Homelands Pt. 02 Ch. 07


Technically, I guess the garment straining to hold her huge breasts counted as a bra, but just barely. There was no support or padding, even though her girls could have used it. Just as Lily's were a few cup sizes larger than Holly's, I was sure that Iva's were at least a size or two larger than Lily's. And her thick, puffy nipples, all but fully visible behind the gauzy layer of fabric, simply begged for a mouth to envelop them.

A matching pair of underwear, if you could call them that, hid her swollen pussy from view. Well, sort of hid it. It wasn't doing a great job of that.

My eyes made their way back up to her face. She was stunning. Skin as fair as Holly's, big brown eyes, lush lashes and thick brows, super-white teeth, and lips like you never saw. Describing Holly's lips as full seemed an abuse of the word in comparison to Iva's.

My eyes glanced down yet again.

She had a flat stomach, but not exactly toned abs. A touch of love-handles even, though only a touch. Which, come to think of it, was actually pretty cute. I'd never gone for the anorexic look as some men did. Holly was sexy, sure. But Iva was a woman.

Her lower body was nothing amazing, but she had some curves there too. More than Holly, at any rate. Not that that was saying much.

"Well," she said with a snicker, "can I come in?"

"Now's not a great time," I said.

"See, the thing is, I think now's actually a great time," my aunt said. Again, I noticed that I somehow felt her desire, though not in a tactile sense.


"Frank. Don't be dense. I see the way you're looking at me. And it just so happens that I'm every bit as eager to have you inside me as you are to be there. And I don't care that you're my nephew anymore than you care that I'm your aunt. So, your dick is going to be inside my mouth in just about thirty seconds. It's up to you whether that's going to happen here, with the door open, where anyone can see, or inside your room."

When I didn't respond, she added, "Look, I just fucked my brother and sister. I want to add my nephew to the list."

I coughed my way through an awkward laugh.

"Or have you already got someone in there? Your mother, perhaps?" She paused a moment. "Because that's actually quite okay with me. Maybe even better."

"Holly," I said at last.

Iva raised an eyebrow. "Really? Now that's a tasty morsel. I've wondered what she must look like naked more than a few times. Please tell me you're willing to share."

I stepped aside and, with a broad sweep of my hand, gestured for her to come in.

Holly slipped out into the open, unbuttoning her blouse. "Hi," she said, quietly.

"Hello there," Iva said. "Aren't you just stunning."

Holly blushed, continuing to fumble with the buttons.

Next to most women, especially women her age, Holly was stunning. But she didn't begin to compare to Iva. And I generally preferred brunettes. There was something otherworldly, almost supernatural, about Iva.

I closed the door to my room then circled back around behind Iva. Wrapping my hands around her waist, I leaned in and nibbled her ear.

"Mmm, there you go," she said, tilting her head to give me easier access. "I was starting to worry that maybe you'd gotten stage fright or something."

"I fucked my son earlier," Holly blurted out.

Iva laughed, clapped her hands. "Good for you!"

"I heard what you guys were saying," my sister-in-law said. "I felt so horrible about it at first, but it seems everyone is doing it. So, I guess, it can't really mean anything. Can't mean I'm some kind of sick pervert. Right?"

"That's right," Iva said. "Join the club."

I slid one hand up my aunt's front, ripped her pathetic excuse for a top away.

Holly stared, mouth agape. "Wowza."

My aunt and I laughed.

"I mean," Holly said, blushing, "you're so beautiful."

"Thank you," Iva said. "Are we going to get to see what you're hiding under there sometime tonight?"

At long last, Holly lost the blouse. She'd given up on the buttons though. Just slid the voluminous thing up over her head and tossed it on the floor.

Her breasts were modest, especially compared to Iva's glorious pair, but they sat very well on her slender frame. Almost looked oversized, if only in comparison to the rest of her.

She covered the short distance between us and replaced my hands atop Iva's oversized cantaloupes. I let my hands fall away. One went to Iva's ass, the other her pussy.

Not a minute later, my aunt lay on her back, running her hands through Holly's luxurious black curls while the younger woman ate her out, and I knelt behind Holly.

