tagIncest/TabooHonest-Honest Ch. 08

Honest-Honest Ch. 08


Note: Many thanks to shygirlwhore for her suggestions, comments, and editing work.


I went in to work early, and I came and went sporadically, but never being gone from the factory more than 30 minutes. My shift bosses had to be totally confused. Every time I walked out, looking like I was calling it quits, I'd stroll back in a few minutes later. I'd leave from the delivery exit and come back in through the main entryway. I'd head out through one of our fire exits (I could deactivate them) and come back inside through another.

The VP for Operations finally just kicked me out of the place with a smile. "Get your ass out of here and get some rest."

"I will. I promise—one more thing to do." I pulled out a stopwatch and yanked the fire alarm.

The VP shook his head; I smiled.

Fire drill. I wasn't going to leave anything to chance.

It was 4:30pm when I left work. I drove around for about an hour, and when I was sure the VP had gone home for the evening, I went back to the factory.


I rolled home late; it was after midnight, and I staved off sheer exhaustion with a Coke. On the way, I thought about Misha. She was always going to be with me. I wondered if the same was true for her.

I spent more time thinking about Katy and Amy, us living together and being together. The more I thought about it, the more I grew concerned. This, I thought, could get out of control.

Nobody was awake when I stepped into the apartment. I washed up, walked over, and quietly opened Katy's door. The blinds were closed, and it was pitch black in there.

"Katy?" I whispered.

I heard her move in the bed, sit up, maybe. "Are you here for my body, Michael?"

"I...No, I wanted to talk."

"Talk dirty?"


"I'm just kidding, Michael. Go ahead; I'm up."

"It's about Amy and, well...," I couldn't see shit. "Katy, do you care if I turn on the light?"

"Please don't," she said, "What we're you saying?"

"Yeah, uh, I wanted to talk to you about the three of us, especially Amy."

She didn't respond.

I went on. "I'm worried. I don't want anything we are doing to make Amy feel bad, you know? She keeps getting better and better, and I'd hate myself if something we were doing started to hurt her or make things worse. I love her."

Still, she didn't say anything.

I continued. "And I don't want anything to hurt our relationship, Katy. I love you, too. If anything were to fuck that up, it'd be terrible to me. These weeks together have been...shit, the happiest I've been in years. You are two of the smartest, funniest, and most exciting and beautiful women I've ever known. I feel so lucky to have you both here."

She said, "You're in love with us? Both?"

That was tricky to answer. I didn't want to hurt Katy's feelings. "I love both of you, yes, but it's...it's not a 'let's get married' thing. It's...I'd do anything for you. I'm always, always going to be there for both of you. I'm...I don't know...like your ally and your shield and your sword. Shit, I care about your happiness more than I do about my own. So, yes, I love you and Amy."

"Michael, that's...that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard."

"I couldn't stand to ruin it, Katy—for either of you. I'd hate myself if I lost one of you—or both."


"And it's probably terrible to say at a moment like this, but I don't give a shit. I am so attracted to the two of you. Fuck me. I see you walking around in my apartment, and I can barely control myself. I want to fuck your brains out."

My eyes were beginning to adjust, and I saw Katy's silhouette slide off the bed, stand up and walk over to me.

She was nude. Her arms wrapped around my neck, and she kissed me.

Her lips were sex, melting sex. Soft and yielding, it wasn't until she pulled back when I realized that she tasted like pussy. She said, "Amy?"

Then, the lamp came on. Amy's hand drew back from it. She was topless in Katy's bed.

Katy shifted over to my side and looked back at Amy. "He is very, very sweet, isn't he?"

"He is," Amy said, smiling.

"Is he going to lose us? What do you think, Amy?"


Katy said, "I don't think so, either." She turned to me, "You're safe, Michael. We love you, too, don't we?"

"We do," Amy answered. She slipped out of bed and came over to me. She kissed my cheek, and then, my lips. She tasted like pussy, too. Amy turned my face into the light. "You look tired, Mike."

"Tired, but happy now. Haven't slept much."

"Poor baby," Katy offered.

"Let us take care of you, Mike." Amy led me to the bed. Katy took off my trousers and socks. Amy took off my shirt. They both removed my boxers. Each took an arm and laid me in Katy's bed, Amy on my right, Katy on my left.

Amy shut off the light, and then their hands were all over me, feeling, massaging, kneading. I felt lips and tongues everywhere. I closed my eyes.

It all stopped when Amy asked, "What should we do, Katy?"

"Let's suck his dick and then we can let him sleep."


"I'll want these balls; you take that cock," Katy said.

