Homework Ch. 03


When it finally happened, when I finally bottomed out on Nick's perfect cock, it was like a jolt of electricity shot through me. It was finally happening. After everything, I was finally fucking my twin brother. And it was sooooo good. I just felt so full, so amazingly stretched. My pussy was tingling as I began to slowly move my hips.

Nick moaned breathily. "Julie, fuck, you're so good baby."

"Mmm, so are you. You feel so good in my pussy."

"Julie, I--I don't think I'm going to l-last much--"

"It's ok, baby, I want you to come for me. Mmm, go on, come for me, Nick. Come in your sister's hot cunt. Fill me up, baby, fill me up with that hot come!"

That was probably more coaxing than he needed, of course, but I liked to talk dirty. Nick grunted and stiffened up, and I felt his cock stiffen and swell up for just a few seconds before it twitched and started pumping me full of my brother's come. It felt so amazing. I just loved the feel of him coming inside me.

I leaned forward and kissed my brother deep on the lips. "I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

I laid on his chest, and with his cock still inside me, we fell asleep.


I woke up to news that was almost too perfect: our parents were going out of town for the night. I immediately hatched my plan.

As soon as we got home from school, rather than jumping my brother's bones immediately like I wanted too, I instead changed and started to make dinner. I was wearing pajamas, just simple fleece pants that clung to my ass and, when they occasionally slipped between my legs, revealed that I wasn't wearing panties. On top I wore a too-small spaghetti strap nightshirt, which came down to just above my belly button and could barely contain my tits, which it forced together, creating a pretty extreme amount of cleavage. I could tell all through dinner that it was having the desired effect; Nick was practically drooling over them every time he looked at me. Often, he would completely lose himself in my cleavage, openly staring at the valley between my huge tits. It was turning me on, and I could tell by the giant boner he was walking around with that he felt the same way.

"You like what you see, brother?" I asked. I was no longer able to hold back, and I ran a hand up his leg and felt his hard cock. "Mmm, it looks like you do. You want your sister to take care of that for you?"

Without waiting for a reply, I sunk to my knees in front of him and unfastened his pants. I gave his cock a couple of quick strokes, then sucked it deep into my mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm," he moaned.

I could tell he was getting worked up, which was fine, because I wanted him to come quick this time. All part of the plan. I sucked him hard and fast, running my fingernails over his balls as I did so.

"Fuck, Julie, so good..."

He was getting there, I thought. I pulled off of his cock for just a second to find out one crucial piece of information.

"Where do you want to come?"

"Mmm, your f-face!"

I sucked his cock back in, but the thought of blasting my pretty face with his hot load clearly appealed to him, because three or four more sucks was all it took before I felt his cock start to swell. I pulled it out again and began stroking him, fast and hard. Seconds later, he erupted, blowing several streams of come up and down the length of my face, from my chin and lips up to my hair.

"Wow, sis, that was--"

"Relax, we're just getting started. Sit down."

He slumped into a chair and I inched over to him, still on my knees. His cock was still hard; good. I bent over toward him to give him an even better look at my tits.

"Do you like these tits, Nick?"

He nodded.

"You like looking at them, huh? Even though they're your sister's tits?"


"What else do you like about them?"


"What else do you like about these big tits, Nick?"

"The way they f-feel..."

"Oh yeah? You like the way they feel, huh?" I grabbed his wrists and shoved his hands down my top. "Do they feel good right now, Nick? You like feeling your sister's big tits in your hands?"

"Yeah..." He was panting now.

"What else, Nick?"


"What else do you like to do with them?"

Nick didn't reply. He just stared. He was clearly too worked up to think straight, so I decided to do the rest for him.

"You like this, Nick?"

I lifted up my shirt and wrapped my tits around my brothers still-hard cock. He moaned loudly, and it felt really good to me too. I pressed into the sides of my tits to make a nice firm passage for him, and I started to bounce them up and down.

"Fuuuuck, Julie, that's so fucking good."

"Yeah? You like this, huh? You like fucking your sister's big tits?" Nick panted in response. "It's so nasty, Nick. Fucking your own sister's tits. So dirty. You're probably thinking about coming all over them, too. Would you like that? Would you like to come all over these big tits? See me lick your come off of my hard nipples? God, look at me, Nick. What a slut. I'm already covered in my brother's come, and here I am on my knees in front of him, my tits wrapped around his cock, begging him for more. And you know why, Nick? You know why I'm just begging you for that hot load of come? I love the way it feels, but that's not the reason. I love how it tastes, too, but that's not the reason either. Nick, I need that come so bad, and most of all, it's because I need you to fuck me after this, and I need you to fuck me long and hard. Can you do that for me, baby? Can you fuck your dirty, slutty little sister hard after you cover her in your hot come?"