My sister-in-law moaned her way through an intense climax almost immediately. Memories started to bubble up to the surface, and I realized I could not only change my appearance, enhance my cock, but really alter reality in profound ways. My tongue, or perhaps it was tongues, did things it or they couldn't have done. I gave Holly a rim job at the same time that I lapped her labia, flicked her clit, and slid my tongue deep inside her to tongue-fuck her G-spot. Holly's second orgasm arrived on the heels of her first.

The same, unfortunately, could not be said for my aunt.

After Holly's second monster orgasm, Iva politely indicated that she'd like me to pick up where Holly left off. Looking slightly insulted, but entirely too high from the pleasures I'd visited upon her to form an objection, Holly sat down against the edge of the bed and sucked my dick while I buried my head in between my aunt's supple thighs.

Whereas Holly had tasted like a woman, Iva tasted like something more. There was the usual salty, sweaty taste. But also a sweet hint of vanilla as well. It drove me wild. And the way she responded so enthusiastically to every touch did as well. Her stiff clitoris slipped out from under its hood to say hi and ask me if I wanted to play with her. I very much did.

Despite the fact that she seemed more sensitive than Holly, shuddering at the slightest touch, Iva held out longer than Holly had. But with tongues and fingers exploring virtually every part of her two orifices at once, it wasn't a lot longer.

When my aunt finally came, spraying warm ejaculate, I felt more memories return.

From there, the performance I gave Iva made my previous efforts look pathetic. Hands and mouths seemed to be everywhere. I sucked, licked, nibbled, caressed and groped just about every part of her body at once. Blue bolts jumped from my hands to her smooth skin, and each one made her shudder with a tiny orgasm.

Within a few minutes, I was pouring a monster load of sperm down my sister-in-law's throat as my aunt thrashed her way through yet another climax.

The three of us then took a moment to catch our breath. Only a moment though.

While the two of them sixty-nined, I fucked Iva in her ass. Then they switched places and I pounded Holly's tight little brown hole while the women pleasured one another orally again. Iva lapped up my spunk as it pulsed out of Holly's spasming sphincter.

It had escaped my notice at first, but after a few times, I noticed that each orgasm I gave the women brought me an intense rush of energy. This was what was restoring my memories of who I really was. What was helping me to remember that the fantasy world was in fact much more real than the one in which I was a workaholic economist. With each climax, I was draining them, but not of blood, or life force, but of some supernatural, sexual, energy. I forced myself not to draw too much, lest I leave them unable to continue.

Careful though I was, however, Holly tapped out before long.

Iva, on the other hand, was insatiable.

My aunt finally showed me what a good blowjob felt like. I was not disappointed in the least. This was exactly what I'd had in mind when thinking that Holly could have been better. My aunt brought me to climax at least as many times as I had her. I felt her pouring energy into me just before sucking it back out, and then some, as she swallowed the tidal wave of cum that poured freely from me. At first I didn't realize what she was doing, why she'd pour energy into me only to take it right back. Then I realized that she was prolonging my orgasm so that she could feast that much longer upon my stock of supernatural energy. That realization startled yet excited me.

Even after I realized that, I didn't try to stop her. I trusted her not to push too far. And watching her swallow what must have been more than a pint of my cum was fucking hot. My balls pumped so fast and so hard, producing so damn much of the thick, creamy spunk that she couldn't possibly get all of it down. But even as it dribbled down her cheeks, past her neck, onto her breasts, she kept right on swallowing what she could.

Gradually, our memories returned to us. As they did, we threw in more and more supernatural flourishes. Like defying gravity, or surrounding ourselves in a swarm of hands and spectral mouths, with which we pleasured whatever parts of one another's bodies weren't already receiving attention. The not-quite-electric bolts of crackling energy that induced baby orgasms instantly upon contact made several appearances.

At one point, there were three of me and three of her. We had two different threesomes at the same exact time. One was MFF, one MFM.

Eventually, though, even we needed a break. Iva curled up beside me, purring. "That was great. Before, with Holly, and after, with just us. You were amazing, as always. And, if I'm not mistaken, still getting better. Which is crazy. In a very, very good way. And finding that tiny little raven-haired beauty in here with you was a most welcome surprise. I've wanted to eat her snatch for so long. Todd really did well for himself. And imagine what she'll be like once she's Elevated!"

"Tell me about it," I said.

