tagLesbian SexHomespun Happiness Ch. 02

Homespun Happiness Ch. 02

byGeorgette Glass©

Chapter 2 – Cherry Popper

It's been two weeks now since I moved into the dorm and Leslie moved in on me. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if you find that hard to believe, let me tell you what happened last night. It was during one of our frequent, almost nightly, rap sessions where we were divulging all of our secrets and hidden desires.

Once again my virginity came up. Leslie had lost her virginity to her older brother when she was 14 so it was easy to understand why she was awed at the fact that I was nearly 19 and still had my hymen in tact. She took great pleasure in describing to me in explicit detail what it was like to have some guy slide a sizeable rigid cock into your pussy. I had to admit that her accounts of the act were arousing to say the least. She would usually be fondling my breasts or fingering my twat when she told these stories, and this added virtuality to the yarns that most people do not have the opportunity to experience.

Eventually, I found myself wondering what the experience would be like. I discussed this with Leslie emphasizing my reluctance to engage in heterosexual activities with the opposite sex. She reminded me of her pleasures when she was pounded by a good stiff hard-on. It gave her a climax unlike that the two of us enjoyed almost nightly. The, leave it to Leslie, she suddenly got a bright idea.

She reached for the phone on her bedside table and dialed.

"Dianne, Hi," she chirped, "it's me, Leslie."

Dianne obviously said something.

"Yep, that's the one. Yep, I miss it too. I'm getting wet as we speak, girl."

I could almost fill in Dianne's part of the conversation without hearing her voice at all.

"The reason I called, Hot Pants," Leslie continued, "I have this fantastic roommate this year, and you've got to meet her." She listened a minute and then continued. "Absolutely. She's built like a brick shithouse, and she loves to eat and be eaten. You're gonna love this girl, literally."

There was another pause.

"Great. Why not right now," Leslie said in an excited voice, "and, by the way, bring Bad Boy with you. Yeah, that's the one. See you soon. Bye."

"What was that all about?" I asked dying with curiosity. "Who's Dianne?"

"Which question do you want me to answer first, Alley Cat?" She used her pet name for me claiming I was her favorite pussy and I was as wild as an animal running loose. I couldn't argue with her, but I constantly reminded her that she was responsible for what I became. She would just turn on her wicked smile and shake a tit in my direction. I called her Precious.

"Answer them both, Silly."

"Dianne is a very good pussy-lapping friend of mine. She also likes pecker-dipping and butt-fucking." Leslie had her own name for everything.

"Who's Bad Boy?"

"You'll see," Leslie replied as that wicked grin returned to her lovely face.

Only a very short time had passed when the knock sounded at the door.

"Dianne, you old whore, come in here." Both girls were laughing merrily and hugging passionately. "I want you to meet my new roommate and my dear love, Allison." She made a sweeping gesture with her arm in my direction.

"Hi, Dianne," I said politely.

"Don't be formal with me, girl. Give me a hug and let me feel those lovely boobs of yours." She stepped forward with open arms. We embraced. She was a little overweight, but she certainly smelled nice. And, she was serious about the boobs. She pressed her enormous melons against my set, and we held them there momentarily. "You right, Les," Dianne said over her shoulder. "She's a knockout."

Dianne wasn't carrying a purse tonight; she had a tote bag which she slid off her shoulder and placed gently on the floor. She saw me eyeing the bag curiously and said, "My toy shop."

Leslie snickered. "Dianne loves fuck toys. In fact we are going to show you one of them tonight. We've come to call it Bad Boy simply because of the feelings it gives us when at play.

Dianne produced a wad of apparatus from the tote bad which, when untangled, turned out to be a semi-hard rubber dildo mounted on a harness designed to strap on to a woman's hips and crotch so that she could fuck her partner just like a man.

Leslie briefly and quickly explained my situation, Then she turned back to me as she began strapping on Bad Boy.

"If you have no objections, Alley," she said demurely, "I'm going to be the lucky guy who gets your cherry. Dianne is going to be a witness and later a participant. We're going to turn you into a slut with no men involved. Is that okay with you?"

"I'm nervous," I muttered.

"You were nervous the first time I sneaked up on you and ate your pussy. Look at you now. You're a world class cunt-lapper, titty tantalizer and kisser. If you and Bad Boy get along okay, we will just have to get one of our own to add to our accessories." We had no accessories at this point in time, but I could just imagine what our toy chest would look like by year's end.

"You know I trust you," I said trying to be brave. "What do you want me to do?"

