Hometown Hero

byDG Hear©

I enjoyed life and friends. I was known as the happy nurse. I was told by many people that I was just fun to be around, always looking at the bright side of life. My girlfriends couldn't believe that I wasn't dating anyone exclusively yet. I explained to them that I would know when I saw that special person.

I met two sisters with whom I became good friends. I went to nursing school with one of them. They began telling me about their older brother. He was in the service and became a hero. Everyday I was with them and found out more about their brother. I was really beginning to think about him when Barb mentioned the school he attended. He was an old classmate of mine.

I remembered him as being dreamy and a pretty nice guy. He dated a cheerleader named Sara who dumped him while he was serving our country. I really hated the bitch. Oops, I shouldn't be swearing but this gal makes me mad. She had the nicest guy and treated him like shit. There I go cussing again.

His only problem now according to his sisters was that he was still hung up on his old girlfriend. I knew she wasn't good for him. I decided I was the one who was meant to be his soul mate. I just had to get him to notice me. To be honest here, I liked him when we went to school. I was a little more withdrawn then I am now. I now had his sisters on my side and together we were going to make sure he knew who I was. I loved Barb and Bess; they were my best girlfriends and wanted me with their big brother.

There was supposed to be a special celebration for the Fourth of July to honor our hometown hero. Mom asked me if I could get the day off from the clinic and help her at her concession. I agreed to do it and was glad I did. Johnny was the hometown hero who was being honored and I was going after him.

Chapter 3: Going after Mary

I apologized to her again about being an idiot. She smiled at me and let me know that everything was all right. As we were walking along headed for a good seat to see the fireworks, my sisters stopped us.

"Hi, Bro. What's up? Going with your friend to see the fireworks?"

"I'm sorry, Barb, Bess. This is my friend Mary."

Barb then walked up to Mary and put her hands on her cheeks like she was going to kiss her.

Mary started laughing, "I can't do it girls. You two are just too funny."

"Party pooper," cried Bess. "I wanted to see what our big brother was going to say when we kissed you."

I looked at the three women. "What's going on? I take it you two know Mary?

Mary replied, "You have two of the coolest sisters. They are a couple of my best friends. They told me everything they know about you."

"You know everything about me and are still willing to go watch the fireworks with me?" All three of the girls started laughing as we walked over to the chairs that they had reserved for us.

I want to explain Mary to you, but it's going to be hard to do her justice. She's absolutely beautiful but doesn't realize it. She is funny, yet perky, smart but not self absorbed. To try and describe her in a word, I think I would use sassy. She reminds me so much of Olivia Newton-John when she did the movie 'Grease' which supposedly took place in the late fifties. The full skirts and the ponytail are trademark Mary. Her waitress and nurses uniforms were both the full skirts with button tops which showed ample cleavage.

During the fireworks, we held hands and laughed together. I wasn't sure of what was coming over me, but I didn't want it to stop. After the fireworks, we said goodbye to my sisters and I walked Mary to her car. I asked her if I could see her the next day and after she said, "Yes," I kissed her. I couldn't believe I fell so quickly for a woman. After all, I just sent my former girlfriend packing just a few hours ago.

When I got back to Mom and Dad's, they asked me how the evening went. I told them it was great, just great, everything about it was great and they were great. The fireworks were great.

Dad started laughing and asked how the girl I was with was?

"She's great too, Dad, and all I did was kiss her. I'm going to see her again tomorrow."

My dad reminded me that I would only be home for a month. I had taken a job as an Army Recruiter starting next month. I would be moving to Columbus which was a little less than two hours away. I guess my parents were worried about me getting serious again and then moving away.

For the next month, I spent as much time as I could with Mary. I enjoyed just being with her. Every day it seemed we became closer and closer. We kissed and she let me feel her body all over. Just putting my arms around her and holding her close felt so good. I was taking my time with her. I wanted to make love to her but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get rejected.

While Mary worked, I helped my dad in his store. He and Mom owned a sports store. Art - that's my stepdad - taught me everything about guns.

Just so we don't get too confused about my dad I'll try to explain a little. My first dad's name was Joe. He left Mom and me shortly after I was born. I've only seen him a couple of times in my life. My second dad is Art. He's the one I consider my father. He married Mom after Joe left us.