"I get his cum, then?"


Katy struck first. She lifted my balls, and soon, I felt my entire sack encased in warm wetness. Fuck, her mouth was huge. Her tongue began to massage it, and my body just seeped into relaxation.

Amy's lips clasped the head of my cock and descended. Her mouth was feverishly hot and sloppy wet, as if she'd been drooling in anticipation of sucking my dick. I heard her slurp as she drew up, and I felt a bead of saliva stream down towards Katy's lips.

I didn't think it was possible to feel so completely at ease and satisfied. A tinging warmth spread through me, and I felt like my body was, very slowly, sinking deeper into the mattress.

It's impossible to overstate my surprise at how gently and soothingly Katy operated on that very sensitive part of me. I had no idea such a thing felt so good. Katy could make me cum, strictly from what she was doing to my balls. I knew how, when I had my cock buried in a pussy, it felt like home, like this is the place it's supposed to be. I never felt anything like that about my sack. It was just there. I knew differently, now. My balls had a home, too—completely inside Katy's mouth.

Amy's blowjob was slow and wet. It felt like I was being slowly ridden by a sopping pussy. She rode my cock with her lips.

These sensations were awe inspiring, but what truly made my orgasm imminent was the orgy of sounds I heard. I heard swallowing and smacking. I heard slurping, sucking, and sloshing. It sounded like my cock was being fed upon by a pair of starving tigresses.

When first I grunted, Katy started to suck hard and relax in rapid cycles, like her lips were pumping my balls for cum. Amy dove deep with her lips and held there, and for the first time, I felt her suction. It reminded me of Misha—strong and unwavering. My balls were being shaken by Katy's mouth; my cock was being vacuumed by Amy's.

I grunted again, and my body began to disgorge semen. The ecstasy of it was multiplied by Katy's efforts. Each spasm was sharper, somehow. Each hit a higher peak. Katy's rapid-fire suction made me feel like every outpouring of cum was a leaping shot, like it might have went high into the air had Amy not been drawing it all down her throat.

Katy didn't stop until she saw Amy slowly ease off me. The girls, one on each side, climbed up beside me in bed.

"That was fucking amazing," I muttered.

Amy drew herself close to me, draping an arm over my tummy. Katy did the same, only laying her arm across my chest. I could feel tits and nipples against me on both sides.

Then, Katy said, "If you wake up for more, you can fuck me, Michael."

Amy said, "Mmm. Me, too."

I grew alarmed and opened my eyes. "Wait a second," I said, "so who am I supposed to fuck first?"

Katy looked across my chest at Amy. "He's right. We're putting him in a bad position."

"Yeah," Amy acknowledged, "How about whoever is closest?"

Katy pulled her body tight against me. Amy did the same.

"Fucking hell," I muttered, and the girls started laughing.


Sometime in the night, I don't have any idea when, I woke up. I looked left and saw Katy on her back near the edge of the bed. She had stolen all the sheets and was snoring deeply. I looked right. Amy was next to me on her side, naked ass out and pointed at me.

She had a beautiful waist. Laying on her side accentuated the hourglass shape of her figure. It was irresistible. I reached out and touched her waist, hips, and butt, running my hands all over the sweeping curves.

Amy stirred, and she arched her back, pushing her butt out. I could see the shadow hiding her pussy in the darkness.

I leaned towards her ear and whispered, "Shhh."

She nodded, and I gently scooted down the bed, listening for Katy's snores to let me know I hadn't wakened her. I wanted to taste Amy's pussy and get it ready for my cock. About half-way down I stopped—my feet got tangled in something.

I grabbed the item and looked—panties. I tossed them to the floor and gazed straight ahead.

Amy's round booty was inches in front of my face. The urge to kiss it overpowered me. I craned my neck forward and kissed the dark line where those two big spheres met. My hands gripped each cheek and the smooth, firm flesh stirred and excited me. I needed more of this fucking ass.

I pressed my face against it, and quietly as possible, I kissed, licked, and sucked every place my mouth landed. Fuck, it was good. Somehow putting my mouth on Amy's ass satisfied some deep urge to possess it and completely have it. Others might have said it was nasty, what I was doing, but that made it all the more exciting to me. I didn't give a fuck. A woman's body is my playground.

I pried her ass apart, exposing her most hidden place. Letting go of her ass cheeks, I repositioned myself slightly, slipping my arms around her body at her hips. I gripped my forearms and hugged Amy's butt into my face. I pulled her hard into me. I nuzzled between those soft globes until my lips were on her tiny puncture.

