tagSci-Fi & FantasyHomunculus Diaries Ch. 05

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 05


Hedran's face had drained of it's color. Vivian's eyes were cast downwards. The two of them sat in silence, slowly coming to grips with the cruel reality before them. By tomorrow morning, their best friend/brother would be dead. Daylily, meanwhile, looked contemplative for a moment. As the machine switched from suction to mixing for a cycle, the homunculus broke the silence.

"This would go twice as fast if you helped, Master." Daylily whispered, her tone indicating that she wasn't sure why Vivian wasn't helping already. Hedran didn't hear, but Vivian reacted as if he had. All the outward confidence and good posture she had displayed during the crisis seemed to shrivel inside of her somewhere as she reflexively covered her breasts from Hedran's view.

"Lily! I can't... not, um." Vivian stepped closer and whispered to Daylily. "Not in front of Hedran!"

"Why not?" Daylily asked innocently. "He could help!" Vivian almost fainted at the suggestion.

"What's this now?" Hedran asked. The knight was standing closer than Vivian had realised and she spooked at the sound of him so close. "Vi, why are we even hesitating? If there's a chance to save Hoyt, we have to take it!" Vivian's posture was as reclusive as it had ever been. Her hair fully shielded her face as her head nodded imperceptibly. She raised a trembling finger to point out some containers to Hedran, who eagerly set about collecting them. Vivian grabbed the spare rotational restraint and pushed it into place next to the pumps. As Hedran looked back her way, Vivian seemed to flinch. She quickly directed him to start attaching the various containers to the machines hoses. When Hedran finished with that, Vivian took a deep breath as though steeling herself. Then she took off her robe.


Evening 4 Sectem, 515 K.E.

Dear Diary,

I'm sorry if I'm getting tears on you again diary. I just can't stop crying. We worked so hard all day! So many things happened today that I hardly understand. I have to write this down now so I can come back to it when I stop having all these weird feelings.

Master was really hesitant about getting harvested while Sir Wilkes was in the room. I don't really understand why she couldn't just tell him what he needed to do to get the breast milk we needed. Sir Wilkes was acting weird too. Every time I've seen him work at something or spar with Hoyt he's been really good at handling everything. As soon as Master got ready for harvesting he got really clumsy. It was like he was hardly paying attention to what he was doing at all. It took a while for him to get master buckled in. Once he did both of them were breathing really hard and staring at each other. It almost looked like they were about to kiss. I'll have to think about that later, I get the feeling that it's important for some reason.

Sir Wilkes' hands were shaking really hard when he oiled Master's breasts up. He must have been really worried about Hoyt. What a good friend! I could tell master was getting really turned on by having Sir Wilkes around. I wonder if it's like it was for me when I pretended Hoyt was doing the alchemy last time? It took Sir Wilkes several tries to get the cups attached to Master correctly, but once she was started she produced a lot quickly. Master says breast size doesn't matter, but she's always given more milk than I have.

Things went pretty quickly after that. Master and Sir Wilkes were looking each other in the eye the whole time. When Master started getting really aroused, Sir Wilkes held her hand. He even helped Master orgasm when she asked him to touch her down below. She was crying a lot, but Sir Wilkes kept trying to comfort her. I know Master must have been really worried about Hoyt too, but for some reason I don't think that's why she was crying.

We filled the entire tank up with time to spare. It took us a little time to mix in the rest of the ingredients and finish the cleansing tonic, but we got Hoyt to drink it a few hours before sundown. Since everything in his body is still slowed, it will be a while before we know if it worked or not. Some soldiers came by to ask if Hoyt was okay and to get Sir Wilkes back to base so he could report to the Lord what was going on. Master was exhausted and fell asleep on my bed so she could be near the tank.

I'm super tired too, but I'm used to getting harvested a lot longer than that. I don't think I could sleep while Hoyt is like this either. I'm so scared, diary! What if it didn't work? What if he's not the same afterwards? I still don't even know if he feels the same way I do. There's just so much I don't know, and all I can do is wait and cry.


