tagIncest/TabooHonest-Honest Ch. 07

Honest-Honest Ch. 07


Note: Many thanks to shygirlwhore for her feedback and editing work. -FS


I had a morning meeting, and I couldn't zip back and listen to Amy and Katy fuck. It was enough to know it was happening, and my body felt warm as I sat and listened the department briefings, and then gave my own.

After work, I found Amy alone in the apartment. She told me Katy had gone out to eat, and Amy had made the two of us dinner.

I sat down. We ate spaghetti and meatballs. It was excellent, especially the bread she made to sop up the sauce.

Afterwards, Amy said, "Mike, I'm sorry I haven't been ready to...for us to be together."

"Don't worry about it, Amy. I have no expectations."

"Thank you."

"You are looking a lot better, don't you think?" I asked.

"I feel better, and I think I look better."

"Honest-honest: you do. You look great."

She smiled.

"Are you happy here, Amy? Is this working out?"

"Yes, I don't want to go. I feel safe here."


Amy shook her head and asked, "And you don't care that we're not together, yet? Honest-honest?"

"I'm fine."

"And you don't mind Katy being here?"

"If she's helping you feel better, then I'm glad she's here."

"Okay," she said, "You're really terrific, you know."

I smiled.


Did I feel guilty?

I wondered why I didn't. Maybe I should have. Amy had come here to be with me. Was letting Katy stroke me a way of cheating on Amy?

Was Amy telling me she's not ready to be together, all the while having sex with Katy, a way of cheating on me?

I wondered how Amy would have felt, seeing Katy give me a hand job. I'm not sure she would have cared, actually.

No, I didn't feel guilty.


I went to bed early that night so that I could surprise the night shift boss with a 3:00am inspection of the line. I got back after 4:30am, but I had trouble getting back to sleep.

I laid there, still feeling fulfilled almost twenty four hours after Katy had suddenly, stunningly, emerged from her room in the wee hours of the morning to tug on my cock and make me cum. I grew hard thinking about it.

The night was utterly still, and I was beginning to doze back into sleep when I heard a door quietly open.

I turned to her when she rounded the couch.

"You're up for me?" Katy whispered, smiling.

I nodded, and she noticed my erection.

"Both of you are up for me," she said.

I smiled and she knelt beside me.

"Can I see it?" she asked.

I nodded, and she drew the blanket down. Then, she hooked her finger under my boxers and tugged. I raised my hips and she slipped them down to my thighs. She looked at my cock and said, "I've thought about this all day long, Michael."

"Katy," I whispered, "will you take off your shirt?"

She smiled at me, and then I watched her unfurl two massive breasts and toss her shirt aside.

I reached over and felt them. The skin around them was taut and warm, bursting with fullness. Their weight felt good, felt right. Katy closed her eyes and let her head fall back as I caressed her tits. I dragged my thumbs across her stiff nipples.

She moaned, "That feels so nice, Michael."

Katy brought her hands up and covered mine with hers, helping me squeeze her breasts, knead them together, and draw them apart. These tits were addictive. I could hold them and play with them for hours, days.

She looked at me. "You like them?"

"They're beautiful."

Katy pulled my hands away, saying, "Let me make you feel nice with them."

She scooted down on her knees, aligning her body with my cock. She drew herself up, tall, on her knees and leaned forward, arching her back and pushing her ass out. I felt one of her breasts graze my cock. She took the shaft in one hand, and then brought a breast up against it. Then she released me and, taking her other breast, brought the two together with her hands. My cock was engulfed in the fullness of her tits, held firmly.

Then, she began rocking. I watched the head of my penis appear and vanish between those huge breasts. I'd never had this done to me before. My body felt supercharged from the sensation. Katy gyrated her entire body as if getting fucked from behind. Sometimes, she tilted her head backward. Sometimes, she watched my cock. She occasionally glanced over at me, seeing, no doubt, the purity and completeness of my satisfaction.

I extended a hand and felt the skin of her back. Her body was strong and hot from her work. I felt the early signs of perspiration on her skin. Then, I let my hand slide down over her ass and grasped the curved flesh through her panties.

She slowed her pace, turned to me, and asked, "Do you like my ass?"

After I nodded, she asked, "Does these tits feel good?"

I smiled and said, "Fuck, yes, Katy."

Her eyes shined as she grinned wide. She said, "When you're ready, tell me. I want to keep you clean tonight." Then, she looked down at my cock.

