Homelands Pt. 02 Ch. 07


"Well, take a look at you," Grandma said to my father, handing him her bag and standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. "My handsome son."

"Hi, Mom. Get in okay?"

"It would appear so," she said. Turning to face Cindy, she smiled and held her hands out for a hug. The two embraced warmly. No smartass remarks for her daughter.

Then it was my turn to embrace her. I held her loosely, trying not to notice how intoxicating her perfume was, or how nice her body felt against me for all that it lacked the generous curves that I generally preferred. She squeezed me in tighter and whispered, "You and I are going to talk, young man." As she pulled away, forced smile still wide, she said, louder, "And it's so lovely to see you, Frank!"

I winced. "Nice to see you too, Grandma."

"I hope you have some idea what you're doing," she muttered under her breath as the four of us made our way out to the limo. "Cindy, dear, I just love that dress!"

Dad climbed into the back of the limo first. Grandma slid in beside him, the elderly matron figure disappearing entirely the minute she was inside.

Cindy slipped in next, taking the seat opposite Dad. Finally, I sat next to my aunt, across from my grandmother.

Not a moment after the door closed, Grandma had my father's halfway hard cock out in the open. It inflated rapidly as she pumped her small fist up and down its length. "I've missed you so," she said, her eyes fixated on Dad's cock.

"Me too?" Dad asked.

Grandma laughed, pinched his cheek and shook it. "Yes, baby."

"We missed you, too, Mom," Dad said.

"So much you've hardly ever come to visit me?" she asked.

"We thought you wanted to be left alone," Cindy said with a frown.

"Oh, sweetie," Grandma said. "I did. For the most part. But I'd still have welcomed a good fuck every now and then. Old women have needs too, you know."

"Sorry," Dad mumbled under his breath.

"But anyway," Grandma said. "I'm not really upset with you." She turned her hazel eyes to me. "So, Frank. Tell me." She kicked one of her red heels off. The two seats were suddenly much closer together than they had been. I hadn't noticed she'd done that, until I felt her bare foot gently caressing my cock and balls through my khakis. How could I forget how nimble her feet were, and how much she liked to include them in the fun? "What exceptional mitigating circumstances account for the fact that you didn't invite me to your coronation, and haven't been to visit me since you took the throne?"

I coughed, clearing my throat.

"Hmm?" she asked.

Dad slid his hands between his mother's legs, tucking her panties to the side. My eyes followed his hands. Her glistening folds were tight. Not prominent and puffy like Iva's. Just a pretty little slit. Her golden brown curls were shaped into a V.

Grandma moaned contentedly, laying her free hand atop his to guide him deeper in.

"Wanted to get some things done first?" I said, as if it were a question. Well, I was asking a question. But it was whether she'd accept that answer. With a nervous laugh, I added, "You know what they say. It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission."

"At least you're being honest," she said. Her foot was working wonders. Of course, since she'd ramped up my sensitivity to nearly painful levels, she'd have had me close to cumming even if her movements were clumsy. Which they most certainly were not. "Cindy, honey," Grandma said, looking at my aunt, "would you be a dear and come eat your mother's pussy?"

Cindy dropped to her knees, slapped her brother's hands aside, and ripped Grandma's panties off. She stared in wonder at the beautiful slit for a moment before going to work.

Dad gave me some respite by pulling his mother in for a deep kiss. Between her son's lips and her daughter's tongue, my grandmother was distracted for close to a full minute.

But as she pulled away from Dad, Grandma said, "I appreciate you wanting to protect your son, Gus. But I'm not nearly done with the upbraiding."

"I'm not trying to protect him. Far as I'm concerned, whatever you've got in store for him, he's got coming, and more. I told him on our way over here that you were softer with him than you'd ever been with me. I just can't help wanting to kiss you is all."

"That's sweet," she said, leaning in to kiss him again. Her hand worked his stiff cock faster and faster. "And you're right. I have been too soft."

Cindy must have redoubled his efforts, because Grandma closed her eyes, bucked her hips, and bit into her lower lip as she moaned.

"I...ungh, oh, that's it...think we...Cin, baby, just like that...can all have what we want," she said at last. With that, she got up from the back seat and climbed into my lap. Except she was still sitting there, stroking her son while her daughter ate her out.