Art has always been there for me. He raised me and taught me how to handle rifles and guns. I can even shoot a pretty mean bow and arrow. Ever since I was a little kid, Art took me everywhere with him. In fact I carry his last name. After he married Mom, he adopted me. He went to Joe and had him sign away his paternal rights. So, as I have mentioned, Art is my dad. After I was born, Art and Mom had two daughters about a year apart. They are Barb and Bess. Even though they are only half sisters we never think of each other that way. I remember when they were younger they came to me, their big brother, for everything. I love these two sisters of mine. Together we make one big happy family.

I should mention that Barb went to nursing school. That's where she met Mary. Both Barb and Bess are married to a couple of great guys. They both made me an uncle once, Barb having a little girl and Bess a little boy. Well, anyway to sum it up, when I speak of Dad or Art, you will know it's my adopted dad. Joe is just Joe the sperm donor. It's the only way I think of him.

I was working with Dad and he mentioned Mary. I told him I really cared for her a lot. Dad had mentioned that she had been at the house a number of times before my sisters got married and Mom thought of her as a third daughter. Mary would always pitch in and help out.

It made me feel pretty good that my parents cared for Mary. I don't think I ever cared for anyone the way I did for Mary. She was a little saddened when I explained my new recruiting job to her. It wasn't the job that bothered her. It was the distance the job put between us. I explained to her that if I knew I would have fallen for her that I wouldn't have re-upped for another three years. I told her that I would come home as often as possible and maybe she could come and see me also.

I told her that I had to go to Columbus and find an apartment. It should be pretty easy since it's a big college town and there are always a lot of rentals available. She offered to go apartment hunting with me. Of course I said yes but later I found out she had an ulterior motive. It ended up making me laugh.

As we checked apartment after apartment she would ask the landlords about the people in the other apartments. One rental had a big bosomed blond come out and get in the pool.

"This looks like a nice place," I said, after seeing the blond.

Mary looked at me and said she thought there were too many varmints on the premises.

"Mary, you're the only woman I want. Just help me find an apartment, please!"

We finally found one that didn't have any college girls in it. It cost more but it made Mary happy. Besides, it was within walking distance to my office.

With the apartment thing settled, Mary and I had dinner at a swank restaurant and talked. I asked her how come she wasn't dating doctors or even married yet. She began to tell me that she did date a few doctors but none fit the profile she wanted in a long term relationship. She wanted a gentle but rugged man. He needn't be good looking but good looks was a plus.

Honesty and respect for her were her two biggest points. She wanted a man that liked to have fun, not just sexual but liked museums and zoos, maybe even amusement parks. She told me she would do anything for the right man. She did mention that since she was an only child that she wanted a bigger family - three, four, maybe even five kids - and her husband had to love kids.

Mary looked at me and asked, "What do you want in a woman, or even a wife?"

I stared at her for a little bit and gave a very honest answer. "I want you, Mary. You are everything and more that I want in a woman."

"How do you know that, Johnny? We haven't even made love all the way yet. How do you know if we will be any good together?"

"Mary, I don't even need to have sex with you. I just want to be with you." After I said it, I knew it didn't come out right.

"Wow, that's not much of an endorsement for wanting me sexually," she laughed.

"Mary, you know that didn't come out right. I want to love you. I want to make love to you. I'm just saying I want to be with you regardless of the sex. I want you to be my girl exclusively."

We kissed and we headed for home. We had one more week together before I had to leave for Columbus. I was now mad at myself for taking the position. I knew I would be missing Mary. I was still worried about her going out with other guys.

I went to her house to pick her up for our last date before I had to leave. I asked to use the bathroom. My stomach was all tightened in nerves and I wanted to see if they had any antacids, like Tums. When I opened the medicine cabinet I got a couple of Tums out of the package. As I replaced them on the shelf, I noticed a package of birth control pills. I glanced at the name on them and knew they were Mary's. Does that mean she has been having sex? It would be understandable; after all, she was a beautiful grown woman of twenty four. It was just that I never thought of her with someone else. I figured whatever we did in our past we would leave in the past. It included me and Sara.

