Homelands Pt. 04 Ch. 03


The changes to his mother's body were no less dramatic. Her waist, relatively trim to begin with, shrank by several inches. Her breasts remained full and regained their shape. They still bowed slightly to gravity, but in much the same way that a haughty noble might bow to a child king. They didn't look like implants, but they sat high on her chest and bore more resemblance to cantaloupes than pancakes. A moment ago, it had been the other way around. Her legs seemed, if possible, even longer. And they were a whole lot shapelier. Thinner in the right spots, yet thicker where that was called for too. And free of cellulite.

She had a perfect hourglass. Past perfect, really. It wasn't actually possible for a woman to have her proportions. But somehow she didn't look cartoonish. Unreal as her curves were, they weren't like those of Jessica Rabbit. Rather, his mother had a waist-to-hip ratio that was just a bit beyond what was possible, but not so far gone that to look upon her was to challenge one's ability to suspend disbelief.

When they switched places, and it was she that lay on the bed, the white sheets looked, for just a moment, like wings. It wasn't hard to imagine a halo over her head either.

Though he'd never put much thought into the question of what angels looked like, he decided then that if they were real, they'd look like his mother. Her metallic skin was otherworldly, but not in a disturbing or discomforting way. Rather, her divine beauty filled him with awe. He wasn't sure if he should make love to her or worship her. Or both.

"What is it, baby?" she asked, reaching up to touch his cheek.

Her hand was so soft and warm. If it felt like a jolt of electricity shot through him as her skin touched his, it was only to be expected.

"You're just so beautiful," he said.

His words sounded distant. Like he was eavesdropping on his own conversation.

Liv really hadn't been lying about how thoroughly their mother's disguise hid her true beauty. And it was a good thing that it did. If a mere mortal were to gaze upon such perfection, they'd have gone insane.

"That's sweet, dear," his mother said.

Her tone suggested that it would be nice if he'd get on with it though, because she was tired of having him be somewhere other than inside her.

Kurt never could stand the thought of disappointing his mother.

Slowly, he climbed atop her and guided his unworthy member into her love canal.

"Ooooh, god," he moaned as he slid inside.

If there was such a thing as a vagina that did not} feel good, Kurt was unaware of it. Not that he'd sampled a particularly large number. But still. The bodies of men and women were pretty well designed to ensure that coupling was a pleasurable experience.

Even so, he was tempted to say that he'd never actually realized just how good a woman could feel before. His sister had convinced him that he'd never be satisfied with a mere mortal again. Yet just then, he was not entirely sure there was much distinction between Olivia and the few other women he'd been with.

His mother's embrace was everything that it should have been. Warm. Comforting.

Positively euphoric.

She was doing something with her powers, obviously. What, exactly, he wasn't sure. But whatever it was, it was working. And then some.

"That's it, baby," his mother cooed. "Don't be shy."

Was he actually doing anything? He couldn't even tell anymore. So intense were the pleasures she was visiting upon him, his mind had difficulty attending to other matters.

Slowly, he regained some measure of control. And gave his mother the loving she deserved.


Scene 3

Setting: Gabriela and Jennifer's home in Los Angeles. The same night.

POV: Eric


At first, they simply lay in bed, cuddling.

That wasn't exactly Eric's idea of a good time. In fact, it kinda made him regret his decision to turn their mother down.

But he felt like an asshole for thinking that. Patty was apparently really attached to their dorky cousin, and coming to grips with the idea that Olivia was going to be Kurt's first was proving to be rather difficult for her. If lying there, pressed against him, made the pain easier for her to deal with, then it was his brotherly duty to spoon her.

Of course, if he could have helped her out by occupying Olivia while she moved in on Kurt, he'd have been even happier to do that.

Unfortunately, that wasn't an option.

Though Eric wasn't often accused of being too sensitive, and had more than a few times been told that he had the emotional IQ of a fish, even he could see the tragedy of the situation. Kurt, bless his heart, would have been happier with Patty. The two of them were different in a lot of ways, but they were still more alike than most couples. Neither one of them had an insincere bone in their body. And they had the corniest, most inoffensive sense of humor. They were proud to be no less interested in cartoons than they had been when they'd been a decade younger than they currently were.