Grandma took my hands and guided them to her cami. I freed her breasts. "You're going to beg me to let you finish," she said. "I'm going to bring you to the brink and leave you there, until I like what I hear."

And she meant it.

After some dry-humping, my grandmother gave me a blowjob that would almost put Iva to shame. Almost. Iva was too damned good to be shamed by any woman. But, still, Grandma knew how to make me experience pleasures such as I'd never even imagined.

Of course, just as I was getting ready to explode, she stopped.

"Got a better answer for me yet?" she asked.

I groaned. Reaching for my cock, I figured I could at least finish myself off.

But Grandma would have none of that. She mounted me reverse-cowgirl and took my fat cock in her tight snatch. As she rode me, she made her ass shake so beautifully that I forgot that I thought it relatively flat and shapeless. Meanwhile, on a metaphysical level, she reversed course. I quickly grew so numb that I could scarcely feel the warmth of her vagina. To my utter disappointment, the orgasm I'd been so close to achieving faded away. Once it did, Grandma allowed me to enjoy the feel of being inside her.

I tried to read Grandma's Libido more closely. It took some effort, since neither of us had climaxed yet and we didn't have much of a connection. But eventually, an image filled my mind. A long, deep, stone passage led down to a well the size of an ocean.

As I stared with my mind's eye at the center of her power, I realized that one could differentiate the sexual energy that we each carried within us not just quantitatively, but also qualitatively. That is, I was not only keenly aware of how much energy Grandma held within her, but I had some sense of its flavor, and how that differed from that of the energy I'd sense when peering inside Mom or Aunt Iva.

And why shouldn't it? There were, after all, different types of desire. There was kinetic desire, or longing for nothing so much as vigorous physical stimulation. There was romantic desire, or yearning for soft touches, sweet kisses, and all the things that signified genuine affection and intimacy. There was carnal desire, the yearning for acts that flouted moral dictates, acts that represented an attraction so intense that self-control grew powerless before it. And, of course, variations on those basic categories.

I pushed back against Grandma with what I hoped was the right combination of the different types of energy. I couldn't match her for raw power, but with enough finesse, I might be able to catch her off guard all the same.

My grandmother jerked upright, slapping my chest hard with both hands, eyes wide. Panting, she said, "Whoa! What the...Frank?" She wiped a stray lock of hair away from her face. "Who taught you how to do that?"

Kneading her ass like dough, I said, "No one."

"Seriously?" she asked.

I shrugged.

Grandma's sneer had been temporarily replaced by a genuine smile.

We kissed long and hard, and she took the lid off. I burst instantly, shooting my cum into my grandmother's womb.

"I've heard of people who'd worked it out on their own. But most people need to be taught how to handle the different shades of desire separately. And I had no idea that you had such a good read on my tastes," she said. "Not that you got it exactly right. If you'd gone just a little heavier on the darker, kinkier energy, I would have been completely at your mercy. But you got awfully close to taking me from two to ten in a fraction of an instant."

"It just sorta came to me," I said. "Who taught you, by the way? Wait, no. Let me guess. Was it...Daphne? Or Silas?"

Her smile broadened. "Right the first time." She mussed my hair. "Here I was worried sick about you and how you were in over your head."

"Well, I probably still am."

"Probably so. But you're apparently not nearly as dim as I'd feared."

Here I was thinking she was paying me a compliment.

"So there may be hope for you yet," she added. Then grave concern suddenly fell over her face. "Please tell me you have no desire to become Patriarch."

I held up both hands in protest. "No, no. I'm not even sure how long I want to be king."

Grandma sighed heavily. "Good. If you did...Silas is not an enemy you want to have."

As if I didn't know that already.

"First thing I did was bury the hatchet between our courts," I said.

She raised a dark eyebrow.

"We signed a peace agreement just recently. Otherwise, this wedding wouldn't be happening. Lily was his captive. Well, his sister's."

"Is that so," she said. "What did you have to give-" Her eyes went wide. "Oh!" she gasped, and glanced over her shoulder. Finding another me behind her, she smiled and nodded, giving me the okay to take her ass with my second body. So the two of me double-penetrated my grandmother.

As ever with that position, it took us a while to get comfortable. Grandma's ass was not as tight as some women's, and she had masterful control over her sphincter. But even so, it was a position that demanded delicacy. After a fashion, though, we found our groove, and I got her off a few times. When I did, she allowed me to drain what was, for me, a copious amount of energy. I felt like I could walk on air, swallow the sun, and pulverize mountains. Yet, for her, that was but a small fraction of what she had within her.