Her pace slowed even more, and her chin dipped down against her chest. She opened her mouth wide as she brought her breasts down to the base of my cock and took the tip between her lips, gently sucking it and coating it in her warm saliva. She lifted her breasts, and her mouth popped off my cock. Then, she lowered herself, her mouth still wide, and clasped the head with her lips again.

The sight was electrical. I whispered a curse and urged her not to stop.

She released me for a fraction of a second, and then her lips gripped me like a lioness with her cub. Her tongue bathed the tip, and Katy rubbed her massive tits against the shaft in rapid strokes.

I watched her and felt heat rising recklessly within me. I took in a deep breath and held it. Again, my body clenched. Katy let her breasts fall away, she gripped the shaft with both hands. My cock contracted, drawing the cum from deep and flooding Katy's mouth.

I swear when the first stream of semen flowed into her, her lips curled into a grin around the tip of my cock and her eyes lit up with joy.

I watched the perfection of her profile, seeing her cheeks rhythmically draw in and relax, and observing the pulse of her throat as she swallowed as quickly as I rendered.

She remained latched to the head as my cock ceased flexing and grew still. She swallowed one last time, and then I felt the tension of her lips release me. She drew in a breath and turned to me, her face a picture of excitement and lust.

"I tasted your cum this morning," she whispered, smiling, "and I liked it so much, I thought I'd take my next dose straight from the tap."

I think there are women out there who adopt a kind of sex persona—so to speak; it's like a mask they wear when they're having sex. They gush about cum and talk about how much they love cock. They think men like it. Some may, but to me, if it's an act; I'd rather skip it. I want sincerity.

There was little doubt in my mind that everything Katy said during sex, she believed. Katy was a sex angel; she had everything.

I suddenly recalled, in that moment, how ugly she could be when she disliked you. Fuck, she could be nasty. But, when she liked you? Oh, shit. It was like a crackling fireplace in the frozen winter, the difference.

She leaned close and whispered, "Tomorrow night? Same place?" She bent down and kissed my nipple.

I shook my head. "Same time. Your place."

She drew back from me, delighted. "Okay!"

"Katy, one more thing," I said, going bold, "Can I watch you and Amy together?"

Her mouth fell open, and she covered it with her hands. It would have been horror had it not been for her eyes. They were alight with wonder and exhilaration.

"You know?" she asked with excitement.

When I nodded, she asked how.

"I heard you talking about it the other morning. I woke up when I heard you laughing, so I pretended to be asleep."

She bent forward with a smirk, eyeing me accusingly, and slapped me lightly on the belly. "Sneaky boy," she hissed.

"Can I?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment, and then she asked, "Are we keeping a secret from Amy or are we asking if she cares?"

"What do you think is best?"

"Secret. For now. Like this," she said, gesturing to the two us, together in the night.


"Yes, you can watch. We have to hide you well, though. The closet?"

I nodded. "The door opens toward the bed. You can leave it cracked and I'll see everything." I smiled and took one of her breasts in my hand.

She let me caress it softly and asked, "What is it you want to see?"

I sighed and whispered, "Everything."

She nodded and reached up to lightly run her fingers around her other breast. "Touching each other?"

I nodded.

She pulled her breast up to her lips, kissed her nipple, and let if fall. "Sucking each other?"

I nodded.

She placed her hand on my abdomen and slowly dragged it up to my belly button, and then, using her middle finger, traced the outline of the little spot, pushing the tip of her finger in at the end. "Fingering each other?"

I nodded.

She turned and leaned over my tummy. Putting both hands on it, she pried my belly button apart with her thumbs and stuck her tongue in it, wiggling. Then, she turned to me. "Licking each other?"

Oh, shit. I nodded.

"Anything else?"

I shrugged. "Surprise me."

"I bet I can," Katy whispered.


I left for work early that morning, according to Katy, punching out while Amy showered. Actually, I was in the closet of the master bedroom. I cleared the floor of obstacles and potential noisemakers and checked my surroundings. I would be able to maneuver silently in the cramped space. All set, I sat down in the back, shrouded in darkness, and waited. The door was open about three inches. I could see some of the bed from my spot in the back, but when I approached the door, the entire bed came into view.

Again, I wondered about guilt. Was I wrong?


This, it seemed to me, broke a trust. To set this up without Amy's knowledge, to observe her and her sister in a private, intimate moment—this definitely crossed the honest-honest line.