Daylily put down her pen and looked back at her tank. Hoyt was still floating in what appeared to be a troubled sleep. While Daylily thought his skin had regained some of it's color, she wondered if it was just some wishful thinking on her part. She snorted an impromptu laugh at herself. She'd only been thinking and desiring for a week and a few days, but she was already resorting to wishes in a battle against fate. Walking over to the tank, she laid her hand next to where Hoyt's hand floated.

"I wonder how you did it. Feeling all this for your whole life. I've only wanted one thing so far, and I might never even get to tell you how I feel. Never mind getting your response. All I can ever remember includes you. I started thinking because I was trying to figure out why you would always do nice things for me. I was just a moving doll, made to assist Master with alchemy, but you never once treated me that way. Even the idea to put you in this tank was based on a memory of you. Do you remember that time I dropped that beaker and it cut you? At the time, I asked you if I should be terminated for disobeying Master's orders not to hurt anyone. You just laughed. Then you asked the question that would bounce around in my head till I learned to think.

'Don't you think we care about you more than that?' You said. It was such a simple question but it took me so long to figure out what you could have meant. Why would anyone care about a tool? You said you cared about me, though. So I must not be a tool. I must be able to have value to people. I can be more than a tool! I have to be more! I have to... because I love you." Daylily finished. Looking up at her first love she was shocked to find his hand pressed to the other side of the glass as hers.

Eyes wide with shock and hope Daylily looked at his face. A sleepy smile was spread across his lips he floated inside the healing liquid. His body wasn't emaciated anymore, and his skin had regained a healthy pallor. As Daylily watched, the same Hoyt that had left that morning began to emerge from his now healthy features.

With an incomprehensible squeal of relief, delight, and affection Daylily hugged the tank in lieu of being able to hug Hoyt directly. Vivian's head shot up from her spot on Daylily's bed. Seeing her move, Hoyt flashed her a smile and a thumbs up before kicking his way to the surface of the tank. The two women helped him out and toweled him off, both crying tears of joy the whole time. Hoyt merely laughed, downplaying the danger he had been in as he put on a pair of pants.

"I knew you'd figure out a way to help me. You're the one that learned all the complicated spells after all." Hoyt said, putting his hand on Vivian's shoulder. The Alchemist returned the gesture but shook her head.

"You've got someone else to thank for that." Vivian explained. The two looked over at Daylily, who had been happily hugging one of Hoyt's arms the whole time. "How did you even come up with that idea Lily?" The homunculus reluctantly stopped nuzzling herself against Hoyt's shoulder.

"Before I started thinking, I accidentally cut Hoyt with some broken glass. According to your orders I was supposed to not hurt anyone and keep them from getting hurt if I could. I asked him if I was going to be terminated. Hoyt said he cared about me more than a little scratch." Daylily snuggled closer to Hoyt as she said this. Hoyt's face turned so red it was almost glowing. Vivian had the same expression someone would make viewing an infant sleeping in a pile of puppies, kittens, ducklings and all the other adorable things someone could think of.

"After that he cast a slowing spell on himself and stuck his cut into my tank to let it heal quickly. That's how I knew it would work." Daylily finished.

The two women helped Hoyt down the hall, ignoring his insistence that he was fine. As they prepared dinner, Hedran came back to check on his friend. Seeing Hoyt up and grinning at the dinner table, the big knight broke into a winning smile of his own. Clapping his friend roughly on the shoulder as the two shared a laugh about another battle survived. Vivian rushed over to stop the male bonding experience.

"Hedran! He's only just recovered! He needs his rest!" Vivian fussed while trying to brush Hedran away from her brother. The knight endured the barrage of soft blows with a bemused expression on his face before an idea made him grin with planned mischief. Catching Vivian's hands he drew her a little closer.

