tagIncest/TabooHomesick For Mom

Homesick For Mom


Student gets back to home cooking and more.

Eric had been away at school since September except for a few days at a time during holidays and spring break. His first year of college was over and he was looking forward to spending the summer at home.

Susan Anderson was happy at the prospect of her only son being home for more than just a few days. It had been just her and Eric for the last three years since her husband John was killed in a snowmobile accident. When Eric left for school, she felt abandoned in their large house. She had plenty of friends but in the evenings and early morning hours she felt totally alone and longed for another person to talk to or just share a meal with.

John's life insurance had paid everything off and left her enough to be comfortable and not have to work. The last job she had was selling popcorn and candy at the local theater when she was in high school. There was also a college fund for Eric so that wasn't a worry.

Eric thought to himself as he made the five hour drive home how glad he was to be going home for a while. Before school started he couldn't wait to leave his home town and be on his own, but soon after he realized how much he missed his mother, her soothing smile, home cooking and all the little things she did for him. He didn't want a maid he missed her as a friend too. They had become very close since his dad had been taken away, closer than most mothers and sons.

Eric pulled his old Mazda into the driveway and jumped out, only to be nearly tackled by his mother. She was only a few inches shorter than his 6"2 and had a statuesque figure owing to their shared Nordic blood line. Sue had heard his old beater coming half way down the block. It was old and needed a muffler but Eric liked it and it ran good, besides his father had bought it for him on his sixteenth birthday so it was a link back to him. Eric picked her up in a hug, "Hi Mom how have you been, you look great."

"Put me down and I'll tell you. You look pretty great yourself. I've missed you Eric, I'm glad this is more than just a few days like last time." She felt secure in his arms.

"I missed you too Mom."

Sue dragged him into the house by the hand, beaming with joy at having the love of her life back home. "I made you a welcome home treat. Come into the kitchen."

Eric could smell the treat as soon as he stepped through the door. "Oh boy, fresh baked cinnamon roles. You didn't have to do that Mom, but I'm glad you did."

"Anything for my baby boy, I don't want you to starve. You might not stick around if I don't feed you. Come sit down and eat, I bet you're hungry after that long drive."

Once they got Eric settled in they spent the evening chatting and watching TV. It was good to have someone with her in the evening again. Sue felt whole for the first time in a long while.

Eric slept late and finally got up about 10:00. "Good morning sleepy head, I thought you were going to sleep the day away. Ready for some breakfast? I've got eggs, bacon and hash browns, or would you rather have pancakes or both if you like." Sue loved to cook for her son.

"Just bacon and eggs thanks, but no potatoes, I don't want to get fat."

"Fat. I don't think you have to worry about that, you're anything but fat son."

After breakfast Eric left to see if he could hook up with some of his high school buddy's and spent the rest of the day chumming around with them. About 6 Pm he came home for supper, and spent the rest of the night with his mother, since he didn't have a steady girl friend at the time That was pretty much the schedule for the next week or so.

One evening while they were watching an old movie, Eric said, "Hey Mom is it ok if I have a couple of the guys over for a pool party and do some burgers or something, tomorrow afternoon?"

"Sure son, you know your friends are always welcome here, but you probably have to clean the pool and the patio up before they get here, there are a few leaves in it. I'll fix some potato salad for you. You can have beer as long as no one is under 19, and if anyone gets too tipsy they will have to have someone pick them up or stay the night."

"No problem Mom, I'll clean it in the morning, and don't worry, nobody's going to get drunk. We just want to swim and chill-out, maybe get some girls to come over if that's ok?"

"I was wondering when you were going to start seeing the girls. That's fine, but remember, no beer under 19."

The next morning Sue busied herself in the kitchen making the potato salad and other trimmings for the cookout. As she stood at the sink, looking out the window into the back yard, she was filled with pride at what a handsome young man her son had grown into. She didn't remember him resembling his father this much. A year away at school had transformed him from a gangly kid into a near carbon copy of his dad. Sue found her mind drifting into the past and longing for her husband as she gazed out the window at her son, cleaning around the pool, shirtless in a pair of cutoffs. All too soon she was pulled from her reverie by a pot of potatoes boiling over on the stove.