For a time, the four of us spoke hardly a word. Grandma and I wore a few extra bodies, and we swapped partners several times. Dad and I spit-roasted Grandma while, on the seat opposite us, Grandma and Aunt Cindy sixty-nined. I gave Aunt Cindy a Tupperware Party while Dad fucked Grandma doggy-style. And so on.

When Dad and Cindy announced that they needed a break, which quickly turned into a nap, I'd thought Grandma and I would keep going. But she suggested we relax for a bit as well. Unlike the other two, we didn't sleep, but we did stop fucking.

So, while I gave her a gentle back rub, I asked Grandma, "Have I finally earned the right to know what two things you regret?"

"Oh, I don't know," she said in a playful voice. "Yeah, maybe a hint or two. Not a full-fledged answer, perhaps, but you've certainly earned something."

"Okay. Hit me," I said.

"They both have to do with Iva."

"What about Iva?" I asked her.

"Wouldn't you like to know."


Grandma rolled her eyes at that. With a sigh, she said, "Your father knows both of the things I regret. Iva and Cindy know about one of the incidents to which I'm referring, but not the other."

But try as I might, and try I did, I couldn't pry any more information from her. And when it became clear that I intended to continue trying all the way back to the hotel, if necessary, she decided we didn't need a break from sex after all.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Grandma did things I'd only ever seen one other woman do. And she showed me a few things that Deirdre hadn't besides. My balls were working overtime, serving up one hot load after another of fresh cum for my little minx of a grandmother. If not for the fact that Grandma had more than a few orgasms herself, and with each one allowed me to drink as heavily as I wished, I'd have been as dry and lifeless as the leaves in late autumn. My cum went inside her ass, some in her pussy, some her mouth, and some painted her marble skin whiter still.

I even shot a load or two into unnatural vaginas that Grandma had grown in the bottoms of her feet. Her freaking feet.

That one had been a true surprise. When she'd first told me she wanted me fuck her feet, I thought she was talking about giving me a hand-job without her hands. But no.

My blood stream was basically an endorphin stream by the time we arrived back the hotel. Grandma and I both must have looked drunk to the clerk behind the desk in the lobby, stumbling and giggling as we were. For their part, Dad and Cindy still looked half-asleep. And Grandma and I had gone easy on them.


Had it not been for Grandma had done to me, I could have gotten through the day without sleeping. But that had taken too much out of me, even though Grandma hadn't even been trying to wipe me out.

I woke up a little before five. That gave me just enough time for some coffee and a shower that wouldn't need to be rushed. I brewed a pot, which was of course really just a cup. It was stale and terrible, like most hotel coffee, but it did help me finish casting off my slumber. The shower did the rest.

When I got out of the shower, Aunt Iva was in my room, already dressed for the rehearsal dinner. It was almost strange, seeing her looking presentable rather than squeezed into some skimpy little bit of lingerie.

"You're not dressed yet?" she said, eyeing my naked form.

"Do you usually dress in the shower?"

She snickered.

I checked my watch. We had a little time, but not enough for any play. As I dressed, we made small talk. She told me about her afternoon. First, she'd fucked Todd and Melanie. Then came the Farrier Foursome.

"Speaking of your mother," I said. "Do you know she once told me there were only two things in her life that she'd ever regretted?"

"Oh?" she asked, guardedly.

Perhaps what I was about to tell her would not come as a surprise after all, given that tone. Still, I pressed on. "She told me this morning that both of them had to to do with you. Wouldn't elaborate, except to say that you only knew what one of them was."

She was silent for a time. "Really."

"Should I not have told you?" I asked.

"What?" she asked, turning her brown eyes from the mirror towards me. "No, I'm glad you did. It's just that," she paused, then again said, "I'm glad that you did."

And she left it at that.

I wanted desperately to ask her more about it, but I wasn't so stupid that I couldn't interpret that properly. So I simply came up behind her, wrapped my hands around her waist, and kissed her cheek. "There's something else I need to tell you," I said.