"You're right, Vi. You are absolutely right!" He gestured with his chin towards Daylily, who was still clamped onto Hoyt's arm. "We shouldn't leave him alone either, somebody should stay with him all night to make sure he's okay." Vivian looked confused for a second, then caught the mischief in the other's eye. A sly smile broke over her face and the two nodded in mock solemnity.

"Guys I'm fine, really." Hoyt protested as he was led towards his room. In truth he was walking under his own power and only being led along because he allowed Daylily to pull him towards their destination.

"You trusted us to get you healed, so just follow the doctor's orders until we're sure you're better." Vivian said in a tone that brooked no argument. "Lily, stay here and make sure he stays in that bed all night long!" Before Hoyt or Daylily could realise the implications of said order, Hedran and Vivian had retreated to the hallway and slammed the door behind them. Hoyt was very quiet and seemed to be pondering something very hard. Daylily was confused, but she had been given an order by her Master so her course was clear. There was just one thing that concerned her.

"Where am I going to... sleep?" The homunculus trailed off as she noticed Hoyt had shifted his stance to face her fully. One of his hands wrapped around her waist and drew her closer, while the arm she held reached across her back to grab the opposite shoulder. Their eyes met, and before Daylily even knew she wanted to, she leaned forward to kiss him full on the lips. Hoyt seemed stunned for a moment.

"Lily..." He began in a solemn voice.

"I know you said that I should only do that with someone if I really wanted to, but I wanted to! I want to do it a lot more too! I want to stay with you forever! I... I..." Daylily rushed to cut him off but was interrupted herself as Hoyt bent down and kissed her again.

"I love you." The warlock said as their lips parted. They were the words that Vivian had taught Daylily to say. Bringing herself to use them had been nerve wracking, hearing them from Hoyt made her chest ache and her eyes moisten with tears.

"I'm supposed to say that to you! I love you! I love you!" Daylily whimpered as her emotions overtook her. Hoyt leaned down to kiss her again, and this time she leaned towards him in return. The two met for a passionate kiss that lasted longer than any of their others. Daylily was faint and weak kneed as she noticed that Hoyt had smoothly swept her off her feet and was laying her down on his bed. Her shirt had come off somehow as they arrived, and Daylily felt a tug at her underwear. She didn't understand why her panties were wet, but she didn't really care as she raised her hips and allowed them to be slid off. Hoyt was planting more kisses on her neck and moved downwards to her chest. He kissed and nibbled at her breasts, which were still sensitive from a day's worth of being harvested.

"Hoyt! AH!" Daylily shrieked, but as soon as Hoyt raised his head she grabbed him and pushed him back to tasting. Hoyt resumed with gusto and employed his free hand between Daylily's thighs. Daylily bit back another squeal of delight as Hoyt's fingers did things her imaginings of yesterday failed to predict. Due to her extra sensitivity and her happiness over the situation, she reached climax swiftly. Just like the climax in the bath, Daylily found herself more excited than anything she did in the lab could make her. Almost in a panic to continue, she grabbed onto Hoyt.

"H-Hoyt! Your penis! I want it!" She gasped. The face Hoyt made in reaction was something Daylily would treasure, and look forward to making him repeat, the rest of her life. Recovering from the adorable and sexy shock he had just received, Hoyt spread Daylily's legs apart and undid his pants as he maneuvered between them. Pausing only a moment to line up on her moistened slit, Hoyt thrust himself inside.

