Homelands Pt. 04 Ch. 03


Had it been Eric, he might not have been surprised. His cousin was a man's man. And he'd suspected that his sister had a thing for him even before he realized that he belonged to a family of incest-addicts. But their father? Their sensitive, polite, sometimes stern but usually not, father? Olivia had submitted to him? Let him spank her and collar her and do whatever other demeaning things to her that Kurt couldn't bring himself to name?

His dick tried to absorb more blood. To swell larger, grow harder.


Kurt was so aroused that it hurt. In the most delightful way.

"Already?" Liv asked, without slowing her hip movements.

"Glernfld jeninzus," their father mumbled.

Which, presumably, was supposed to come out as, "Good of you to join us."

Only then did Kurt realized that his father was gagged.

Liv reached down and took whatever it was out of his mouth and tossed it aside. Then, after a few more emphatic thrusts, sighed and climbed off her father. She plopped down on the bed beside him, folding her hands beneath what passed for breasts, and feigned a smile at Kurt. "Yes. Good of you to join us."

Kurt gave his mother's hand a squeeze, as if to let her know that he was okay, then pulled his hand free. She gave him a faint grin, ruffled his hair, then rested her hand on his back.

His father slipped into a pair of boxers and then climbed out of bed.

The difference between his father's true appearance and that of his mortal guise was more pronounced than was true of Olivia, yet nowhere near as dramatic as was the case with their mother. Unlike his wife, the real him didn't seem to be twenty or so years younger than Kurt was used to. Rather, he seemed to be of an indeterminate age.

Well, so did his mother. If you looked closely enough, you could tell that she didn't really have the face of a woman in her twenties. But you did need to look close to notice.

Not so his father. There were more than just hints of maturity in his face. Though, in his case, it was only in the best sense of that term. His thick blonde hair was flecked with silver rather than being mostly gray. His face had deep grooves in it. But they now looked like lines carved out of marble, so firm was his skin otherwise. The wrinkles only made him look rugged, not old. Overall, everything about him was firmer and tighter. He also had a deep bronze complexion in this form, like Kurt and Olivia. Not the otherworldly gold that characterized his mother's skin, mind. Just a healthy tan that his father had rarely ever exhibited before, save when they went on vacation.

Yet, if his father's face hadn't changed as dramatically as his mother's, his body had.

The mortal version was tall and relatively thin, yet had something of a beer gut. The man that stood before Kurt now was leaner and stronger. Not bulky, to be sure. He wasn't even as built as Nick, let alone Eric. But he was still a whole lot more muscular than Kurt was used to. More muscular than Kurt, for that matter. Not that Kurt was big. But it seemed strange that the both of them were built like bean poles so far as the outside world was concerned, but his father was a good deal more muscular than him now that he'd dropped his disguise. Kurt was beautifully toned, and had a little bit of mass. His father was no less sculpted, but had bigger shoulders, rounder biceps, and a broader back.

Of course, Kurt had no right to complain. He was new at this. And, as his sister had explained, he could alter his body as much as he wanted, once he got stronger and more experienced. Besides, without him even trying, his faint six pack had become a perfect eight pack, and his chest and arms had filled out nicely.

Still, it was hard to look at his father and not be a little jealous.

And he hadn't even seen what his father was hiding between his legs yet.

Not that he wanted to, really. But he was a little curious, after the comments Liv had made. He was almost expecting to find a damn tree trunk.

"Happy birthday," his father said, offering him a hand.

Kurt shook it. He'd never known his father's grip to be so firm. Nor his palms to be rough. After feeling those callouses, if you'd guessed that the guy did hard labor for a living rather than tapping away at a keyboard while sipping lattes, you could be forgiven.

And his face!

Kurt just couldn't get over it. He'd never seen a face like it. The more he thought about it, the less his father's face reminded him of etched marble and the more it evoked hardwood. Men as old as he sort of appeared to be tended to have droopy skin, heavy brows and loose chins. His father was instead gnarled, tough, weathered, and handsome. Not young or beautiful, to be sure. But women who watched House just for Hugh Laurie would suddenly realize how pathetic that was if they took a single look at Kurt's father.