Eric had everything ready and his friends stated drifting in around 2:30. "Mom, can you just show the rest of the guys to the back as they get here, I don't want to keep tracking water thru the house? Four of Eric's best friends had showed up, three of them with their girlfriends.

"Eric, its four o-clock you better fire up the grill. I've got everything else ready." Sue watched out the window as the teens played in and around the pool and felt the stirring of need deep in her inner core. She wished she was one of those girls being hugged and held by a pair of strong young arms. When Eric pulled himself out of the pool to light the grill, Sue felt a shiver run thru her as she watched the water cascade down his torso and over his Speedo suit to his legs. For the first time she realized how grown he was, looking at the sizable bulge in the front of his suit. She slapped herself mentally for thinking about what her son would look like naked.

"Mom, why don't you come out and join us? No need in you staying cooped up in the house on a day like this."

"That's okay son, I'd feel out of place with all you youngsters."

Don't be silly Mom, you act like your old or something, come on, the water's great and you don't have anything else to do, everything's done.

Sue thought it over for a minute and decided to enjoy the day with her son. "Maybe after we eat, I'll take a swim." She went to her room and put on her bikini, she had other one piece suits but decided on the bikini because it made her feel a little younger; the girls were all wearing them so she would fit in better. She looked herself over in the mirror and was pleased that she didn't sag or bulge anywhere, all those trips to the gym paid off. On closer inspection she noticed a little pubic hair sticking out on the sides of her suit. "Better take care of that." she said to herself, and stepped into the master bath. She sat on the commode lid with scissors and razor and started trimming. After four attempts at getting both sides even she gave up and just shaved every thing from her belly button to the crack of her ass.

When Sue stepped onto the patio with a plate full of burger patties and hot dogs, she was greeted with wolf whistles from the boys. Her self esteem jumped up a few notches. "Wow Mom, you look hot." She did look good, even compared to the young girls there. Her slender mature figure, contrasted the girl's robust forms still with a little baby fat, kinda like a nice bottle of wine next to a bottle of beer. She was very aware that the boys were eyeing her, even the ones that brought their girlfriends, when the girls weren't looking.

After eating they all went for a swim, and when Sue got out of the pool it seamed that the boys were staring even more. When she went inside to use the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and found out why. Her wet suit was clinging to her like a second skin, showing the lips of her womanhood fairly clearly with no pubic hair to act as a buffer, and her nipples were prominently showing through the thin top. It excited her to realize she was turning the boys on but slipped into a pair of shorts and blouse as discretion demanded.

Over the next couple of days, Sue couldn't get the image of her son out of her mind. She would picture him naked diving off a cliff or swinging thru the trees by a vine, like Tarzan. When she lay in bed at night trying to go to sleep, she fantasized about him coming into her room from the shower with just a towel around his waist, and then she would drift into sleep and dream of Eric lying with her as they explored each other from head to toe. After much self examination and soul searching, she finally made the conscious decision to seduce her son and fulfill the desire burning within her. From a few comments she had over heard between Eric and his best friend, Ken, she was sure that he would be willing to make her dreams a reality.

The next Monday was June 17th, Eric's birthday. Sue made Eric a big breakfast and sent him off to meet a couple of friends at the mall. "Be back by one, I've got a surprise for you." His mom always made a big deal out of his birthday so he was sure it would be something nice. She had planed today months in advance, buying him a 05 Mustang convertible and storing in her friends garage. As soon as Eric was gone she drove to her friend's house and then drove the mustang home, pulling into their garage and closing the automatic door.

Eric parked in the driveway and bounded into the living room. "I'm home Mom. She came in and handed him a card. Eric opened the card expecting some hint to his birthday present but finding just a simple birthday card. "Okay Mom, where's my surprise?"

