tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHomecoming Revenge Ch. 1

Homecoming Revenge Ch. 1


Terri was a fine looking woman for being 41. She worked out to keep in shape and still enjoyed showing off her 38-Double D figure by wearing tight shirts and shorts. While somewhat a snob she still got a kick out of knowing that even the younger guys liked to watch her when jiggled by on her morning brisk walk. But no matter how much she enjoyed being the object of their lust Terri would never return a smile or even a friendly "hello" to anyone she met.

If Terri was attractive then her daughter Ashley would have to be considered beautiful. Tall, blond, the face of an angel and a 36-C, 24, 36 body that any man would die for. Ashley was 18 and had her share of boyfriends. And she knew all to well how to use her looks to her advantage. Ashley was the head cheerleader in her senior year of high school and made even the most moralistic male teachers take a second look when she strolled by in her cheerleading outfit.

Terri and Ashley were coming home from a football game against a rural school a few counties down the road. In the backseat Terri’s 18 year old son, Mark; Ashley’s maternal twin brother

relaxed in the backseat enjoying the thrill of knowing that it was his third field goal that lifted the team to a 9-7 victory, spoiling the other team’s homecoming celebration. Before leaving the stadium Ashley had done her part to tease some of the redneck players and students. They had stopped for a snack at a local restaurant before leaving. The rest of the team and cheerleaders had left on the bus but Terri took her kids with her.

Before leaving a storm had begun. And Terri, not paying full attention, had taken a wrong turn somewhere and had gone south instead of north. After realizing her mistake she turned around and was heading back north again when the car hit a pothole and the right front tire blew out. Terri pulled off onto a gravel side street to get out of the way of any approaching vehicles.

Mark jumped out and checked the damage, then went to the trunk only to discover that mom had neglected to check the spare and it too was flat. Cursing herself for forgetting her cell phone Terri decided that they would need to sit and wait for someone to come along. But Mark noticed a light through the trees up in the distance that appeared to be a porch light or something. He volunteered to run up and see if he could get help but Terri didn’t want him to go alone. Not wanting to leave Ashley behind either she decided that all three should brave the hard rain and head for the house.

Since the weather had been unseasonably warm none of them had thought to bring jackets. So before they had gone twenty yards they were drenched. Terri’s tight tee-shirt clung to her body like a second layer of skin and the chilly rain made her nipples erect and almost visible through her saturated shirt at bra. Even Ashley’s heavy cotton cheerleader outfit was becoming tight with water. By the time they had made it to the front porch the trio were soaked and chilled to the bone.

At the house they could hear loud music inside. It was apparent that a party was going on. Judging by the pickup trucks in the driveway Terri hoped that one of these bumpkins would be more than happy to help find a tire or at least let them use the phone. So she prodded up the steps and knocked on the door.

A young man answered the door and immediately let them in. Once inside Terri wasn’t sure if they had made a mistake or not. The living room was filled with about a dozen young men, ranging from 19 into their early twenties, drinking beer. One of the guys looked up and yelled out, "Well look who we have here. The bitch cheerleader and the kid who beat the team tonight."

It became suddenly apparent to Terri that a few of these guys were at the game tonight. Seeing that some of them wore letter-jackets with previous graduation dates she knew that this must be a party for some former students who had returned for the homecoming game. "Please, our car has a flat and we need help getting a spare, can you help us?" Terri asked.

"We’ll fucking help you, babe. Especially if you let us have a gander at them titties." The ringleader replied. Terri’s face blushed in embarrassment at being spoken to like that in front of her kids.

"Give me the keys and I’ll have Billy Bob go get it." He said.

"Fuck you, man!" Billy Bob replied.

Terri realized that she had left the keys in the car and said so.

"I ain’t going out in the rain." Billy Bob protested.

"Go get the fucking car, jackass." The first guy said, adding a wink as he did so. "I think we’ll just go back ourselves." Terri said, feeling uncomfortable.

"I don’t think so, sweetie. Y’all are staying here with us."

Before Terri or the others could react the first guy had grabbed her and pulled her into the room. Mark tried to jump to his mother's aide but one of the other boys punched him, knocking him to the floor. While watching in frozen horror Ashley was grabbed by two other guys.

"Get some rope!" Someone yelled.

Terri, Ashley and Mark tried to fight their way free but were forced down and before they knew it their hands had been tied behind their backs. Then Ashley and Mark were tied to chairs while Terri was held in place in the middle of the room.

"Please don’t hurt my kids." Terri whimpered.

"Why all we want to do is have some fun. You can consider it a payback for whippin’ our friend’s asses tonight."

Terri shivered with fear. "Look, you guys can do whatever you want to me, just don’t hurt my kids."

The biggest of the bunch roamed his fingers over her breast. "Man, ain’t she got some big titties."

The leader said, "Tell you what, momma. You let us fuck you and we’ll leave the kids alone. Is that a deal?"

Terri couldn’t believe what was happening. But she decided that it would be best to give in to their rape. She could always call the cops on the bastards later.