Himself, he had a hard time believing that any woman would rather be with Kurt than him or even Nick. But if he really forced himself to see things from his sister's perspective, he had to admit that there was a certain logic to it.

Similarly, though his natural inclination was to assume that Olivia was every guy's dream girl, he knew better. Though Kurt hadn't, to Eric's knowledge, been infected by whatever disease led Nick to actually argue that, even on purely physical grounds, Olivia was overrated, his cousin was the kind of guy that his sister ate for breakfast. There was no way there'd ever be more than a strictly physical relationship between them.

Of course, that was all that there was ever supposed to be. His mothers had explained that many times. But they had to know that no one was buying it.

Mom-Gee herself wanted more than that from him. And though, if Eric had to guess, he'd say that Mom-Jay didn't feel the same way about Nick that he did about her, she didn't do nearly as much as she could have to disabuse him of the notion that there was something very much like a romantic relationship developing between the two of them. For his part, he and Olivia basically were in an relationship, albeit an open one.

At least, he thought that they were. If she wasn't his girlfriend, she was a heckuva lot closer to being one than any of the mortal girls he'd supposedly dated. Never before in his life had Eric seen the same woman so many days in a row. He'd certainly never cared this much about whether the woman he was with was satisfied with what they had, or whether there was anything he could do differently to better satisfy her.

So perhaps he had a bit of a personal stake in hoping that Patty found a way to make things with Kurt work out, lest Kurt take up too much of Liv's attention. But that wasn't all there was to it. He really did want his kid sister to be happy.

When she was in eight grade, she'd had a boyfriend who was in high school. A freshman. And a nerd, at that. But at the time, the simple fact that he was a year older than her had both Nick and Eric worried about Patty getting hurt. Eric had never told anyone, for fear that they'd tell him that he was being overprotective and patriarchal and all that shit that Veronica was always going on about, but he'd taken the guy aside and threatened to knock his teeth down his throat if he hurt Patty.

Granted, the poor kid had been scared shitlesss, and had broken up with Patty the next day. Presumably for the very reason that he didn't want to risk inciting the wrath of her protective older brother. Eric had laid it on a bit thick, after all.

If it hadn't been one of those stupid teenage romances, the kind that seemed more important than anything else in the world to the parties involved at the time, but were mostly forgotten about a month later, he might have felt pretty bad about that. Especially since Patty had cried her eyes out.

For one afternoon anyway. She did indeed forget about him pretty soon thereafter.

The point was, though, that Eric cared more about keeping Patty from getting hurt than he ever got credit for. He'd be the first to admit that Nick was a better brother to her than he was, in spite of the fact that the two of thm didn't share a blood connection. But that didn't mean that Eric was the "bad" brother.

Just less perfect.

His sister wiggled her hips, pushing her big ass back against him.

Eric felt a stirring in his loins. Patty was less his type than Olivia. For that reason, he found it hard to tell her what she wanted to hear. That Olivia wasn't going to make an impression on Kurt anyway. Or that she wasn't nearly as attractive as Patty, so obviously Kurt would be thinking of her the whole time.

But Patty did} have a nice body.

Especially her ass.

"Eric?" she asked, as she ground that majestic thing against his rapidly inflating cock.


"Tell me I'm pretty."

He laughed awkwardly.

"I know how that sounds. It would mean more if I didn't have to ask. But I get tired of hearing how cute} I am. I'm not a freaking baby. I'm a grown woman. I want to hear guys talk about me the way they talk about women, not children."

"You're very pretty," he lied.

If she didn't want to hear it, he wouldn't say it, but the truth was, there was a reason guys always told her she was cute. That really was the perfect word for her.

"And you've got an amazing} body."

That much, at least, was the truth.

"Yeah?" Patty asked.

Damn. They both still had their underwear on, but if she kept that gentle writhing, he just might give her a present.

The hand that had been on her hip slid down and back, caressing the smooth, cool flesh of her butt. Firmly, but not harshly, he gave one cheek a solid squeeze. It was so thick and firm. With her muscles relaxed, it had a pleasant hint of softness to it, but there was no mistaking that it was pretty much solid muscle.