"It's out in the garage sweetie, come on, I'll show you." They walked out to the driveway and Sue stopped beside Eric's car. "I bought you something for your car." He had mentioned that he wanted a new sound system for his car and figured that he was about to get his wish. "Okay, close your eyes and don't open them till I tell you."

Eric closed his eyes and heard the garage door opening. When it stopped and his mom told him to open his eyes he found himself staring at the grill of a bright red Mustang with the top down and his mother dangling a set of keys from her finger. "Wow Mom how did you do this? It's too much, you really shouldn't have spent that much for a birthday present."

"Don't worry Eric; I sold some of those stocks your grandfather left me years ago. Your father has provided for me very well so I can afford it. Now, why don't you take your old mom out for a spin?" Sue had planed the car months in advance but had only planed the ride since the day of the pool party. She had worn a thin summer dress that buttoned down the front with no bra and the sheerest pair of panties she owned.

Eric moved his old car to the street and by the time he returned Sue was sitting in the bucket seat waiting for him. She had been thinking about her son almost nonstop since the pool party and finally decided to seduce him. Once they were out of town on a winding back road she unbuttoned the bottom three buttons along with the top two of her dress and waited for the swirling wind to do the rest. Eric was finding it increasingly hard to drive as he glanced over to see her dress open and expose most of her right breast or the hem blow up and give him a glimpse of her see-thru panties.

When Sue noticed the tented front of his pants, she said,"Why don't you pull off at that little clearing up there and we can get out and enjoy the view." Eric was enjoying the view just fine anyway but pulled over as she asked. When they stopped he got out trying to adjust his hard on while his back was to his mother. Then she said, "aren't you going to open the door for a lady?' As he opened the door, Sue threw her legs out of the door slightly parted and slid forward on the seat, pushing her dress up and exposing her panty clad pussy fully to her son. She didn't move except to hold out her hand to him to help her out of the car. Eric stood frozen for a few seconds looking at his mothers shaved mound, clearly visible thru the almost nonexistent panties. Finally her reached out and helped her up.

As she rose, her hand lightly grazed his hardened manhood. "My, My. It looks like I gave you two big presents today, do you mind if I take this one out for a test drive?"

Eric could only stand there speechless as his mother opened her dress the rest of the way showing him all of her charms before kneeling and undoing his pants ,letting them fall around his ankles. She wrapped her fingers around his rigid shaft and brought it to her lips, smothering the head with tender kisses, before slowly sliding her lips over the head and tickling the rim of his cock with her tongue. Sue could feel every vein and ripple of his cock as she worked him as deep as she could into her mouth. She reveled in the musty smell of his manhood and could count his heart beats as he pulsed in her wanton mouth.

"Oh yea Mom, suck me, suck my cock, it feels so good. Soon he felt his orgasm building in his balls and working up to the head of his dick. "Stop Mom, I'm going to cum." But Sue just increased the suction and speed of her attack. Eric was dumbfounded as he watched his mother swallow with every spurt of his cock, smiling around his shaft, her eyes locked on his as she pumped him into her mouth with her lips tightly holding the head and her tongue flicking over the tip.

When his softening cock slipped out of her mouth she asked "Do you want something to eat too?" She sat crossways in the car seat and pulled her panties off offering herself to her son. Eric dropped to the ground, his pants still around his ankles and gazed between his mothers wide spread legs kissing his way up the insides of her thighs, her womanly scent filling his nostrils as his tongue caressed her smooth hairless lips. When he got to her clit she moaned, "Yes baby lick it there, make your mommy cum baby, just like that. You make mommy feel so good Eric, I've missed this so much, you feel like heaven, make me cum." When she calmed down from an incredible orgasm she said "Eric, take me home so we can finish this in the comfort of our bed."

This was far and away the best birthday of his life, and the words 'our bed' let Eric know that it wasn't just a birthday present and he wasn't going to attend collage outside of town. There is a perfectly good collage fifteen minutes from his house and that's about as far away from home as Eric wanted to get for now.

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