Daylily had been stuffed with all manner of inanimate objects over the years of assisting in the lab. Even so, she barely had the context to understand what had just happened to her. Her thighs quivered uselessly, her eyes teared up, her breath left her in a squeak of delight, and a wave of euphoria washed over her as she froze in a shocked orgasm. While it was shaped like a dildo (or the other way around, she remembered) Hoyt's manhood was unlike anything she had inside her before. For one, it was hot! A pleasant warmth filled her lower chamber and seemed to spread, leaving her whole pelvis happily warm. For another thing, it reached areas that were different from the straight dildos she was used to. The slight curve pushed the glans against underused sections of her vagina, bringing new sensations as it rubbed its way by. Finally, it pulsed with Hoyt's heartbeat. Every throb reminded Daylily that this was no rough stick of alchemical tooling. This was the man she wanted to be with her forever. The person she couldn't bear the thought of parting with was intertwined with her. It made her more happy than she could fathom.

Atop her, Hoyt grimaced as though he was holding something back. Daylily wrapped her trembling legs around him and managed to squeeze with her insides as he drove a thrust deep. The combination of Daylily's squeeze and pushing him deeper than he intended caused Hoyt to grunt roughly as he exploded inside. Daylily clenched in another orgasm, clinging for all she was worth to Hoyt. As the two shuddered with the aftershocks, Daylily began to feel guilty.

"You're supposed to be resting..." She panted.

"I've been basting in healing juice all day. I don't just feel good. I want to hump so hard, I'm worried I'll hurt you." The warlock said. As if to prove his point, his manhood began stiffening inside her.

"You couldn't do that!" Daylily laughed. "Master made me to take any kind of sexual stress."

Hoyt raised his eyebrow at this statement. A hungry smile spreading across his lips, he asked.

"Is that a challenge?"


Evening 5 Sectem, 515 K.E.

Dear Diary,

Being in love is so fun! I can see why Master says it's supposed to last forever. I can't even think about living away from Hoyt anymore. He "made love" to me all night long! We didn't sleep until the sun was coming up. When we did wake up we found Master going to the kitchen to make her first meal of the day too. She said we had kept her up all night, then teased Hoyt about what the noise was.

Hoyt grabbed me by the shoulder and introduced me to Master as her sister in law (I still don't quite get that). Master was stunned, I think because Hoyt wasn't shy about telling everyone how he felt. It made me really happy when he said I was his and he was mine. I have something to treasure now, diary! Don't worry you're really important too!

The rest of the day was spent greeting people who came by to see how Hoyt was doing. I knew everybody thought Hoyt was a good warlock, but I didn't know that he was important enough to have the Lord come to our house and wish him well! I heard that there were actually a lot more bandits than the soldiers who went to fight them. Hoyt and Sir Wilkes had fought bravely and turned what would have been a disaster into a victory! Sir Wilkes and all the other soldiers came by to thank Hoyt for stopping some really bad spell that would have hurt them all. Everybody seemed to know that Hoyt liked me, for some reason. Hoyt looked super embarrassed as everybody congratulated him for being with me. Isn't that silly diary? We were together a lot before today too.

The Lord gave Hoyt and Sir Wilkes promotions, which made everybody cheer. Master got her license automatically renewed for another year without needing the exam. He also complimented Master on my construction (the Lord is really famous for understanding alchemy, even though he's not an alchemist himself). The Lord looked at me and said he looked forward to the wedding, whatever that is.

As I watched everyone cheering and celebrating, I noticed that Master and Sir Wilkes kept looking at each other and blushing. They also stood pretty close to each other even though Master should have been standing by Hoyt and Sir Wilkes probably should have been standing with his Lord. I remembered all the stuff that happened between them yesterday, and it kinda reminded me how Hoyt was acting around me before we told each other how we felt. That made me realize that Master and Sir Wilkes liked each other!

A weird thing happened after that diary! When I said my discovery out loud, everybody started laughing! Well everyone except Master and Sir Wilkes, they looked super embarrassed. I don't get what was so funny. All I did was state what anybody could see. People are weird sometimes.

Anyway diary, I'm in a bit of a hurry to finish writing to you tonight. I'm going to sleep in Hoyt's bed again! He told me that we wouldn't get much sleep, though. I think he's planning on "making love" again. I hope we do!

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