I kissed Amy's asshole, and I kissed everywhere around it. Then, I licked it. I wasn't thinking about the taste—it wasn't objectionable, just skin with a hint of perspiration and a touch of pussy—I was thinking about totally owning this fucking ass, every part of it. Something about it set me ablaze with lust.

I was vaguely aware of Amy's heavy breathing and Katy's snores. I felt Amy pushing back against me, and to know that I wasn't the only one really turned on, excited me even more.

I squeezed my face closer, hugging her butt tighter to me, and I pushed my tongue against her asshole. It resisted me. I gathered saliva to the front of my mouth and pushed it through my lips. Then, I slathered it on Amy's little hole with my tongue. Forcing the tip of my tongue against her, I finally felt it push inside her, perhaps an inch. I grunted and started tongue-fucking her ass.

It was depraved and nasty and fucking awesome. I could feel my cock, already hard, turning from wood to steel. I always feel rigid on the outside, but this felt like my erection was starting somewhere deeper inside my body. If it could have spoken to me, it would have been screaming for a connection with female flesh.

I released Amy's booty and gently slid up the bed, still attending to those snores from Katy. When I was beside Amy, she turned to me and grinned, panting and nodding. Then, she held up a finger: wait.

She reached to her nightstand and quietly slid open the drawer. Her fingers searched inside for a moment, and then emerged with a small tub of vaseline. I took it from her and whispered, "Can you be quiet?"

She nodded.

I prepared the areas. In short order, I was in position, the tip of my cock against her asshole. I bent up a little so I could watch Amy's face. Katy was snoring.

"Are you sure?"

She clutched a pillow to her mouth and nodded. I applied pressure. Amy's mouth gaped and her eyebrows raised and pinched together.

The head of my cock slid inside; her tightness held me. Amy and I were joined together. I heard her muffled whimper through the pillow. I remained in place, allowing her body to adjust and basking in the intimacy of our union.

Two things happened almost simultaneously. First, I felt the light touch of fingers on my shoulder. Second, I realized Katy was no longer snoring. I glanced over my shoulder and Katy was there, wide eyes, leering at what I was doing to her sister.

She mouthed some words. I only caught two of them: "fucking" and "ass." I nodded, and Katy covered her mouth.

She put a finger to her lips and signaled for me to continue.

"Ready Amy?" I whispered.

She nodded.

I pushed, and the vaseline did it's job, enabling my cock to inch smoothly inside Amy's ass. She bit the pillow and moaned.

Meanwhile, I saw Katy tip-toeing around the bed to Amy's other side. She knelt down beside the bed and reached across the sheets between Amy's legs.

I took the opportunity to push myself the rest of the way in. I heard Amy cry into the pillow.

Katy looked at me, smiling. Apparently, her fingers were working on Amy, but Amy wasn't reacting. She must have thought I was reaching around, doing it myself. So, I reached over and under her body and clutched her heavy breasts, watching her face.

Her eyes opened and she drew down the pillow. Katy laughed, rose, and slid into bed beside her sister. Amy said, "Oh, shit. I didn't know we woke you, Katy, but please keep doing that."

"Fuck her, Michael."

I had been holding in place. Now, I drew back, and then plunged forward.

When Amy closed her eyes, I saw Katy lean in closely. As my cock drove inside her, Amy's mouth yawned open. Katy immediately kissed her, and Amy's moan went down Katy's throat.

I watched them kiss and fucked Amy's ass slowly. They continued to kiss, I could see their tongues lunging and twisting from the little movements of their cheeks. I glanced down and saw Katy's arm gyrating between Amy's legs. My cock felt the movement of Katy's fingers inside her sister's pussy. As my shaft glided through her asshole, Amy continued moaning into Katy's mouth. My hands groped and squeezed Amy's fat tits.

She had Katy's tongue in her mouth, my hands on her tits, Katy's fingers in her pussy, and my cock in her ass. Amy's climax came on rapidly. She cried almost continuously into Katy.

I thrust inside her harder, increasing my tempo and pushing as deeply as I could. Now, Amy was hollering and Katy's lips couldn't quite contain the sound.

My own climax suddenly hit. I pinched my eyes shut, clutched Amy's tits, and seized her nape with my lips, grunting. Cum surged through my cock and filled Amy. I drew her body as close to mine as possible as the last contractions fired, and then my muscles relaxed completely.

Katy broke the kiss. "Oh, shit, you just came in my mouth, Amy. Fuck, that was hot."

Amy was wheezing and nodding.

"Did he cum in your butt?"

"Yes," Amy gasped, swallowing.

"Did you like it?"


