tagSci-Fi & FantasyHomunculus Diaries Ch. 06

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 06


Daylily woke lightly as Hoyt stirred behind her. The two were still spooning in their sleep, the magic of their mutual love refused to die down after a month of being together. Hoyt opened his eyes as Daylily turned her head to greet him. The two substituted a sleepy kiss for words as their arms adjusted around each other. After a few more sleepy moments of cuddling, Daylily felt Hoyt slip his hand between her thighs to begin the other thing the two had yet to tire of. She spread herself to let him in, clutching the tops of his shoulders and trusting herself to him. He was very familiar with her sensitive spots by this point and soon she was gasping and moaning freely. As she clenched around his fingers in a gentle orgasm, Hoyt gave her a tender kiss on her clavicle before rolling upright.

"We have to get ready for... oop!" Hoyt's explanation was cut short as Daylily deftly clotheslined him with her leg. He was brought back to the bed between Daylily's thighs as she straddled him in reverse. The humanised homunculus bent down to the warlock's waist and took a gentle mouthful of his glans into her mouth to suck on it playfully.

"You and I both know how long it will take to wake Master up." Daylily said peering at her lover from the inverted view he was getting of her entire body. "We have plenty of time." Hoyt looked as though he wanted to protest, but if the observer had blinked they would have missed it. Instead his hands came around Daylily's legs and pulled them apart, lowering her groin to his waiting mouth. As her sex was preyed upon Daylily played with her own morning meal. Taking his shaft deep into her throat, Daylily teased Hoyt's base and scrotum with her hands. She was just as practiced as Hoyt at finding his weak spots and both of them finished each other off in tandem in a matter of minutes. "I'll go make breakfast...oop!"

This time as Daylily made to get out of bed, Hoyt took her by the wrist and twirled her into his waiting lap. As if the organs were magnetized, Daylily was perfectly impaled upon Hoyt's manhood as she landed in his lap. The two gasped as they slid into place, and then hugged their bodies tight together. Time constraints were forgotten for a while after that.

When the two had finally peeled themselves off of each other, Daylily's prediction had turned out to be perfect as they were still the only ones moving around the house. While the sun crested the horizon, Hoyt declared he was in too good of a mood to ruin it by dealing with his sleepyheaded sister. He ended up making breakfast as Daylily excitedly padded her way to Vivian's room.

As per usual, a wad of blankets upon the bed was the only thing that greeted Daylily as she noisily opened the door. Humming to herself, Daylily began to root around in the pile of bedding for some bit of her master to tease awake. It was taking longer than usual for some reason. In fact, she had tried three times and made it all the way to the mattress on each attempt. Was Vivian actually awake?

As Daylily pondered this unlikely thought, her hand brushed against something slimy in the sheets. Then something began thrashing under the covers in a panic, which shocked Daylily into a small panic of her own. Hastily withdrawing her hand, Daylily hopped off the bed and tried to call for Hoyt. Before she could finish drawing in the breath, something soft but heavy slapped against the back of her head. Daylily's call for her significant other turned into a shriek of genuine terror as she lost her balance and toppled to the floor.

The sound of Hoyt pounding his way down the hallway preceded the warlock crashing into the room with arcane power ready to unleash in each of his palms. After a quick scan for danger, he checked on Daylily and the magic in his hands fizzled as the mage tried and failed to hold in a hearty laugh. Looking up with tears in her eyes, Daylily was confused and hurt. Hoyt grabbed the weight off of Daylily's head and helped her to her feet, giving her a desperate hug as he laughed himself hoarse. When he had finally settled down and drew back, Daylily saw an enormous bullfrog in his hand.

"Hoyt... what is that doing in here?" Daylily asked, confused beyond more rational questions. Hoyt broke into another sniggering fit, recovering only when the bullfrog shot its tongue out to slap against his cheek. Hoyt released the bullfrog, leaving it to dangle from his face comically as he gestured with great flourish to the helpless amphibian.

"Say good morning to Vi, Lily!" Hoyt stood there with a smile chock-full of mischief as Daylily cocked her head in a greater state of confusion. When Hoyt didn't reply, she reached her hands out and removed the frog, turning it to face her.

