Homecoming High Ch. 04


"Oh, fuck you feel good," he groaned.

Finally! Finally her hot brother's cock was hers! She'd spent years waiting for this moment. He slid his hands beneath her, cupping her small, round, heart-shaped ass, pulling her firmly against him His cock buried to the balls in her fiery cunt. He slowly began pumping; fucking his cock in and out of her with long, smooth strokes.

"Unhuh...yeah...that's it...just like that...fuck my pussy just like that...give me that cock," Debbie encouraged her brother.

His cock sent wave after wave of complete, blistering, heated pleasure into her belly as it pounded in and out of her tight little cunt.

"Oh yeah...oh that's so fucking good...oh my God yes...fuck me...fuck me...yeah...oh, fuck..."

Debbie began humping her hips, fucking her pussy onto his throbbing cock, flexing her pussy muscles, massaging him with a hot, wet, vise like grip as he started to fuck her fast and hard. She dug her finger-nails into his skin as she sought his lips, their tongues dancing in a lewd tango. Debbie was rabid with passion, lost to anything but an overwhelming need to orgasm, to fulfill the desperate sexual lust growing within her.

"Oh...Oh...God...ooooooo..." she was coming. She could feel the fire burning within her, could feel the fuck-oils in her cunt bubbling forth, boiling with lust. She fucked her cunt back against him, her arms sliding around his hard, lean body.

"Oh God!" she groaned. Her hands slid down his back and onto his ass cheeks, pulling him tightly to her. "Oh...oh...oh...cumming...oh I'm cumming!"

He leaned down and gently kissed her lips. At first the kiss was soft and warm, but when she returned it her lips pressed harder. Her tongue shot out into his mouth their lips slid wetly against each other. Their lips ground together furiously. His cock sank down into her, jammed balls deep.

"I wanna ride you," Debbie said as she pushed him onto his back. She crawled right over and straddled him. She reached down between her legs, took his big cock into her little hand and rubbed her creamy cunt-slit with the fat, purple prick-head. Then, slowly, she lowered her hips and stuffed her juice-slick cunt full with her brothers' cock.

She was in ecstasy as she sank downwards onto his prick, an urgent need filling her as it moved deeper into her hot, tight pussy. Sitting on top of him, Debbie pushed herself upright, her small hands splayed on his powerful chest. Slowly she began sliding her pussy up and down the length of his cock. She leisurely gyrated against him, moving her cunt around in little circles, loving the feeling of this huge cock inside her. Unable to stand it another moment she started pumping her ass, thrusting back and forth, moving him in and out as she bounced up and down, her movements quickening as her lust began mounting higher and higher.

"Oh yeah...fuck my fucking cunt...yeah...yeah...fuck yeah...fuck my pussy...oh fuck yeah...oh fuck yeah, your cock feels so fucking good," Debbie moaned. "Is my pussy tight enough for you...huh? Is it? Is it? Fuck...me...fuck...me..."

"Oh, fuck yeah...you're so tight...ride me...fuck my cock," Randy groaned as his sister slid her tight, slippery little cunt up and down on his thick fuck-tool, taking him to the balls.

Debbie's tight little pussy began to itch and burn, contracting uncontrollably around the plump, plunging shaft of his cock. The pleasure flowing through her body was incredible, almost over-powering, wildly intense. There really was nothing in the world for her to compare her brother's cock to, she thought dreamily.

Randy couldn't believe how wild and hot his sister was. She slithered and bucked and wiggled astride his hips all the while gasping, moaning and uttering the most vulgar and exciting words he'd yet to hear in all of his eighteen years. Debbie threw her head back and rode him hard, her nice, big, firm young tits bouncing and wobbling in time with her thrusts.

He twisted and wriggled with her atop him. His hands reached up, grabbing her hips, jamming her down on his cock as he fucked up into her and she bounced up and down, riding on his fuck-pole. His body was hard beneath her; she slid her hand up and down the large muscular chest, her eyes glazed and unblinking, taking in her brother's maleness as she fucked him.