Katy almost looked like she was panting, but not with exhaustion, with excitement. "Fuck, that is so crazy! Amy, tell me you liked it. I want to hear the words."

Amy took a gulp of air and moaned, "I liked it when Mike fucked my ass."

"Is he still inside you?"

Amy nodded.

"Let me see."

Katy sat up and crawled over us. Amy and I had to move together. She rolled toward, but not quite on, her stomach. I rolled with her.

Katy pulled Amy's ass apart and said, "Holy fuck, look at that cock." She glanced up at me and said, "Pull it out, Michael. Slowly."

I drew it out. When the head slipped out, Amy moaned.

Katy muttered, "Oh, shit, there's the cum."

I sat up and took a peek. Amy's ass was slowly leaking cum.

Katy turned back to Amy. "That had to have hurt, Amy."


"But, you liked it?"

"I did."

Without hesitation, Katy asked, "Will you do me, Amy?"

Amy nodded, "Give me a minute?"

"Yeah, and...," Katy stopped, cast a glance at me, and then turned back to Amy, asking, "...and will you put a finger in my ass, maybe?"

Amy nodded.

I was laying down, ordering myself to stay awake and watch it. Stay awake, and watch Amy and Katy. Stay awake, Mike. Stay...


The fuck was that noise? I sat up. I was on one side of the bed; Katy and Amy were curled up together on the other side.

That was some night, I thought.

Then I remembered. Shit! I didn't stay awake.

I heard the sound again. It was the buzzer. Someone was ringing my doorbell. I slipped out of bed and ran to my phone. The facility gives tenants an app that shows us who's buzzing. We can even talk through the intercom system.

I hit the alert on my phone and there, filling the screen, was Cynthia. Holy shit.

I steadied myself. "Hello?"

"Michael? That you?"

"Yes. Cynthia?"

"Uh-hmm. Will you buzz us in?"

"Scott with you?"

He stepped forward. "Hello, Mike."

"Hi, Scott."

Cynthia said, "We'd like to see our daughters, Michael. Can you buzz us in?"

I began, "Yeah. Hey, people are just getting up, can you..."

"Never mind, Michael, someone's opening the door for us."

I closed the tab, threw my phone down, and raced into the master bedroom. The day we fucking all sleep together in one bed is the day fucking Cynthia comes to visit us? Shit!

I burst through the door. "Amy! Katy! You're Mom and Dad are here! They're coming up right now! Hurry!"

They both shot up. Katy screamed, "Mom!" and there was a whirlwind of activity. We had, as I figured it, a little less than two minutes, depending on the elevator. I glanced at the clock: just after 9:00am. There was no time to think about how rude it was of Cynthia to show up unannounced at my apartment this early on a Friday morning.

My task was easy: make the couch looked slept in, throw on some clothes, and not look like I'd been ass fucking her daughter.

I was slipping on sweatpants when they knocked on the door. "Coming!" I ran toward the bedroom doors. "Are you good? Are we okay?"

I heard Katy's shower running.

Amy emerged from her room. "I'm so sorry about this, Mike. My Mom!"

"We good? She's waiting."

"Other than my ass is sore and leaking cum, we're good."

I gave her an apologetic look, and then sped to the door.

This was it. The last time I'd seen Cynthia, I'd won the battle, but lost the war. I wondered if she was itching for another fight.

I opened the door.

Cynthia looked older. I was surprised. It had been five years, but she looked more like ten or so had elapsed. Scott looked about the same as always—tall and good-natured. I welcomed them in, and Amy met them at the threshold, giving big hugs as I went into the kitchen.

"Can I get you anything?" I asked.

Scott said, "Smells like coffee. I'll have a cup."

"I will, too," Cynthia added.

Amy came over, saying, "I'll make them. You don't even drink coffee, Mike." There was a hint of tenderness in her stride.

"Amy, are you hurt?" Cynthia asked.

Amy's eyes darted to me before she said, "Just a little sore from working out."

Scott and Cynthia were effusive in their compliments as to how Amy was looking. I was proud. Katy and I had done a pretty good job of helping Amy get healthy again.

Katy emerged from her room in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her hair. More hugs ensued. Their family drank coffee at the table. I grabbed a soda from the fridge and stood off to the side.

"Michael, I trust you're recovering well?" Cynthia asked.

Before I could answer, Scott said, "Mike, that was a hell of a thing you did."

"Thanks," I began, "and, yes, I'm..."

"It was very brave of you," Cynthia said.

"Thank you, and thanks for asking. Yes, I'm good. Just waiting for my hair to grow back."

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