"Master?" Was all Daylily could manage. The bullfrog made a croaking sound that resembled a sigh and nodded its head. Her state of confusion only worsened by this revelation, the homunculus turned her face back to Hoyt. "Wuuuu...?"

"This is what happens when a certain someone stays up late and then tries to cast complicated spells." Hoyt declared, poking the frog to emphasize his point. "Vivian was transmogrifying stuff and messed up. For some reason it tends to turn the caster into a toad when mistakes are made. Other animals are possible, but Vivian trends towards the amphibian."

"Is she stuck like this? Turn her back!" Daylily thrust the toad version of her master toward Hoyt, ignoring the indignant croak Vivian made as she did so.

"I can't. I never studied transmogrification. I'd end up just like her if I tried." Hoyt pushed Vivian back towards Daylily, ignoring another croak of protest from his amphibious sister. As Daylily began to tear up, the warlock wrapped her in a kind embrace. Both of them ignored the annoyed croak Vivian made as she was pressed between the two. "Don't worry. It's not going to be permanent."

The warlock summoned his wand to his hand, and made a small magic circle on the floor. Directing Daylily to place Vivian in the circle, Hoyt began a series of short incantations.

"Hmm, yeah it's definitely not permanent. It's way too complex for me to undo. Let's see... there we go!" Hoyt talked while he worked, the magic circle changing colors as he adjusted the flow of magic. Satisfied, he dispelled the circular array of runes. "She'll turn back on her own by tomorrow morning. Earlier if some other conditions are met, but we can't really do anything about that."

"Awwww. I was looking forward to today." Daylily was crestfallen. The three of them had planned to go into town and show her what the outside was like. Daylily had been out before, but never while she could think. Hoyt started to say something, but his lips sealed shut at the sight of Daylily's pouting face. Vivian's amphibian eyes rolled dramatically as Hoyt basked in the sight of Daylily's adorableness. She gave a bellowing croak, before squirming out of Daylily's hands to hop across the room to her dresser. Turning in place, the bullfrog gestured to the top of the dresser where a pile of clothes lay. Daylily stepped over, her face alighting with pleasure as she saw what was there. "Are these new clothes for me?"

Daylily held up a plain shirt and a plaid skirt, cooing in delight at both pieces plus the sleeveless sweater still sitting in the drawer. The bullfrog alchemist nodded with a smile, puffing out her chest in an amphibian approximation of her confident, older sister pose. Daylily beamed as she started putting on the ensemble. Hoyt gave Vivian a sidelong glance.

"Isn't that just your old freshman uniform?" He asked the frog. One of the webbed hands tried, and failed, to make a rude gesture.

"Ha ha! It's kinda loose." Daylily giggled as she tried to cinch the skirt onto her slim hips. Hoyt snickered, then held up his hands in a placating gesture as the bullfrog stared bloody murder in his direction. His efforts failed to stop Vivian from giving him a leaping headbutt to the gut. Daylily finished dressing herself and cheerfully turned to the siblings.

"How do I look?" She asked. Hoyt balked at her cuteness once again, giving a shy thumbs up as he tried to cover his blush. Vivian hopped in approval. Daylily was indeed a little slim for the garments, but the way the clothes hung seemed to enhance all the right parts of her petite frame. The compliments brought a charming smile to the girl's face as she looked herself over in Vivian's mirror. After perusing herself for a bit, the smile drooped a little. "I really would have liked to go out like this."

Hoyt stepped up and wrapped his arms around his innocent love. Smiling at her through the mirror, he gave her an affectionate squeeze.

"We still can." He said. Daylily's smile began to recharge, then paused again. "You won't mind, right Vivian? As much as I enjoy the sight of her walking around naked, she needs more clothes now that she's a real girl."

As Daylily looked over the bullfrog made a gesture towards the door, then hopped back onto the bed. Seeing the contented look on the amphibian face as Vivian tunneled under the covers, Hoyt began to wonder if his sister might have done this on purpose to entrust Daylily to him. That, or it was a really desperate plan of hers to sleep all day. Or both... Daylily was bouncing in his arms, excited for her first day of experiences outside of the house. Hoyt decided he did not care what his sister's motives were. Infected by his girlfriend's giddiness he gave Daylily a twirl. Vivian croaked loudly from her burrow in the covers, which Hoyt took as an urging to hurry up and leave. Hoisting Daylily into a princess carry, he took her outside for her big adventure.