Before she could answer she felt several pairs of hands jerking at her clothing. Her shorts and panties were pulled off while her shirt and bra was ripped from her body. She now lay on the floor as hands groped and explored her body. She jerked as she felt a finger shove into her pussy, followed quickly by a second and third. She felt humiliation wash over her as she realized that her two kids were witnessing her rape.

Without warning one of the boys was atop her and thrusting his dick into her pussy. She cringed in disgust and shame as he began pumping in and out of her. This was the first cock in her besides her husbands in over twenty years. Terri had only slept with two other men before meeting her husband. Now she was going to greatly multiply that number.

Terri felt the boy’s cock explode inside her and he got up and was quickly replaced by a second. As she felt the cock go into her she felt something slap her face. Opening her eyes she saw the ringleader holding his cock before her. "Suck it." He ordered.

Terri had never sucked a dick before. She had always thought the act disgusting and wasn’t ready to begin now. But the boy would not take no for an answer. "If you don’t open that fucking mouth then maybe your cheerleader-daughter will have to."

Reluctantly Terri opened up and excepted the foul dick into her mouth.

"Suck!" He ordered. So she closed her lips and began trying to suck on the dick and keep herself from gagging. She sucked the dick as the second cock came inside her then another was on her and fucking her pussy.

It was then that Terri realized in horror that her pussy was soaking wet with her own juices as well as two loads of cum. She couldn’t believe that her body was betraying her and was actually beginning to enjoy this rape. "God I hope I don’t have an orgasm for these fuckers." She thought silently. About that time she felt the cock in her mouth swell up more and the kid over her face began pumping his dick deeper into her throat. "Ooohhhhh, yes." He moaned just as the first blast of salty, warm cum shot into the back of her throat. Terri tried to pull her head away but couldn’t as his hands held her head in place forcing her to take shot after shot of his hot cum in her mouth. Terri gagged but was forced to swallow every drop before he finally pulled out of her mouth.

As the rapist pulled away Terri felt the third kid cumming in her pussy. Then another guy climbed on her and began fucking her with slow, steady rhythm. It was then that Terri felt her pussy give in to the lust being forced on her. She hadn’t realized that her hips were thrusting back. She tried to stop but the oncoming orgasm inside her had taken control over her body. To make matters worse two guys were busy sucking her nipples. Terri tried to fight off the feeling in her pussy. She was completely humiliated at the thought of getting off to a bunch of rapist. And worse, cumming in front of her kids. Were they going to think that she was enjoying this?

She cried out without control as the first wave of the orgasm washed over her. Again and again she drove her hips up to meet the cock slamming into her as her body climaxed. "Shit man, she’s getting into it." The guy fucking her cried out as he began pounding harder and faster. The result brought Terri to an even stronger orgasm just as he began blasting his cum deep into her ravaged pussy.

When the fourth guy rolled off of her Terri lay there waiting for the next one to mount her. "Turn her over." She heard someone say. Oh shit, she thought. If they’re gonna fuck me doggie style I’ll keep getting off for them.

She was surprised yet relieved as they dragged her over and forced her to sit on another guy’s hard cock. She knew that maybe she could pound him fast enough to get him to cum without the humiliation of another orgasm. She was about to start when she felt something behind her that caused her to scream in fear. "Oh god no! Not that!" She cried out as she felt the head of a cock pressing against her asshole. This was something else that she had never been willing to try. She clinched as tight as possible, but the pussy juice and cum that had emptied out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass while she had lain on the floor had lubricated the area quite well. She screamed as the head of the cock shoved it’s way into her anal ring.

With a savage thrust the cock crammed inside her, wracking her body with pain. Then both cocks began working their way in and out of her. She could feel the two shafts rubbing together with just a little wall of skin separating them. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse another cock was shoved into her gaping mouth. Now she had three cocks working her at once. Through her peripheral vision she could see her kids tied to the chairs watching in horror. And then she realized that a couple of the bastards were busy feeling Ashley up as they watched. Terri hurt from the twin rods pounding her but there was nothing she could do. Her hands were rubbing raw against the rope that held them bound behind her. She tried to cry out as the cock in her ass began to pound harder but the cock in her mouth muffled the cry. Then she felt the rapist behind her cumming in her virgin ass. As he began the one under her started cuming as well. They both pounded harder as they got off inside her. Then the cock in her ass pulled out. Terri felt as if her bowls were going to empty as he did. But then the cock in her mouth exploded and she was forced to take every drop down her throat.

The scene was repeated as the next three guys took their turn triple penetrating her until they too had emptied themselves into her. Finally there was only one guy left. He dragged her over and forced her to suck his cock in front of Ashley’s face. Terri was mortified as she watched Ashley’s eyes following her as she gave this rapist a blow job until he spilled his seed into her mouth.

As he pulled out Terri collapsed on the floor. Praying that her ordeal was over. All she wanted to do was get her kids out of the house and find a phone somewhere to call the cops. Her jaws ached and her pussy was sore. But neither compared to the raw burning of her asshole. She was afraid that they might have done permanent damage.

"Let us go now." She said crying.

"Go? Why we’re not finished yet." The leader said laughing. Terri looked around and realized that most of the cocks were standing erect again and she began crying.

To Be Continued...

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