No wonder his sister was so impressed. If Kurt was into guys, he'd have been desperate to fuck his father too. He wouldn't describe what he was feeling as genuine attraction, not of a sexual nature, but it was the first time in Kurt's life that he'd ever even felt the need to tell himself that what he was feeling wasn't that.

And it was also the first time he felt self-conscious in quite that way when he noticed another guy looking him up. Ordinarily, when another guys eyes traveled down to his feet then back up to his face, he assumed they were either judging his fashion sense or evaluating whether they could take him in a fight. But his father wasn't doing either of those things.

He pretty obviously couldn't be doing the former. Not since Kurt was stark naked.

Had he somehow forgotten that?

Suddenly, he wanted to cover the manhood that no one in the family seemed to be impressed by. And he wasn't sure whether he was glad that he was hard, or ashamed of his erection. Was it weird that he'd just shaken his father's hand, and was staring into his father's gray eyes, yet the boner his mother and sister had inspired remained?

If anything about his inferior form made an impression on his father, it didn't show. Thankfully. His father nodded to himself and said, "How've these ladies been treating you?"

Kurt gave an awkward laugh, rubbing the back of his head. "Uh... good, I guess."

"You guess}?" Olivia asked.

His mother gave him an amused smirk.

"Really good," he hastened to add.

"Good," his father declared, adding another nod, this one more emphatic.

"Bit of a slow learner, but I tried to be patient," Liv said.

His father laughed. "Don't mind her. You know how she is."

Right. He had lots of experience with his sister's penchant for belittling his sexual prowess after they'd made love for hours.

For fuck's sake.

It all seemed so right. Like everything in his life had been leading up to this moment. Yet, at the same time, if he were to wake up and realize it had all been a dream, that would have made sense too. Everything was unfolding exactly the way he'd expect it to, if he were to expect his family to suddenly reveal that they were all about incest. The jokes his sister was making about him practically wrote themselves, after all.

But what the fuck was he doing, standing naked beside a golden goddess that was apparently his mother, talking to a young-but-also-old, hyper-sexualized version of his father?

"You've gotta understand, different women want different things. Your sister will try to tell you that all women want their men to be really aggressive and dominant. Real alpha males. That's not true. But if you want to impress her, you better learn to walk that walk."

Kurt's mother ran her hands up and down his back.

"If you want to satisfy your mother, though, it's the delicate touch that'll serve you best. Isn't that right, dear?"

"No one wants their guy too timid," she said. "But, yeah. Confidence, good. Aggression, bad. A little subtlety, patience, and attentiveness? I'll melt in your mouth."

Kurt looked over at her, swallowing the lump in his throat. Curious choice of words.

"I'll remember that," he said.

With a smile, she tapped his nose. "See that you do."

"Yeah, yeah," Olivia said, rolling her eyes. "And it's not the size of the boat that counts, it's the motion of the ocean. Blah blah blah. Gag me. Can we get back to it now?"

Their father laughed. "Okay, little lady. Since you're so eager. Why don't you come over here and suck both me of us off?" Then he turned to his wife. "Maybe round-robin?"

"Sure," she said. Reaching out, she tapped the lump in his boxers with the tip of one slender, golden finger. "But only cuz I kinda like you."

Kurt wasn't sure what "round-robin" meant, but he suspected that he'd be okay with it.

Turned out it meant that the two women would kneel facing each other, while the two guys would stand to either side of them, also facing each other. Then each woman would grab hold of each dick, one in either hand, and take turns sucking the one to her right then her left then her right again, until both guys came.

To start off, Kurt's mother blew him while his sister pleasured their father. But the women switched back and forth frequently, and Kurt had ample opportunity to compare their respective styles.

Unsurprisingly, Olivia was more aggressive. And more of a tease. Whenever he started to really enjoy himself, Liv would take him out of her mouth, smile up at him, then start to put him back in only to take him right back out. Every time Kurt told her she was evil, she giggled and redoubled her efforts. When she wasn't withholding the pleasures of her mouth, she was torturing him. She threatened to bite down hard a few times, just to see him recoil and hear him gasp. His sister sucked on his balls almost as often as she did his cock. And when she wasn't sucking on them, she was fondling them vigorously with the tips of her fingers. It was almost more than he could bear. If she'd amplified his senses even a little while devoting so much attention to his testicles, he might well have blacked out.