Mary and I headed out to the theater to see a play. After that we were going out for a dinner and then back to my parents' home. They would be gone for the night and I was hoping for something special.

We finally made it back to my parents' home and went into the extra bedroom which I stayed in when I was there. Mary came into my arms and we kissed time and time again. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse but left her bra on. I knew we were both hot and would have to take our time. I opened the zipper on the side of her skirt and gently pulled it off. There she was, a gorgeous woman with only her bra and matching panties on.

I laid next to her in my jockey shorts. She was on her back and I was on my side rubbing her. This is the farthest the two of us had gone together. I rubbed her breasts as I kissed her. She was beginning to breathe hard as I took one hand and slid it down over her belly and under her panties. I ran my hand down though her mound and down to the crack of her love tunnel.

Mary spoke quietly to me. "Johnny, be very gentle with me, This is my first time."

"Aren't you on birth control?" I asked, not realizing what I had just said. It just came out.

"How do you know I take the pill, Johnny?" she said as she pulled my arm out of her moist panties.

"I saw them in your medicine cabinet. I went to get a couple...."

"You went in my medicine cabinet without asking me. You looked through it till you found them. Johnny, how could you? Is that why you brought me here tonight? To bang the slut, get your jollies off. Johnny, take me home. Please take me home."

"Mary, you're wrong. I want you. I was just surprised when I saw the pills. I did wonder if you were sexually active. What was I to think? I was going to forgive you for your past. I didn't know, I honestly didn't know."

Mary spoke, "For the record, Johnny, I'm a virgin. I wanted to save myself for the right man, the man I loved and thought loved me. It was you, Johnny. Now I'm not sure. Please just take me home. I don't want to say anymore."

We dressed and I took her home. She had tears in her eyes as she got out.

"Mary, I do love you and I'm going to miss you."

She didn't answer as she went into her house.

I headed back to Mom and Dad's and began packing my stuff for my trip first thing in the morning. Damn, I hope I didn't blow it. I guess I just have to think before I talk. I might have lost the best thing that ever happened to me.

I was extremely busy my first couple of days. I was glad because I didn't have time to think of my latest predicament. On Wednesday, I finally had a chance to call Mary. Her mom answered the phone.

"Mrs. Amore, may I please speak to Mary?"

"I'm sorry, John. She's been working late lately. I'll let her know you called. By the way, how's the new job?"

"I'm busy learning how the Army wants things done. All in all it's just like working any other job. I do my job and then go home. Of course right now I'm putting in a lot of extra hours getting familiar with the place and what's expected of me. Mrs. Amore, I don't know if Mary told you but I screwed up again. I sure hope she doesn't hate me."

"Yes, John, she told me. I hope it will all work out. She just needs time. She's a wonderful girl but she's bullheaded, as you well know. John, you were wrong in what you did. You did invade her privacy and were really wrong in doing so."

"Mrs. Amore, I was wrong but I saw the pills by accident. I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut. I'm such an idiot, like Mary keeps telling me. Thank again for talking to me, Mrs. Amore. I'll try again later in the week to get in touch with Mary. I want to see her but I can't make it home this weekend. Please tell her I called and that I really miss her."

"I'll tell her, John, and you take care. Bye for now."

The next time I called was on Friday. Again, Mary wasn't home. Mrs. Amore said she went to see my sister so I said my thank you's and quickly called over to Barb's.

Barb answered the phone.

"Barb, this is John. Is Mary there?"

"Yes, she's here. What you said to her was really stupid. Asking her about birth control pills was really bad, John. Why were you in her medicine cabinet anyway? It's almost as stupid admitting it."

"I know, Barb. Please tell her I want to speak with her."

"How's the new job going, Bro?" asked Barb.

"Barb, please give the phone to Mary. The job is fine; now please give the phone to Mary."

"Mary speaking. To whom am I speaking?"

"Mary, please forgive me. I was a stupid person again. I love you, Mary, and want to be with you. Can you forgive me?"

"Oh, it's you, Johnny."

"Mary, please, can't we work this out? I can't come home this weekend but maybe we can get together next week?"