If caught, I could cover for Katy. I could say I overheard them talking and planned it all out myself. Of course, these would all be lies. Honest-honest was crumbling before my lust.

How did I justify it?

I knew I wouldn't get caught, for one. I reminded myself that Katy, her own sister, liked the plan and was eager to carry it out. I convinced myself that, if and when the moment was right, I would tell Amy the truth. Maybe, I thought, it would be liberating for her. No more secrets.

And wasn't she, Amy, the one keeping secrets from me first? Ogling my exposed body in the mornings? Toying with me while I slept and taking pictures? Having these covert liaisons with Katy while I was at work, all the while telling me she wasn't ready for sex?

She broke honest-honest first.

Amy followed Katy into the room, and I was on full alert. I crept forward on my hands and knees. The staggering height of these two beautiful women hit me anew from this vantage point. Their legs were so incredibly long.

They slipped out of their shirts and bras without exchanging a word. I saw Amy's enhanced breasts for the first time. They were perfect spheres attached to her chest, capped with fat nipples that I didn't recognize. They were pornographic, unreal. My first instinct was a compelling urge to slap them—not cruelly, but firmly to see if their recoil was in any way recognizably human.

Katy stepped in front of the closet, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, and slowly drew them down, bending herself in half, and arching her ass directly into my line of sight. My jaw fell open and my cock flexed. I saw everything. It was a view to turn a man into a raving beast. Katy's ass was a smaller, sleeker version of Amy's—more compact and with tighter curves. It was heavenly.

Katy sat down on the bed and watched Amy. I did, too.

Amy had put about half the weight she'd lost back on. She looked better, more healthy, but still a bit skinny. I caught a side view of her ass, and it was how I remembered it: gloriously round and disproportionate to her legs and waist.

I was surprised to find myself more eager to see Katy's body. Amy was skinny, her face was surgically altered to perfection, she had enormous fake tits, and her ass was fantastically big. Any other man in my situation, I think, would have been drooling over Amy more than Katy. Not me.

Vaughn, that fuck, had coerced Amy into these surgeries, convincing her that she'd be gaining so much through them: beauty, sex appeal, and confidence. I only saw what she had lost: her true self, her uniqueness, and her flawed perfection.

I shook my head, clearing these thoughts from my mind. I needed to focus.

Amy sat beside Katy, and she reached up and grasped one of Katy's breasts. Katy said, "Let's go together this time."

Amy said, "Sixty-nine? I don't know. It's hard to focus, don't you think?"

Katy shrugged. "Can we though?"

Amy smiled, biting her lower lip.

Katy stood up and took Amy's hand. She led Amy around the bed—directly in front of me—turned her around, and guided her down. Amy's back lay on the bed; her knees were up. I gazed at her pussy, remembering.

Katy crawled over the top her, pointing her little booty at me. I swallowed. Then, she spun herself around. She lowered her body on Amy's, and then she looked into the closet at me, smiling.

Holy shit.

Katy's smile vanished, and her jaw fell open. Her neck craned forward a little, and she took several deep breaths before moaning. Gazing into the closet, her face was rapturous. She moaned again, nodding at me. Then, Katy tilted her head down and extended her tongue.

It seems petty to complain, but I didn't have as good a view as I could have. Katy's head often blocked my view of Amy's pussy. I wished Katy had reversed herself—put Amy's head and Katy's pussy in my view, or they could have just flipped over. Life is tough, I guess, when your live view of two beautiful girls—sisters—sixty-nining isn't as good as it could have been.

Whatever. I think Katy wanted me to see her eat Amy's pussy.

Every now and then, Katy would turn her head—show me her profile—and lick sideways. Those were the best moments.

The two had been going at it some few minutes when Katy reached under Amy's ass and squeezed the flesh into her fingers. After, she leaned forward—towards me—and craned her neck down.

I covered my gaping mouth. Katy was licking Amy's asshole. I was sure of it.

I was even more sure when she returned to Amy's pussy, and I could see a glistening ring of saliva around Amy's little hole.

I stood up in the closet to get a sense of what was happening on the other end. It was hard to tell. Then, I heard Amy gasp, but I couldn't see why until I got back down on the floor.

Katy's right hand was tightly gripping the right cheek of Amy's butt. Her pinky was extended, and the very tip was hidden inside that big ass.

