. "You can have the bath now."

He stood and walked around to the bed where she sat. He stood in front of her. She looked up in his face as he reached for her hands. She didn't resist as he pulled her up to him. "Dad is one lucky guy to have a wife like you, and I am just as lucky to have a sexy mom."

She was looking up to him as he talked. Their bodies were only inches apart. "I'm glad you like me and that I can help you this weekend. I hope tomorrow night goes as good for you."

"I know it will. Goodnight Mom and thanks for coming up this weekend." He leaned down to kiss her good night. After all the kissing they had all ready did it seemed pointless to kiss her cheek. His mouth came down to cover hers.

Her arms went around his neck and pulled him closer until they were touching from mouth to toes. Her mouth opened as she enjoyed the forbidden taste of her son's tongue as it played with hers. It was almost too much for her to stop before it went to far. As it had been with all the men she had ever dated, it was up to her to call it quits. It was plain to see that Jim wasn't going to stop on his own.

Linda pulled away. "Get in bed, your bed and behave. The dates over for tonight. Now I am your mother even if I didn't act like it just then."

They slept in the next morning. Both had a little too much to drink the night before. Linda woke before her son. She lay in bed and watched him across the floor in the other bed. She thought about the night before as she looked at him sleeping away. He was handsome young man like his father. Any woman would like to be seen with him and she wasn't an exception. Before last night all her thoughts of him were mother kind of thoughts. She had some thoughts last night that a mother shouldn't have about her son. She was more than sure that his thoughts weren't what they should have been either.

She eased out of bed and went to shower. She carried her under clothes with her but forgot to bring her pants. She opened the door and saw he was still asleep and she walked to the closet in her panties and bra. As she opened the closet door she heard him. She turned and found him setting up in bed watching her.

She held the dress in front of her as she turned to face him. "You could at least turn your head while I finish dressing."

"Just look what I would have missed if my head was turned."

"Jim, I am your mother, not your girlfriend."

"My girlfriend never looked this good, and besides, you are my girlfriend this weekend." She couldn't help but be please with the flattery he poured on her. Like all women she liked to be told how good she looks.

She had a wicked thought. "Wonder what he would say if I just dropped the dress on the bed and put on my make up dressed only in bra and panties?" Without saying anything to him she walked over to her bed and lay the dress down on the bed. She turned and walked away knowing he was watching her each move.

She set down at the dresser and started putting on her makeup. She could see him in the mirror watching each move she made. Lifting her hairbrush to her hair made her breasts lift with each motion. She knew what kind of effect she was having on the young man. That it was her son looking at her near naked body didn't bother her at all. He was just another male that she had teased over the years.

She surprised him when she just lay her dress down and started getting ready. He never expected her to do anything like that. Even at home she had never let him see any more of her than what she showed off in her swimsuit. His cock was hard and he needed to get a shower. He couldn't get out of bed without his mother seeing how hard his cock was. All he had on was a pair of boxer shorts and they didn't cover all that much. His hard cock was making a tent in his shorts.

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