Nick's only answer was to start coming. The first blast went up to my neck and chin, hitting my shirt along the way. He aimed slightly higher for the next two, and hit me in the mouth; I squealed with delight as I swallowed my brother's come. After that he pulled out from between my tits and shot his come directly on them, and four, five, maybe six blasts of hot come coated by big tits completely.

"Mmmm, good boy," I moaned. Nick was speechless. "Now," I said, "stand up." He did. I took his place in the chair, kicked off my pants and looked at him as sluttily as I could (which wasn't too hard, covered in his come such as I was). "Why don't you show me what a good boy you are?"

The line felt a little corny, but he took the hint. Without delay or foreplay Nick dove right between my legs, eagerly lapping at my pussy like a thirsty cat. My legs began shaking immediately as I moaned. He really knew what he was doing.

"Fuck! Nick! Fuck, Nick, that's so fucking gooooooooood! Eat me, Nick! Oooh, eat your--unh--eat your sister's wet pussy, baby, eat my--oooooh! Oooh, so... Nick, that's... oooh, fuck, that's soooooooo--FUCK, MMM FUCK BABY I'M.... fuuuuuuuck, y-you're going to, fuck, Nick, I'm coming, fuck eat me I'm coming so hard Nick mmmm FUCK! Oooooh, ooooh fuck, Nick that's... that's soooo good, baby, it's... Nick? Oooh, fuck, Nick, I can't take it any more, I need you to fuck me! Fuck me now, baby, I need that big dick inside of me, I need it in my pussy, I--"

At that, Nick sunk his cock all the way into me in one fell swoop, and I was speechless. I felt completely full, all at once, and for an instant our eyes met, and I felt closer to my brother than I ever had before. I could tell he felt it too. It was a beautiful moment.

And then he started to fuck me. He rammed his cock into my pussy hard and fast.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! You like--unh!--that, baby?" I yelped as he fucked me.

"Unh! Yeah, you feel really good, Julie." Even now he wasn't much for dirty talk, despite how much he liked it himself. I'd have to pick up the slack.

"You--unh!--you like fucking me? You like fucking this nice, tight pussy baby?"

Nick grunted in response. Sweat was pouring from his forehead as he concentrated on fucking me for all I was worth.

"Fuck me, Nick--oooooh, fuck me.... fuck me harder, mmm fuck baby. God, it feels soooooo fucking good. I love your c-coooooock so much! F-fuck me! FUCK! Mmm, Nick, pound me with that hard cock. Pound your sister's tight little cunt. Oooooooh! You like that, don't you? It turns you on to think that this is your hot twin sister that you're fucking right now, doesn't it? Mmm, fuck me baby. Fuck your sister h-h-haaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrd! Oooh fuck I'm getting close! Oooh Nick you're fucking me soo good baby! Fuck me. Harder, fuck me harder! Faster! Ooooh, fuck it's so good. I love the way you fuck me, Nick, you fuck me so hard and so good and fuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck me fuck me FUCK ME! Ooooh fuck. Nick, I'm getting close... ooooooh, I'm so fucking close baby. So close to coming for you. Coming around your fat c-cock... mmm, do you--unh--you want to feel me come? Oooh fuck I'm so close baby. I want you to come with me. Can you do that, Nick? Can you come with me? Can you fill up your sister's hot pussy with your come while she comes for you like a little slut?"

Nick grunted and nodded.

"Mmmm, good baby. Give me that hot come. Oooh, I want it so bad, and I-I-I'm c-clooooose. Baby, I'm so close. I'm going to... ooh fuck Nick, it's so good, you fuck me so g-good, I'm going to c-c-come... fuck me... fuck me... almost there... fuck me baby... oooh fuck me Nick... fuck your sister's hot cunt... OOOOH FUCK I'M COMING! OOOH FUCK NICK I'M COMING SO HARD!"

My pussy clamped down and spasmed around my brother's dick. I clamped my eyes tight and saw stars; I had never come this hard before. I could feel Nick's entire body clenching and unclenching as his cock jerked and twitched in my pussy, spewing blast after blast of come into me, coating the walls of my cunt with his seed. It was at least a minute before we finished coming, after which we just lay there, panting, looking at each other, not saying anything.


That was by no means the end of our sexual adventures together, but it's where I'll stop for now. This is Nick's show after all... I wouldn't want to take all the limelight from him. Maybe he'll tell you more about what we've done later. As it is, I've made myself all horny reliving this stuff for you. Maybe I'll go see what my brother's up to.

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