"I know Liv's every bit as good as she thinks she is," Patty said.

Eric fought back a cough.

"I prefer guys to girls, but even I have to admit, she's one of the best I've ever had."

Well, at least she'd said it, not him.

"But guys care about more than just that, right? At least some guys?"

"Yeah," he said. Some guys. "The two of them couldn't be more different."

"Exactly," Patty said.

The tips of his fingers probed at her labia from behind. She was wet. Even through her panties, he could feel it. If he pulled the fabric aside, she wouldn't have objected.

But he could be patient. It wasn't quite what he was known for, but he could.

"He's probably been fantasizing about you for some time now. Keep in mind, he had no idea who and what we were. Even if he felt exactly the way you did, he'd keep it to himself, for fear of how weird it would sound if he told you."

"Yeah," Patty said.

Eric leaned in and gave his sister's earlobe a light nibble.

She moaned so emphatically, he realized patience might not be called for after all.

In fact, before he realized what had happened, Patty had made their underwear disappear, had taken hold of his cock, and was guiding it towards her slit.

He'd forgotten how skilled his sister was. Her and Nick, if in different ways. The rest of them mostly stuck to altering their appearance, improving their physique, delaying or hastening orgasms, and such. But Patty was always creating or unmaking things, the way she'd just dissolved their clothes. And Nick could have passed himself off as a psychic, had he wanted to, so good had he gotten at reading Libidos.

At least, that was how it seemed to Eric. Nick insisted that it didn't work that way. And even if it did, he wouldn't be comfortable getting inside people's heads. But the latter seemed a lot more plausible to Eric than the former. That was Nick for you. He had the power to know exactly how a woman felt, if not necessarily what she was thinking, but he hardly ever put it to use because he didn't think it was right.

His brother and his squeamish ways were suddenly the furthest thing from Eric's mind.

No woman felt loose from the position they were in. With one leg resting on top of the other, his sister's snatch wasn't exactly spread wide open for him. But even taking that into account, the vice grip around his tool took him by surprise.

"Ungh, yeah, that's it," Patty moaned.

Eric started fucking her wildly. Spooning wasn't the most comfortable or natural position, but any time he found himself behind Patty's ass, he counted himself lucky. He cupped one buttock with his hand, squeezing and releasing and squeezing and releasing over and over.

They stayed in that position for a little while. But soon, Eric told his sister to roll onto her stomach. She did as he asked, and he climbed up onto his knees to fuck her prone. As he did, he kneaded her ass like dough, fondled it gently, and slapped it vigorously.

He could stare at that thing for hours and not got bored. It was glorious}.

Taking a page from Patty's playbook, he summoned a bottle of lube. Gently, he worked the slippery stuff into his sister's ass, and started pumping his thumb in and out of her browneye while his fat cock stretched her little pussy wide.

"Mmm, yeah," she said. "You want my ass?"

He gave one round cheek a good slap by way of answer.

She whimpered delightfully.

"Do it. I want you there."

That was all he needed to hear.

Despite her words, though, Patty didn't seem to be ready to let go of him. Her vag squeezed tight, relaxed, then constricted again.

Meanwhile, he felt her pouring energy into his Libido, ramping up his sensitivity. And so it was that not fifteen seconds later, he was pumping a serious load of cum into his kid sister's womb. And pouring something else entirely into her Libido.

For how little effort it had taken her to push him over the edge like that, it seemed that her investment had sure made a handsome reward.

Eric was afraid that she was trying to finish him off already. But before he'd even climbed off her, she said, "Any time you're ready, my ass is waiting."

So, sure enough, shortly after he recovered his breath, Eric fucked his sister's asshole. And fucked it good.

At first, he went slow and gentle. But when sweet, innocent little Patty told him not to be so modest, he stepped things up.

It was a good thing his sister knew how to soundproof a room. Because when the two of them came, in unison, they'd have woken up the rest of the family otherwise. She shrieked at the top of her lungs while he howled like a wolf.

Afterwards, she sucked him clean. Then rode him cowgirl.

