Homecoming High Ch. 02


"Debra Rebecca Hayles!"

"The incentive is," Debbie continued. "If I don't get my grades up..." she paused for dramatic effect. "Dave won't fuck me anymore."

Debbie walked behind the teacher's desk and sat on his lap. Kim just sat there, dumbfounded, unable to believe anything she'd just heard.

Dave had been holding Kim's stare the whole time Debbie was speaking. Kim could see how her daughter had fallen for this man. He oozed sexiness. His eyes were hypnotizing, she couldn't break their spell.

She was trembling, her panties growing wet as her mind filled with obscene images of her daughter getting her gooey little slut cunt filled by the sexy teacher's slamming prick.

Kim had been very horny lately. Ever since the night Randy had found her waiting practically naked for her husband to come home. She always seemed to have sex on her mind. She couldn't shake the thoughts. Day or night. It didn't matter if she was awake or sleeping. She was just constantly horny.

She squirmed in her chair as she watched Debbie kissing Dave, her daughter's hand exploring the man's body. Neither one seemed in the least bit concerned with her presence. Dave slid a hand up under Debbie's shirt, playing with her eighteen-year-old daughter's tits.

Kim groaned with the heat of it. She nearly couldn't bear to watch it. Absolutely couldn't bear to take her eyes away.

She inhaled deeply, exhaled audibly, she was so horny, her nerves were frayed.

She should have stood up. She should have demanded that they stop this behavior. But she didn't. She couldn't. Watching the two of them going at it was such an erotic sight, she was becoming extremely aroused.

Then the ache took hold, a longing so fierce that she slowly, trance-like, stood up and eased over to the desk, inching closer, fighting the sensation that she shouldn't be here, that she should leave because she was interloping on something private. Dave had a hand between Debbie's legs, rubbing her pussy mound through her shorts. The girl moaned and looked up at her mother.

"Oh Mom! He's just wonderful. Please don't be mad at me, but I have to fuck him."

"Go ahead, honey." She didn't know why she said it, but it was what she wanted to say. She swallowed hard, wondering if she'd lost her mind.

Debbie slipped off of his lap to her knees on the floor between his legs. She began to work on his belt, then she undid his pants. Kim inched forward, trying to establish a better view. When she glanced up at Dave, he was staring at he, a purely sexual hunger shining through in his eyes. She felt her knees go weak and she leaned against the desk, unable to break the eye contact.

"Look at this. Isn't it the most beautiful cock you've ever seen?" Debbie asked as she slowly worked her tiny fist up and down the length of his cock.

Kim couldn't look down, she was too taken by the teacher and leaned over and kissed him.

"Oooo. That's so hot!" She heard her daughter say. "You want to share him with me?"

Dave broke the kiss and said, "How about it?"

"Which one of us gets to suck it, honey?" Kim asked her daughter as she glanced down at the big cock in her daughter's hand.

"Why don't you both suck it", Dave grinned.

Debbie looked at her 44 year-old mother and smiled, both women nodded in silent agreement.

Silently both mother and daughter stripped out of their clothes, their large tits wobbled provocatively as they worked their way free from their clothing. Quickly the sexually aroused mother and daughter were both completely naked.

Debbie immediately dropped to her knees, taking the big cock back into her hand. Kim kissed her way down the sexy teacher's body before joining Debbie at his cock. Dave watched the two of them go at it with eager interest. It was a highly erotic scene. Mother and daughter both working over his erect dick. Occasionally their lips and tongues would meet along his shaft, Kim seemed to be attempting to avoid the accidental contact at first, but soon enough, as her lust took over the women's lips met with more frequency, lingering together, until eventually they exchanged a quick tongue kiss every time their lips met.

Debbie lowered her mouth to his cock and slowly took its full length. He felt his prick expanding, growing harder in her hot, wet little mouth. He reached down and began to fondle Kim's tits while Debbie sucked on his engorged member.

Kim had nice full, soft breasts that would undulate nicely when she was fucked hard, he thought. He was a tit man, he loved tits and he counted himself fortunate to be about to sample two equally impressive pair. Debbie's tits were a little bigger than her mother's, and firm... very, very firm. He smiled as he looked down at her big firm tits capped by dark, full nipples.

Kim leaned over and began to tongue and suck on Dave's balls as Debbie kept sucking on and mouthing his cock. Kim ran her tongue around the lower part of his cock between his balls and where Debbie's lips were working.