"Johnny, it hurt me when you thought I'd slept around. I believe you when you said you took some TUMS for your tummy. You didn't put the lid back on right. I saved myself, Johnny. I saved myself all through college. I wanted to give myself to the man I loved and it was you, Johnny. Then I hear from your own lips that you would forgive me for doing something I didn't do. I'm not like your precious Sara and sleep with everyone. I'm more like the Virgin Mary. We both have the same name."

I knew she was trying to be a little silly and at the least wanted me to acknowledge that I didn't like Sara anymore.

"Mary, Sara means nothing to me anymore. I totally ended it with her at the celebration. You're the woman I want and care for. Now will you forgive me and maybe we can go out next weekend?"

"I'll think about it and you can call me next week and I'll let you know."

"Mary, I love you. Can you say you love me?" I asked her.

"No, I'm not going to say it because I'm still mad at you," she replied.

I knew that answer was as good as a yes. I was feeling better and finished saying my goodbyes. I had to do a school seminar this weekend and had to prepare for it. This was the first talk for me to give on a school's career night.

I called early the following week but Mrs. Amore said that Mary was working late. I told her that I would try again later in the week.


It was now Friday and I was going to head home in a few hours. I thought I would give Mary a call to let her know I would be there. Mrs. Amore answered the phone.

"Hi, Mrs. Amore. May I speak to Mary please?"

"I'm sorry, John. Mary isn't here. She went away with friends for the weekend. She told me she didn't expect to be back till Monday. I'm sorry, she should have called you."

After hanging up the phone I started thinking. Boy, was that ever a downer. I was expecting to see Mary and make things right with her. Instead, she goes away with friends for the weekend.

It was hard getting back into my work. Thank God, I didn't have much to do. I was getting it all cleaned up so I could go home this weekend.

The door opened and in walked three women. It was my sisters Barb and Bess, and behind them was Mary.

"Mary, what are you doing here? I just talked to your mom and she said you were going away for the weekend with friends."

My sister Bess spoke, "Hey, Bro, we're here to see you too. We have a problem. We are going to have a night out..."

I interrupted Bess. "What about Bob and Charlie, surely they aren't letting you gals run loose in Columbus."

"As I was saying, John, before you interrupted me is that we are having a night out on the town. Bob and Charlie are in the car waiting for us. The problem is..."

Now Mary interrupted Bess, "The problem is, I don't have an escort for the weekend. We stopped in and wondered if you were free this weekend and could be my escort?"

"Escort... me, you, weekend, together, together all weekend?"

The girls all laughed. "Well, you got all the words right but I do have another problem," replied Mary while looking at me. "Barb and Bess got motel rooms for the next two nights. I forgot to make reservations and have nowhere to stay. Can you put me up for a couple of nights?" Mary was smiling so hard and trying to keep from laughing.

I didn't even answer her; she knew my answer so I just told her how much I loved her. They told me that they would meet me at my apartment after work. I just smiled at Mary, went to her and kissed her.

"I love you with all my heart, Mary."

"I love you more than words can say, John, and I'll prove it to you tonight."

Barb started smiling and said, "Oh, you two are going to do the nasty tonight."

Mary just smiled at her and said, "Barb, don't say things like that." Then the girls left my office.

I was on cloud nine after they left. I would have been on cloud ten if there was such a thing. I hurried and finished my work and went home to get ready. When I got there, everyone was ready. I excused myself and took a quick shower. Bess asked if I wanted Mary to wash my back.

I heard Mary say, "Stop it, Bess. You're embarrassing me." I could tell she was smiling while saying it.

Bob drove his van so we were all able to ride together. We started out with dinner at The Olive Garden, then went to one of the Sheridan Inn's where we had drinks and danced. I couldn't be a happier man. It was good to see my sister and their husbands out having a good time too. Married couples have a tendency of not taking the time to really go out and enjoy each other.

As our wonderful evening was coming to an end, Bob dropped off Mary and me at my apartment. We agreed to all meet up at nine the next morning at the local IHOP (The International House Of Pancakes). We all said our good-nights and Barb told us to make sure we got a lot of sleep. We would have a busy day the next day. We all were smiling as Mary and I went to my apartment.

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