My name is Brent. I'm 22 and graduated college last May, but I currently live at home because I was hired to start work in January. I don't have a girlfriend right now. We broke up several months ago, just before graduation. Don't feel too bad for me, though. While I certainly miss the sex, I don't mind losing the crazy. I'd like to say I'm still single out of choice, there really aren't many options in a small town where most of the people my age are away for college or they work so much that they rarely go out. And now that it's October, I've conceded defeat, waiting for a new opportunity with coworkers at my job.

I have a younger brother, Chris, who is 20 and in college. He stays busy so we usually only see him over holidays. I also have a younger sister, Rose, who is 18 in her senior year of high school. I have a good relationship with all my family, but I'm definitely closest with Rose. She trusts me and likes to tell me all her high school drama shit. I would never think about dating Rose because she's kind of a bitch sometimes. She's spoiled rotten, is slightly smarter than a rock, has a very short temper, eats steak well done with ketchup... I could go on, but you get the point. That kind of terrible person. But damn, she's hot though. She's 5'3", around 135 lb. She doesn't work out, but she has hourglass figure and just enough on her thighs and ass to look really seductive. From doing laundry, I know she wears 36DD bras. Her hair is brunette, and she usually wears it straight, just long enough to pass below the shoulders. Her brown eyes always seem to sparkle.

Rose has obsessed for months over some jock named Aaron. For the past year, she's been doing all kinds of crap trying to get him to notice her and like her. At the beginning of the semester, he asks her to the homecoming dance. She's overly excited every day until homecoming. I guess she was too distracted to focus on being bitchy, so she was abnormally cool for the past month.


Homecoming day has arrived. Rose's friend Lakeisha picks up Rose to get dressed with other girls and carpool to the game. Mom and I go to the homecoming game to watch Rose. At halftime, all the girls are escorted onto the field. Rose comes on the track in a Corvette and walks across the field. She's wearing a blue/green dress (I can't remember if she called it teal or turquoise; girls don't know there's only 12 colors). Anyways, the dress is ankle-length and not very tight down her figure. She thinks she's overwieght, and she's embarrassed to have big boobs, so she usually dresses pretty modestly, but this dress was strapless, shoulderless, and tight enough around the chest. It didn't have any cleavage, but you could definitely tell she has a great rack. With her hair and makeup done like a princess, and that beaming excited face, she looks gorgeous. Some spraytanned bimbo with a bigger ass ends up winning homecoming queen, but Rose isn't mad. After the game Aaron comes up to mom and tells her that he will bring Rose home by midnight. Then we go home to let her have fun.


I settle in with video games until a little after midnight when my phone rings. I check who it is.

Why is Rose calling? Wait, why isn't she home already?

"Rose? Why aren't you home?"

Her voice keeps breaking like she's been crying. "Shut up. Just pick me up."

"Aaron isn't bringing you back?"

"I told you not to ask!"

What the hell? She usually tells me everything, good or bad (and whether or not I want to hear it)

"Rose, something's wrong. I'll tell mom so you don't get in trouble, but you're going to tell me what happened on the way back, okay?"

"Ughhh. Fine"

I head downstairs to mom's room. She's reading in bed, probably waiting up for Rose. "Mom, Rose needs a ride and she sounds upset, so don't be worried if we end up talking and don't come home straight away."

We live in the boondocks so it takes 20 minutes to get to the dance hall. She's outside sitting on the curb. She gets in and starts to say something, but immediately starts crying. I pull into a parking spot and ask what's wrong.

"Aaron never wanted to come to homecoming with me! He really wanted to go with Lakeisha, but she already had a date, so he asked me just so he could get closer to her. That bitch knew how much I liked him and she still ditched her own date and went with Aaron!"

"Wow, that sounds like a dick move. For both of them."

"I know! And that asshole had the nerve to offer me a ride home. He thought he was being a good guy by keeping his word to mom or some shit. And guess what, he even thought it would be funny to say Lakiesha would sit in the front giving him a blowjob while I ride in the backseat. What the fuck kind of person would do that? And you know what he said when I asked him why he did this? 'I've never been with a black chick before.' Like, what the fuck?!"

I'm pretty sure she started seeing red. She jumps out of the car and starts stomping across the parking lot. I look where she's going and recognize Lakeisha's car.