Debbie popped his thick prick out of her mouth and bent forward and gently kissed her mother on the lips. When her mother didn't protest she kissed her again, more deeply this time, and this time Kim responded to her daughter's advances. Kim brought her hand up around to the back of my Debbie's neck and her tongue thrust into her daughter's mouth, searching out Debbie's.

Debbie slowly moved her hand over to her mother's breast and began to fondle it, feeling the firmness of her nipple. Kim kissed her daughter harder and tentatively proceeded to reach out to feel her breast.

Dave was enjoying the show. Mother and daughter were having so much fun, they seemed to forget about his cock for the moment. Finally they released their kiss and returned to Dave's shaft. They kissed and licked, and sucked at his prick until it was rock hard and throbbing.

"I think he's ready to fuck." Debbie said.

"Why don't you show Mommy how you fuck your teacher."

Kim stood up holding the thick, throbbing cock firmly in her little fist as Debbie lowered herself onto her lovers pole, the swollen knob parted and flared her tight little cunt lips as it slid inside. They both moaned. Debbie pushed down as he thrust up, sliding all the way into her hot, juicy little cunt.

Dave knew that she was turned on because she was completely wet. He planted his feet and grabbed her hips, and she leaned forward allowing him to suck on her nipples.

As they rocked slowly back and forth, Dave working his cock around in her tight, wet pussy, Kim sat there, her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy, watching her daughter's stretched cunt moving up and down on the blue-veined, thick shaft.

"Mmm, God that's so hot." Kim moaned.

Debbie felt a finger working on her clit. She looked down and saw her mother's hand on her pussy mound, her fingers rubbing pussy cream on her pink pussy lips and clit. The thought of her mom's hand on her pussy sent Debbie over the edge. She began to fuck her squishy little cunt onto the fat meat pole in earnest.

Her hips began to sway and rock faster, when Kim whispered. "That's it, baby. Fuck his big, fat cock, baby. Ride him. Ride him hard"

Debbie moaned, rocking her hips faster, thrusting her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock and against her mother's delectable fingers.

Dave grabbed her shapely smooth hips and began pumping into her wet fuck tunnel with hard, steady strokes, making her perfect little heart-shaped ass ripple.

"Oh, God yeah, fuck my daughter!" Kim commanded. "Fuck her nice and hard! Show her what a good fucking is!"

Both sped up their thrusts and gyrations, Debbie going wild causing Dave's prick to slip out of her steaming cunt. As she rose up to take it back in Kim reached out and wrapped her hand around the thick fuck-tool. Dave felt the warm wetness and realized it was Kim's mouth on his cock, not Debbie's pussy.

Kim sucked and licked on his pulsing prick before pushing it back into her daughter's wide gaping fuck-hole. Debbie slammed down on his full length and began to fuck with a renewed intensity, hard and fast. Debbie had seen her mother sucking on Dave pussy juice covered cock, and found the idea that her own mother would suck a cock dripping with her daughter's cunt juices extremely exciting.

"Did Dave's cock taste good, Mom?" Debbie asked her mother, "Do I taste good? Do you like the taste of my pussy on a nice hard cock?"

Debbie's own words were driving her toward a mind blowing orgasm. She was grinding her hips down and against Dave hard. She needed to cum and needed it now. Dave leaned back and let go of her hips, giving the teenager free rein. She moved her hands onto his shoulders, slamming her cunt up and down the length of his cock, her big, firm tits jiggling like crazy.

Dave looked over at Kim sitting naked beside them, one hand was busy working over her left breast, tugging and rolling her nipple, her other hand thrust between her thighs, and as Dave watched, that hand began moving rhythmically, rubbing her wet pussy, playing with herself.

Kim sat there fingering her dripping pussy as she watched them fuck, playing with her hard nipples, savoring her daughter's taste still in her mouth.

"That's it, baby," Kim said. "Fuck him! Let me see you fuck that nice hard cock! Fuck your teacher's big cock!"

Debbie was really rocking and humping her cunt down onto his cock, her head back, eyes closed, back arched. Dave placed his big hands over her tits and squeezed and rolled them.

"Unh! Oh, God, oh, fuck!" she squealed. "I'm almost there! Oh, fuck I'm close!"

A low moan escaped Kim's lips. Dave realized that both mother and daughter were close to coming.

"That's it," Kim hissed when her daughter's movements became long, rocking motions, "Let Mommy watch your hot little cunt cum all over his cock!"

Debbie moaned as her body shook. She rotated her hips and leaned over Dave, hands on the desk, grinding her clit down hard at the root of his cock. She began moaning and shaking all over as her orgasm exploded from deep within her womb.