His mother's approach was almost as different as could be. She certainly wasn't timid. And she seemed to genuinely enjoy deepthroating. But for the most part, she simply applied delicate but steady stimulation to his head, using her lips and her tongue in equal measures.

There was no doubt that Olivia could give head just as well as her mother could, if she'd wanted to. She just didn't seem to be in that kind of mood anymore. Only a little earlier that night, she'd given him a most enjoyable blowjob. But now she was more focused on amusing herself than pleasuring him.

Frustrating, and occasionally terrifying, as it was, he was almost thankful for his sister's antics. It kept him from busting a nut too soon. And he already had reason enough to feel inferior to his father. He at least hoped he could hold out as long as him.

He didn't stare at his father's package too long. Not just because that would have made him uncomfortable, but because the sights awaiting him when he looked down between his own legs were impossible to ignore. But all the same, he got a good look at his competition.

And the truth was, there was none.

His father wasn't as large as the fake penises they used in big dick porn. The overly rubbery things that looked as much like snakes as they did dicks. But he wasn't exactly modest in size either. He had at least an inch, and probably two, in Kurt. And there was an even bigger difference in terms of girth. He was almost like a damned soda can.

Though Olivia and their mother were both doing their best to pleasure him, whereas only one of the two was making any effort to satisfy Kurt, his father still outlasted him. But not by so much that Kurt was embarrassed.

No, the real embarrassment came when his father came. So to speak.

Kurt had served his mother what he'd thought a respectable amount of jizz. After watching his father fill Olivia's mouth to overflowing, then do the same for his wife, then shoot a few ropes onto each woman's face, he realized how mistaken he'd been. At first, he'd thought little of it, thinking that the women would find it a bit awkward, if not downright gross. But he was mistaken about that as well.

Which shouldn't have surprised him. Neither his sister nor his mother tasted like ordinary women. He could only assume that neither he nor is father tasted like regular men either.

He resolved then to learn to use his powers to grow a big dicker and produce more cum.

Liv and their mother swallowed their respectful mouthfuls of cum, wiped the rest off their faces, and snowballed those remnants back and forth a few times. As they did, Kurt's father asked, "How much will it freak you out if these lovely ladies wanted to take turns having both of us inside them at once?"

Kurt shrugged. "Fine by me."

His sister laughed as she got back to her feet. She and their mother used their powers for a quick and thorough clean-up. All sign of their father's spunk was gone.

"I don't think he gets it, Daddy." She turned to Kurt. "He doesn't mean spitroasting. He means one in the pink, one in the stink."

"Oooh," Kurt said.

He should have guessed. What with the way Olivia had dildoed herself earlier with his baseball bat while he'd fucked her in the ass.

His mother wanted that too?

She looked at him expectantly. Nothing in her facial expression indicated that there was a right answer to that question. But if she didn't want it, she'd have said so.

"That's fine too," he said, feeling a little awkward.

He'd felt every stroke of the baseball bat earlier. It hadn't been entirely unpleasant, even if it made for a strange visual. But that was an inanimate object. When it was another guy's dick that he was feeling, would that be too weird for him?

What the hell. They were all family. A seriously fucked up family, but he was enjoying everything else about that. No reason to spoil the fun now.

So before the night was through, Kurt and his father double-penetrated both his sister and his mother. And the others taught him a few other interesting group activities.

Including some that involved five or six participants. Because, he soon learned, everyone but him had the ability to wear two bodies at once.

Damn, but he had a lot to learn.


Scene 5

Setting: Nick's apartment in Los Angeles. Shortly after Scene 1.

POV: Veronica


At first, Nick sat back and watched her and Glenn. She was simultaneously grateful for the opportunity to work her way up to trying to pleasure two guys at once yet also mad at him for leading her into the forest and not being there to at least hold her hand.

But soon enough, Veronica forgave her brother for that.