Vivian was trying to exctricate herself from the covers as the two left. She managed to get free and was hopping to the foyer as the front door slammed. Letting out a protracted croak of frustration the bullfrog looked over at the shirt Hoyt had gifted Daylily, neatly folded on the dresser, with the homunculus' only pair of panties lovingly placed on top. The transmogrified alchemist slapped her face with a webbed palm.


Evening 10 Octis, 515 K.E.

Dear Diary,

I had so much fun today! At first I was sad because Master couldn't come, but then I realized it would be fun to share all my new experiences with Hoyt! It was really bright and sunny outside with a cool breeze that followed us all the way into town. I had seen some of these things when I wasn't able to think, but now that I can actually think about them, they are so much more interesting!

The first thing we saw was the florist's field. There were so many beautiful flowers! Hoyt showed me an actual Daylily. The flower I was made from was bought by Master's parents here, so I was really born there! The florist was super nice. He gave me a Daylily seed as a gift.

"Take good care of your sister!" He said. I planted the seed in the flower bed out front. Hoyt says it'll get plenty of sun there and be really happy!

After the florists field, we crossed the bridge into town. We live in the fields around Chemshire, a town renowned for the prowess of its alchemists. Hoyt says we live outside the city because they didn't want to leave the house their father built with his own hands. Master is good enough that people will walk the extra distance to buy from her. Plus master will sell her week old potions to the street vendors. Walking down main street, I saw a few vendors who stopped by from time to time. They all congratulated me on becoming human, and complimented me on how I was dressed. All the female ones kept poking Hoyt, and all the males were constantly winking at him. Hoyt was blushing the whole time we talked to the people I knew. I really have to learn more about body language!

Hoyt took me to a nice restaurant for lunch. I've never had anything but Hoyt, Master's, and my own cooking. It was super yummy! The lady there is called a chef, and she makes food all day! She's like an alchemist, but for meals! She thought it was cute when I got excited about the food and took me into the kitchen to teach me a recipe. I can't wait to try it!

After lunch we started to go on small errands for Hoyt and Master. Master needed a few magical items, and Hoyt wanted to tune his wand. I got to watch all the people going by. I saw all kinds of people, doing all kinds of things! There were kids playing, old ladies were chatting (Hoyt called it gossiping. I'm not sure how it's different!), merchants selling their wares, and even a guy nailing some metal onto a horse's hoof. Hoyt said it was a horseshoe, I'm glad people shoes don't work the same way!

After the chores were done, we went to the tailor's. The old woman there knew my name the second she saw me. She gave me a huge hug and congratulated me on becoming a real person. She's the one who makes all of Hoyt and Master's clothes. She's known Hoyt and Master since they were little and has wanted to meet me since I was made. She scolded Hoyt for all the tears in the pile of uniforms he conjured into her shop. Then she took me back and told me to strip down so she could take my measurements. While she was measuring me, she asked me how I discovered my will. I really wish I had you there diary, I could have told the story so much better. She was laughing and crying while I told her everything. In return she told me about Hoyt and Master when they were kids! Master used to say she was going to marry Hedran. That's so cute! I wonder why she stopped though? They've gotten so close lately.

She told me to get dressed while she went to get some clothes for me to try on. Hoyt snuck in as she left. He had a pair of panties he wanted me to try on. There was barely anything to them! I actually felt a little weird wearing them as Hoyt looked at me to see if they fit. It was kinda like being naked, even though I had clothes on. Hoyt was getting excited too! He gave me a quick kiss and started to grab me that way I like. Then the nice lady called to say she was coming back and he started to panic. He dressed me up really fast and dove into the changing booth as the tailor came back. It made me think of something. The way Hoyt was looking at me when I was barely dressed, and the way he looked at me when we made love, both felt really good. It reminded me of the way Sir Wilkes looked at Vivian when she was naked. Then I thought about how Hoyt told me there was things you were only supposed to do with the person you loved, like kissing and making love. You know what, diary? I think that's why everyone wears clothes all the time! I'll have to ask Master to be sure, but it definitely feels right!

There was something interesting that happened with Master today too! I have to go to the dinner table now, but I'll be sure to tell you when I'm done Diary!

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