"Atta girl," Leslie said. "First let's combine our sensual assets and get in the mood for this endeavor." She was already wearing nothing but Big Boy, and Dianne shrugged off the robe she wore over. I was nearly naked when Dianne arrived so it took me no time at all to get completely that way.

"Nice," Dianne said taking a long look at my naked body.

"You're not so bad yourself, Big Tits," I replied. Surprisingly Dianne lifted one of her monsters toward me and said, "Kiss me."

That was the opener. Before long we three women were in a huddle kneeling on the floor, smooch and feeling all sorts of good things. Leslie was nudging both mine and Dianne's pussies with Bad Boy which got him wet at least on the head. Then, like the good coach she was, Leslie started issuing orders.

"Alley, I want you to start out by eating Dianne's pussy. Believe me, you are going to enjoy that. But first, Dianne make like the bitch you are and let me grease up Bad Boy for his virgin voyage."

Dianne put out her arms and dropped to the canine crouch. Leslie inched up to her butt on her knees and unceremoniously enter her swollen pussy. She pumped vigorously a few time and withdrew. Leslie turned to me.

"It's your time to make like the bitch dog and dive into Dianne's pussy. This will take your mind off your needless fears, and at the same time it will give you the opportunity to eat one of the sweetest pussies I know."

As Dianne lay back and spread her legs, I went into the doggie position and leaned into her swollen pussy. As I busied myself with the fruits of Dianne's valley, I felt Leslie position Bad Boy at my virgin pussy and slowly ease it in to me.

It felt good. It was larger than Leslie's tongue or fingers so it was filling my chute in a much more arousing manner. I instinctively pushed against the intrusion.

"Okay, Alley Cat," Leslie said from behind, "I'm going to take your cherry now. Ready?"

Before I could answer, remember I have a mouth full of pussy, I felt Leslie push harder, I heard a muted snap, and I felt Bad Boy slide deep into my pussy. Initially this invasion brought tears to my eyes, but the sting was only momentary. As I felt Bad Boy slide in and out of me, I began to realize why this sport was so popular. I found myself moving in sync with Leslie's fucking action. We both got faster and taster until finally arousal took over and I felt my first cock-induced orgasm erupt. It was wonderful. I pushed hard against Leslie's crotch driving Bad Boy his full length into my pussy. Leslie held that position and rotated her hims to make Bad Boy do a little exploring. He was good company. Leslie and I would definitely add one of these to our toy chest. Tomorrow.

Incidentally, I could tell by Dianne's antics and oratory that I had done well with regard to her sexual needs. She was sitting up now and passionately kissing my pussy juice saturated mouth. I was sitting back on Leslie now with Bad Boy captured deep in my pussy. Leslie had her arms around me from behind and was lovingly fondling my breast. I reached out and patted and pinched and tweaked the enormous melon like breasts belonging to Dianne.

It was safe to say that a fun time was being had by one and all. Then a soft voice behind my ear said, "I haven't come yet. Woe is me."

I turned to face Leslie who was grinning from ear to ear. "Lay back, Bitch," I commanded as I gently guided her to the floor. Then I gracefully straddled her body and worked myself up to a position directly above her face. I didn't know if my hymen had bled when it broke; if it did she could plan on having Italian pussy for dinner. Before I situated myself for the feed I turned to Dianne and pointing to Leslie's pussy covered by Bad Boy I said, "Make her kitty purr, Dee." I think I had just come up with a pet nane for our chubby new love partner. Dee.

I felt the familiar tongue of Precious, my roomy, my lover, and my very best friend; I almost put aside the memory of being freshly fucked by Bad Boy. I'm glad I don't have a sensitive soul to contend with in that situation.

Meanwhile, Dianne had removed Bad Boy and was vigorously lapping at the wet with anticipation pussy of our nympho friend, Leslie. Leslie was showing her appreciation and approval splendidly.

When we had all three recovered from our orgy I wanted to try out Bad Boy from the operator angle. My sex partners harnessed me up managing to play with my ass, my pussy and my tits while doing so. They both volunteered to be first,

I fucked Leslie first. Missionary style and doggie style. It was fun but I missed the contact of warm, slick flesh as I delivered pleasure and satisfaction to my partner. I put enough sincere effort into it, however, that Leslie climaxed at least once that I was sure of.

Dianne and I went through almost the same procedure with one exception. When we changed to the doggie style format she wanted me and Bad Boy to fuck her in the ass. No problem. This was a new adventure for me, and Bad Boy had nothing to say about it.

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