"Fuck that pussy...fuck that pussy...oh...oh yeah...give it to me hard...hard...fuck me hard...oh...oh...oh...ah...oh...yeah...fuck me...hard...hard..."

He used his big hands to control the tempo, sliding his sister's wet pussy up and down the length of his cock. She was burning up as her mouth hungrily sought his, moaning softly. Debbie wrapped her arms around his strong, wide shoulders, pressing herself closer to him, wanting to feel his strong, broad muscular chest against her swollen breasts and hard little nipples as she pressed against him.

"Oh, dear God," she moaned as she sat back up, her voice cracking with passion as she increased the tempo of her humping, shuddering as she fucked her tight, clinging pussy up and down on her brother's prick. Seeing Debbie in such a sexual state excited Randy, he started humping beneath her, ramming his huge cock up into the clinging wetness of her all too eager fuck-hole causing Debbie to fear she'd faint with the sheer pleasure of this fantastic fuck.

The incredible swell of pleasure from her approaching orgasm caused her to almost fall backwards as she rocked on his cock. Randy raised his legs allowing his knees to rest against her back, propping her in place, her shoulders and head curving back over the top of his knees and her hands going back onto the bed holding her upright.

"Oh...oh God...I wanna cum again," she moaned loudly. "Don't stop...don't stop...don't stop...I'm gonna cum...oh...oh yeah...need to cum...oh...oh...oooohhhh..."

The ecstasy steadily up built deep inside Debbie's belly. Her erect nipples were tingling and throbbing as she fucked her brother's prick, thrusting her hips faster and faster, impaling her deliciously tight, wet cunt on the satisfying stiffness of his prick.

Closing her eyes, she threw her head back, then arched her back as she shivered through a blinding orgasm. The sensation soon subsided and still shuddering from her blistering climax, she leaned down, resting her cheek on his shoulder and whispered, "That was the greatest."

Suddenly he rolled his big body, slowly turning over on top of her, never taking his cock from the fiery depths of her sweet little pussy. She humped upward against him as her back touched the bed, slamming her pussy up onto the hard, pleasure giving prick inside her. He took the hint and slammed his hips down, sending his cock completely into her fuck tunnel.

"No, this is going to be the greatest," he promised.

"Oh, my God! Oh God...oh God...fuck me...yeah...yeah..."

Their bodies, sweating in the heat of their feverish sexual fray, thrusting and humping together, struggling to gain control as they both worked with considerable effort to get the other off.

Harder and harder, Randy fucked her tight, slippery pussy, panting into her shoulder as he drilled her throbbing cunt with long, powerful strokes that made her big tits shake and quiver with every thrust.

"You like that? You like being fucked with your brother's big cock, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, keep fucking me like that...come on...fuck my pussy...I love it...yeah...oh...I love your cock...oh...oh God..."

His long cock reached the innermost depths of her pussy, probing all the way up to her womb. Debbie humped mindlessly beneath him, fast and hard, tossing her head from side to side as the indescribable pleasure of another orgasm built in intensity deep inside her cunt.

"Oh my God! I'm gonna cum!" she squealed, her body shuddering stiffly.

She dropped her hand, shamelessly rubbing her clit as her brother's huge prick throbbed solidly up inside her cunt. Then her back arched and she slammed her sloppy pink hole up against him, desperate to take all of his prick, grinding against him. Her body went rigid and her breathing practically stopped. A massive orgasm began washing through her. It started in her cunt, quickly flooding like a tidal wave up into her belly and chest, then finally into her brain, causing her to see stars.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! FUCK! I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck yeah! Cumming!" Her pussy muscles vibrated violently, spewing cunt-juice all over the thick length of Randy's cock.

She couldn't believe that she was already cumming again. Her orgasms were getting closer and closer together, rolling through her like waves hitting the beach.

He reached down, letting his hands slide up and down, traveling over the smooth, soft skin of her breasts, his fingers gently tugging and twisting her hard nipples. She bounced on the bed, humping her ass up to get his prick deeper into her, igniting every nerve ending in her pussy.

"Oh...oh...you're so deep in my tight little pussy...oh yeah...oh fuck yeah...fuck that pussy..."