Glenn was not an especially talented lover. But she was just so damn horny that it wouldn't have taken much to get her off. And Glenn was competent enough. A bit impatient and perhaps a slight bit controlling, but not overbearing.

He had a decent body, a slightly larger than average cock, and impressive stamina. Best of all, he stared at her with a hunger she'd never before dared to think she might inspire.

Or maybe it wasn't so much the look in his eyes.

She was pretty sure that she was sensing his sexual energy on a metaphysical level. As a mere mortal, his Libido was a modest affair. And Veronica wasn't nearly as talented as her brother at reading them. But that was probably the real reason she had a powerful impression that he desired her intensely.

When Nick finally joined them, she sucked her brother's cock into her mouth eagerly. His thick helmet ordinarily took some effort to wrap her mouth around. But she was so wrapped up in the moment that she didn't even stop to think about how big he was. Just opened her mouth wide, wrapped her lips around his foreskin, and set to work using her tongue on the underside of his head for a bit before swallowing more of his long shaft.

Meanwhile, Glenn was holding her hips like handles and putting his more modest cock to work filling her vagina. Veronica had been a little disappointed with his size at first, but just at the moment, she was glad that he wasn't too big. She wasn't sure she'd be able to focus on giving Nick a decent blowjob if she'd been concentrating on accommodating a monster.

It didn't surprise her that Glenn pulled out and shot his load on her back before she herself got off. Nick wouldn't have finished before her. But her brother was no mere mortal. Given his disadvantage in that respect, Glenn had performed ably enough. He hadn't gotten her off, but he'd brought her close.

After Veronica swallowed a mouthful, and then some, of her brother's nutty jizz, she told the boys to switch places.

It took her a while to get Glenn hard again. She'd forgotten that not all guys could perform on endlessly on demand the way her brother could. And trying to suck on a limp dick was more than a little awkward. But her brother was giving it to her so good, she didn't take much time to dwell on that.

"That's it," Glenn said, running his fingers through her hair. "Getting there."

Right. Getting there.

What a loser.

Meanwhile, Veronica was "getting there" herself. Nick was so big. For the most part, he slid back and forth without taking his fat head out. But every now and then, he'd exit completely then push that fat knob past her entrance once more. Every single time he did, she came close to collapsing.

Words could not describe how good it felt to have that thing pull out and push back in. All her most sensitive parts got the attention they needed when he did.

Though Nick's cock punished her more severely than Glenn's did, he was gentle with his hands. He held her hips, but didn't squeeze them. They occasionally caressed her ass, or delivered light taps, but never smacked her harder than she'd have been comfortable with. He also didn't forget to reach down and around to give her clitoris some loving.

In short, there was no sense in which Nick was not the superior lover.

But that didn't surprise her.

And she wouldn't go so far as to say that she wished Glenn had actually gone to the club after all. Given how nervous she'd been initially, she was surprised at how much she was enjoying being the center of attention from two guys. It made her feel that much sexier.

Nick had once complained to her that it wasn't easy having just two guys in a house with four women. That threesomes were more work than he'd ever imagined. That had made a real impression on her. Men didn't typically refer to sex as "work."

She'd assumed that if a guy could find it overwhelming to be with two women at once then surely a woman would difficulty pleasuring two men.


If not for society's arbitrary standards about gender roles and attitudes towards sex, she'd never have labored under such an illusion. Men were supposedly hornier, and more focused on conquering as many partners as possible. For Nick to say that he didn't really enjoy threesomes, then, must have meant that threesomes were, general, more trouble than they were worth. But men and women were built differently. And most men thought that if they weren't using their dick, they weren't really tending to a woman's needs. Nick was better than most in that respect, but even he underestimated the power of his tongue to some degree. He knew how to use it. Very, very well. But he was still under the impression that their mother was unique in thinking that he should put that skill to use as often as possible, without always thinking of it as a precursor to the main event.

No one seemed to think that a woman could only tend to a man's needs in one way though. In fact, most men complained that women were too reluctant to perform oral sex.

So when she took one guy in her mouth and allowed the other to fuck her, Veronica had no concerns that the guys might feel like there wasn't enough of her to go around.

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