"You did a nice job with the veil, by the way," she continued. "I didn't really start to put things together, not fully, until I went down on you. Even after Gus and Cindy. Lucky for me I know what I'm doing down there and have these great lips that drive both men and women crazy. Otherwise, I might still be in the dark."

I laughed, kissed the side of her head. "You're okay, yeah."

"Okay, my ass," she said with a tweak of my nose between her thumb and forefinger before turning around to press her back against me. Holly regained consciousness around then, and she slid up against my aunt like a third spoon.

Slowly, our kissing and petting grew more vigorous. When Holly confirmed that she'd caught a second wind, we started back up again.

Rare was the moment where there were only three bodies in that bed. Mostly, we worked in pairs. But we tried some more complex combinations as well.


Dad handed me an extra large cup of coffee as I slipped out of my hotel room, burning up some energy to clean up after the marathon session with Iva that had only ended a few seconds ago. He looked me up and down. "No sleep. At all."

"None," I confirmed, taking the coffee from him.

"Why didn't we do that?" Aunt Cindy asked.

"Oh, good morning, Aunt Cindy," I said. "Didn't realize you were joining us."

"Hadn't originally planned on it. But I realized it may be my only chance to catch you away from both your fiance and, more importantly, my sister."

I laughed as I stared her up and down. She wore a loose sundress and sandals. Not particularly revealing. Of course, a burlap sack couldn't hide the fact that she looked damned good. She too looked like she was in her twenties rather than her sixties. Which she...well, she wasn't, really. Who knew how old she was. But most of the time that we were in the mortal world, she wore the guise of a woman who was. Now that she let her real self show through, though, she was quite impressive. Less my type than her sister was, but there were certainly men who would have said the opposite.

Dad shook his head as we headed for the elevator. "You're not even tired?"

"I may need to crash later. May not. Coffee will do for now."

"Better not fall asleep in the ride back from the airport. If you need to nap on the way there, that's fine. But you better be awake once we meet your grandmother."

"I'll be fine," I said.

"Well, I can't say I'm happy about you stealing my sister away from us," Dad said. "But I'll give you this. You've traded up."

I wanted to punch him in the face.

Iva was amazing. In a lot of ways. But I didn't have with her what I had with Mom. Couldn't. Wouldn't want to. At least, I didn't think I'd want to. At any rate, I absolutely did not appreciate the implication that Iva was worthy of my devotion but Mom was not.

"Not so sure about that," I said.

"We'll take her back, if you don't want her," Cindy said with a snicker.

"That's not what I meant. And she'll spend her nights in whatever bed she chooses, I'm fairly certain. Anyway, my point was, I'm still trying to get used to the idea that Mom is gone. I wouldn't call it trading up."

"Whatever you say, son," Dad said, clapping me on the back.

We reached the lobby. Outside, a limo awaited us.

Cindy ooh'd and ah'd as we slid into the back. The leather seats were beyond comfortable. And it was quite spacious. Plenty of room to entertain ourselves. It offered a very comfortable ride, as well. Good thing, since the airport was an hour away.

After a few minutes, Dad said, "I'm not sure I've been this nervous in years."

"Been entirely too long since we've seen her," Cindy said.

"But it's you who should really be anxious," he told me.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"You know she's going to let into you for not inviting her to your coronation," Dad said.

"Ah. You remembered that, huh?" I said.

"Things starting coming back at one point, yeah," Dad said. Taking Cindy's hand in his and staring into her blue eyes, he said, "We didn't quite make a true all-nighter of it, but we had more than a little fun, didn't we?"

She kissed him by way of response.

I sipped my coffee. "You're right. She's definitely not going to be happy."

"She's going to torture you. Let me tell you, when that woman decides that you need punishing...well, glad I'm not in your shoes." Then he rubbed at his Van Dyke with the backs of his fingers. "Though, come to think of it, she's really gone soft. Spoiled you and all her grandkids."

"I have that effect on women."

Cindy giggled.

"So I've gathered," Dad said.

"Look, here's a friendly tip," I began. I described to him, in painstaking detail, some of my best moves. Cindy chimed in every so often to assure my father that the things I was describing were indeed very effective. I felt her Libido soar as I went on, coaching my father in cunnilingus. And, more specifically, the use of our supernatural powers in that respect.