This can't be good. I don't want her getting arrested or paying for damages.

I get out and run after her. I grab her and manage to say a few things about how she's better than Lakeisha and she shouldn't stoop to her level. After a bit, Rose stops trying to get away and starts crying again, hugging me. She gets embarrassed and heads back to my car. She opens the back door and says, "Sit back here with me. I need a hug, and I don't want to cry out here in front of everyone."

She cries, complains, and rages for several more minutes.

Eventually I ask her, "So why did you even like this guy so much anyways?"

"Have you not been listening? I don't care about the stupid crush. I'm over that asshole! But I really hate how both of them treated me."

"Okay, yeah that makes sense."

She sighs angrily. "Plus Aaron was supposed to make this night special!"

"What do you mean?"

She's suddenly embarrassed. "Well... Umm... Can you promise you won't tell mom?"


"I wanted to lose my virginity today..." She waits for my reaction, but I just look at her patiently. "I know what you're thinking. Aaron and I have never even dated, so I'm just being a dumb kid. But that's not it! I don't love him, but I've heard lots of girls say he's amazing in bed, and I figured senior year is time for me to start learning, and I wanted to learn from someone who knew what they were doing, and this is prom night so it's supposed to be special."

Until she said that, I couldn't help but think all of her story was just more of the same bullshit every high schooler goes through, but now it all makes sense to me. She just needs to get laid. I totally get it now because I also do stupid shit when I get desperate.

"Okay Rose, I completely understand that feeling. But your virginity is kind of serious to give to some random jock you don't even like that much. Are you sure you're serious about this?"

"Well not anymore, obviously! But yes, I've been prepping myself for months, and I've been talking with that bitch-who-shall-not-be-named all summer about it. She knew how much I wanted this and she still took this from me!"

"Woah, now. Let's not talk about her." I can tell that she was starting to rebuild a fury, so I needed to change the subject, but the only thing I can think to say is the question currently gnawing at me. "What do you mean prepping yourself? Like psyching yourself up to do it?"

"Yeah, that too... This is kind of embarrassing, so don't laugh, okay?" I nod and she continues. "Lakiesha told me it hurts pretty bad the first time, and I didn't want it to hurt. She said I should stretch myself out first so it won't hurt."

Cue awkward silence.

After an uncomfortable few seconds, she keeps talking. "Yeahhh... Uh... So I started with a finger, and kept... doing stuff with myself almost every day trying to get used to it. Then after that stopped hurting, I went to 2 fingers, then 3. Then Lakeisha went to the adult store and bought a dildo for me. I've been using it like every day until today."

I make some dumb joke that broke the awkwardness and let us change the subject. And then we shot the shit for a while, until...


Okay, I should preface the rest of this by saying incest isn't quite as taboo in our family. Two of our cousins, brother and sister, live together and have 2 kids. Everyone in our family knows, and the family mostly treats them as any other married couple, but they do avoid talking about it when they can. They went public when she got pregnant the first time, which was when I was 9 and Rose was 5 or 6. Our mom (dad divorced shortly after Rose was born) told each of us about it once we were old enough to understand. Mom always emphasized how it could destroy a family if you end up having a really bad breakup, so we got plenty of warnings and lectures even though we never tried anything.

So we were raised from a young age thinking our siblings were fair game as long as we were super careful and thought very hard before starting anything actually romantic. Which means I've been jerking to Rose basically from the day she grew boobs, but I've never acted on anything because, like I said, her personality is totally incompatible with mine for anything other than a brother-sister relationship.


At some point during our conversations, I start wondering, What if I gave her that first time? I didn't really want to take that moment for her, but as I mentioned, it had been several months since my girlfriend and I broke up, and I already told you I act crazy when I'm desperate. The more I thought about it, I couldn't really find any downsides. With our personality clashes, it was destined to end badly if we actually started dating, but there's no real reason to avoid being friends with benefits... Or siblings with benefits... Of course we'd have to be extra careful with protection... Would she even want to do that with me? I mean, she did just talk for an hour about how she wanted to lose her virginity tonight... And how long she's been warming her body up to it... And she does look gorgeous tonight...

"Hahahaha Brent! You aren't even listening to me are you?" She snaps me out of my thoughts, and apparently I missed something. I looked at her silently, deeply focusing on how pretty she is. She starts to look uncomfortable, so I better do something. I move in for a kiss.