She pushed herself up onto her elbows, her eyes wide as she looked down between her legs, watching the huge monster slicing into her cunt. His cock hammered in and out of her pink pussy relentlessly with speed and brutal power. Each stroke brought a new grunt of pleasure from her trembling lips. His hands tightened around her waist and he jerked her onto his prick. Her cunt was a hot, steamy crevice that gripped and sucked on his cock as he drove it into her.

"You like watching, don't you? You're a slut, aren't you? My sister's a little cock slut."

"I'm your cock slut! Fuck your slut! Fuck your slutty sister's cunt," she moaned.

Randy did as she asked, pounding his cock shaft up into his squealing sister's cunt with deep, powerful thrusts. Debbie humped furiously back against him, meeting every stroke. Soon they were pounding in unison, moaning and gasping together, lost in the indescribable pleasure of a hot, energetic sister-brother fuck.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" she gasped. Debbie rolled her head from side to side, her big tits wobbled and jiggled, and her bald pussy mound slapped wetly against him.

She lifted her legs higher, wrapping her ankles together across his ass. Frantically, the naked twins bucked and humped on the bed, feverishly fucking. Her horny, drippy pussy mating with his big, womb-probing prick. Randy began thrusting faster, his ass moving in a blur, spearing his cock in and out of Debbie's gaping pussy.

She was arching her back, hunching her ass up off the bed with every thrust of his powerful young prick, fucking him back for all she was worth. Soon the two were fucking with a wild abandon, the bedroom filled with their moans, gasps, and sighs, the sound of their pelvises slapping together, the squishing noise of her juicy, drooling pussy clinging to his huge, penetrating cock.

"Ooohhh...yeah," Debbie moaned, burning with a sexual fever. "Fuck me right now! Ooohhh...oohh yeah...oohh...oh God...oohh...that's it right there...oohh...aaahhhh!"

Clutching her bucking ass cheeks, Randy pounded his aching cock into his sister's cunt as hard as he could; his enormous erection probed the depths of her fuck tunnel all the way to the entrance of her womb.

"Harder, harder, harder! Fuck me harder, Randy, fuck my pussy! Oh...oh fuck...I'm getting so close! Fuck me! Fuck your sister! Faster, fuck my horny cunt hard and fast!"

His own juices were rising and he desperately needed release from the burning horniness that was consuming him. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and he began to fuck into her with harsh, long, deep strokes that sent his hips crashing into her buttocks and made the entire bed shake. Her arms reached above her head, grasping the headboard as her body was hammered by his slamming thrusts. She whined in complete pleasure as her orgasm began to break loose. Then, with a final wild scream, Debbie came with a rush.

"Oh God...Oh God...yeah...yeah...yeah...I'm fucking cumming...don't stop...don't stop...please don't stop...oooohhhh...aaahhhh....ooooooooooo..."

His hands moved down onto her chest, engulfing her wildly jiggling tits and squeezing them repeatedly. Their bodies bounced on the bed as he humped franticly into her, then grunted, and his juices boiling up and out of him.

"Cum in my pussy! Oh yeah! Cum inside my pussy!"

He spewed out rope after white hot rope of sperm. It jetted up into the sucking fuck tunnel that engulfed his tool. Debbie felt his seed flooding down into her womb, coating her insides with its forbidden thick, slippery cream. She moaned, and then gasped as she was overcome by a torrential, mind numbing orgasm, her body quaking and shuddering uncontrollably as wad after potent wad of taboo, incestuous sperm jetted into her as his cock emptied a complete load into her waiting pussy.

He slid his arms around her, hugging her against him, kissing her as his prick slowly softened within her. Debbie crawled out from underneath her brother and off of her bed, cum running out of her drooling pussy, she grabbed his shirt off of the floor and used it to stop the flow. Once the flooding was contained, she tossed the shirt to the floor and raised her hands above her head and stretched. Turning back to him she smiled.

"Nice. Very nice," Randy said with a lustful grin.

Looking down at his juice coated, semi-erect cock, Debbie smiled and said, "We have plenty of time for a round two if we start now."

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