Amy was coming. I listened to the sounds, and they brought back good memories. Katy never quit, burying her face in Amy's pussy, clutching Amy's ass, and fingering it with her pinky while Amy struggled, thrashed, and screamed through the orgasm.

When it ended, Katy began to gyrate her ass into Amy's face, controlling the act, putting Amy's tongue in the places she wanted.

Katy was loud and energized. She was like a pent up animal that had been released. Totally confident and uninhibited, Katy took selfishly what Amy was giving. Having given freely and joyfully, now it seemed, she wanted the pleasure that Amy's tongue and fingers offered, and she was damn well going to get it.

It occurred to me, then, why this sexual relationship between the two worked. Amy, ever seeking confidence, must have fed off Katy's brimming self-assurance. Amy, inexperienced and reserved, learned from Katy's liberated desires and hunger for sexual pleasure. These moments together were rebuilding Amy, as they must have first built her up in the past.

I could almost imagine their first time. Amy went over to Katy's with doubts, fears, and questions. Katy explained, and then she showed. She held up two fingers and stroked them with her other hand. Then, she made Amy put up her fingers, so that Amy could feel the proper grip and movement. After that lesson, Katy put her lips around Amy's fingers and sucked them, bobbing up and down. She encouraged Amy to try it on Katy's fingers.

Katy, no doubt, had great sex stories to tell for Amy's edification. Always, though, she demonstrated. Katy pulled down her panties and touched herself for Amy's benefit. Then, she had Amy undress, encouraging her to touch herself in certain ways and then, to really make sure her younger sister had it right, Katy got down on her knees and used her own fingers on Amy, touching her in places and talking about sex with confidence and unbridled energy. Sexually awakened, Amy left and all her doubts were washed away. Her body felt good. She would visit Katy again to learn more.

I continued watching the two from inside the closet. Amy began to assert herself, taking control by gripping Katy's body with her arms. Her pleasure nearing it's peak, Katy relented and just absorbed. She screamed into Amy's pussy. Her body trembled and Katy hollered, staring at me in the closet. Finally, I watched Katy's entire body shake with surprising force, and a prolonged and very feminine moan rang out from her before she foundered, limp and exhausted.

Amy slid out and rolled over on her tummy; Katy rolled over on her back.

"I knew it would be good," Katy huffed.

Amy laughed.

I watched Katy's chest and Amy's back rise and fall.

Eventually, Katy asked, "You ever do anal?"



"Mike, actually."

Katy's head shot up; she flipped on her side, facing Amy, and said, "Really?"

Amy looked at her sister and nodded.

"Was it good?"

Amy looked thoughtful for a moment, and then responded, "You know, at the time, I hated it and loved it..."

Katy interrupted. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it hurt. Mike is strong and big and he...I guess he didn't hold back? You know? He wanted it, and he fucked me hard, Katy. But, on the other hand, it felt good to be so wanted and so full," she said, adding, "I asked him to do it. He didn't want to at first."

"Wow. And now, how do you feel about it?"

"Vaughn wanted me to do it, but I wouldn't let him. It would have reminded me too much of Mike," she began, "Now, thinking back on it, I kind of really liked it. I like how Mike did it. I like the idea of being just taken, feeling so fucked. Is that weird?"


"What about you? Do you like it?"

Katy unfurled a shy smile. "I've never done it."

"What? No way!"

"You're more experienced than me in that department," Katy admitted.

"I don't believe it. Why not?"

"I never had a boyfriend long enough to get to that point, to be that intimate with. A couple of guys wanted to, but I wasn't ready with them. It's not like I wouldn't do it; I just wouldn't with them," she said, and then asked, "Amy?"

Amy turned to Katy.

"Was Mike good?"

"Unforgettable. Amazing and sweet. Why?"

"Don't be mad?"

Amy shook her head.

"It's just...seeing him every day, being so horny like I am—like we both are, really. I want him."

"You do?"

Katy nodded, smiling. "Not for anything serious, Amy. Not that. Just for fun. Seeing him every day, seeing his cock, I don't know. I want it. Do you care?"

Amy considered this for a few seconds and said, "I guess I don't."

"Why haven't you done anything with him, Amy?"

"With you, I'm still me, even with all this," she said, gesturing to her tits and her face, "but, I don't feel like myself around him, yet. Or any guy, really."

"We could share him? When you're ready, I mean."

"Do you think he'll want that?" Amy asked.

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