I kiss her. No tongue, only holding my lips against hers for a second before backing off. She looks confused for a split second, and then giggles nervously. She acts flustered, and her face twists with thought, appearing to be a strange mixture of confusion and excitement. My heart moves into my throat and the next second feels like an hour. Then she gives a "what the hell" look and shrugs her shoulders before wrapping her arms around me.

We make out for what seems like an eternity. When we both start getting into it, I move my hands over her. I try to feel every inch of her beautiful body. My hands move to her back, her sides, her neck, running my fingers through her hair, and back down across her hips and thighs. As I caress her, we slowly inch down in the seat until I am laying on top of her in the back seat, her legs spread and me in between. I reach up and grab her boobs, squeezing and fondling them. I'm amazed at how big they are, thinking that I probably can't grab all of one even with both hands.

Her breath becomes labored as she runs her hands across my back. I move my hand down to her thigh above the knee. I slowly caress her thigh over her dress, working up to her hips. She breathes heavier, but makes no attempt to stop me. Still kissing her, I lift off her and kneel beside her as I rest my hand on the place between her legs. Above her dress, my hand rubs and massages her pussy. I'm very gentle at first, slowly rising up to a good rhythm. She grabs my head and moves me down to kiss her neck. I feel her heavy breath in my ears as she starts moving her hips to match the movement of my hand.

"B-Brent... if you want, you... you can put your hand under my dress"

I lift myself up to flash her a grin and give her a peck on the cheek while my hand reaches for the hem of her dress. She lifts up a little so I can pull the dress up to mid-thigh. I kiss her neck again and move my hand back above her thigh. My hand slowly works back up to her sweet spot, caressing her soft legs along the way. When my hand reaches her sex, I notice two things.

First: "You're not wearing panties?"

She laughs, "I told you I was serious about losing my virginity tonight!"

Second: she's clean shaven. Her skin is softer than a baby's, amazing to the touch and oozing her excitement. I rub her again as she pushes against me.

"Please, umm... put your finger in"

I oblige. She's so wet that I can tell she isn't nervous. I'm filled with a rush knowing that I've entered a place that I know I shouldn't be. I finger her for several minutes until I can tell she wants more. Then I kiss down her body to her thigh, and put my head under her dress. It's too dark to see, but she smells incredible. She smells sweeter than a Rose (lol sorry). With my finger still moving inside her, I gently kiss her. Slowly I work up to licking, tasting my own sister's forbidden juices. I begin to work faster and faster. I push her pelvis back to reveal her clit, and I give it a quick suck.

She shudders and yells, "What the fuck was that?!"

I laugh, "I found your clit."

"Oh... well, don't do that again."

I say, "Okay." I go back to licking for a few seconds, and then suck her clit again. This time she's a little more ready for it. She still jumps, but I don't let go, and her body relaxes. No, her body melts. Pretty quickly she's grinding against me hard, moaning softly while I please her clit and press my finger up against her G-spot

"Brent," she moans, "I think that's enough." She's still grinding hard, so I keep going, holding the same pace. I notice see a small light above me, but I still don't look up.

"Oh fuck, you're so good! This is amazing!" She starts really getting vocal for a short while, and then she gets quiet.

Her voice, soft and quivering, barely squeaks out the words, "Stop! I think I'm going to pee!" I hold on for all that is good and holy as she starts shaking violently against me.

"Brent!" She yells as she cums hard. She's not a squirter, but she definitely had a pretty intense orgasm. I get up and pull her up to sit beside me. We hold each other, cuddling for forever.

"fuck, Brent, that was intense."

"Yeah, I bet Aaron hasn't learned that yet."

"Shut up!" She laughs, and then pauses in thought. "Actually you're probably right, that was amazing."

"Hey, did you see what that flash of light was?"

"Which one? I think a car came back to the parking lot, and I also took this." Rose shows me her phone. She had taken a Snapchat video of me eating her out. The dress covered my face, but you could still see the top of my head, enough to know exactly what some unknown guy was doing to her. She turned the volume up and I realized that's why she got more vocal, playing it up for the camera. She typed, "i still had fun tonight despite you, bitch", and then she hit send, and I saw that she sent it to Lakeisha.