"Yesssss! Cum, you little cock whore! Cum all over my cock." Dave hissed. "Show your mother what a hot little cock slut her daughter is!"

Her orgasm was powerful. Her pussy jumped up and down the length of his cock several times while she sat upright, squeezing her tits, rolling her nipples. Dave could feel her cunt squeezing, milking, sucking his cock deep into her womb. Dave gave her a few extra-deep pumps, guiding her completely through her climax.

"That was so fucking hot," Kim said as she leaned over and began fondling Debbie's tits, hotly kissing her daughter. Dave snaked a hand between Kim's legs and slid two fingers easily up inside her cunt. Her hips took off, rocking in a frenzied motion, working up and down on his fingers like Debbie had pumped up and down on his cock.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Fuck me! Pump those fingers right up in there!", Kim groaned. " Oh, fuck yes!"

Her cunt was hot and wet... wetter than any cunt he could remember. This bitch was really turned on. Her juices were dripping out all over his hand. Kim was moaning and writhing, riding his fingers like a wanton whore.

Debbie reluctantly slid her tight fuck-hole off of his cock and sat up on the desk, spreading her leg, fingering her still horny pussy. Kim looked at Dave's cock glistening with her daughter's juices and had a sudden overwhelming need to suck on it. She lowered her head to his lap and had it licked and sucked clean within seconds. Dave's cock was throbbing, his balls ached with the need to come, he pulled her up and bent her over his desk.

Kim, turned a little and moved her head between Debbie's wide open thighs, pressing her mouth against her daughter's gorgeous little cunt.

"Oh, my God! Oh, Mom!" Debbie moaned, as her mother licked her well-fucked cunt. "Fuck her! Fuck my mother!"

Dave moved behind Kim and ran the head of his cock along her cunt-lips causing her to moan into Debbie's incredibly wet little pussy. More muffled moans escaped her lips as Dave slowly slid his hard cock into her. Kim's mouth came off of Debbie's gaping slit, and she arched her back when he had completely slid the entire length of his prick deep into her cunt from behind.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, that feels good," she moaned. "Oh, God, fuck me with your cock!"

Kim grasped her hands around Debbie's thighs, licking and sucking at her daughter's drooling pussy as Dave grabbed her by the hips, and hammered deep into her cunt, the slap, slap, slap of flesh meeting flesh filling the room, joining the smell of sweat and sex.

Debbie was moaning, wiggling her little hips as her mother tongued her pink hole. Dave let out a groan. He was really slamming his cock deep into her horny cunt, pushing Kim's face into Debbie's wet snatch. Kim's pussy felt hot, wet, and it sucked around his prick, gripping his shaft tightly, like it didn't want to let go.

Dave felt his balls begin to tighten, he was extremely excited by the vision of this hot mother eating her daughter out while he fucked her from behind. He withdrew his cock and then eased it back in, fucking her slowly, wanting to make this last.

Kim wasn't going to have any of that approach, she was desperate for an orgasm, her pussy screaming with need. She vigorously began humping her cunt back against him in an increasingly urgent rhythm.

"Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me hard!"

Debbie was startled by her mother's vulgar language. She watched Dave as he fucked her mother, then looked down to watch her suck on her pussy. It was heaven to watch.

Debbie got the feeling that her mother must have done this before. She was a very good pussy eater, she knew exactly where to lick, rub, and suck. Debbie flung her head back, her eyes closed, as she enjoyed the feeling of her mother's lips and tongue working her over. Debbie bit her bottom lip as the extreme pleasure flowed through her, her big tits jiggling from her teacher's thrusts into her mother's pussy. Every time he plunged into her, Kim's face would press tightly to her daughter's cunt.

Debbie reached up and began to massage her boobs, squeezing them together, rolling her hard little nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Kim began moving her ass against his cock, wiggling her butt up and down, thrusting with complete abandon. Dave was pumping fast, driving his cock in and out of her tight, MILF cunt. Kim bucked her ass against him, she was snorting for each breath, trying to keep her mouth firmly planted to Debbie's sweet little cunt.

"Oh, God, don't stop, Mom! Eat my pussy!" Debbie squealed, reaching down, frantically holding her mother's head between her thighs.

Kim moaned against her pussy, her tongue flicking over Debbie's clit like crazy. She went over the edge, shuddering, her back arched, her cunt pushed tight against her mother's mouth, then she came, moaning, whimpering and squealing.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus, I'm cumming, Mom!" Debbie screamed. "Eat me! Eat me! I'm cumming!"