At first, he stared at me with a look that said, "You've got to be kidding me." Which was fair enough. When his son was about to get married, a father was supposed to coach his son in the art of pleasuring a woman. Not the other way around.

But, particularly when he noticed Cindy's enthusiastic agreement with more or less my every word, he listened more and more patiently.

Soon, Cindy pulled her dress up, revealing that she didn't have any underwear on, and encouraged him to try out the techniques I was describing right there. He did so happily. Some of my better moves simply required more power than he had, but he eagerly put some suggestions into practice. And did so well enough that his sister was soon ejaculating with her every orgasm, of which there were more than a few.

But after a while, Aunt Cindy cut the lesson short so that she could suck her brother's cock and give her little lady some time to recover.

After swallowing a couple of his loads, she turned her attention to me. "His majesty has been so patient," she said as she crawled across the limo floor. "I thought maybe you were going to show him how it's done while I was pleasuring him."

"Thought about it," I said. "But sounded like you needed a break."

Cindy said, "That was considerate of you," before taking me in her warm mouth.

By the time we got to the airport, Dad and I had both fucked each of Aunt Cindy's holes a few times, and often at the same time.

I barely used any of my powers. Cindy didn't seem capable of handling much more stimulation than she was already receiving.

Yet another reason to prefer Iva, even if trim and athletic was your cup of tea.


Grandma was waiting for us by the baggage claim, holding her one carry-on bag. Though she hadn't checked any luggage, there was no more obvious meeting place.

I hadn't included her in the veil I'd placed over the rest of us. But I wasn't surprised to see that she wore two images. One was dominant and likely the only one any of the mortals around us saw. The other flickered in and out of sight. Though some of us sometimes wore our true faces in public, it was good practice to stay in character, and if Grandma Kaitlin had ever been careless about anything, I'd certainly never heard tell of it.

For the most part, she appeared as a little old lady, wearing a typically horrid dress and straw hat. Her white hair was wispy, and thinning. Her skin was heavily wrinkled and liver-spotted. She had a few stray hairs on her upper lip and her chin. Her body was thin and frail and her breasts hung down to her hips. But the other Grandma Kaitlin could pass for younger than Cindy, at least at first glance. There were signs of maturity in her face if you looked closely, but at least superficially, she almost looked like jail bait.

Though she was the most powerful woman in the family, and could be mistaken for the youngest by anyone who wasn't paying close enough attention, she wasn't even close to the best looking. Which was not to say she was physically unattractive. By any means. There was something strange about her face though. She had a thin upper lip that seemed to be frozen in a semi-sneer. And though her body was appealing enough, she had neither her elder daughter's lower body nor her younger's breasts.

Still, there was something about her.

Perhaps it was her unique facial expression, for all that it defied conventional standards of beauty. The perpetual sneer had turned me off at first, but I'd rather quickly come to think it incredibly cute. It suggested a certain playfulness, as well as intelligence. Like reality itself was a great big joke that no one but her was in on. Talking to her, seeing her biting wit and cool confidence in action, only further reinforced that impression.

Or maybe it was just the sheer power she contained within her. The last time I'd seen her, I'd been too weak to properly appreciate that. But now, just standing close to her, I felt like I stood before a roaring fire in the dead of winter, or beneath a cool breeze on a blistering summer day. Neither quite fit. What I felt was not, strictly speaking, a physical sensation. But her Libido was so powerful, so radiant, so full of primal energy, that the very thought of leaving its presence was terrifying.

Deirdre certainly made a bigger show of displaying her talent. But as I basked in the glory of my grandmother's Libido, I wondered if the two were not in fact equal in power.

This version of my grandmother wore black panties with white bows over her hips and a black camisole that, despite its long sleeves, barely covered her nipples. Her blonde hair was pulled back tight and held in place by a black ribbon. Like her daughters, her skin was breathtakingly pale and her eyebrows darker and thicker than you'd expect to find on a blonde, even considering her prominent dark roots. Her eyes, hazel, were big and bright.

Her belly-button was pierced, and a long bauble hung from it. She also wore dangling earrings and a red beaded necklace that hung down into her cleavage. It was the exact same shade as her thin lips and her fuck-me-in-the-ass-pumps.

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