Damn. I'll probably have to deal with that later. But for now, I was just wishing she had saved the video. A few seconds later she gets a Snapchat text response saying, "don't pretend like you're having fun. all the guys at the dance are either virgins or idiots, so i can guarantee that didn't feel good"

A few seconds later she gets another message, "btw, was that trey? kind of looked like his hair, but not really"

Rose responds, "i don't kiss and tell"

A few seconds later, Rose gets a response video. Lakeisha filmed a POV of herself getting fucked by Aaron. The text read, "well i do, and i'll kiss and tell the world that i'm having a great time"

Rose mutters, "Fucking bitch."

I say, "Hey, that didn't look like Aaron's truck."

"Oh my god, you're right!"

She looks out the window. "What the fuck!" Aaron's truck is parked beside Lakeisha's car in the parking lot, and the car is shaking.

Shit. Rose is going to get pissed again. But instead, she gives me a devilish grin and says, "I've got an idea."


We wait until the car stops shaking (which wasn't a long wait), and then Rose says to wait some more and see what they do. While killing time, Rose and I talk, laugh, and make out some more (after cleaning my face and chewing some gum for a bit).

After a while passes with no movement, Rose gets out of the car. "Wait here."

She sneaks over to Lakeisha's car, peeked inside, and then motions for me to join her. When I get over to her, I look inside the car and am immediately greeted by Lakeisha's big ass. She and Aaron are lying naked on the back seat. Aaron is passed out with his arm around her. She is lying on her stomach with her head facing away from us, playing on her phone.

I whisper, "So he cums quickly and passes out? Some stud. Lakeisha looks bored. I'm glad you didn't waste your time with this guy, Rose."

"Wow, me too! Now scoot back and sit still."

She kneels down on the ground in front of me and pulls down my shorts and boxers. "Rose, what the hell? Anyone could see us? Lakeisha could turn around and see us!"

"Shut up, dork, you're ruining my first time seeing one. Is it hard now? I thought it would be bigger." I was back and forth between a full boner and a half chub ever since we first kissed. Right now, I'm at half-mast.

"I'm not hard. Touch it and it will get bigger."

She nervously puts her hands on it and starts feeling my shaft and balls.

"I can see you shaved, but I still didn't think it would be so smooth! Okay, let's do this quickly."

She sticks out her tongue and licks from the balls to the head. She looks surprised, "Oh, that's not so bad."

I glance nervously at Lakeisha. She's still on her phone. Rose takes me into her mouth. Ohfuckohfuckohfuck. Her warm mouth is amazing on my cock. It's her first time, so she's not that great, but still, this is the subject of my fap fantasies for years, and now her beautiful face is wrapped around my dick. With the previous hour of grinding, and the fact of my gorgeous sister sucking me off, I knew I wouldn't last long.

She stopps, giving me a break just in time. "Are you close?" I nod.

"Here, record this, but don't send it." She gave me her phone with Snapchat pulled up. She starts sucking me again on camera. Fuck. She's so damn cute. She points at the car, so I aim the camera inside at Lakeisha for a few seconds, then back to Rose. I wave at her to signal that I'm almost there, and then she takes her mouth gets off. She stands up, pulls me over to Aaron's truck, and starts jerking me. I cum quietly, all over his passenger door, while I'm still filming. Rose watches, her eyes wide as she watches a man cum for the first time.

After I get a second to catch my breath, we run giggling back to my car and we get in the front seats. "Drive! Drive!" she shouts at me. I take off and Rose tells me she's sending the video to Lakeisha and Aaron. She reads the overlay text as she types it. "Aaron bores Lakeisha to death while me and mystery boy are having the night of our lives"


After the excitement dies down and Lakeisha sends several "wtf" messages, Rose fell asleep pretty quickly. We get home and I wake her. She moans in annoyance. "Ughhh. Too tired. I'm going to bed. You tell mom that we're home and why it's almost 3 in the morning."

She bolts inside before I can protest. Fuck.

I go inside and open mom's door. "...Mom? Rose and I are home."

I hear the sheets move and a voice comes out of the darkness. "What time is it?"

"Uhh.. 2:30." Sure I rounded down to the nearest half hour, but it sounds a little better than "almost 3:00."

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