Dave watched Debbie come with a loud moan and felt his own climax peaking. He began pounding Kim's pussy with his engorged cock. Grabbing the flesh at her hips, holding on tight, thrusting against Kim's ass, fucking her horny, clinging cunt as hard as he could.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she panted. Her body gleaming beneath him with a fine sheen of sweat.

"Unh!" He grunted. "Fuck yeah! Here it comes! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum in her!" Debbie urged. "Fill Mom's cunt up! Cum in her pussy!"

Dave slammed his hips forward, driving his prick hard into Kim's cunt. He felt her pussy muscles begin to clench and milk his cock, heard the wet, sucking noise as he continued to furiously thrust in and out of her buttery fuck tunnel.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me!" Kim chanted. "Make me cum! So close! Fuck me!"

Dave felt his balls contract and a huge surge ran through his body, with one last, massive thrust, he buried his cock completely inside her pussy, and began to shoot his load deep inside Kim's convulsing womb. Dave threw his head back, groaned and arched his back, cumming hard. Kim squealed with his last huge thrust, felt his cock swell, knew he was coming, and then shuddered as her own orgasm took over.

"Oh, God! Oh! Oh! I'm cumming!" she squealed.

Over and over he shot thick, hot streams of sperm, sending them splashing hard inside Kim's tight tunnel into her womb. He held tight to Kim's hips, his spurting cock held buried deep inside her horny pussy.

"Oh, God!" Debbie said, "This is so fucking hot! He's cumming in your pussy! Does it feel good, Mom?"

"Mmmmmm, oh yes," Kim moaned as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

Before Kim realized what was going on, Dave had pulled out and wrapped his arms around her, spun her around, and placed her on her back on top of the desk. Debbie quickly slid between her mother's legs, her mouth busily working on Kim's freshly fucked cunt, sucking up the load that Dave had just put there.

"Debbie? W-what are you doing?" Kim asked incredulously.

"I'm cleaning up Dave's mess," Debbie said as she smiled from between her mother's lewdly open thighs, before dropping her head back to her mother's sweet cunt and tonguing her.

Kim looked down between her big breasts and watched her daughter begin licking her cream filled pussy.

"Oh! Debbie! Oh...oh...oh! Oh, Debbie!" Kim moaned, her hips slowly undulating with the motions of her daughter's eager young tongue.

Dave watched Debbie licking his seed from Kim's pink pussy. She was really getting into it, making loud, wet, licking noises in her mother's pussy. Kim must have been enjoying herself because suddenly her hips begin to rock against her daughter's mouth with more urgency.

"Unh! Oh fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop licking Mommy's cunt, baby!" she cried.

Debbie spied Kim's glistening, pink pearl protruded from under its hood and latched onto it, gently taking it between her lips and sucking it. Kim's ass bucked on the desk as if she'd been shocked.

"Oh, Dear God! Suck my clit, honey!" she moaned, shamelessly sliding her hands down and pulling her lips apart with her fingers to fully expose the sensitive bud to her daughter's sucking mouth.

Kim's clit was very hard, throbbing, needing to be licked and sucked. Debbie wiggled her tongue on it, then using the flat part, she flicked it, putting pressure on the sensitive nub, sending waves of intense pleasure coursing through Kim's body. Once again she took the swollen clit directly between her lips, sucking hard, puckering her cheeks on it, loving it, sucking it as if it were a tiny cock.

"Oh, suck me," Kim gasped.

Dave moved in for a better view and watched the show. Debbie continued to suck on her mother's clit, driving Kim crazy. Every now and then she would drop her tongue down to the mouth of her mother's cunt, and lick up some of the cock cream as it flowed out. It was an extremely exciting little show watching his student lick and suck his sperm from her mother's juicy wet cunt.

"Suck me! Suck my clit! Suck it!" she screamed and rocked her hips harder.

Debbie hungrily ran her tongue up and down the length of Kim's slit, lapping the tasty cream from the fragrant folds of her mother's pussy. Kim's pussy began oozing a heavy flow of fuck oils mixing with the load of sperm Dave had left, Debbie was using her tongue to lick every drop of it from her mother's fuck hole.

The eighteen-year-old daughter slid her hands up, replacing her mother's, and peeled open Kim's pink pussy petals. She thrust her tongue deep inside, collecting their fuck juices from the cunts interior, pushing her tongue in and out of her mother's pussy, making the horny MILF hump her ass faster on the desk surface.

Debbie lifted her head, a string of saliva ran obscenely from her lips to Kim's cunt. "Suck me, don't stop sucking me!" Kim pleaded. "Use your fingers! Put your fingers in my pussy! Oh, Debbie, I'm so close! I really need to cum!"

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