My aunt smiled. "Okay. But first, let me just quickly go on the record as saying that it's incredibly hot that you didn't ask me what the one thing she regrets that I already know about is. I know you want to know. You reek of it. But I appreciate you respecting my privacy. I'll tell you eventually. I'm promise. Just not right now."

"Good enough," I said, kissing her dirty blonde hair. I could never decide if I liked it best this color, the deep gold she also frequently wore, or the platinum blonde she broke out every now and then. "Did you know that your darling nephew didn't actually Devour Brianna? He just exiled her to some prison world."

"No, I didn't know that," she said, voice weary. "But I should have. I sensed that he was carrying around a lot of guilt, and I'd assumed it was from Devouring her. Should have noticed that his Libido didn't grow. There's no way he could have Devoured a woman that powerful and not gotten a whole lot stronger."

"Now the part you're really going to hate is what I did when I found out."

So I told her.

Iva turned around and kissed me. It wasn't the kind of anxious foreplay kiss that says, "I need to have you inside me this second." It was tender and sweet.

"That was not the reaction I expected," I said.

"From what you described, she's not the same woman anymore," Iva said. "And people deserve second chances. Even people who do really terrible things to people they love when they're young and stupid."

I wondered just which young and stupid woman we were talking about at the moment.

But she wasn't any quicker to explain that comment than she was to tell me what Grandma had been talking about earlier.


Lily and I sat one one small table, as we would tomorrow. Todd and his family sat at another table. Dad, Grandma, Cindy and Iva had another.

My mother should have been there. And Natalie as well. Maybe even Skye and her twin brothers. So many people missing, without even counting the dead.

But it wouldn't do to dwell on that now. I'd shed enough tears over Mom. And would shed still more. In private.

My lovely fiance wore a slinky blue dress that exposed a bit more of her milky cleavage than was probably appropriate, given how modest all the other women had dressed. Her hair was tied up in a mini tower above her head. Blue stiletto heels added a few inches to her height, and emphasized the curves of her lower body.

I was a bit nervous. Not just about tomorrow, though obviously that was true. But about tonight. The veil had long since been lifted. She was doing a nice job of hiding it, but I sensed that she was pretty furious with me. There was still a strong undercurrent of desire there, but at the moment, it was definitely well beneath the surface.

Only an idiot would have thought it would be okay to simply arrange for her to have a date with my brother while I spent two days fucking the women of my family. She hadn't been entirely left out in the cold, but damn close.

With a smile, Lily asked, "So, you are only marrying the one woman tomorrow?"

"Yes, dear," I said. "Just the one."

"And she wouldn't happen to be a top-heavy blonde with no ass?"

"No ass?" I said. Not that I hadn't myself many times thought Iva would look better if she had just a little more of her older sister in her, but still.

"That's great. Let's argue about whether she's hot enough for you," Lily said.

"That's not what I meant," I said.

Lily offered a conciliatory smile and patted the back of my hand. "I'm sorry. I guess I just feel like I'm supposed to be angry and jealous. I mean, you've been fucking your aunts. And grandmother. And your sister-in-law."

"I have," I said.

"Which is what we immortals do," she said with a sigh. "What I did, when I still had a family. I know that. But." She didn't finish the thought, just sat there folding and refolding the napkin in her lap.


I suppose, if the shoe fits. After all, I'd never heard of any of us dying of natural causes. But I'd just never thought about it that way before.

"But what?" I asked.

"I don't. It's nothing. Just that I sometimes wonder what it says about me that I honestly don't miss my family in the least," Lily said.

"It doesn't say anything except that you have a shitty family," I said.

"Yeah," Lily said. "I'm sure that's it." She looked out across the room, eyeing the men of my family. "Anyway. I want to fuck the rest of your family. Let me do that, and I'll forget about how much fun you had over the past two days while I had to settle for one entirely too brief encounter with that stud you call a brother."

I gritted my teeth at that. Was it strange that her request didn't bother me, just the way she'd described Todd?

"Now?" I asked.

"Why not?" she asked, staring me in the eye.

"Wouldn't it be more exciting to do that at the reception?"

Her eyes widened. A smile spread across her face. "Yes. It would."

"In your wedding gown."

"The bridal train," she said.

"And I'll tell you what. You can humiliate me the whole time. I won't touch any of the other women. I'll sit in my chair, and you can go down on me while every other guy in the place takes their turn in your hot cunt. Or your ass, if you want."

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