He preferred fucking Patty from behind. Regardless of which hole he was violating. But Eric had to admit it was nice to have her on top too. That allowed his hands to grope her thick ass one minute and her full breasts the next. The way she stared at him was a little awkward. He felt like she was waiting for him to proclaim his undying love or some shit. But it was a small price to pay for the pleasure of being able to explore her ample charms.

It was also her favorite position. So there was that.

Guilty as he felt initially about not saying whatever it was she expected him to say, as she rode him to through not one, not two, but three monster orgasms, Eric felt a swell of pride. The look on his sister's face as she came all over him could have made his week. Especially given how sad she'd looked earlier.

Hell, Eric would've given up a major organ to see that look on his sister's face. That he could enjoy himself along the way to turning her frown upside down was just a nice bonus.

So when she rolled off him, looking ready to fall asleep, but smiling ear to ear despite her exhausting, he didn't even mind that he'd been a good minute or two away from another orgasm himself. He was just glad that his sister was going to drift off to sleep happy.

He spooned her for a while after, delighting in the contented sounds she made whenever he squeezed her tight.

There were guys out there who didn't do this for their sisters. Not when guys turned them down, not when they got dumped, not ever.

How fucked up was that?

It was just sex. Who didn't enjoy sex? Why was it okay to buy your sister presents, the way boyfriends did, to pay her compliments, the way boyfriends did, but not to put a big fucking smile on her face the way boyfriends did?

It didn't mean they were romantically involved. Patty didn't see him that way, and neither did he have those feelings for her. She'd needed a good fucking, and he gave it to her. Simple as that. Why would anyone object to that?

He kissed the side of her head, waited to make sure she didn't react, and then started to disentangle himself. Again, he stopped to make sure she didn't stir. Five Mississippi. Ten Mississippi. Twenty. She still didn't move. So he finished slipping out of her bed.

Before leaving Patty's room, he stared down at her for a few moments. She looked so peaceful. The moonlight coming in through her window gave her bronze skin a strange, bluish tint. Her hair was a mess and her mouth was slightly agape. He probably should have thought she looked goofy.

But he thought she looked beautiful.

Not cute.


Content that he'd done his job as her big brother, Eric crept out her room and down the hall to go see if Mom-Gee was still awake.


Scene 4

Setting: Wes and Zoey's home in Los Angeles. Shortly after Scene 2.

POV: Kurt


"Don't be silly," his mother said. "We've been waiting for you to join us for a long time."

Kurt didn't say anything to disagree. But, then, neither had he said anything about not wanting to go inside her bedroom. Didn't matter. His mother knew what was bothering him anyway. The way she always had. Mother's intuition and all.

After having spent the past few hours doing things with both his mother and his sister that no society on Earth had ever approved of, he couldn't help feeling a little ashamed. But his mother was right that he was being silly. He knew that. He also knew that his father would not only approve, but be glad to have him join the family tradition. Would, in fact, be eager to show him the ropes. Teach him how to properly please a woman. How to satisfy his sister. Because apparently, his father had figured that out, whereas Kurt clearly had a lot to learn. None of that would, of course, be awkward or surreal in the least.

Still. For whatever reason, he found it easy enough to accept the idea that his mother and sister had been living double lives. That they'd hid for years that they were supernatural sexual beings who were obsessed with incest. But his father too? Kurt just couldn't picture the man who'd sent him to bed early for talking back to his mother, who'd taught him to catch a baseball and how to drive a car, who needed help learning how to send text messages and had no idea what Twitter was, as a sexual being on par with his mother.

Of course, he understood that his very existence was testament to his father's sexuality.

But it was one thing to know that, in some distant past, his father had squirted his seed into his mother. It was another altogether to accept that his father was immortal, supernaturally attractive, and so well-hung that he made Kurt look like a newborn.

"It's okay. Really," his mother said, taking his hand in hers.

The warmth of her skin against his made him shudder.

He nodded.

Still holding his hand, his mother led him into her bedroom.

Inside, they found much what he'd expected to find. His father was lying flat on his back, and Olivia was riding him with abandon.

Somewhat less expected was the fact that his father was handcuffed to the headboard and his sister was holding a leather crop in one hand. Perhaps even more unexpected, his sister was wearing a collar and had red marks on her ass that suggested that she'd been in the submissive position not long ago.

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